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    Rembrandt van Rijn Let the little children come to me 1627-28   • The Role Of “Useful Idiots” In Modern PSYOPS (Saker) • G20 Host Urges West To S
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    German PM Scholz says he wishes Putin were in Bali, so the west can tell him what they think of him.

    Scholz is fully blind to the fact that the west is a minority.

    Putin keeping them needy … laughing at the needy Biden, the needy Oaf, the needy UK Indian. It should be sad to watch, but not really, it is kind of inevitable as the preiously powerful lose everything that made them worth talking to in the past, they are now not worth talking to and hang around like discarded tissues.


    @alexander-carpenter #120945

    Thank you for the links!

    That Bloke

    About the terrorist attack in Istanbul, here’s the Turkish minister for the interior not quite saying the quiet bit out loud.

    Dr. D

    Working like a charm, traders now saying broadly, unconsciously, that ““FTX Was a failure of regulators”. Coinbase uses “Regulatory clarity” 500 times in their presentation.

    FTX was in the Bahamas, and was RELATED to the regulators. “@GaryGensler runs to the media while reports to my office allege he was helping SBF and FTX work on legal loopholes to obtain a regulatory monopoly.” DingDingDing! Regulate me daddy! It stopped S&L, Citi’s illegal merger into insurance before Glass-Stegall was revoked, stopped Nasdaq 1999, stopped S&P 2000, stopped “Subprime” in 2008, stopped 500,000 serial felonies of no transfer, no tax revenue in MERS, stopped them from foreclosing on houses that had no mortgage, Stopped Fargo from inventing user checking accounts and charging them fees. Yup. Regulation has been a rousing success. They’re cleaner than the FBI!

    …See, this is a change in paradigm. In mental level. In responsibility. And the people are not elevated, they have not changed, and wish to take no responsibility, but remain serial victims all their lives. And if they wish to do so, there’s nothing I can do, nor are any alternatives presented, like BTC, going to help. It would be like arming the population, but when it comes down to it, refuse to fire, hand over their power to the bad guys. – WITH all the accidental collateral damage like losing your keys or shooting the neighbor in the meantime.

    The Bad Guys know this, and that’s why they’re not worried. If it takes people to think for themselves, take action and do work, take responsibility and not blame others like a mature person, well, we’re not going to do that.

    In this case, one of many, Banks win completely, “Regulate” crypto, put it under complete control, float fake coins to infinity, rig the prices anywhere they like, and turn it into the Gold market. Or wheat, or oil. No reality at all there. No autonomy. Why? Because nobody wants it.

    How would we win? By moving to a higher consciousness, and doing the work and exhibiting the maturity of thought a higher consciousness demands. There’s nothing wrong with Bitcoin. It can work fine. But the people in the Bitcoin market? Just hopeless. Not a lick of principle or integrity in them. All word, all slogan and no action, like everybody else. If so, it’s just the Dow. With Teslas and Fargos running around. Open frauds, approved by everyone.

    Especially the regulators.

    Yeah, the Regulators haven’t even jumped in yet, with a world-wide blitz of CNN and Congress, and already the traders THEMSELVES pre-demand it. “God no! No peer-to-peer freedom and low costs! Anything but that!” Position accordingly.

    “Gensler was not the only one suckered by SBF. Nearly everyone else—myself included—fell for the narrative”

    YGTBFKM. A bank (exchange) appeared OVERNIGHT, multi BILLION dollars appeared with it, and nobody asked any questions? The billionaires 1) Didn’t oppose it 2) Didn’t try to capture it 3) Didn’t look into it 4) Put their OWN money into it? …And your argument with 1,2,3, and 4, was that they DIDN’T own it from the get-go? Monopoly billionaires always just let competition appear overnight and never stop them at all.

    YGTBFKM. I could smell it 10,000 miles away. Heck, even Coinbase is mostly captured, but FTX was a scam from the first minute. And Jimmy-John Roberts and Fortune Magazine had noooooooooooooo idea. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuure you didn’t. Sure. I can tell you from under this bridge without lifting my eyes from the paper.

