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    Ding, Ding, Ding :-

    “Results: ProLung budesonide showed significant inhibition on viral replication of SARS CoV 2 infected cells ”

    Get your Budesonide inhalers from Kachhela!

    Dr. D

    If there’s a dictatorship, I’m resisting it.

    I wouldn’t be up to my name if the society turned and opposed the vaccine, I’d have to present the benefits. …That would indeed be hard.

    The hardest part we keep running into is blazing horse-mule illogic. YOU got the vaccine. Congratulations, you’re safe. Now nobody needs to care about whether anybody else got it, for any reason, so long as it’s available. …They believe, in all seriousness, that their mask and vaccine DO NOT WORK unless you get yours.

    I have never seen anything like it. It makes all the mentally ill people I’ve known pale in comparison.

    But what will I say at the gates of heaven and they say, “Did you know what they were doing was wrong?” Yes, I knew. We are not exactly the millennium of love and brotherhood down here. “Then what did you DO about it?” Or, “Nevermind your brother’s mote, what did YOU do about it?”

    …Pretty much run myself out of town. But if I get completely out of town, I can’t argue with them. Sort of a Jeremiah moment.

    absolute galore

    Maybe I will understand it better when I go pick it up at the Tractor Supply store later, but the reviewer on the site (with a wink) calculated the dose at .866 grams for a “horse” weighing 170lbs, which, conveniently, is about what I weigh.
    But when I do 170/11 I get about 15.5mg, which is .015 grams (which I would not even be able to weigh) as opposed to .866 mg recommended by the reviewer. Does this have to do with the 1.87% mentioned in the description?

    One reason I want to be careful is this comment from a reviewer: Works just as well as the more expensive brands. The measuring mechanism leaves too much room for error, or this would be 5 stars

    Another commenter mentions that his 70lb goats get a “pea size” dose. So maybe I will take 2.5 pea-size doses.

    John Day

    Posted by Absolute Galore: (my modification)
    But pediatricians and others who are seen as trusted sources of information are already aware that they have considerable work(PIMPING) to do to instill vaccine confidence in this latest cohort.

    John Day

    BTW, I identify as the Daibutsu of Kamakura.
    (“aspirational”, really…)

    madamski cafone

    The Jackpot

    Always interesting, this writer.

    Figmund Sreud

    Just for a contrast, vax situation from bit different angle, … “investment” angle [primarily quotes from latest Morningstar report]:

    “ Moderna Dominates COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturers,
    at Least for Now
    The development of the COVID-19 vaccine market will depend on several tough-to- predict outcomes, like the duration of vaccine protection, how variants evolve, and how competitors progress.
    Despite the early lead that Moderna MRNA and BioNTech BNTX hold, and their clear dominance in the pandemic market for COVID-19 vaccine sales, we’re not yet convinced that COVID-19 will require widespread annual booster shots, and if so, whether these companies will remain dominant in the long run.
    Still, we do expect these mRNA companies to dominate the global COVID-19 vaccine market in the short term, particularly as third-dose boosters become available late in 2021. We expect 41% of delivered doses in 2022 to be based on mRNA technology.”

    “Near-Term mRNA Vaccine Demand Boosted by Vector Vaccine Headwinds
    Adenoviral vector vaccines from Johnson & Johnson JNJ and AstraZeneca AZN have seen slower launches due to manufacturing issues and, more recently, potential safety issues.
    The manufacturing issues have cut AstraZeneca’s expected output in the first half of 2021 from its original goal of 300 million doses in the European Union to only 100 million. Johnson & Johnson has lost as many as 15 million doses due to a manufacturing mix-up at a key facility in Baltimore.
    And both vaccines have been linked to rare side effects. Reports of a rare combination of low platelets and dangerous blood clots in recipients of the AstraZeneca vaccine have led several European countries to limit its use to older adults; Denmark has opted to stop using it entirely. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is back on the U.S. market following a temporary pause while the Food and Drug Administration investigated six blood clots (out of more than 6.8 million administered doses).
    We continue to think the risks of COVID-19 far outweigh the potential safety risks of these vaccines, particularly in regions that do not have access to mRNA vaccines and if age restrictions are considered. That said, these fears are already boosting demand for mRNA vaccines in Europe.”

