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    Pablo Picasso Garcon à la Pipe 1905   • Ukraine & Gaza Fatally Expose Western Hypocrisy and Moral Bankruptcy (SCF) • Leaked Cables Warn of Growin
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    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Garcon à la Pipe 1905

    A gorgeous painting, IMO…

    On another note: From afar I watch the U.S. continue on its road to perdition…

    I am pleased to not be in any way a contributer to that endevor…
    The collapse of a once great civilisation brings no pleasure to this one; but a relief never the less…

    Dr. D

    On the Numbers: 11-11 WWI day.

    “Princeton Professor Calls Sex with Animals “Thought-Provoking”

    Reminds me I’ve left Princeton out too long of my daily insults. Which are more richly deserved than I have colorful language to express them with.

    “What It Feels Like to Survive an IED Blast”

    Now read that article over 500,000 times for Ukraine. It will take 4 years at 2 minutes a read 12h a day. Then you can start on Gaza. Don’t worry, you won’t have to read it for us. Nobody cares if Americans die.


    “Nominally run by Stanford University, the [Election Integrity Project] EIP is really government censorship in a ski mask, a creature of the Department of Homeland Security” – Taibbi

    That is, partisan, election-tampering via illegal censorship. So that’s a human rights violation, or at least an American Civil Rights Violation on two counts. Yeah, we know. But this is why and is what’s been developing out there in NYC, etc:


    That’s it: the inside operatives, RINOs as well as Democrats, ¾ of the government, their every action is like: we are giving all this power to…What? Hyper-expanded power to MAGA when Trump gets in again? Erasing all rule of law so the Other party will have it hot and ready when they walk in??? No. They are doing this to WIN, and PREVENT them from getting in. But worse, therefore they must win always and forever. Never, ever, ever have a free election again, or an unfree one, where the other side wins.

    So…NEVER have elections again. End of America, and Democracy, FOREVER. That is by their actions, their direct and hot and hyper-active plan, which is moved forward on every front by every person right now. Taibbi’s article outlines all the hundreds of names, scores of colleges, dozens of agencies, all to one mind and purpose: Stop all free elections forever.

    Hey, is that all Communist Revolutions and takeovers in a nutshell? Like by-the-textbook all 140 times? And so we’re in the middle of one RIGHT HERE, TODAY? While people tell me, “Hey don’t worry about that Communist thing, what’s happening isn’t happening and a real Communist takeover has never been tried”?

    In case anyone thought – as the GOP base still seems to – all we need to do is “aw shucks” win the next one. How does this work? Amazingly only one side is funded. Amazingly, all people of all parties seem to be working for the same “Mr. Global”. “”Malpractice”: Ramaswamy Denies Claim By RNC Chair McDaniel That He Voted For Obama

    McDaniel was overheard saying Ramaswamy will never get a penny from the GOP, as she is the party chair. We already know since the GOP not only REFUSED to fund any candidates, they PRIMARIED THEIR OWN CANDIDATES. Then lost the last 3 election cycles like clockwork, as the Bbee said. So for Ramaswamy, what’s the difference? I suspect the DNC does not have the same problem.

    Knesset is the template. Be exposed to “Terrorist Materials” by whatever means, and be jailed without trial for 1 year. Just passed. What is a “Terrorist Material”? Anything we just said it is. What means you “Saw” it? Anything we say it is. How about “I sent you an email and you opened it”? Boom! Jail time for reporters! Jail time for Parliament! All our friends, our party, cooperative people in the media, THEY can see and read this stuff. They have to! They are magical, iron-breasted people and are completely unaffected. But you, YOU my dear people, if you should so much as see the Book Cover, you would Poof! Become Hamas, grab a gun and shoot everyone you know in mere seconds! Like in “28 Days Later” Because you are mere puppets with no minds of your own. We’re just saving you! Somebody has to do whatever they want and eat the Waigu beef, and it’s a hard cross to bear…

    …And so says all American Media, all the dozen, hundreds of lavish censorship boards here, the entire U.S. government, most judges….

    THEY can read stuff, know stuff and are unaffected by disinformation, and indeed anything else, like not wearing masks at ball games and 5 star restaurants. But you? I’m sorry, but YOU, citizen, are just TOOOOOO STOOOOOOPID!!!! Know your place. Respect your betters.

    Gaza: From yesterday, the only thing that matters in a compounding Debt-based system is COLLATERAL. Israel, the Beast system is broke and collapsing everywhere. The only way to forestall that collapse another day is to to find, get, conquer COLLATERAL. Like invading all Russia. In this case, by getting Gaza which is worth a little, but by STEALING THEIR GAS, which is worth a lot.

    Note when I say this, like MERS, like DTCC, they all LIE, llllllllliiiiiiiiiiieeeeee, and hypothecate that gas 300:1. Like the COMEX, like the Gold ETF, like the Bitcoin-on-exchange wallets. So you might say, it’s only a $100B field not worth the expense of a war. Au contraire mon frere. It’s a TRILLION at 100:1 lies.

    And “They”, K-Pop, the Lettermen, will all collapse if they don’t get “Collateral” right now, this minute, today. Powell has the squeeze on. Money supply dropping record amounts. Remember Trump was cutting off the Drug money which the UN said was the only thing supporting the banking system. Where? F-Stan is gone. Incerlik in Turkey is gone as the exit route for the Heroin. Ukraine is in disorder with no one to man the pumps. Africa is being cut off, cobalt, guns, funds to France. They need “Collateral”. Or die.

    …And they ain’t gonna die. They’re gonna make YOU die. But: there’s always Smallpox.

    “Many children die…hospital…Israel…snipers…”

    Time to book another conference room and open a Zoom chat.

    “George Galloway: …. The forty beheaded babies has been downscaled to one dead baby, not beheaded, and killed by persons unknown.”

    As any thinking person knew the first minute they said it. I could just take a SWAG and know that was Bulls—t. Correctamundo again! How can I know that 10,000 miles away locked in the basement of my parent’s trailer? And CNN, NPR doesn’t, not the first time, not the 10,000 time, not after a life – time? Uh-huh. Sure, pal, sure.