    And Gensler wasn’t involved 99% with this scam when: “The problem is that cop-on-the-beat Gensler not only failed to spot the crime—he appeared set to go along with a legislative strategy that would have given SBF a regulatory moat and made him king of the U.S. crypto market.”

    Sure, I as a regulator always hand out monopoly moats to 20 year old kids at MIT for free. Nope, never ask for any back-favors at all, I don’ts. Never been directed once by insider billionaires, Ukrainian Mafias, the CIA money-channels, or the DNC election committees. “Gensler, a former campaign finance chair for Hillary Clinton, is of course not the only prominent Democrat” Nope, I hand out world-wide monopolies – with the corresponding illegalities and jail time over me – for FREEEEEE!

    OMG make it stop.

    “It’s fascinating to see that the majority of the net equity in the Alameda business is actually FTX’s own centrally controlled and printed-out-of-thin-air token..”

    Apparently, the top regulator Gensler looked at this, thought it was AWESOME, then protected FTX and his boss’s daughter, and tried to arrange a worldwide regulatory monopoly for them? I always do that when I see the world’s most transparent, $100 Billion accounting frauds. That’s just common sense. Gee, since regulators love this, I guess we need more regulators!

    Okay, moving on with helpful, hopeful notes for the day: Europe continues uninterrupted with vax passports, the Social Credit Digital Money. How? Well, obviously they need to give money for home heating. Soon, they will also need a card to deliver food. Europe as UNESCO. They said “Luckily, we just happened to have a system in place for that! Ta-dah! The vax passport nobody wanted and which we’ll add back the vax requirement a minute after we get it in!”

    What is this really, though? Well, it’s merely an EBT card in the United States: Straight Welfare. But let’s be generous. It’s the UBI Card. Universal Basic Income, and since we doubled prices overnight, you can submit to UBI or die. Hopefully die. But what is UBI? What is this system really?

    It’s a system of RATIONING. Rationing, like in a war, or in the Soviet Union. Central control, because we’re SO BAD at everything, central planning so UTTERLY does not work, that we have no resources left for anyone but us at Davos, with the entire township filled with private jets, eating 5-star with our masks off. And you wouldn’t deny us that, would you? We’re your LEADERS. So: rationing for you, WWII level penury, FOREVER. 5-Star meals and unlimited whiskey on Doctor’s orders for US, like Churchill had.

    And because this UBI is a Vax Passport and Social Credit Score, if you criticize us, or not show AMAZING enthusiasm for great leader, MORE than parades for Kim Jong Il, if you aren’t OVERJOYED when we take your kids and sterilize them, …well, we cut off all your food and heat. Forever.

    That’s your “”Individual carbon footprint tracker” WEF.

    “Scholz is fully blind to the fact that the west is a minority.”

    Well, when you’re practically perfect in every way, and live in a Garden, where there’s no food, no freedom, no heat, you get to talk that way.

    No freedom? Yes, Ireland, in their new attempt to be #1, looks to outlaw even the possession of “Hate”. …No definition provided of course, but my guess is, not liking the PM with adequate enthusiasm. To the dungeon! No! The oubliette! Well, that’s Ireland for you: religiously oppressive at all times. If not, how would they talk bad about their neighbors? Back stab each other and keep Britain in charge?

    “Allen Dulles essentially kicked off the Cold War when he held secret talks with Waffen SS General Karl Wolff as Hitler’s regime was nearing its collapse.”

    Sure, Dulles was a Nazi, who like Ford and IBM and London, had funded Nazis, then air-lifted all the remaining Nazis, and installed them in the CIA and DoD. It’s a project so large, it’s impossible to miss. …Yet everybody misses it, believing pretty lies. You’re telling me we funded them beforehand, rescued them after, and had nothing to do with it?

    “Dulles, viewed the USSR as America’s biggest long-term threat even as the countries worked together to defeat Germany.”

