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    Dr. D

    “please explain how the organized Jews did NOT do this ?”

    Could not be simpler.

    Israeli population (assuming 100% Jewish in favor, which is false) = 7,181,000

    World Jewish population = 18,000,000

    Even as we know some Israeli Jews are being arrested in Israel, and Jews in the U.S. at a minimum are protesting, even assuming 100% you’d still be incriminating 10 MILLION innocent people. And as we know in the U.S. everyone disagrees, the government is elated to arrest anyone who pops up their head anywhere, and 50 years of protesting have done bupkis, zero, nada, nyet anyway.

    Please do not use collective guilt and collective punishment. It’s a war crime. MLK ≠ General Westmoreland. White Rose Society ≠ Nazis.

    As you would like to extend, JFK ≠ Hillary Clinton. George Bush ≠ Ron Paul. Jimmy Dore ≠ Cenk Uygur. Robert Malone ≠ Tony Fauci. Brandon Straka ≠ Jussie Smollet. Matt Taibbi ≠ Rachael Maddow. Chuck Missler ≠ Jim Baker.

    Those are all people of the categories of which you name. They are not equal members of their respective categories. Unlike number set = “5” all “5”s are the same. All iPhone 11s are very nearly the same. All “Wokesters” as you say, are not really the same. All “Democrats” or “Republicans” as you say, are scarcely identifiable as the same even with their name tags on. And all world “Christians” as you helpfully say, or all world “Buddhists” are essentially so different they’re not the same at all.

    Set Theory. The basis of Logic.


    If 911 and the respomse to it, covid and the reponse to it have not taught you who really runs this shitshow, this inverted satanic fuckin clownword…perhaps you deserve what is coming. They are going to steal everything you think you own. The dead, the slaves, the overseers of the slaves…that is the jeworld order in a nutshell. Oxymoron is the perfect name for a shit for brains mongoloid like yourself or maybe you are the jewbot, yes?

    Dr. D

    Holy crap calm down. RUOK?

    Mister Roboto

    @citizen X: You should know that virtually every day on my Twitter feed, I see many, many Jews who are opposed to Zionism and what is being inflicted upon the Palestinians in the name of Zionism. People who talk of “the Jews” as if they were this hive-minded monolithic mass apparently still don’t realize how silly they sound. Along with the likes of “Celtic Biker”, who apparently doesn’t realize he sounds as though he is entirely off his meds.

    Veracious Poet

    Kuntler wrote:

    All this is apprehended to some degree by the increasingly frightened public, though they have a hard time articulating it within any of the popular frameworks presented by politics, religion, or what appears lately to be extremely corrupt science.

    The people see what’s coming but they can’t make sense of it, and the stress makes a great many of them insane.

    Without a way to construct a coherent view of reality, or tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not, they behave accordingly:

    Anything goes and nothing matters.

    Add to that “awareness” No Shame.

    Why is that you say?

    Because over the last century The People have willingly become constituents in The Twilight Zone (Empire Of The Child), mulling about existence in apparent Self-Centered Trances of non-sentience.

    How do I “know” this you ask?

    Because I was born/cursed into this deafening, mind-numbing, all-consuming *FICTION*…

    What was once a simpler, semi-unified CULTural *NARRATIVE* has shattered into a multiverse of vociferous duplicity, with *TRIBAL* members whooping each other up into fantastical fabrications, which are all too often in total *REBELLION* against the real reality of The Loving, Healing, Creative Power of The Infinite.