    “COVID-19 Vaccinations Likely to Be Annual, at Least for Some Groups

    So far, data indicates that vaccines last at least six months, as Pfizer PFE/BioNTech and Moderna have disclosed relatively stable six-month efficacy levels. However, we assume continuing declines will mean that COVID-19 vaccines will be needed annually for certain populations, beyond the pandemic.
    In our base case, we assume that higher-risk populations (infants and the elderly) require annual vaccination and that prices rise slightly due to demand for higher- efficacy vaccines (although we assume some new competition from other mRNA and antigen vaccine players). Our base-case assumptions create a roughly $8 billion annual market, of which we assume Moderna could see $2 billion annually. (We provide our detailed analysis of Moderna in this article.)
    In our bull case, we assume broad recommendations for annual vaccination at a price roughly double that of pandemic prices. This assumes limited competition, continued high mutation rates, and waning immunity from pandemic shots (vaccines appear to remain effective for at least six months, but additional mutations could erode this protection further). Our Moderna bull-case assumptions imply market demand for 1.6 billion vaccine doses annually; at a premium price around $16 a dose globally ($30 in the United States), this would create a $26 billion annual market.
    In our bear case, we assume that only infants require annual shots, due to slowing mutation rates and longer-lived protection from pandemic shots, which levels the playing field for older technologies that take longer to modify and therefore prevents any price increases from pandemic levels. Our Moderna bear-case assumptions imply market demand for 250 million doses annually; at roughly pandemic-level pricing ($8 globally, $15 in the U.S.), this would create a $2 billion annual market.”

    … so you all know.


    John Day

    @Absolute Galore: the horse paste mix weighs more that the ivermectin it contains.
    so your body weight , 170# gets 15 to 16 mg of ivermectin, since 11 goes into 170 a little more than 15 times. Knowing that amount of ivermectin, see how many grams of the paste you need to get that many mg of medicinal ingredient.
    1.87% ivermectin (I did not check, myself, but used your number) is very close to 2% ivermectin, so the horse paste weight would be a little over 50 times the ivermectin weight.
    That would be about 50 X 15 = 750 mg of paste , 50 X 16 = 800 mg of paste, 0.8 of a gram, very close to what you quoted.

    John Day

    Oops, I think you will find that to be 0.866 gm, not “0.866 mg”

    Doc Robinson

    Something I noticed today:

    There’s a blood disorder, Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS), which currently (updated April 29) has four criteria for diagnosis.

    (American Society of Hematology)
    Diagnosis (must meet all four criteria):

    1. COVID vaccine (Johnson & Johnson/AstraZeneca only to date) 4 to 30 days previously
    2. Venous or arterial thrombosis (often cerebral or abdominal)
    3. Thrombocytopenia*
    4. Positive PF4 “HIT” (heparin-induced thrombocytopenia) ELISA

    So if somebody had symptoms 2,3, and 4, but they previously got the Pfizer or Moderna injection (instead of J&J or AZ), then they wouldn’t qualify for the diagnosis, and they officially don’t have this disorder.

    And if somebody got all these symptoms, except they got the shot 3 days prior, or 31+ days prior, then they don’t have this syndrome.

    It looks like Pfizer and Moderna have somehow been exempted from being associated with this disorder, regardless of the symptoms which occur after their injections.

    madamski cafone

    @ absolute galore

    Ah, online gender, that intriguing thing. See how I associated the words ‘absolute galore’ with feminine behavior stereotypes? There’s nothing overtly feminine about the terms but semiotically it registers as feminine. How funny!

    “The funny thing about my conversation with my friend, who is no dummy, was that he was very agitated, while I was extremely calm, even, admittedly, unusually calm during our discussion. He kept saying that people who choose to pick a fight with the vaccines are actually angry about something else, and should look to identify what that might be. In other words, that this idea of freedom of one’s choice was merely an acting out based on some other grievance.”

    Your friend appears to be projecting hir/hem onto you. This is fundamentally identical to what my son has been doing in his attempts to avoid dealing with what he knows is a major problem. He shifts the blame onto others rather than face it himself. Ye olde ad hominem straw man, perhaps our favorite form of social illogic.