    Yes, when Stalin defeated Hitler and 2/3s of the world army single-handedly, with virtually no US/Western help, suddenly America RUSHED to Berlin! In a big hurry they totally weren’t before then! They met at the Ober and American Troops were given direct orders not to cheer, celebrate, or fraternize with their allies, Russian Infantry. Why? Because Dulles/DoD already wanted to attack Russia. Right then. Just continue the war, since it was a failure. They had set up and funded Hitler out of nowhere to attack and re-capture Russia and failed. But here was their chance! Armies mobilized, keep going! This was diverted, but not because of Dulles and the DoD. They nuked Japan instead to bring Russia to heel. However, Russia was already in the Manhattan Project and had their own bomb immediately after. Therefore, America forestalled. Stalemate.

    …Up to today, actually.

    “Portray America as the virtuous champion of freedom while working with anyone — however abhorrent their deeds and views might be — as long as they share Washington’s burning desire to hurt Russia.”

    …Or hurt anyone else. As in Chile, Greece, well anywhere really. New Jersey. We’re not particular. Equal opportunity murderer, all 200 nations. Or all 200 at once! How this “Virtuous champion” routine could work more than 5 years is a mystery to me. Like BTC above, you’d think once you read 10 lines of history, you’d stop being a sucker. “History, that catalog of crimes”?

    Oh, PS, Dulles was the guy trying to end the Russian Stalemate by starting WWIII in Cuba. And a couple other places before then. Kennedy tried to take him out and then… Well, I guess things happen. All accidental of course. Nobody ever plans anything, Ever.

    Here we are today: SSDD. CIA still exact same people and character. Nazi ethos still everywhere Paper Clip ever was. DoD still divided between installed Nazis and US soldiers. Stalemate still on. Strange how organizations are like living beings, never changing, staying the same unless they are “torn up and scattered to the winds” by someone.

    White House Launches ‘Climate Gender Equity Fund’ (RT)”

    Yes, but turns out the Climate is “Gender fluid” which means the money can go anywhere, to anyone. Exxon and Amazon are “Climate ESG” companies, so anywhere.

    “leverage private sector contributions to provide women climate leaders with technical skills, networks and capital to develop and scale climate solutions,”

    So they’re setting up political agitprop groups and terrorists, funded by the taxpayers and authorized monopolies, in good Nazi, Goldberg fashion. Right.

    Is it appropriate for the government to directly fund political groups with taxpayer money? Won’t the other side’s political party not like having their money stolen to work against them? Sure they will, but Republicans haven’t taken action in 50 years and aren’t going to start now.

    “From Dec. 5, tankers and shipping insurance linked to EU and G7 countries — which dominate oil shipping globally — will be barred from trading Russian crude”

    MacKinder. World Island vs Oceania. “We have always been at war with Estasia.” Oceania, that is, the Anglosphere, still owns the seas. So they are cutting off oil tankers, just as we did to Japan as an open act of war. India may need to import via train and pipeline, but adequate volume hasn’t been built yet. …But the important part is the declaration of war on India. And everybody else. This comes after the declaration of war on Germany, by blowing the NSII that they mostly own, cutting off food and heat for millions.

    “Twitter has started culling its vast ranks of contract staff,”

    This was all a make-work project for Liberals. I’m sure many saw the “Here’s my workday” video where a 20-year old gets lattes, goes to yoga, plays video games, and does like 1 hour of work which is a meeting, so basically does no work at all.

    And he’s going to make wildly overpaid Manhattan employees who’ve done no work at all for 5 years, pay for their own lunch? Oh, the humanity!

    He should move the whole company to Cleveland and pay them $20/hr. They’d JUMP at the jobs.

    And be very likely to be fair. 50-50.


    • The Role Of “Useful Idiots” In Modern PSYOPS

    When the Soviets finally retook Kherson from actual, literal Nazis in WWII, they did it FROM THE NORTH

    The Soviets were smart enough to NOT cross the Dneiper in the Kherson region cause the river is too damn wide and difficult and dangerous.

    Rivers are a bitch to cross during war, especially if you’re being attacked while you attempt it.

    The only reason the Russians got to the western side of the Dneiper early in the SMO was because the Ukronazis had to pull a lot of forces north to protect Kiev from what they thought was a major attack, leaving the Kherson region thinly protected.

    Taking territory west of the river was a bad mistake, among many the Russians made early in the conflict.

    The NATOtards and their Ukronazi buttboy puppets are kind of slow moving into the Russian abandoned Kherson territory because every inch of it has been mapped and dialed into artillery and rocket co-ordinates, down to the foot.