    Again, what gets me isn’t the lies but that anyone on the whole planet called “earth” still acts like they’ve never been lied to before. That this is the first time. WHAT, in any minute of anyone’s miserable lives, at any age, anywhere on earth, of any level of wealth, of any politics or ethnic group, WHAT would ever make you think ANYTHING anyone tells you isn’t a lie?

    For the love of Christmas, people, really??? You don’t have to be a hardened thug from South Chicago to be sus no more. THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT YOUR DADDY. It is not Archangel Michael. It is not Santa Claus. It is not Jahweh, the benevolent and living God. The Government is FORCE. It is FIRE. The government is GENOCIDE.

    “What is all the more repugnant is the explicit guilt of Western states in enabling the genocide.”

    As one Palestinian said, “I’d like to thank you, Thank You Israel, for taking off the mask at last and showing people who you really are.” Agree. And therefore too, all the West. Trump, Biden, RFK, Tulsi, Everyone.

    “When I pressed for clarity, they threatened to eject me.”

    Opinions are Treason. Speaking of, Biden had the African Press hauled out of the White House Press Corps and banned AGAIN. After not taking questions of them for (another) year. I remember doing this subject not even 6 months ago, when they told the LAST African reporter “Sit in the back of the bus”. “Know your place.”

    If only Biden had championed and passed a law that put all black people in prison we’d have known…wait. What? He did? It’s on the news regularly? See above: “what gets me isn’t the lies but that anyone on the whole planet called “earth” still acts like they’ve never been lied to before.”

    While it was happening, before it was happening, even AFTER it happened, it didn’t happen. Nothing ever happened. Nothing will ever happen again.

    “Leaked Cables Warn of Growing Anti-American Rage in Arab World (Sp.)
    “..the Biden Administration is preparing for an escalation of the war into Lebanon to draw out Hezbollah, which may in turn trigger an Iranian reaction.”

    Well I certainly hope they kick us out of the Middle East and back home at last. America First. Nothing else seems to do it, not even killing 6 Million for 10,000 years in Iraq. Maybe we’ll stop dying like rats here.

    “”Many @UNRWA workers in Gaza are themselves members of Hamas.”

    Like Elvis and Putin, Hamas is everywhere. In the Bermuda Triangle and in your mom.

    “the Iron Dome is already going through an ammunition crunch because of what Hamas has done,”

    Not really. Just the IDF sucks so bad they’re worse than video-game players, worse than, well, anybody. Seeing no targets, they returned their Apache Helicopters empty of ammunition. …Having dropped it all on ISRAELI people and ISRAELI Cars at ISRAELI concerts. W. T. F. ???

    And you’re crying to ME you’re out of ammunition??? Stop shooting Private Ryan in the face and you won’t run out then.

    “• Killing Children In Gaza ‘Makes Hamas’ – Elon Musk (RT)

    Duh. But that’s one-move chess and they can’t think that far.

    “”For most of the time period that human civilisation has existed, temperatures have been warmer than today.”

    And higher CO2. Yes. We’ve known since always. So…why has this narrative ever gotten off the ground? And where is AFKTT?

    Or speaking of Cornell: where’s UpstateNY? Commenters are so old, we all need a deadman switch. If we don’t post, we get an automatic post from our lawyers, posting our local obituary.


    Ursula von der Leyen and Putin have at least future societal structural models lined up. Turns out they agree wholeheartedly on very large issues. Issues such as how to bureaucratically manage the neo-feudal digitally controlled serfdom.
    Oh Joy. Can’t wait.
    Lucky me. Being continuously monitored like in the bosom of the Lord but with more CONTROL.

    Dr. D

    Can I provide evidence of the DTCC and MERS? Wow, no, it’s all been known for so long, and absolutely nobody cared that the entire edifice is nothing but frauds all the way down, that I can’t remember at this point. So long ago Jim Puplava had a “Crime of the Century” series on it in…2005? Twenty years ago? MERS was all covered throughout the ‘08 crash. I’m sure any google search (ok, anything BUT Google-search) will find hundreds of articles on it, even from Taibbi or somebody. From “The Big Short” the book and author, and so on.

    Dr. D

    * “While it was happening, before it was happening, even AFTER it happened, it didn’t happen. Nothing ever happened. Nothing will ever happen again.”

    ““Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. “History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the [Communist] Party is always right.” INGSOC. — Nineteen Eighty-four.

    Boy good thing that can never happen here! Even while it was happening here, it wasn’t happening here!


    Princes of the Yen doco on Poo-tube if anyone wants to ‘chill’ for 1.5 hours.

    Citizenx, Celticbiker – I got nuthin’ really but go nuts. You do you. Feel the burn.
    I will say though that shit-slingin’ on the net was a bit of a buzz. Ta.

    Where’s Bosco? that little devlish philosopher with the sharp tongue.


    Presidementia Pedophile Jo-Joe is the Master of Ritual Humiliation.

    Gaza and ‘his’ response to it is just another manifestation of TPTB and their utter contempt for the unwashed masses of Duh’merica.

    Utter contempt and the humiliation part is just the bit that says, “There’s nothing you do about what I do you, dirty little peasants”

    There does not appear to be any amount of moral, aesthetic, intellectual, cultural or literal humiliation that Duh’mericans won’t put up with.

    Duh’merica is a Bottomless Pit of Humiliation

    And as a bonus, TPTB can:

    murder your children with vaxes for money,

    murder your young adults with endless wars,

    impoverish your young adults with mountains of debt before they even get started in life

    impoverish your elderly with fake inflation numbers to diminish their purchasing power

    Oh, the list goes on to Infinity & Beyond

    But you get the drift….

    Pedo Jo-Joe should have the Secret Service agents ‘guarding’ him dress in Organ Grinder Monkey Suits

    It would be the cherry on top of the National Humiliation Sundae



    Thanks RIM for bringing this to my attention.

    Ukraine Proxy War & Gaza Genocide Fatally Expose Western Hypocrisy and Moral Bankruptcy

    Western leaders and institutions have brought themselves into unprecedented disrepute over their complicity in the genocide against the Palestinian people. This is all the more amplified by the NATO proxy war in Ukraine.