    But the fact that he does so, and with such vehemence, means that his protective bubble of denial is no longer providing the comforting inside-the-goldfish-bowl reflective illusion that he’s relied on to avoid facing his real issues (which are horrendous, and some of which result from my mistakes).

    I think the same is true of your friend. When the kovid illusion bursts, where will the majority of that anger be directed? Melinda Gates was smart to rent an island now before the rush.

    Dr. D

    Like this:

    “Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

    Comedian Trevor Noah raged against health authorities in the U.S. insisting that people who have received the vaccine will still be subject to COVID-19 restrictions, arguing this will discourage others from getting the jab.

    The CDC recently released new guidelines outlining how even those who get the vaccine should still wear masks and practice social distancing in a number of situations.

    “The really frustrating thing…is that they’ve spent months, they’ve spent 5 months telling us to get vaccinated – ‘oh get vaccinated and this will all be over’ – and I was like great, I’ll get all four vaccines if it means I’ll get my life back,” said Noah.

    “But now they’re putting out a chart and it says even if you get vaccinated, you can only do two more things without a mask on – two!”

    “Guys, what the hell? The shit you’re telling people is incoherent. You’re telling us these new vaccines are 95% effective and will stop coronavirus but we still can’t do anything without a mask on – which is it?”

    The penny may have finally dropped for this monumental dipshit.
    — Gar🐝 J👀man (@Gee2TheAitch) May 6, 2021

    “Is this one of the most effective vaccines in the world or does it not work? It’s not clear messaging especially if you’re desperately trying to convince people to get the vaccine.”

    Apparently, Noah didn’t get the memo that the “new normal” means continuing to be subjected to pedantic restrictions even if you’ve already slavishly complied with all the previous demands.

    John Day

    There is another garden selfie with Jenny from another angle of the Austin veggie garden yesterday, and one thing not already posted here…

    It’s cool. These guys are all members of the big NATO club. Nothing comes before that.

    ​ ​After a deal over fishing rights became a major sticking point that almost scuttled a Brexit trade deal between the UK and EU, France and the UK are already feuding over fishing licenses that are supposed to be approved by the UK-dominated island of Jersey, which is facing threats of having its electricity cut off by France if it doesn’t stop stalling on issuing fishing licenses to French ships.
    ​ ​Brussels has already backed France and accused the UK of breaking the newly ratified deal in dispute over Jersey fishing licenses.
    ​ ​Alarmed by France’s threats and a mass of fishing ships arriving in its harbor setting off red flares in protest, the Royal Navy has sent two ships that have just arrived in the island’s waters. PM Boris Johnson, who was reportedly only made aware of the conflict this week, says he stands behind the island of Jersey, which is a protectorate of the British Crown.
    ​ ​French fishermen and ministers have been complaining for two weeks about the difficulty of gaining access to British waters despite the agreement on fisheries reached at the end of last year. Apparently, the British applied new conditions to fisheries applications requiring fishermen to prove via GPS that they have been fishing in Jersey waters, the FT reports.
    ​ ​Small boat owners argue that they do not have GPS technology and the other electronic surveillance equipment required. Other special conditions attached to the licenses relate to the fishing gear itself. The EU-UK trade deal allows the UK to impose new requirements, but they must be based on “clear scientific rationale”. In this case, there doesn’t appear to be any rationale for its demands.

    Dr. D

    And there are 170lb horses. Most famous of whom is this:


    madamski cafone

    @ Dr. D

    “…Pretty much run myself out of town. But if I get completely out of town, I can’t argue with them. Sort of a Jeremiah moment.”

    I would be sad if you left TAEville. Whatever you do, don’t hitch a ride inside a whale.


    I recommend you remove the term “argue” from your quiver arsenal. One doesn’t argue with the hypnotized and win. One can, however, create cognitive dissonance that disturbs their denialism. Arguing just makes it easier for them to run away while yelling that you’re a chicken. (True life personal experience. 4 of them; 1 of me.)