    It will be like shooting fish in a barrel for The Russians, safely across the river with very long range weapons.

    Not to mention that now, the Russians can blow the dam up stream at any time and drown the Ukrorats in the Dneiper estuary. They already blew up the rail line and road across the top of the damn, doing the dam is a detail.

    I’m wondering when the Russians will use their really big hypersonic ship missiles to destroy every bridge across the Dneiper from the Black Sea to the Belarus border, completely cutting off all the Ukronazi troops from supplies east of the river, and making them sitting ducks.

    They should do it the same day they launch an epic all out missile and drone attack on what’s left of the Ukronazi power grid, utterly destroying what’s left of the Ukraine economy.

    Try carrying enough water up to your dark, cold 10th floor apartment in Kiev to flush your toilet and make soup burning the remaining furniture in the middle of the living room floor.

    You will not be pumped up to go to ‘your job’ that does not exist any longer.

    And your fearless leader Nazilensky telling you the Russians are losing just to rub salt into your wounds.

    Love the fur coat and gold chain, nice accessorizing.


    Dr. D

    Here are Professor Prasad’s exact words:

    It’s not just the tip of the distribution that has elevated high sensitivity troponin, it’s that the entire distribution is right shifted. Everybody’s having a little bit of elevation in high sensitivity troponin. That’s what this graph would have you infer.

    You get a troponin elevation when there is damage to your heart:

    Troponin is a type of protein found in the muscles of your heart. Troponin isn’t normally found in the blood. When heart muscles become damaged, troponin is sent into the bloodstream. As heart damage increases, greater amounts of troponin are released in the blood

    What the study shows is that nearly everyone is getting a little heart damage when they get the COVID vaccine, some get a lot more damage than others.

    “Most people put their trust in their doctors and the public health authorities.”

    I’m unsure how this could be polled but I suspect “trust” in authority is slipping away never to return.



    “From Dec. 5, tankers and shipping insurance linked to EU and G7 countries — which dominate oil shipping globally — will be barred from trading Russian crude”

    Yes. EU oil sanctions don’t start until December. Major Oil Companies are turning off their ship’s trackers transiting while through the Azores. Perhaps to avoid negative publicity?

    Any bets sanction date will be pushed back?


    Remove space after https:
    Remember when

    The old boys club – Bernie
    https: //,pay%20off%20the%20promised%20returns%20to%20older%20ones.
    Beyond my pay grade – Hunter
    https: //
    Twitter Exec Who Censored Hunter Biden Laptop Story Resigns after Musk Takeover
    New/old news
    Follow the bouncing ball

    https: //
    Ukraine invested in top Dem donor’s crypto company FTX as Biden admin funded war effort: report
    Ukraine invested into FTX as the Biden administration funneled funds to the invaded nation, and FTX then made massive donations to Democrats in the US.

    An article from the cryptocurrency news website Coindesk from March 15, 2022
    ( https: // )
    reported that Ukraine partnered with FTX, and that “FTX is converting crypto contributions to Ukraine’s war effort into fiat for deposit at the National Bank of Ukraine.” Fiat is the legal tender or paper money of a particular country.

    “Aid for Ukraine,” which has the backing of crypto exchange FTX, staking platform Everstake and Ukraine’s Kuna exchange, will route donated crypto to the National Bank of Ukraine, Everstake’s Head of Growth Vlad Likhuta told CoinDesk. Ukraine’s crypto-savvy Ministry of Digital Transformation is also involved.
    The country’s collective efforts have already raised some $48 million in bitcoin (BTC), DOT, ether (ETH), SOL, tether (USDT) and other cryptocurrencies, according to the website. Other estimates place the amount closer to $100 million, but totals vary with market swings and exactly which websites are included.