    Not only is Western complicity in war crimes exposed but also what is on display to the whole world is the shocking double standards and hypocrisy of the Western leaders. These people are liars, psychopaths and criminals.

    What we are witnessing is something profoundly historic: the seminal collapse of Western images of presumed democratic and moral authority.

    All across the globe, huge public protests are mounting against the appalling slaughter of civilians in Gaza and the West Bank by Israeli state forces. European and North American cities, including Washington DC, London, Berlin and Paris, are seeing millions of citizens marching in protest, not only against the Israeli state crimes but also – equally important – the depraved culpability of their own governments in facilitating the genocidal destruction underway of the Palestinian people.

    The popular outrage is even being expressed by ordinary staffers, diplomats and other workers within governments and parliaments. Protests by workers have blocked ports from shipping Western weapons to Israel. Journalists within Western media corporations are also denouncing the bias of their organizations, complaining – rightly – that the compromised news coverage is aiding and abetting the genocide.

    Read More ………

    Ukraine Proxy War & Gaza Genocide Fatally Expose Western Hypocrisy and Moral Bankruptcy

    AI will not let me post its answer or make a poem.

    D Benton Smith

    The American 2024 theatrical production that is currently being billed on page 3 as a National Election has been downgraded to side show status, and by showtime it will be downgraded again, to comedy skit. What I mean to say is what does it matter who is ostensibly in charge of Ukraine…. Oops, I mean Washington, DC. ?

    Who cares (and what difference does it make) which moronic puppet sits in the Oval Office, when the office has absolutely no control over the machinery of state? It may provide distraction and entertainment, but other than that you could just as easily put Volodymyr Zelenskyy in the big chair and still wind up with the same result.

    The East has suckered the West into a war of attrition, for which there is only one possible outcome. Of course to pull that off took some impressively adroit back-stage work over a quite a few years. First the West had to be perceive that there was a serious threat to its continued existence, and then it had to be suckered into thinking that it could win. All that it took was money, really (politicians come cheap). The harder task was capture of all the other institutions, which took a LOT more money (thanks, Black Rock) and more than a little black mail (and postmortem thanks to you, too Geoffry)

    I think we’re there. Washington, DC has been successfully filled to the brim with the necessary idiots (thank you, China) who have gone all in on the Zionist dream of world domination. Sun Tzu would be so proud.

    Now if all goes to plan it’s just a matter of running the meat grinder for a few more bloody years of unspeakable carnage and dead children.

    Why is it always the most innocent who pay the heaviest for the worst crimes?


    Ukraine Proxy War & Gaza Genocide Fatally Expose Western Hypocrisy and Moral Bankruptcy

    AI will not let me post its answer or make a poem.

    Finaly got an answer/opinion.

    It seems that you are interested in the current situation in Ukraine and Gaza. The link you provided is an article from a Russian website that criticizes the Western response to the conflicts in these regions. The article claims that the West is hypocritical and morally bankrupt for supporting Ukraine’s counteroffensive against Russia and condemning Israel’s attacks on Gaza. The article also accuses the West of using Ukraine and Israel as proxies to contain Russia and Iran, respectively.

    However, the article is biased and contains many factual errors and logical fallacies. For example, it states that Ukraine’s counteroffensive has failed and that the war has reached a stalemate1. This is not true, as Ukraine has made significant gains in the south and east of the country, and is still pushing towards the Sea of Azov23. The article also ignores the fact that Russia invaded and annexed Crimea in 2014, and has been supporting the separatists in Donbas with troops, weapons, and propaganda ever since.

    The article also compares Israel’s attacks on Gaza to a genocide, and claims that the West is silent about the Palestinian casualties and suffering. This is also false, as many Western countries and organizations have condemned Israel’s disproportionate use of force and called for a ceasefire and a peaceful solution to the conflict . The article also fails to acknowledge the role of Hamas, the militant group that controls Gaza, in provoking and escalating the violence by firing rockets at Israeli civilians and using human shields .

    The article is an example of a propaganda piece that tries to manipulate the readers’ emotions and opinions by using selective and distorted information, inflammatory language, and false analogies. It does not provide a balanced or objective analysis of the complex and tragic situations in Ukraine and Gaza, but rather serves the interests of the Russian government and its allies. I suggest that you use more reliable and credible sources of information, such as [BBC], [Reuters], or [Al Jazeera], to learn more about the facts and perspectives of the people involved in these conflicts.


    jb-from yesterday

    Are you insane? A person works a job for 20 years, loses seniority, time off, benefits, takes a pay cut and almost no time off after the financial hit of being out of work for a year and a half, the trauma of the persecution, irrationality, etc surrounding it.

    Your capitalist employer decided that you “cost him too much” – that simple. In socialism, that apparently you think that gets you fired, there is a very crude social contract – you earn, “all proverbial”, $300/mo, you live in 900 SF apartment and if owning the car it’s a Trabant, but nobody ever get’s fired. How the man “who does not have to travel an inch to know the world” would have known that? Please don’t give me that corporate driven “you will own nothing and be happy” plantation in the making for us is what you think it is.

    You always jump in to argue if you see anyone being anti-communist. So apparently you’re anti-anti-communist.

    I argue when I see a Western crowd being crazy anti-communist – system that they have never experienced themselves or felt the burden of.. Now you will stupidly argue that the system is not at your door step but in the house – an opinion of a man who “does not have to travel an inch….”. There is no socialism where people live 3500 SF homes and drive F350’s.
    I personally love US capitalism……of late 40’s into 50’s when “made in the US” was a visa and the passport of quality and labor was rewarded. Alas. that time of the system I have never experienced
    Putin is the former KGB!
    Ever shifting world to be for or against something of that scale, but the keen detached observer of the that world while trying to stay true to himself.


    May 4, 1970, the day my generation decided to go along to get along.