    @ John Day


    madamski cafone

    @ John Day

    She is obviously a major sweetie and you are a big burly brute. 😉

    Maxwell Quest

    @absolute galore

    I was an early adopter of the horse paste strategy, and even experimented on myself before recommending it to others. As JD points out, when examining the concentration of ivermectin per tube, the dosage works out to be the same whether you are a horse or a human @ 0.2mg / Kg

    6.08 g / tube x 1.87% Ivermectin / tube = 113.7 mg Ivermectin / tube

    Each tube represents one treatment for a 1250 lb horse (or 568 Kg)

    113.7 mg / 568 Kg = 0.2 mg / Kg dosage

    This is precisely the same dosage as was recommended by FLCCC for treating their Covid patients. I remember worrying about how I was going to measure the correct amount of paste needed per dose only to be pleasantly surprised when the product arrived to find a clever weight scale built right onto the plunger.

    Lots of good comments today… good chemistry.


    Absolute, the horse paste comes in a tube, with a lock ring. Set the lock ring to body weight and press on plunger. I use it on my sheep.
    Who is the frame builder?


    This is an absolute must watch for anybody who wants to understand how efficacious these vaccines really are, or not! And how the Relative and Absolute Risk Reductions are calculated and what they mean. A little mathematical, but most folks here seem smart and will get it.
    And then not get the vaccine!

    ps. Especially for Dr. Day!


    Absolute Galore: Thanks for the links to those two David Cayley pieces, and the mention of his book on Ivan Illich; I’ll be looking for it.


    Mr. House

    Thank you for that last video Germ.

    Michael Reid

    Newfoundland gets the big Reset today


    Michael R, “Greene said neither Muskrat Falls, which is billions over budget, nor the pandemic are responsible for the province’s problems.”
    From my wife’s article: “For opponents, all this waste has become a metaphor for the uselessness of a project that has replaced a gift of nature of immeasurable value with a great big mess that is on track to bankrupting a province.”

    Damming Muskrat Falls: Land and River Protectors in Canada Recharge the Debate on Mega-Dams

    “And this was after Newfoundlanders learned that $120 million had been wasted in the creation of a super “dome” intended to shield the dam’s powerhouse from frigid winter weather during construction. Close to 4,000 tons of structural steel had been fabricated, transported, and installed before the project was abandoned midway, the steel turned into scrap.

    “More millions of dollars of waste piled up at the metal scrap yard in the form of 350 kilometers of aluminum cable that was mined, smelted, fabricated and installed before the flaw in the cable was discovered, and the already installed hundreds of miles of DC conductor wire was dismantled and dumped in piles the size of houses.”


    The thing I like about TAE is that my ideas and knowledge are constantly being exposed to conflicting views. For some reason I enjoy the process of my existing knowledge being constantly challenged and updated. I guess I still like learning new things.

    I agree with madamski’s view that by staying calm helps you win discussions more often than not. Staying calm allows you to think more clearly and rationally. Once anger takes over rational thought is hard to come by.

    (When I was working in Australia in 1982 , I went through such an extreme anger/calm ordeal. I was finishing my year in Australia and my 1 year work permit was about to expire. A few weeks earlier I had discussed my exit plans with my Australian based American boss and he had agreed with them and that it was OK to take and book my 3 weeks vacations (Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila, & Sydney – a $6K trip). Then about 3 weeks later while talking on the phone to my boss, he said no I could not leave Australia. I then explained I had already booked and paid for my vacation per his OK. Would it be possible to at least take my paid for vacation then return to Australia? He said no and that losing the $6k was my problem! Feeling that my anger was about to explode, I wisely just hung up the phone, to cool off and recollect my thoughts. After finishing work I went back to my motel. I then got a phone call from the assistant Australian office manager warning me that Fred along with another assistant manager, were coming down on an airplane to fire me! Fred was an ex-navy officer who had been on the first ship out of Pearl Harbor! I knew Fred had no grounds to fire me. But why was Fred bring along another manager? Oh, yes, the oldest army/navy trick of all! Two officers provoking an enlisted man into angerly saying something that they could then nail him to the cross with! Later that evening Fred confronted me in the motel parking lot, with the assistant manager as a witness. Unfortunately for Fred I stayed coldly calm, declining to discuss my future with him. This of course sent Fred into a total meltdown, and he stormed off, as this trick had never failed him before! Then the Australian assistant manager said to me why didn’t you let Fred have it (Australian style!), I am on your side? I then explained why Fred had insisted that he accompanied him on the trip! Then around mid-night I phoned Milwaukee and talked to the general service manager. He never said a word about what had happened! He merely told me about my future work assignment in Siberia in 1983 and to go ahead and take my 3 week vacation, plus 2 weeks at home in Toronto, and he would see me in early Jan 1983! So by staying calm I had saved my own butt! When I returned to Milwaukee I met another service engineer, Frank, who had been working in Australia too, who then explained it was he who had phoned Milwaukee and warned them about what Fred was doing. Milwaukee retired Fred early in 1983. I was the first person Fred had ever failed to fire! Funny I had always gotten along well with Fred because he was a straight shooter but I then found out afterwards how hated he was amoung his office peers and my fellow service engineers.)