    https: //
    FTX Fallout Worsens as Exchange Sees Mysterious Outflows Exceed $600M; Kevin O’Leary on Crypto Outlook
    As if things weren’t bad enough for bankrupt FTX, the cryptocurrency exchange was drained of some $600 million in an apparent hack. Hacken CEO Dyma Budorin joins “First Mover” to discuss the details. Also joining is O’Leary Ventures Chairman and Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary, one of the high-profile investors in FTX. Plus, bankruptcy expert Thomas Braziel gives his assessment of FTX and what to expect in court.
    First Mover
    Weekdays at 9:00 AM (ET)
    CoinDesk TV’s flagship show focused on top news for global investors. Christine Lee, along with Lawrence Lewitinn and Emily Parker lead our coverage of the top global market, business & policy/regulatory news stories impacting cryptocurrency/digital assets & blockchain. This program includes essential information for current & prospective investors. One of the show’s special features is a daily dispatch from our reporters and partners around the world for updates on overnight news and on-the-ground perspectives and analysis. Guests include top newsmakers, influencers, analysts, reporters, traders and trend watchers at crypto exchanges.

    Episodes 450
    TRON Founder Justin Sun, SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce Weigh in on FTX Fallout
    Nov 11, 6:00 AM (PST)
    CFTC Commissioner on FTX Fallout; Bitcoin Pares Losses as Inflation Eases
    Nov 10, 6:00 AM (PST)
    Crypto Markets Tumble as FTX Reportedly Hit With $6B in Withdrawals
    Nov 9, 6:00 AM (PST)
    Tim Tebow on NFT Outlook for Athletes; Binance to Sell Rest of FTX Token Holdings
    Nov 7, 6:00 AM (PST)


    For some reason all kinds of FTX reports are in the news.


    Climate Gender Equity Fund
    This is rebranding of “same-old.”
    There have always been programs that focused on promoting women as business owners for a variety of reasons — this is just a rebranding and re-phrasing. A rose by any other name….


    Impeccable David Chappelle with his brilliant timing.
    I think that reading the disclaimer at the beginning was a serious business and separate from the overall stand-up, despite the laughter in the audience. Nothing funny about that.


    The question is not between having regulation and not having regulation.

    Human societies have moral codes — standards of what is proper or inappropriate.
    Effective societies manage to teach their young these standards, so that the new generation carries them on.
    Every human society has some with “anti-social personality disorder” or its equivalent.
    A healthy society keeps its anti-socials largely hemmed in — it does not grant power and prestige to its anti-socials. This minimizes the negative impact of the anti-socials on the rest of the community.
    Less healthy societies permit anti-socials to rise in power. This creates a situation where non-anti-socials see the behavior problems of anti-socials as something to emulate. Bullies are enshrined. Exploitation of others is viewed as “normal” and “acceptable.”

    In 1906, around the time that Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle was published, there was some light regulation on the meatpacking industry. The extant regulation was easily corrupted with bribes. There were also few explicit standards for meatpacking. Since food was turning into a mass produced commodity — a relatively new development at the time — standards needed to be developed to maintain the quality and safety of the product. At least two independent groups verified the meatpacking horror in The Jungle — the book publisher, (who didn’t want a backlash from the powerful meat-packing industry if the allegations proved false,) and a trusted envoy from Theodore Roosevelt’s administration. (Roosevelt didn’t trust what the head of the current federal meat regulation reported, and sent eyes that he did trust.)

    The response to The Jungle was two-fold:
    (1) Standards for food industries were developed
    (2) A regulation system to enforce standards.

    I would suggest that most of us agree that standards are needed. It helps to know that we can count on poultry cooked to 175 to be safe for human consumption. It is nice to know that cooks at a local restaurant are aware of this. Standards can be centralized or decentralized. They can be top-down, bottom-up, or lateral or a combination. They can be enforced, voluntary, or a combination.

    But then we have the anti-socials…and our current Western society is not very healthy, we have been allowing anti-socials to rise to the top in our businesses and our governments. We glorify many of their traits in out entertainment and art. This is unwise.

    (BTW — anti-socials are not CJ Hopkin’s “deviants.” Societies need deviants. Deviants push boundaries, cause societies to see the problems that they prefer to hide, cause social reflection, and promote growth and development. Upton Sinclair was a deviant. Assange is a deviant. So are those who frequent TAE. Deviants help keep societies from going off the rails. Right now, the anti-socials are quixotically promoting a segment of societies deviants — the unclear gender folks — which is a strange choice….)

