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    John Day

    Bankman And Robbing blog post is up, with a picture of me a couple of days ago with vegetable spaghetti and vegetables I picked in the cold wind that morning (but not freezing, so veggies good)

    I’m going to leave off the crypto-Ponzi scam stories. You know. I’ll delete a lot. There’s still a lot.

    Tessa (fights robots) Lena, talks to Charles Eisenstein about human society, forms of corruption, and aspects of consciousness, individual and collective.
    Conspiracy, Mob Morality, and Amnesty: A Conversation with Charles Eisenstein

    America’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ hasn’t gone away: Official Washington didn’t abandon its plan to control social networks
    Leaked documents reveal the ‘paused’ ‘Disinformation Governance Board’’ is back online
    ​..​A report produced by the Agency’s advisory committee in June this year is among the leaked papers. It declares that CISA “is positioned to play a unique and productive role in helping address the challenges” of “disinformation.”
    ​ ​Noting that the internet and “in particular social media platforms” have disrupted the role of “traditional ‘gatekeepers’ in the dissemination of information,” the report advises that CISA approach the disinformation “problem” with “the entire information ecosystem in view.” This would include patrolling and regulating “social media platforms of all sizes, mainstream media, cable news, hyper partisan media, talk radio, and other online resources,” and effectively controlling their content.

    Pfizer Works to Fast-Track More Vaccines for Pregnant Moms, Despite Mounting Evidence Rushed COVID Shots Harmed Babies
    ​ ​As Pfizer, with the FDA’s help, tees itself up to “dominat[e] the maternal RSV vaccine market,” OB-GYNs on the front lines of maternal care are stepping forth to sound the alarm about the COVID-19 shots’ infanticidal fallout.
    ​ ​Dr. Kimberly Biss recently tweeted, “Since the vaccine rollout started, we have seen in our practice a decrease in new OB numbers, which would be infertility, by about 50%; we’ve also seen an increase in miscarriage rate by about 50%, and … probably about a 25% increase in abnormal pap smears as well as cervical malignancies.”​ …
    ​..Asked to comment on information recently leaked from a California hospital, Thorp characterized the uptick in fetal deaths — from under 6 per 1,000 in 2020 to more than 29 per 1,000 following the rollout of COVID-19 injections — as being “way way beyond” what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ordinarily would consider a safety signal…
    ​..​Cataloging significant increases in “miscarriage, fetal chromosomal abnormalities, fetal malformation, fetal cystic hygroma, fetal cardiac disorders, fetal arrhythmia, fetal cardiac arrest, fetal vascular mal-perfusion, fetal growth abnormalities, fetal abnormal surveillance, fetal placental thrombosis, low amniotic fluid, and fetal death/stillbirth” and also menstrual abnormalities, Thorp and co-authors called for a “worldwide moratorium on the use of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnancy.”
    ​ ​For children who survive, Thorp suggested they may suffer from lifelong “vaccine-induced acquired immune deficiency syndrome.”
    ​ ​In Scotland, meanwhile, the government ordered an investigation into the “spike in newborn baby deaths” in 2021 and 2022, an increase “larger than expected from chance alone.”

    Pfizer Works to Fast-Track More Vaccines for Pregnant Moms, Despite Mounting Evidence Rushed COVID Shots Harmed Babies

    ​Jessica Rose Ph.D. ​What’s going on with births down under in Australia?

    John Day

    Igor Chudov , Association Between Vaccines and EXCESS MORTALITY Getting Stronger
    We can see that both vaccination rates (number of fully vaccinated people per 100), as well as booster doses administered per 100 persons, are VERY STRONGLY ASSOCIATED WITH EXCESS MORTALITY.​..
    ..During weeks 20-44, both vaccination and booster rates explain NEARLY HALF of excess mortality variation (49% for both). That’s a lot greater explanatory power!
    ​ ​This means that over time, the strength of the association between excess mortality and vaccination is INCREASING!

    ​Excess mortality jumps in young and healthy people correlate highly with COVID vaccines and boosters in Denmark, England and Wales.​
    ‘Something Horrible Is Going On’: The Longer They Ignore It, the More Criminal It Is

    ​Peter McGullough MD, SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Found in the Human Nucleus
    ​In a recent paper by Sattar et al, in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), it was discovered that both mRNA and Spike protein colocalized within the nucleus of human cells…
    ​..​Having both one of the most pathogenic and lethal proteins ever discovered found within the nucleus of human cells with its genetic code is a hair-raising discovery. A prior paper by Singh and Singh demonstrated Spike protein models anticipate an interaction with tumor suppressor genes P53 and BRCA1.[ii] Sattar now says this could indeed happen! Thus, Spike protein is at the scene of a crime—oncogenesis or the failure of immune surveillance against nascent cancer cells. Seneff et al have predicted that the Spike protein may be related to cell senescence and autophagy.[iii] This means more rapid aging of cells and then programmed cell death.