    The kangaroo full-court attack against Prez Trump is prima. facie. evidence. of the fiction, which is supported by RINOs to defend The UniParty GlobalCap Imperial *FICTION*…

    Since The Spanish-American War ludicrous “groups” have arisen & exploited everything from commerce, art, printed media, entertainment, lawfare, welfare, warfare, online manipulations et al., to spread Their View as the “truth, wielding irrational attachments to defend their favorite monomyth(s), attacking (ref: gaslighting) anyone that would seek counter their frothy delusion/illusion(s)…

    Browsing today’s news (chock full of sickening acts of barbarism inflicted as part of The War Of Fictions), I recalled how Hollyweird tapped Dirty Harry to fabricate an event a decade ago, which appeared as a “plot” device during the American Sniper hero’s journey, creating Al-Qaeda horrorific “savages” from whole cloth:

    Rather than pronounce the above as *fact* (like Kuntsler, Karl D. & a sea of online *experts* spewing rhetoric, mental gyrations, tribal rhetoric, bigotry & hatred non-stop across the Interwebs), I present this “awareness” as my experiential “perception”…

    With that said, for 30+ years after I awoke-the-f#@k up to The People’s proliferation of delusional phantasies, which now are approaching apotheosis, this rising cacophony of online “experts”, which have & are exacerbated the real reality of Mass Formation Psychosis, (ref: “echo chamber forums” teeming with concoctions spewed by the mentally, emotionally, spiritually *SICK*), seem to be precluding any defense against *The Fictions* with glorious purpose that would make Bernays & Goebbels blush.

    The “online communities” learned NOTHING following 9/11, Iraq War (crime), Bankster Games, et al., seemingly becoming more incoherent & full of hubris with each *click* of the ratchet into psychotically *fictional* narratives…

    Got solutions?

    The only path I see out of this plethora of fanatical fictions, now deep into Mass Formation Psychosis, is a Revival of Spiritual Sanity, although I perceive that outcome is only possible among a Remnant, that survives the black hole about to winnow “humanity” at large…

    I hope Deagel & I are wrong 😐


    D Benton Smith


    Just one or two bad Jews- got it.”

    No, citizen, you definitely do NOT get it. You take a single word, a single label, a single broad sweeping and all-inclusive generality and use it to define all 15,000,000 Jews in the world. You are either unaware of, or choose to ignore, that included within that 15 million person group is the full spectrum of human possibility, from the highest degree of noble grace to the lowest condition of defiled degradation.

    Why do you do that? Do you want me to hate fine people that I have never met? Or do you endeavor to encourage and nurture the regrettable human propensity to punish groups for the crimes of individuals?

    I strongly disagree with that mindset. It is unhealthy, illogical and dangerous. How ironic that it is also a trait of that subset of Jews who you seem to hate. Psychological projection, perhaps?


    Mr Roboto, that money in your pocket, who prints it? When you turn on your television, your programming, who controls it? You might want to look into this yourself. Dont take it from me, Im just 1 person telling you something you never hear because you are not supposed to hear it.


    now cruise over to CFN and read mitchellc post 462. Now you can see who my generation’s grown up children are. ignorance exceeded only by arrogance.
    and if you have any question about infants being inoculated with a novel therapy you might find the bread crumbs leading to the answer

    D Benton Smith


    If you keep talking to people the way you just did to Oxymoron folks might get the idea that you’re a troll working for those sneaky sneaky clever Jews to stir up the hatreds that they use to hide behind, which would kinda make YOU the “Jewbot”, wouldn’t it?

    The West’s Guilt and Aid to Gaza. What the leaders said at the Arab League and OIC summit in Riyadh

    Points in the final resolution:

    – appeal to the UN Security Council with a request to stop hostilities in the Gaza Strip,
    – call to stop arms exports to Israel,
    – condemnation of the policy of double standards towards Israel and the Gaza Strip,
    – an appeal to the ICC prosecutor to investigate Israeli “war crimes” committed in the Gaza Strip,
    – calling for the release of all people taken hostage or detained as a result of the escalation of the Middle East conflict,
    – appealing to the OPCW to conduct an investigation into Israel regarding the use of weapons prohibited by international conventions,
    – holding an international conference on resolving the conflict in the Gaza Strip in the near future,
    – documentation by the Arab League and OIC secretariats of Israeli war crimes in the Gaza Strip.
    Posted by: Zet | Nov 11 2023

    Michael Reid

    The US Military has Overextended Itself
    – John Mearsheimer, Alexander Mercouris and Glenn Diesen

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