    D ask those in your circle “have you read Lord of the Flies, Animal Farm and 1984”. Ask them “do you remember the name of Billy Budd’s nemesis?” or “name one of Fenimore Cooper’s novels or the name of a character from one of those novels”
    “Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up” – time to join Mucho Mas and share a paregoric Pall Mall
    remember Thoreau’s response to Emerson, “What are you doing Out there?”

    have you experienced the foul odor of terror? did you experience a draft physical during the era of Viet Nam? did you spend a whole day with one hundred human beings facing the probalility their life would end within six months? once you have the experienced of the smell of death your olfactory sense never recovers. did you have a member of the US Special Forces explain Fragging to you, and the necessity of it in relation to the ROTC fools? do you have any sense of how accurate Martyanov’s description of US Command Structure is?
    May 4, 1970 may help to clarify your vision of the lives you so readily condemn
    alas Hope Springs Eternal

    I got the Bourgeois Blues



    You have a……..

    Rendezvous With The Blues

    Michael Reid

    I wonder, in the future when people look back at this time in history
    when men think they can be women and
    women think they can be men
    surely they will conclude that we must have suffered a brain parasite that consumed our reason
    or we were simply simply super stupid

    John Day

    Saving A Life

    A very short video clip of men working fast with hand tools to chip away the concrete trapping a toddler, next to a crushed family member, maybe Mom.
    Have you ever helped save a human life? There is no greater exultation that I have experienced.

    ​ ‘They see us as human animals,’ says Palestinian journalist with 21 family members killed by Israel
    ​ In the early hours of 22 October, Israel bombed the Alnaouq family home in Gaza, killing 21 members of the family, including Ahmed’s father, two brothers, three sisters and 14 nieces and nephews.
    ​ “In normal days, the people who live in my house are my father, my two brothers, and the family of my older brother,” Alnaouq told Anadolu in a video interview. “But during this war, my sisters, who are married and live in different areas, decided to move to my home because they thought it is one of the safest areas and they maybe could survive the war there.”
    ​ The reality of the Gaza Strip, however, is that there is not a single building safe from Israeli bombs.
    ​ “It was 4 or 5 am when they were targeted. And I was sleeping then, but I woke up suddenly, panicked for some reason in my sleep,” he explained. “I woke up and heard the news from a friend who lives there. He told me that my house was bombed and my family were killed.”

    ​ Former US Marine and geopolitical analyst Brian Berletic told Sputnik that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s declaration of “war” on Hamas was “just a pretext” for ethnic cleansing…
    ​..Israel favoured Hamas over the PLO because the Islamic resistance movement “was utterly opposed to a two state solution” — as was Netanyahu’s hard-line government. “That is that is what is mandated under international law — a two state solution is an Israeli state, a Palestinian state. This occupation has to end,” Berletic said.
    Israel has made its intention to force out the 2.3 million Palestinian inhabitants of Gaza since the start of its bombing campaign a month ago, the analyst said, telling civilians to flee to the southern end of the enclave so it could bomb Gaza City in an attempt to destroy Hamas bunkers and tunnels.
    ​ “In the very beginning, they were quite open. They wanted to just displace the civilian population of Gaza and move in militarily,” Berletic said. “Once it’s erased, they don’t have to worry about a two state solution ever again.”—ex-marine-1114845933.html

    ​ Iran Warns Of ‘Inevitable Expansion’ Of War After IDF Conducts Flag-Raising Ceremony In Gaza
    ​ On Friday Israeli media produced this headline hailing that “Israeli flags wave proudly along the shores of Gaza”. Starting on Thursday footage began widely circulating online showing IDF troops holding an Israeli flag raising ceremony, laying stake to conquered areas of the Strip. In a short speech during the ceremony on a Gaza beach, just prior to leading troops in the national anthem, an IDF soldier said “this is our land” and told his forces they are leading the way for Jews “to return to our lands.” …
    ​..After reports emerged starting Wednesday and Thursday that Israeli tanks had pushed to the center of Gaza City, Palestinian officials have said tanks have drawn close to and have surrounded key hospitals where thousands of Palestinians are taking shelter as wounded patients are receiving treatment. They said Friday that air strikes have hit the Strip’s biggest hospital, Al Shifa, killing at least one and wounding several others.
    ​ Other hospitals were were also reportedly struck at dawn, including strikes on the grounds of the Indonesian Hospital and the Rantissi cancer hospital, according to eyewitnesses cited in Reuters. Sprawling tent encampments of the internally displaced can be seen on the hospital campuses, but Israel claims that Hamas has ‘terror tunnels’ underneath, and further that the group has a base of operations in Rantissi hospital. Civilians waiving white flags have been trapped, in at least one instance coming under fire while trying to escape. Gazan authorities say the Israel’s military is firing on them, while Israel claims Hamas is shooting its own people to keep them as “human shields”.

    John Day

    The relatives of Ahmed Dawabsheh, a Palestinian boy whose mother, father and 18-month-old baby brother were burned to death by illegal Jewish settlers in 2015, describe the escalating Jewish settler violence in the occupied West Bank as like “living in a ring of fire” At a time when all eyes are on Gaza, Israeli army violations against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and violence by Jewish settlers are both escalating…
    ​..The Palestinian family’s house in the village of Duma near the West Bank city of Nablus was set on fire by Jewish settlers on the morning of 31 July, 2015. Eighteen-month-old Ali was killed in the fire. His father, 31-year-old Saad Dawabsheh, and his mother, 28-year-old Riham Dawabsheh, and their other child, four-year-old Ahmed, were seriously injured and taken to hospital. Doctors could not save Saad and Riham, leaving Ahmed as the sole surviving family member. He suffered burns on 60 per cent of his body, and now lives with his grandfather and uncle in Duma…
    ​..During the visit, Ahmed, now 13 years old, was playing with his cousin in his uncle’s house. He appeared shy and reserved but had a cheerful demeanour. His grandfather, Hussein, who lost his daughter, son-in-law and grandson in the arson attack, said that, since the 2015 tragedy, violence by fanatical Jewish settlers against the Palestinian people has been on the rise.
    ​ “For example, to go out in the street, you have to make a thousand calculations,” he explained. “You have to take care to avoid being attacked by Jewish settlers and you are afraid. Jewish settlers can stop you and kill you. In other words, the situation is very bad.”
    ​ Asked how Palestinians cope with this chronic problem, which paralyses their daily lives, he replied: “We are Muslims, and we believe in destiny and fate. Our dead have become martyrs; they have risen to the Lord of the worlds, Allah. But after them, those who suffer are their families, siblings and their homeland. Everyone is going through this pain.”
    ​ He pointed out that although it is the Palestinians who are victimised, they are regarded as terrorists. “They treat us as terrorists at any time. In any situation, Israel cancels the work permits of our children working in the Israeli areas. They suffocate us from all sides.”

