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    Piet Mondriaan The Flowering Apple Tree 1912   • State Department Memo Blasts Biden Over ‘Misinformation’ on Gaza War (Sp.) • The Unspoken Elepha
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    Noting Dr D’s scathingly accurate analysis of modern Journalism yesterday – one gets the sense that we will be finding older and older pieces of political satire, info and analysis (such as the Israeli puppet-head)

    The new desert expands across the horizon like Europes arriving ships to the new world, leaving no trace of the lore of last of us.

    Orwell was right but not as right as Jesus/Buddha.

    The void is looking attractive…

    Dr. D

    So if your IDF tank is on fire, you died in it, or at a minimum you left the tank while the enemy had rockets pointed at you. So when I see that burned out column, I ask where are the bodies, the important part.

    “• State Department Memo Blasts Biden Over ‘Misinformation’ on Gaza War (Sp.)

    You do know that the State Dept, always compliant, has ALSO been purged 1,000 times to now, and twice as much since 2001, and they STILL get resistance like this? Must be very disheartening.

    “What we have here is a failure to communicate. Some men you just cain’t reach.”

    Is there some level of purge, some campaign of fear, some penalty we failed to illustrate? What will it take for you all to get the message???

    Anyway, why does it exist? What if Trump were in charge? Wouldn’t they have to support it then because he opposed it? Or would they have to oppose him too? Or does that mean the State Department now opposes all Presidents? And are their own policy-making organization? And what happens now? Quite a number of options here.

    “Joe Biden has long been, and continues to be, one of the most devoted, stalwart and unflinching supporters of Israel money in all of DC, in either party”

    I see how that money’s really worked out for him and his family. Thankfully, having gotten paid in a booming stock market of 30 years, they never had to go back to the well for more but compounded their winnings into a legitimate private fortune. Oh wait, what? They took all that money which would be tens of millions compounded from 1989, and STILL had to take millions more last year from China and Moscow?

    Geez, they are SUPER bad at investing. Good thing they’re not involved with the national budget. What’s that?…

    “Israel has dropped more than 25,000 tons of high explosives since 7 October (the 1945 Hiroshima nuke was 15,000 tons equivalent). What exactly is Netanyahu and his war cabinet’s aim here?”

    Not to bring up Ritter, but he’s one of the only running war commentators. Does that mean most of the other Colonels and Generals are cowards? But muh pension. When the U.S. goes down from your dereliction of duty, there will be no pensions. Anyway, he points out that you don’t do war just to do some war and be killin’ some folks. We’ve being doing that so long under the neocons, we forget. War is politics by other means. — Clausewitz His illustration was Russia, said, and like why do you make Ayn Rand right, why are we looking to RUSSIA for how to do things, and who to imitate? CoachClass

    Russia has a PLAN, a task, an act they would like to accomplish. And shockingly, forbiddingly, this is often a help to the Russian people and to Russia at large. They then take steps that combine to accomplish this task, which are material, economic, diplomatic, and largely by communicating honestly what they are doing and why. Because doing so helps accomplish the task. Should the need arise, the military is also engaged to accomplish this goal. Not to smash things out of frustration of failing diplomatically and every other way. Not merely to punish people. The military, war, is an outgrowth of existing policy and withdrawn as early as possible as militaries are expensive material, credibility, and economically. This is why Russia always runs diplomacy with everyone, even while they are at active war with them. This may go hot and cold, but all wars end in diplomacy, in treaties, with political means, so why wait? Like we did in Vietnam. You’ll only discredit and embarrass and bankrupt yourself. Like we did in Vietnam.

    Back the point at hand: so “What exactly is Netanyahu and his war cabinet’s aim here?” The only thing I can think is “genocide”, like America clearing the continent, or Australia. “Possession is 9/10th of the law.” “Nonny-nonny pee-pee”.

    And there are lots of “reasons”. Gas may be one of them, but they had more gas than they could deal with without Gaza. They’re just on autopilot, having paved the way for 50 years. The other “reasons” have to be economic, but it may not be someone took a phone call that said, “Bonds are collapsing, go to Cabinet C and pull out war Plan #4234.” But the overall stress leads 1) Nuts to be arrested 2) a civil war when there’s not enough payola to go around 3) Therefore, if things are pivoting, you may want to act before the U.S. is missing altogether and you have no allies at all. Etc.

    Adds up to the same thing so I present it loosely, as if all things are conscious and intended, but I’m aware. I don’t have all day to equivocate and suppose some choices are conscious and others are not fully conscious. You get the idea.

    “Tel Aviv is deliberately trying to draw Lebanon’s powerful Hezbollah militia into the Palestinian-Israeli crisis to drag the United States and other powers into the conflict.”