    When anti-socials rise in societal power, they corrupt our institutions. This results in problems and injustices, such as:
    – standards that are designed to keep the anti-socials in power, rather than focusing on food safety and purity
    – regulation applied (misapplied, or not applied) in a manner to maintain and consolidate the power of the anti-socials

    Regulation reigned in many of the problematic business practices of the anti-socials that were present in 1906. Regulation had been corrupt prior to then, has been since corrupted. What is new about that? However, zero regulation will not fix the problem, because the problems stem from anti-social behavior and the current cult that worships at the feet of powerful anti-socials. We need standards, AND we need healthy-minded individuals who appreciate and value the standards — who comply because it makes sense or who see a different/better way to apply the intent of the standard, (deviants often do this,) and by doing so the details of the standard – or regulations – adjust.


    Anyone- is this thread on Dan Friedberg a squirrel? And what of the warning for people not to log in to FTX (here, and here), lest they download a trojan? Is this just clutter-up and diversion?
    I do not own crypto. I am puzzled how people could have sunk so muchl onto an exchange after mt gox.

    Econ Theater has quite the new soap opera, and anyone can get a bit part..


    Gee, is there a pattern here

    Not only murdering children with the Quackcine Clotshot, but making sure they are never born to begin with.

    An entire generation who is ‘fertility compromised’



    Biden and Xi…
    “Strategic ambiguity” is just a clever title
    For lack of perspicuity when clarity is vital.


    The graph does not include 2022 yet.

    Looks like it’s headed to “The Children of Men” territory.


    NATOstan nations behave exactly as one would expect them to behave when one recognises that they are simply gangs of murderous thieves and liars and are the latest manifestation of a long line of murderous thieves and liars who have been manipulating the general populaces of numerous countries for well over 100 years (nearly 1000 years in the case of England), long before NATO was set up to prevent the USSR from liberating the debt slaves and wage slaves the money-lenders had captured at birth. .

    To expect the monstrous multifaceted predicament created by these gangs of thieves and liars over many generations to come to an end other than utterly catastrophically is to be totally deluded.

    Until the whole system completely unravels -that is the fake money system, the phony banking system, the fake markets, the destructive and terminally corrupted energy systems, the totally unsustainable living arrangements, the surreally bizarre political narratives etc.- we must expect NATOstan governments to continue to do what they have always done, which to make everything that matters worse via yet more destruction and deceit for the short-term benefits of a few, and to persecute those who oppose their evil agendas.

    John Day

    That “antineoplastin” looks like good stuff. (Anti-cancer treatment video)
    How was Dr.Burzynski able to afford and survive all of those legal attacks?


    Chapelle and that disclaimer reminds me of that magician a while back who started out by saying that the only way these “psychological experiments” work is when everyone is in on it except the marks subjects.

    John Day

    @Oroboros: It’s almost enough to get you to believe that our owners are culling the herd, using all available means, isn’t it?

    John Day

    Phoenixvoice: Good essay, Sister!

    John Day

    @Dr.D: I was going to point this out, but I read a little farther and saw that it was not necessary.

    “Oh, PS, Dulles was the guy trying to end the Russian Stalemate by starting WWIII in Cuba. And a couple other places before then. Kennedy tried to take him out and then… Well, I guess things happen. All accidental of course. Nobody ever plans anything, Ever.”


    This is what a successful war of attrition looks like.


    The destruction of the financial system and economies of western nations by central banks continues, as does the culling of the population.

    D Benton Smith

    At any given moment (and this fact does go up or down from moment to moment, depending on many factors), at any given moment the point at which an individual stops resisting efforts to criminally harm them is the point at which they become either enslaved or dead.

    The general tendency for how this plays out in the real world is that if one stops resisting then the chances are better that one will be subjugated rather than immediately murdered or imprisoned. It’s not always the case, but the TENDENCY is that if one submits to force or threat then the perpetrator would prefer using your enslaved services to their own benefit, rather than simply rob and kill you on the spot.

    When a slave is worth more alive than they are worth dead (i.e. the cost/benefit calculation of keeping the slave alive) then that slave will probably be kept alive. But when the cost of keeping them gets too high, or if the slaves start causing serious trouble for the owner(s), then the owner(s) will dispose of them like a used condom.