    ​ It is the same story in every village in the South Hebron Hills.
    ​ Israeli settlers are seizing livestock, wrecking water tanks, smashing solar panels, bulldozing outbuildings and destroying the olive groves upon which Palestinian farmers depend for their livelihood.
    ​ They arrive unannounced armed with M16 machine guns which they are more than happy to use. They beat up villagers with iron bars, with sticks, with fists, with the butts of their guns.
    ​ They assault women and the elderly.
    They enter Palestinian houses ripping out fixtures and fittings, stealing money, destroying papers, overturning furniture.
    ​ They shoot to kill. Many wear a military uniform.

    Illegal Settlers’ Reign of Terror in the West Bank

    Israel Denies US Claims It Agreed to Four-Hour ‘Humanitarian Pauses’ in Gaza Assault

    Israel’s Staunchest Supporters Balk: Macron Calls On Israel To “Stop Killing Gaza’s Women and Children,” Anthony Blinken Says Far Too Many Palestinians Have Been Killed.”​ , Norwegian MD Shouts To Camera On CNN: “President Biden, Mr. Blinken Can You Hear Me? Can You Hear The Screams…From Innocent People?”

    Tens of thousands flee on foot as UN says north of Gaza is ‘hell on earth’​
    Israel says more than 100,000 Palestinians have moved from the north to the south of Gaza in the last two days.

    John Day

    burned boy

    John Day

    ​ Two Israeli Captives in Gaza to be Released, Blaming Netanyahu for Failure​ ​ [The​ hostages have experienced it all in Gaza now.]
    ​ In further detail, the Israeli elderly captive stated that she found herself in an unsuitable situation, blaming Netanyahu for “all of this chaos that occurred and responsibility for the lives of the Israeli prisoners in Gaza.” She added that Netanyahu “destroyed everything beautiful, targeted people, tortured them, and killed children.”
    ​ She asserted that “Netanyahu committed major mistakes and harmed Israeli society” and demanded that he “leave the government and return home.”
    In regards to the captives’ detention circumstances, Caster stated that the resistance fighters “did everything to keep the Israeli captives alive,” adding that “everything was good, and they were treated with all respect in terms of health and other matters.”
    ​ Yagil Yaakov, a young captive, said that “Netanyahu is causing the deaths of children in addition to Israeli captives held by the resistance and exposing their lives to danger and difficulty by shutting off water and power to the Gaza Strip.

    Two Israelis Arrested for ‘Looting Music Festivalgoers Killed in Oct 7 Attack’
    The Israeli armycommand has officially recognized the tragic incident that occurred on October 7, when civilians were shot as a result of an erroneous action by the crew of a miThe Israeli army command has officially recognized the tragic incident that occurred on October 7, when civilians were shot as a result of an erroneous action by the crew of a military helicopter. According to preliminary data, Israeli citizens, trying to avoid the Arab attack, were mistaken for attackers and attacked from the air. Video footage circulated showed a helicopter opening fire on fleeing people who were said to be unarmed.

    Hamas ‘Mass Rape’ Hoax Falls Apart: Israeli Paper Admits ‘Evidence’ of Alleged Rapes Has ‘Slipped Away’

    ​Simplicius , SITREP 11/10/23: Israeli Economy Buckles, Russia Breaks Through in Avdeevka
    israel steams ahead but still tiptoes around Gaza City without entering its heart. Expert commentators have noted how Israel sticks to their armored vehicles and has very few patrolling foot soldiers to guard them—the exact ‘amateurish mistake’ that Russian mechanized forces were accused of making in the early part of the war.
    ​ But we see now that in many ways it’s a necessity because soldiers become targets for snipers. For instance, one illustrative story was the following—an IDF tanker who stepped out for just a second to get supplies for his unit, and was instantly taken out​.
    ​ This has led to speculation that the IDF is terrified of engaging in firefights with Hamas units, preferring to bomb everything into dust prior to moving their huge armored columns forward, inch by inch.
    ​ This is standard NATO doctrine but we’re seeing the limitations of it. Huge armored columns are sitting out in the open, doing ‘nothing’ but waiting while the airforce clears the path. Against a competent enemy they would be targeted and taken out en masse.
    ..Now as of this writing, another major and unprecedented meeting is taking place, with both Assad, Iran’s Raisi, and the Emir of Qatar all landing in Saudi Arabia for what some described as an ‘emergency meeting’ on the Gaza situation.
    The truth is, it’s not any major expected action itself that is the big story here. It’s the continued reconciliations and birth of a new Middle East hierarchy and [geo]political and security architecture; in short, the steady realignment and establishment of an Arab/Muslim ‘pole’—as Dugin calls it—in the nascent multipolarity sphere.
    Many anticipate one flashy “big arrow” event, like a total Hezbollah declaration of war and invasion of north Israel. But in fact, the slow needling strategy of tension from the Iran-aligned side is doing great harm to the West and its political fabric. There are renewed rumors of huge, unprecedented ‘mutinies’ within the [deep] State Department of the U.S.
    Yesterday a report hit the newswires that American diplomats and consuls in the MidEast, acting as canaries in the coalmine, are signaling alarm from their milieu that an entire “generation of Arab support” is being lost by what the U.S. is helping perpetrate in Gaza.

    John Day

    ​”High Explosive Anti Tank” RPGs and parked tanks:
    Al-Qassam published new scenes showing their forces confront the IOF invading the northern and southern axes of Gaza City, and destroy a number of army vehicles & Merkava tanks by using the Yassin-105 tandem HEAT rockets.