    Then there are the risks involved in arguing with an idiot. The big problem with arguing with an idiot, is that they will drag you down to their level, and then beat you with experience!

    In case you are wondering about how the vote audit is going in Phoenix, the DofJ and the FBI, DC’s protectors, are now trying to shut down the Arizonia state vote audit because it may violate federal voting laws based upon so called evidence published in the Washington Post! (The problem seems to stem from the fact that the vote audit has been set up in such a way that it is nearly impossible to cheat. Yeah, that’s a big problem! Cheaters can’t cheat!)

    Just months ago the DofJ and FBI said the federal government couldn’t interfere in state elections to investigate federal vote fraud. Now they can shut down state vote audits because it might violate federal voting laws as reported (evidence planted by CIA) in the Washington Post!

    How convenient to have laws only work when you want them too! And not work when it is inconvenient!

    Just remember this media narrative pattern:
    The state dept uses CNN
    The DofJ and FBI use the New York Times
    The CIA uses the Washington Post

    What are the dems so afraid of? There was no voter fraud!

    Expect the FBI to raid the vote audit and shut it down anytime now!


    Michael Reid:

    From my remote monitoring control center, here in Toronto, I am detecting an error fault in Newfoundland’s “Great Reset” control circuit!

    I believe your “Great Reset” button maybe stuck or jammed!

    Since it is not completely broken, please don’t fix it! After all it is just another annoying fault signal!

    Nothing will change until it has to!

    Aircraft carrier to Newfie lighthouse: Please change your course, you are in our path!
    Lighthouse to aircraft carrier: We are a lighthouse. Your move!

    P.S. How can Ontario say tut-tut when we have the largest debt of any non-federal government in the world! California doesn’t even come close and they are bigger than Canada!

    Mr. House

    “How convenient to have laws only work when you want them too! And not work when it is inconvenient!”

    The old give em an inch they’ll take a mile principle. Applies to everything in life.

    Michael Reid

    This country is ripe for financial takeover. If we could just get rid of those pesky people … maybe the vaccine will do that


    Interesting watching the debate in today’s comment stream about referring people to TAE website or not.

    I want to thank Raúl for his extraordinary and enduring work in running TAE and in providing a wonderful and most useful range of articles for our consideration. I for one have benefited immensely from this, and feel that I have received quite an education over the many years that I’ve been a reader.

    naturally, I don’t latch on to every and anything without doing some due diligence. My strategy with any news or information source is to go right back to the primary source if possible, and refer people to that. Sometimes I reckon the primary source is sensationalised or lurid, lacking a foundation of sober science or clear reporting. In this case it can often be possible to continue searching based on the contents of the lurid article and find a reputable data and information source, not necessarily directly related to the contents of the lurid article. Then I refer people to that.

    This procedure is all a bit academic, but in this era of fake this and fake that and fake the other thing, I have to tread carefully. If ever I have to present a case in some tribunal or similar arena, one of my best allies will be a sound, sober basis of facts and reporting.

    One of my other news & info sources is The Conversation. I don’t know how many of you subscribe to this. In their own words, “We launched The Conversation in 2011 as an antidote to a news ecosystem that gives too much oxygen to misinformation and leans toward the shrill over the sober. We do this by working with academics to produce news and analysis based on the latest facts, figures and research.”

    Yes, but I find that these academics are of course just as subject to error and bias as anyone else. It’s interesting to note the almost 100% pro-vaccine stance of published articles. Criticisms and caveats are few. As we all know, academics and medical professionals are not gods, just flawed and fallible human beings like everyone else.


