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    Vincent van Gogh Peasant burning weeds 1883   • Dow Plunges 600 Points As Apple Leads Tech Rout (CNBC) • The Economic Consequences Of Debt (Rober
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    Dr. D

    Actually, the debt ratio is far, far higher. GDP is both hilariously and widely rigged, is most probably -5% p.a for 10-20 years, AND even “honest” U.S. GDP includes government expenditures, which are things like digging holes and filling them in, solving the last problem they created, and blowing things up. GDP also includes a 5x oversize of financial services, and most probably a 5x overpriced health care sector. That’s not “GDP”, that’s just the rentier class and monopoly pricing. It doesn’t mean the economy made more widgets if the government orders each household to buy a widget and the same widgets are priced up from $1 to $10,000 ’cause they bought a new Senator for their collection. If it were, North Korea could claim the world’s highest GDP ‘cause they said so. …But yeah, bad enough even on those charts.

    Look at it another way: we’re never going to pay the debt, we never intended to pay it, no nation has ever paid it, and it’s mathematically impossible TO pay it. So just cross it off: it’s irrelevant. That’s how our central planners think about it, so by crossing it off for the cost of a little impotent political heat, you can see better what they see. Paying your debts, following the rules, is for the little people like us. They’ve never followed a rule or paid a debt in their lives and they’re not going to start now.

    “ will make the sector more “effective and more efficient.”

    …If so, that would be the first time ever. What computer have these guys ever used that would make them think computers worked, were effective, or saved money? Because I want that computer. Mine is hacked, blue screens, and dies every 5 years, taking all my data with it. Trading computers have rigged prices, cost everyone money, and need unending upgrades that mostly make things worse. Government computers are hacked by the thousands until spies have quite literally returned to typewriters and pens. They’re being used to crush citizens, rig elections, imprison whistleblowers, and kill reporters. Maybe that’s the “effective” and “efficient” he is referring to.

    P.S., naturally everything has to be centralized, and run out of my living room in my pajamas. Because no level of control is enough. There’s always #MOAR I need. MOAR power, MOAR control. MOAR money, MOAR death. MOAR.

    From yesterday: “Napoleon Reborn: We Need A “European Empire” To Challenge US And China, French Minister Says” Peace bombs. With his Peace Army. And he’s a Patriot, not a Nationalist, because Patriots always take their national army and cede it to a foreign power in neighboring country named Brussels. Of course it’s haters and traitors who bring armies home and protect their borders. #OppositeLand.

    Same as it ever was.


    One day, yes, maybe, one day, somebody will know what is happening and write the truth about it.

    Therefore, I’ll keep reading.

    eg. My understanding is that printing a lot of dollar should make it worth less.

    What do traders know that I don’t know?

    Traders attributed the sharp morning losses in the yuan to broad strength in the U.S. dollar, which hit 16-month highs against a basket of six other major currencies.


    Regarding bananas…

    Sure surveillance technology is becoming ubiquitous in China. But… how is it different from anywhere in the western world?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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