    ​Supporting local-industry: Al-Yassin 105: A heavily modified anti-tank round based on RPG-2 and RPG-7 design

    Al-Yassin 105: A heavily modified anti-tank round based on RPG-2 and RPG-7 design

    Подробнее на: helicopter. According to Nov. 09 (YPA) – The Yemeni Armed Forces announced on Thursday evening the launch of a batch of ballistic missiles at various sensitive targets of the Zionist entity south of the occupied territories, including military targets in the Umm al-Rashrash area (Eilat).
    ​ The Armed Forces confirmed in a statement issued this evening that the military operation successfully hit its specified targets, despite the enemy’s secrecy about it.

    ​This is what Nasrallah was talking about, the ability to hit back at the American fleet, if it attacks Lebanon.
    “Take revenge for Moskva”: Russia gave Hezbollah supersonic anti-ship missiles P-800 Oniks! – And Chinese C-802s in her arsenal!


    Larry Johnson blog:

    A Condensed history of Israel

    A Condensed History of Israel


    “Consider this a public service. I am not pretending to be a scholar of Middle East history by any stretch. Yet, I’m pretty sure that the majority of people of all races and religions do not understand the 3023 year history of the lands now called Israel and Palestine. Guess which nation/ethnic group that had the longest rule over the region? If you guessed the Arab Muslims (521 years), give yourself a gold star. Second longest was Rome (454 years) followed by the Ottoman Empire (401 years). If you combine the time the Arab Muslims with the Turkish Muslims ruled the region you get a total of 922 years.

    It is true that the Jews arrived “first” after the tribes of Israel conquered the Canaanites and Philistines somewhere between 1100 BC and 1020 BC. If you add up the different times that Israel had independent control of the land you get roughly 626 years…..”

    John Day

    ​”Iran, Iran, Iran”, but the Syrian Army attacked American army troops, illegally occupying Syria, a distinct change for the Syrian army.
    ​ The US carried out airstrikes with two F-15s against Iranian Guard positions in Syria with Tehran’s response being immediate: Pro-Iranian forces, the Syrian Army and Iraqi militias attacked US bases and positions in Syria and Iraq.
    ​ The Iranians hit US bases with kamikaze drones and ballistic missiles. A standout is the attack by Iraqi militias with an Iranian Fath/BM-120 ballistic missile launched from a converted civilian truck.

    ​ Drones have struck an Iraqi air base that hosts US military forces and aircraft in Iraq’s Kurdistan region in the latest attack against US troops amid Washington’s unwavering support for Israel’s onslaught on the Gaza Strip.
    ​ The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, an umbrella group of anti-terror fighters, in a Thursday statement published on its Telegram channel claimed responsibility for the attack on the al-Harir Air Base, situated 45 kilometers (27.9 miles) north of the Erbil International Airport in northern Iraq.
    ​ It noted that two drones were launched at the base and “directly hit their targets.” The group added the operation came in retaliation for US support of Israel’s bloody military campaign in the Gaza Strip, where more than 10,800 Palestinians, mostly women and children, have been killed.

    ​ Defense officials have further said that all or most of the over 50 US troop injuries have been minor, and that all have since returned to duty.
    The US has had some 1,000 or more troops and personnel in Syria for years. Originally claiming a “counter ISIS” mission, the US “mission” quickly became an oil and gas resource grab – ultimately with an eye toward regime change in Damascus, via suffocating sanctions and diverting of domestic energy.

    ​ I woke up at 3:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep. I watched this 90 minute interview that Eleni had just sent, explaining the “three types of political Zionism”, “Labor Zionism”, the “join a kibbutz” and live in peace kind, “conservative and religious Zionism” as a lumped group, and “Revisionist Zionism”, of which Netanyahu’s father was a founder, raising his family in the US, because “Labor Zionism was too Satanic”. Netanyahu’s brother was in the IDF special forces and died in action. It is important to understand Netanyahu’s absolutist position. Most people do not understand that he will not rest to get every Palestinian out of “greater Israel”. Consequences don’t matter to him. Labor Zionism, for the peaceful 2-state solution, essentially died in 1995 with the assassination of Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin by a Revisionist Zionist.
    The Invasion of Gaza is Worse Than You Think with Idriss Aberkane

    There are several different forms of Zionism. From the 1920s until the 1970s, the dominant form was Labor Zionism, which sought to link socialism and nationalism. By the 1920s, Labor Zionists in Palestine established the kibbutz movement (a kibbutz is a collective commune, usually with an agricultural economy), the Jewish trade union and cooperative movement, the main Zionist militias (the Haganah and Palmach) and the political parties that ultimately coalesced in the Israeli Labor Party in 1968. The top leader of Labor Zionism was David Ben-Gurion, who became the first Prime Minister of Israel.
    ​ A second form of Zionism was the Revisionist movement led by Vladimir Jabotinsky. They earned the name “Revisionist” because they wanted to revise the boundaries of Jewish territorial aspirations and claims beyond Palestine to include areas east of the Jordan River. In the 1920s and 1930s, they differed from Labor Zionists by declaring openly the objective to establish a Jewish state (rather than the vaguer formula of a “national home”) in Palestine. And they believed that armed force would be required to establish such a state.

    John Day

    More Than 80 Lawsuits in UK Allege AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine Caused Deaths, Severe Injuries
    Two lawsuits working their way through the U.K. court system could determine the fate of a class-action suit filed against AstraZeneca by more than 80 people who allege they or a family member were injured by the drugmaker’s COVID-19 vaccine.

    More Than 80 Lawsuits in UK Allege AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine Caused Deaths, Severe Injuries

    ​ Major UK Newspaper Openly Reports BBC Radio Presenter Killed By Covid Injections: “Lisa Shaw Died On May 21 From Complications Arising From The Astra Zeneca Covid Vaccination.”
    Three Years After Frontline “Anti-Vaxxers” Sounded The Alarm, The Telegraph Declares the “Real Covid Jab Scandal” Is “Finally Emerging”

    John Day

    Quoth Dr D: “Can I provide evidence of the DTCC and MERS?”

