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    Jack Delano Myrtle Beach, S.C. Air Service Command Technical Sergeant Choken 1943 • US Dollar Plunges As World Plays Dangerous Game Of Pass The Parcel
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    V. Arnold

    The kaleidoscope of corrupt world economies and practises are becoming “old hat”; the norm; but the finding by the Italian Supreme court over the theft of food for survival, is stunning, in the best possible way.
    I shudder to think what would have happened in the U.S. under the same circumstances.
    Our humanity is on the wane across the western world with rare islands of relief…


    So here’s the thing….. all we have to do to get all these people who operate in the shadows out of our hair – is shine the brightest possible Light on them and their’ activities.

    And not be afraid to do so.



    …..and to V.Arnold:

    Yes, perfectly stunning. Thank goodness….and I mean….thank GOOD-NESS !!

    Now let’s take that a step further and consider the implications of that ruling on the migrant/refugee crisis??? Interesting, eh??

    V. Arnold

    @ VisionHawk

    Interesting only if humans figure out a humane way to deal with the present crisis; otherwise just the same old shit…
    And that’s not interesting; just more horrific human apathy and cruelty…


    Seems like a bad time to keep on pushing through ever more deals people obviously don’t want.

    You are being silly, Ilargi. Those pesky tenacious Zioglobalists haven’t steered us where we are by taking “no” for an answer.


    >>So here’s the thing….. all we have to do to get all these people who operate in the shadows out of our hair – is shine the brightest possible Light on them and their’ activities.

    And not be afraid to do so.


    I’ve been pounding on the Debt-Money Monopoly and their fascist systems incessantly for years now and, frankly, I’m still quite lonely. People blame the politicians (rental rhetoricians), they blame people who think Israel should exist (Zionists’ 99.9%+ of whom are simply duped by the Debt-Money Monopolist propaganda or in their position because they pleased the Debt-Money Monopolists – and no other reason) or some other fantasy enemy.
    There appears to be a mental block to the stunningly obvious… the people who define money as being issued through debt and direct it where they will HAVE CONTROL OVER SOCIETY.
    A few on this website get it, but the curators (at least one knows for sure, IMHO), won’t expose the Chess Master and put a focus on the Chess Pieces such that nothing can be improved. Do you get it?
    Are you exposing the Debt-Money Monopolist Fascist Mega-Corporatocracy?
    If so, I’m glad you are on the team.


    “Sharp slowdown” – gave me a nice case of the dry grins.

    Why yes, when you jump out of an 80 story building; and hit the sidewalk; you experience a sharp slowdown.


    To TheTrivium4TW:

    “Are you exposing the Debt-Money Monopolist Fascist Mega-Corporatocracy?”

    Yes – for years as well. And on that point, those of us who have been carrying the standard have a tendency to get a bit jaded over time.

    What we need to remember is that we have NO IDEA where the ripples from the stones we tossed in the pond have extended to… has been my experience that they can go out a long way without us necessarily seeing any evidence of it.

    So take heart – the word IS getting out there. As proof, I submit how the consciousness has been raising out there – even if it doesn’t seem like it. People are looking for more meaning in their’ lives, and are starting to ignore all the old formulas.

    Keep the faith – it won’t be much longer !! And thank you for your good work !!


    Hi VH,
    Thanks for the encouragement… as you know, explaining an a real “inconvenient truth” is kind of like signing up to hit your head against the wall repeatedly because, as Nicole Foss elucidated so eloquently, “people are not rational creatures, they are rationalizing creatures.”
    Yes, we are making progress. Being a Bible believing Christian (as opposed to an establishment programmed Christian who thinks they believe the Bible because others have told them they do*), I know that the real victory of good (caring for others equal to oneself) over evil (acting selfishly with regard for self over others) comes only with divine intervention.
    *I don’t mention this fact to judge other people, but to contrast my beliefs from the beliefs of the establishment religious system of the people who come in Jesus’ name and claim that Jesus is Christ (obviously people calling themselves Christian) and shall deceive many (Mt 24:5). Nor do I judge people’s spiritual condition. I believe the Bible teaches that people not committed to selfishness (regardless of what they believe now) will all be saved in God’s own time. The only people who will be extinguished (not sadistically tortured forever, that’s a pagan myth appropriated by the social engineers to manipulate emotions and control reason. It also portrays the God of Perfect Goodness as the world’s biggest sadist – something that would please God’s adversary to no end) are those who knowingly reject God’s Spirit of Goodness (caring about others equal to oneself) (Mk 3:28-29) with full mental capacity (the last part is inferred by extending what is revealed in the Bible).
    Read Ezekiel 37 to see how ancient Israel, which was never offered God’s Spirit of Goodness (with few exceptions), will yet be resurrected and given God’s Spirit for the first time.
    Anyway, good wins in the end and those dedicated to selfishness and cheating others will be mercifully put out of their own misery, as it should be.
    But my head still hurts from the banging! 🙂

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