    Once the decision is made then the decision has been made, and that decision will be carried out by the entire chain of command in lock step compliance (lest THEY become more trouble than they’re worth, and be added to the discarded heap in the mass grave.) If the the decision by the “owner/ruler class” is to reduce the population by 95%, then so be it. Compliance with that decision will be carried out. Those who resist will be either or enslaved or killed, largely dependent upon the point at which they stop resisting. Those who comply will usually be allowed to live for a while longer, and those who continue to resist will be either imprisoned or killed immediately.

    In a different world (which is not the one we are in) it might make sense to comply with the apparatus of business and government, especially if that business or government meant you no harm. Alas, that it is not the case. It is the case that the owner/ruler class (in large part) has decided to reduce its slave holdings by 95%.

    At what stage of criminal trespass upon body and soul will people stop resisting?

    Figmund Sreud

    @ Oroboros – Love the fur coat and gold chain, nice accessorizing.

    For a love of gawd, … why would anyone sport a fur coat and gold chain on 18th of August, 2022, anywhere in the northern hemisphere? Not to mention, anywhere in Ukraine, …



    I wonder what the current birth rates are for Europe, Britain, US, New Zealand, and Canada are?

    That would confirm Australia’s trend of sharply lower birth rates.


    I knew about FTX right from the start. Not the NAME. But as soon as I saw dems frothing at the mouth that we need to send billions and even MOAR billions to The Ukraine, I knew those billions would end up funding the Democrat party in the midterms.

    The only question was what name would pop up for the money launderer and how much would get skimmed on the way back to the US.

    Hillary spent, officially, a billion on her run. If even 5 billion made it back to the US, that’s a lot of official funding and a lot of bribes and things as well.

    Don’t tell me FTX is the only one unless you want me to laugh uncontrollably

    I dread the astroturf BS the leftover billions are going to fund in the future. A further delight to look forward to surely.


    Is the United States Running out of Weapons to Send to Ukraine?

    September 16, 2022
    Status of Weapons and Munitions Inventories
    The table below summarizes the status of key weapons and munitions as a result of transfers to Ukraine. A detailed discussion of the individual items follows the table.

    Although many countries have provided some support, the bulk has come from the United States, and that imbalance will continue. In the long term, this support can come from new production and the United States has already begun to make such arrangements. However, because these systems will not arrive for many years, they are useful in rebuilding a postwar Ukrainian military, not for fighting the current conflict. In the short-term, U.S. support needs to come from existing stocks that can be transferred quickly and have immediate effect on the battlefield.

    Although some U.S. stocks are running low, alternatives―older, experimental, or nonstandard systems―are available, and these will constitute an increasingly large proportion of transfers. The United States might also acquire some stocks from third countries. ( from USA bases in other countries)


    The Rembrandt (attributed) painting. Maybe from his workshop. I doubt it’s a full Rembrandt.


    RE: the rivers being an obstacle. I’ve been thinking about Dr D’s post on the withdrawal for a few days now. Here’s my armchair general take on it.

    Post-Kursk – so 1943 onward – Germany maintained, what the complaining Generals called in their memoirs, “strategic balconies.” Positions at the northern and southern edges of the front (along the Baltic and Black seas) would be DEEPLY bypassed, but instead of allowing the Generals to pull back, it was insisted they be left there for future operations that never came.

    Those “strategic balconies” DO match those areas most troublesome to get into due to being close to the mouths of large rivers. So the areas the USSR bypassed in 1943-1944 could be expected to line up well with areas Russia would bypass in the future.

    The Dneiper bend was broken into, starting around October 1943. Major thrusts came between Kremenchug and Dnepropetrosk (Kemenchuck and Dneipro) The other breakthrough was between Pereyaslavl and Kanev (Pereyaslavl and Kinev)

    By Feb 1944, the USSR is halfway to the Dneister, with the Bug still to cross as well. Nevertheless, there’s Germans hanging onto the Dneiper from a little south of Nikopol all the way down to Kherson. Even though the USSR is already in Luck/Lutsk in Poland 400 miles further West!