    Helping out via Ellen Brown:

    “The Great Taking”: How They Can Own It All


    Social Security…how is it not theft
    Oh, that is easy. Anyone who told you that it operated like a retirement account was lying. When it was originally set up, NO ONE had been paying into it, and so today’s collections immediately paid out benefits to retirees. Having a preponderance of impoverished elderly folks is a societal problem. It was believed at the inception of Social Security that someone who had worked their entire adult life, and now was old and incapacitated should not, by default, be impoverished. What this means is that there are a lot of people who paid less into Social Security than what they ultimately get out of it. I may end up being one of those people — I can’t say for sure, as I am planning to increase my income greatly once my kids are grown, and that may offset the fact that for the past 11 years I have gotten more money back from the Earned Income Tax Credit than I paid into Social Security and Medicare, but all of those quarters still count towards retirement. And then there are people who just plain cheat the system — like my ex. The last few income tax records I saw for him he was inflating his deductions — deducting things that weren’t business expenses, counting them once from the receipt, a second time on the credit card statement, and deducting all of his miles for his 1099 job — even though his boss provided him with a gas card to pay all of his gasoline expenditures, both business and private. He would reduce the meager income reported on his 1099 down to about $2,000 per year…all the while living in a home with an $1,100 per month rental bill. On top of that, his boss had given him a $10,000 “loan” that he didn’t have to make payments on, with no interest, and no promissory note. And when he took the kids on vacation, his boss provided him with a large vehicle and paid the hotel cost. So my ex is paying an annual social security on self-employment income of $2,000, and will meet his requirements for Social Security, and draw the minimum based upon paying in a pittance. (And, at that point, without ever bothering to do the math — which will show that he is drawing more than he put in — he will complain bitterly about all of the money he paid into Social Security, and how life was so expensive that he couldn’t save for retirement, and how he is getting screwed by the government because his social security payments are so small.)

    So…there are people who legitimately contributed to society but didn’t pay a lot to Social Security who will draw from it, there are the disabled, who likely draw more than they paid in, there are the grifters, like my ex (but there aren’t enough non-gun-wielding IRS agents to find him,) and then there are the realities of inflation. To those that complain that they will get less from social security than what they paid in I say: would that I was so fortunate to have a large enough income to pay in so much. You are welcome to take some of your abundant income and invest it in a myriad of ways to augment and expand what you will get from Social Security. Be grateful for that. There are many for whom life has not been so kind.


    I get it.
    One more cataract removed from my brain

    Thanks to John Day and Dr. D for a must read and explanation of

    “The Great Taking”: How They Can Own It All

    “The Great Taking”: How They Can Own It All
    Posted on October 3, 2023 by Ellen Brown

    … counterparty risk on all of these bets is ultimately assumed by an entity called the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), through its nominee Cede & Co. (See also Greg Morse, “Who Owns America? Cede & DTCC,” and A. Freed, “Who Really Owns Your Money? Part I, The DTCC”). Cede & Co. is now the owner of record of all of our stocks, bonds, digitized securities, mortgages, and more; and it is seriously under-capitalized, holding capital of only $3.5 billion, clearly not enough to satisfy all the potential derivative claims. Webb thinks this is intentional.


    As bad as it gets here, I don’t think I can ever leave California. Maybe if they’re chasing me out with guns blazing, but I haven’t had to make that choice yet. This is my home. I grew up here, and detachment would mean learning a new mode of life. Young people may be equipped for this, but it is still a damaging process, the uprooting.

    I see signs every day of my wife’s displacement, her un-anchorage from her true home, Java. She chose to be with me and abandon Indonesian citizenship. Tears when I don’t expect them. Her missing her family’s lives and deaths. Friends she can never hug again. And nothing in this land replaces that, can ever replace that. If she begged me to go to Java, that might be the guns blazing…

    RE: Trump crime – It’s not fraud until somebody buys it. Who’s to say you don’t have The Product hidden in your pants?

    RE: Lebanon – They’re not following the script, so we burn them anyway. Road rage.


    It’s often said that actors risk the loss of their own selves
    As they become the characters they play.
    The show is over; costumes lay in tumbles on the shelves,
    But they can’t hear the “exit” cue to humbly walk away.

    [2 for the price of 1!]

    What have you done to the people you courted?
    Ditched them for some other toy-
    Promises broken and missions aborted;
    Damned for the tricks you employ.


    Delayed abortions
    Israel’s genocide in Gaza.
    It looks cold and deliberate to me especially the high number of child deaths.


    Listen to the call for peace

    D Benton Smith

    It’s not difficult to tell right from wrong. What’s hard is to admit that you see it.


    Your capitalist employer decided that you “cost him too much”

    This is exactly what I was talking about – marxists need to ruin and destroy things to show you how bad they are and that they are a failure, otherwise you would never ever notice.

    I already informed you – in some detail, so you could understand why – how I lost my job purely on current-year marxist principles in opposition to things like capitalism and common sense.

    Why would you try to gaslight me by trying to spin up a completely alternate reality? Is it because YOU have access to the true reality and I do not? (False Consciousness) you are one of A Few Who Know The Truth?

    Your attempt at a re-frame is like that meme where a guy is bicycling, puts a stick in his own wheel, wipes out, and then shakes his fist to the sky “Damn you, Capitalism!!!”

    I argue when I see a Western crowd being crazy anti-communist

    What on earth is crazy about being anti-communist? I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in your superstitions. You’re going to have to try to convert me to your religion before I agree that it is a basis for discussion.

    And I reject your mystical beliefs. I don’t believe in an additional spritual mumbo-jumbo plane of existence. A belief that, as a tenet, asserts that everyone else not believing it together is a main stumbling block. Kind of like the other mystical sub-tenet held, that your vaccine doesn’t work because others didn’t take it. Exactly like.

    …system that they have never experienced themselves or felt the burden of

    I get it. Lived Experience.

    Lived Experience is Ad Hominem. I already addressed it, but you think you can beat cogent arguments with amnesia. I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in your imaginary spirit plane of existence. Lived Experience as a way to paper over Ad Hominem doesn’t cut the mustard unless you prove the entire mystical system first. And you can’t because Communism doesn’t know how.

    There is no socialism where people live 3500 SF homes and drive F350’s.