    ​ Paul Marik MD, whose early treatment protocols kept people out of hospitals, and saved their lives in hospitals, was forbidden to treat in his hospital, despite having twice the survival rate in his patients, then he was stripped of his professorship and medical privileges, for being politically-incorrect.
    ​ “This system was effectively preventing me from treating my patients according to my best clinical judgement. … As a clinician for the first time in my entire career, I could not be a doctor. I could not treat patients. I had seven Covid patients [he holds up his hands showing seven digits] including a 31-year-old woman. I was not allowed to treat these people. I had to stand by idly [he clenches and raises his fists with anguish and begins to weep]. I had to stand by idly, watching these people die.”

    John Day

    ​Pepe Escobar, “Bamboo Diplomacy”​ , a whole lot is falling into place in Asia
    ​ ​In the current incandescent geopolitical juncture, China is definitely not interested in playing divide and rule in Southeast Asia. Chinese strategic planners seem to understand that ASEAN carries a lot of soft power smoothing the big power play across Southeast Asia, offering a platform for all to engage with each other.
    ​ ​No one seems to mistrust ASEAN. That also explains why the Southeast Asians have come up with an acronym fest that basically hails cooperation – from ASEM and ASEAN+3 to APEC.
    ​ ​So it’s enlightening to remember that “China is prepared to open itself to ASEAN countries,” as Xi himself said when he launched the Maritime Silk Road in Jakarta in 2013. “China is committed to greater connectivity with ASEAN countries” – and “China will propose the establishment of an Asian infrastructure investment bank that would give priority to ASEAN countries’ needs.”
    ​ ​The bilateral relationships between China and each of the 10 members of ASEAN may carry their own particular complications. But there seems to be a consensus that no bilateral will determine the future of China-Southeast Asian relations.
    ​ ​The discussions this week in Phnom Penh and next week in Bali and Bangkok suggest that Southeast Asia has ruled out either extreme: paying tribute or demonizing China.

    Bamboo diplomacy: the China-SE Asia romance

    ​ ​If accepted, the new proposed BRICS members would create an entity with a GDP 30% larger than the United States, over 50% of the global population and in control of 60% of global gas reserves.
    ​ ​The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov has stated that ‘over a dozen’ countries have formally applied to join the BRICS grouping following the groups decision to allow new members earlier this year. The BRICS currently includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.​..
    ..Concerning a BRICS expansion, Lavrov stated that Algeria, Argentina, and Iran had all applied, while it is already known that Saudi Arabia, Türkiye, Egypt and Afghanistan are interested, along with Indonesia, which is expected to make a formal application to join at the upcoming G20 summit in Bali.
    ​ ​Other likely contenders for membership include Kazakhstan, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Senegal, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates.

    ​ Imran Khan is the first Pakistani populist-nationalist, immensely popular, after a long career as a sports star. He is filling a heroic-leader archetype, despite being shot in an assassination attempt. He seeks to take Pakistan on a truly independent national policy path.​
    He was recently deposed as Prime Minister by a CIA political soft-coup. It’s not working. They can still find a way to kill him, but he shows no fear of that.
    Failed assassination of Imran Khan may push Pakistan’s US-backed coup regime to tipping point
    ​ ​First Washington supported a soft coup against Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan. Then the unelected regime banned his speeches, charged him with “terrorism,” and banned him from politics. Now a failed assassination attempt may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

    Failed assassination of Imran Khan may push Pakistan’s US-backed coup regime to tipping point

    ​ Iran has developed hypersonic missiles which can maneuver in and outside of the earth’s atmosphere.​

    Michael Reid

    Seventeen-Year Locusts and Eighty-Year Wokists

    Seventeen-Year Locusts and Eighty-Year Wokists


    Ed Dowd short Vid


    I would guess, the men and equipment maneuvered out of Kherson are being sent northeast. Also, giving the current situation Ukraine could blitz from Melitopol to Berdyansk and cut off all the supply routes to the Russian military. This leaves Crimea thinly defended, but all the water crossings are blown.


    “They will simply nominate Putin for the Grinch. Everything that goes wrong with the western world is now exclusively his fault. And they can all hide their failures behind him.”

    Putin must be the most maligned person in the history of mankind. May he triumph over evil.

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