    Every map of the situation changing, from the Germans sitting on the Dneiper until they are ejected from the USSR, the USSR does appear to be bypassing them near the Black Sea and then attacking these positions from the North at their leisure. And generally speaking, the USSR pushed the Germans off the Dneiper by attacking South, not West.

    Therefore they’d need to be sitting on the Dneiper from Kremenchug down to Dnepropetrosk if they want Odessa.

    How far are they from that line? From approximately where they are now-

    250km/155mi from Kharkov to Kremenchug/Kemenchuck
    140km/87mi from Vasylivka to Dnepropetrosk/Dnipro

    So they have QUITE a long ways to go before reaching the October 1943 jumping off point for dislodging the opposition from the Dneiper bend. I think the absolute soonest it could happen IF EVER would be Summer 2023. Too far away for this Winter. Spring is Mud Season. Highly unlikely, but incredibly unlikely before then.

    Figmund Sreud

    What do they know we don’t know? Since Dec. 20, 2020, this undertaker outfit acquired seventeen (17) independent funeral parlour in Canada and the U.S., … latest just now:

    Park Lawn Continues Western Expansion

    … just curious,



    What do they know that we don’t? It’s a mystery.


    In connection with the funeral homes… they say they are finding strange, long “clots.” There’s certainly lots of pictures out there. I would love to know if anyone checked to see what they are definitely made of. They are white – not the typical color of a clot if I understand correctly.

    I decided to check what is the craziest idea of what they are, so I searched “clot analysis” on bitchute and received search results saying they have a “metallic composition” and contain “self-assembling biocircutry” which “”seek out tin, aluminum, and sodium while avoiding magnesium”

    So now I know what Bitchute thinks, but am probably no wiser. I too sometimes seek out tin.

    But I guess if you’ve had the shot and give bitchute some credence, don’t drink beverages from cans. Probably best to avoid aluminum deodorants as well. And aluminum baking powder. And use parchment paper or corningware when baking.

    If this were happening, we’d see, what, a sodium deficiency or salt-craving? If something IS self assembling, then what’s the plan to get it the construction materials it needs? If the shots contained metals, (titanium, iron, etc…) well… does that fit a working theory? Lol is this going to be a fantastic year for salty snack manufacturers?

    If the self-assembling thingies tinfoil theory is correct, then we should see nutrient deficiencies in the injected, shouldn’t we, just like with any other parasite? What nutrient and trace nutrient deficiencies might we be seeing if it were checked? (would it mirror the metals and %’s of metals in doses that had been rejected due to contamination?)

    I sure wish there was higher grade info available than tinfoil.


    “Not to mention that now, the Russians can blow the dam up stream at any time and drown the Ukrorats in the Dneiper estuary. They already blew up the rail line and road across the top of the damn, doing the dam is a detail”

    Watching DPA yesterday he was explaining that the South side of the Dnieper where the Russians have set up their defense pillboxes is the most susceptible to flooding , not the Northern side.Isn’t the reason the Russians have retreated because the UKRANIANS were going to blow the dam , not Russia. If the Ukys were going to blow it , why don’t the Russians just prevent them from doing that?

    FTX , a Jew an Indian and a Chinx , scamming has now been diversified, thank god that the fraud business is no longer only in the hands of white supremists.

    The enablers of the Ukrainian wars and scamming , global crooks.

    How many are Jews?


    With Nuland ,Zelensky and all the Jewish oligarchs involved , the only ones missing are Jizzlane and Epstein.

    More rain this week , another 50 mm. An interesting take on why it is so wet. Dude reckons the pacific volcanic eruption is partly responsible.

    Dr D Rich

    ***financial disclosure: author Dr. D Rich owes several shares of TRON

    “Gary Gensler blew it again. After his agency failed to warn investors about Terra and Celsius—whose collapses this spring sparked a trillion-dollar investor wipeout—the Securities and Exchange Commission chair allowed an even bigger debacle to unfold right under his nose”

    Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Or how Liars help the Lying Liars Lie.
    And ppl genuinely buy, regurgitate and defend this horseshit

    Dr D Rich

    owNs not owes

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