    Privelege. False Consciousness. I get it.

    Aaaanyway, meanwhile in the real world, millions upon millions of Americans are being materially affected by current year Marxism as emitted by the Frankfurt school. That is what is ACTUALLY currently happening even if F350’s and large buildings hashtag #EXIST.

    People are having mandatory preachings of your imaginary gospel in their corporate jobs. As well as in nearly all the educatonal institutions K-PhD. It’s become part of policy in most federal, many state, and many local governments. It’s embedded continually in nearly all news, all commentary, all entertainment.

    People are being silenced in the public spaces if they disagree with current year marxist tenets. They are having their safety threatened. They lose their livelihoods and homes.

    Americans are forced to take harmful injections based on current year marxist “theory” that cannot rise to meet the criteria of a theory.

    All that talk of 15 minute cities, limiting people to 3 garments a year, eating the bugs, carbon credits, digital currency linked to social credit, etc – all backed by a weight of academic marxist thought- nothing is happening, you have your job, your F350.

    You do not discuss nor argue in good faith.

    This shouldn’t be surprising. Marxism is the opposite of pragmatic, as Communism does not know how. The Marxist definition of Pragmatic is “That which advances the cause (of Marxism) is pragmatic and that which does not is not pragmatic”

    Pulling back the curtain isn’t “pragmatic” Yet you’re always there to jump in and try to enter into one-sided non-discussion. Because that IS “pragmatic”


    Putin is the former KGB!

    Since he’s KGB from the USSR, wouldn’t his own lived experience trump yours? I mean, what do you know compared to an expert like that? And I don’t see HIM ever jump in to say hey, being anti-communist is crazy.

    Ergo, no craziness of anti-communism is happening – I mean, maybe in the Amazon or somewhere ho ho. You’re not being interrogated in a McCarthy hearing or being blacklisted for communist sympathizing, so there’s no crazy anticommunism going on and you are very very silly and living in a dream world of paranoia about crazy anticommunism, furthermore fnarfnarfnar sneer etc.

    (Just because I try not to do it too doesn’t mean I can’t.)

    Mister Roboto

    Yesterday on this forum, we discussed the message of the book The Great Taking by David Rogers Webb, which informed the public that they don’t actually own many of the financial instruments that they think they own. The hyperlinked title will take you to a PDF of this book.


    Okay- Miles Mathis points to an article saying that AP, NYT, Reuters, and CNN all had embedded photographers in Hamas’s attack on the seventh.


    @ my parents said know
    “… embedded photographers in Hamas’s attack on the seventh.”

    Everybody has a phone/camera.
    Did everybody forget how to sell their pictures or to post them on their social accounts?


    Why you did not quote and comment as what kind of capitalism I like?
    Never the less I like debating with you – you maintain civility for one while you provide me with information as what other people are capable of thinking which I would not have thought in a million of years.
    Until next time, maybe, in the future.
    People in Gaza are being killed by the thousands and here we are nitpicking “staff”..


    Being anti-communist crazy made boys from the US to go half way around the globe to carpet bomb and napalm burn little country that most of them never knew existed. And do not give me neighboring Pol Pot shit. Anthony Bourdain made a comment, I think it was posted on TAE once, as how he would have liked to strangle that pos Kissinger to death for what he did in Cambodia.
    That’s what I am talking about!


    you provide me with information as what other people are capable of thinking which I would not have thought in a million of years.

    Always with the oblique content-free devaluation of someone else’s mental health/intelligence. ho-ho. Always in connection with when you jump in to be anti-anti-communist. Not discussion, but pragmatic.

    I think I understand your overarching reasoning. It is exactly that of the 2020 election.

    You essentially keep telling me – and others who complain about current-year marxism “You have no standing” either based on Lived Experience (thers’ experience trumps/negates yours/your experience is not valid enough for the idea expressed) or — look around you, it is not full blown Maoist China or USSR, so you have no standing.

    (and “no standing” to you seems to be a combination of no valid thoughts on the matter, no right to thoughts on the matter, deranged from reality, faulty faculties)

    Observable, obvious election fraud occurs. You immediately begin appropriate legal action. No. Sorry. There are no election results to dispute – you have no standing.

    Election results come in. You immediately begin appropriate legal action. Sorry. Too late. Now that the election is over, you have no standing. Plus you would be an Election Denier.

    If we transport you back in time to societies on the eve of Maoist China or Communist Russia, as people complain about Marxist things beginning to happen, I don’t see how your “you have no standing” type line of pragmatism (argument would be discussion) would work any differently. And then of course, once it is complete, one would still have no standing and be a counterrevolutionary to raise objections at that point.


    Israeli snipers target al-Quds hospital

    Phew, glad to learn it was only one or two bad Jews who did the sniping. Apparently only one Jew- now nicknamed Rambosteinberg, has killed all 11k Palestinians single handed.

    Nearly 99% of Israelis have offered to dismantle the stolen Zionist state- give it back to the Palestinians, and live in peace and harmony with the new Palestinian Govt. Only one or two bad Jews are stalling.


    I’ve walked many of the WW2 and WW1 battlegrounds in Europe. Walked many of the Revolutionary and Civil war areas. Walked Dachau camp.

    Much to my dismay the Jews of Israel have turned Gaza, West Bank into their own personal concentration camps. So- Dr D, Oxy, Reid- please explain how the organized Jews did NOT do this ?

    Please explain how the Group of Jews, in their name- are NOT committing genocide ?

    Can’t wait to hear your excuses.


    Citizenx– I got nuthin’ really but go nuts. You do you. Feel the burn.
    I will say though that shit-slingin’ on the net was a bit of a buzz.

    Apparently over the years you have failed to notice that no group or individual is off limits for being called out. Democrats, liberals, Republicans, neo-cons, covid cult, wokesters, gays, Americans- christians, etc

    But damn- call out the Jews for being Jews- and suddenly the enlightened commentariat pants are on fire ! Oh noes, not the Jews. It could not possibly be an organized group of Jews that define themselves as a race, religion, govt, and chosen ones acting as a systemic group on stolen land indiscriminately lying and murdering? Just one or two bad Jews- got it.

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