    ClO2 chlorine dioxide? New one on me.
    Saw this in the SLOG…

    Then a few weeks ago – April 2021 – The Journal of Molecular and Genetic Medicine issued the following evidence:

    ‘Statistics from Bolivia where the use of water-solubilized chlorine dioxide (ClO2) for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 was approved by law in early August 2020, demonstrate a marked reduction in cases and deaths in that country. The highest peak recorded in Bolivia was epidemiological week 29 (10,939 cases), with cases falling to 670 in epidemiological week 45 – a 93% decrease. From a peak of 2,031 daily cases on August 20, 2020, cases dropped to 147 daily cases on October 21, 2020′

    TAE Summary
    • Vaccines don’t inhibit transmission; They are like seatbelts being tested on crash dummies; They guarantee a crash but you will probably be throwed clear
    • We experience the pandemic through screens; Willing vaxxers are at saturation; It is morally wrong not to get vaccinated therefore ethically right to force you
    • Look after you own health; Don’t be a pandemic monkey; Trump U to offer course in Horse Paste Math
    • Max fear, max doubt; Nobody is at fault; I didn’t actually hurt anyone, I just gave orders
    • People are addicted to trust in authority; TAE authorities have crystal balls while TAE readers have navels
    • Israel sees death spike; Armenia asks about Assange; Australia has blood clots; Russia voluntarily leaving SWIFT; Twenty years of US training in Afghanistan didn’t turn Afghans into automata as expected
    • Denniger is bombastic; Tucker is sometimes right; Fauci likes buckets of media love; Zoom in on me
    • There will be passports for all immunizations; We will get check-engine-light implants; Papers please; Vaccine passports will give us herd impunity
    island raider

    FYI… the censorship police have struck again! The video Germ posted above regarding absolute and relative risk reduction has been taken down. The gist of the video: The absolute risk reduction for the Pfizer “experimental injection” is 0.84%. This implies that you need 119 people to get two shots of the Pfizer “experimental injection” in order for one person to benefit from the injection. And the “benefit” endpoint is NOT avoiding hospitalization or death! No. It is a reduction in one or two symptoms. So, efficacy means reducing symptoms, and 118 people that get the experimental injections will NOT benefit in any way. Moderna was similar. Number needed to treat (with two experimental injections) to see just one benefit (meaning reduction in symptoms, not avoiding hospitalization or death) was 88 people! All that AND Tucker Carlson is starting to make sense. We are now in the upside down.
    I am a Happy Organic Human (H2O)! Looking to stay this way even though my own family and friends are actively shaming me and pressuring me to get the experimental injection. We have already been banned from birthday parties, which of course can only be attended by GMHs, even though they are ones with the “vaccine” that is supposed to protect them. What a world.

    John Day

    @Germ: I never got to see it.
    @ Madamski: ARGH!
    (I think they photo-shopped the Daibutsu. He never looked like that when I lived there in high school in the mid 70s)

    burly brute, married to major sweetie

    John Day

    @TAE Summary:
    Long time, no see.
    Glad you’re back.

    John Day

    @WES: Glad you got warned about F…ing-Fred, Man!

    : Our gay friends agreed that we could have their babies for them, so we did not go over our allotment.
    @Island Raider: Thanks for the absolute risk summary. It’s really important. Are those figures verified?

    island raider

    Best I can tell. Stats was a big part of my MS in toxicology, but that was a number of years ago (many). Maybe tomorrow I can attempt to reconstruct the math. Relative risk and absolute risk are very different concepts.

    Mister Roboto

    @island raider: What world, indeed. Both the misfired “lockdown” strategy and the social pressure to vaxx-up have left me for the first time in my life glad that the way I normally live has conditioned me to be accustomed to being alone most the time when I’m not at work. (Dangit, but I write some tortuously long sentences sometimes!)

    Mister Roboto

    Even though I’m a Taurus, I sometimes wonder if I should have been a Scorpio instead.

    “How many Scorpios does it take to change a lightbulb? None, they would rather just sit alone in the dark.”



    Extra Terrestrial Being (on the right) showing humanity (on the left) how to use complex technology to spot trouble

    Complex Technology Lesson

    View post on

    Mister Roboto

    Music for when you’re feeling Moody and Pensive:

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