    Sucks to be Gaza, but you can’t just do what your enemy wants and has planned. Hezbollah would have enforced the narrative that Iran was the cause. I’d say a thing the Neocons want, but “You and whose army”? I’d say it drives a wedge in the new fragile Iran-Saudi axis under BRIICS, but how? Maybe they’re just that bad at it. They’re so delusional and suck so bad sometimes it’s hard to tell what they’re doing.

    “Facts for Peace — is seeking million-dollar donations from dozens of the world’s biggest names”

    Soooooo…it’s an extortion racket. Like Elon just showed.

    “disclose the names of students who are part of organisations that signed open letters”

    Um. “Open” Letter? As in “public”? Help me understand what you’re saying here. Are you so retarded you don’t know that “open” signatures are “open”, too lazy to collect them yourself, or do you want “Are you now or have you ever been” hearings where all people associated with the associates of associations are Blacklisted? …And their families too?

    Not sure I care as all three options make you a retard, but it’s good to know.

    “the American people are exceptional and indispensable?”

    Yes, but only the Black, Brown, and Gay ones. Everyone else should be shot. It has been rumored that Blinken, Biden, and Newsom are white, and therefore first to go, but I don’t see the evidence.

    “Russian intellectuals see the West as the touchstone of rationality and freedom.”

    Yes, that’s because like here, and like all nations, “Intellectuals” are always retards and traitors. Has there ever been a war where intellectuals didn’t flock to the other side like flies? Certainly did for WWII, Eugenics, and Stalinism. Not only DID they support him, and that, and Ptomkin tours by the NY Times, but they are STILL doing it after we know.

    “The entirety of Putin’s travails in Ukraine is due to his inability to comprehend the agenda of the US neoconservatives”

    Speaking of retarded intellectuals, PCR is using his “PutinTelepathy” again. Really? So, Russia should have undertaken this same war but with no Kinzals, no S400s, and being 8 years shorter on tanks and missiles? Or should he have waited, used Trump’s illegal blockade, rotated the economy, stockpiled the arms, while he could and nothing was lost by waiting except 14,000 Donbass? PCR is smarter than everyone, he knows best.

    Newsflash: the war isn’t over. Europe is perfectly capable of committing total suicide by sending F16s, a NATO army, and nuking Sevestapol or something. If that happens, will you still say Russia shouldn’t have waited, shouldn’t have taken cautious time to create factories and stockpiles and 21st century tech? At a 10:1 they’ve still lost 60,000 men in two years and that hurts.

    “He does nothing while the US builds up massive military power in the region”

    Actually, we haven’t. That’s a lie. Remember Iraq? It took most of a year and we moved like 250,000 men. Aaaaand where is that exactly in M.E. right now? We floated in a couple carriers that can be sunk in 30 minutes. They’re only like 5,000 apiece AND they can’t leave the ship. That’s very similar to no military power in the region at all.

    ““..the military is not satisfied with the failed counter-offensive, the misuse of Western assistance and the low level of competence in Kyiv..”

    The difference between BEING a general and ACTING like one on TV. People say, “What’s the difference?” No really, I mean, stupid is as stupid does, right? If you act a general, then if people take your orders, you’re a general. Er, not really. ACTUAL Generals have a number of intangibles. They have the disposition for it. They have a long interest in it. Instead of goofing off in Secondary school and playing piano with their penis, they were reading books on Clausewitz and Rommel. They give their lives, that is, their interest and attention to it. So when a decision arises, they have all this come to bear on the question, the experience, the expertise, the need, the drive, etc. Therefore they are simply better at it, all the time, always. ...Which is why we say Milley isn’t a General, either, although officially, technically, functionally, he is. He’s just so badly lacking in all Generalship except for his Hollywood glamour shot that no one can mistake him for being a real General.

    I’m sure there’s always a broad back-bench of pretend generals in every military.

    ““..The fact that he was featured in The Economist to me indicates that this is British intelligence signaling that they think this Zaluzhny is their boy..”

    Yup. And what will they get from that? Well, more Slavic genocide, I expect. There’s nothing the Anglos like more. They’re really going to have to circle behind and double cross Poland though.

    “just silly beyond belief,” Johnson told Sputnik.”

    Yes it is, but where do you start? Or with your friends, if you tell them, they think YOU are silly beyond belief, although given 5 minutes to make your case with a debate clock, you could do it easily. So…a boat of no size, with no diving bell? Where do I start?

    “For many years I have documented that the overriding purpose of media, universities, the public school system, Hollywood, and the Democrat Party has been to…”

    Yes but it’s really to create a communist revolution and Soviet government, as was successful worldwide and as they themselves freely admit. “Racism” all that rot is just “Critical Theory”, and excuse to do what they wanted to do anyway: kill people, take their stuff, and run everything. Joke’s on them of course: they’ll be shot against the wall first and the oligarchs will run things as always. But they’re intellectuals and therefore retards, childish in every way and advising everyone on violence although they have zero experience.

    “..a blatantly corrupt and ignorant attorney general in New York state can get away with bringing a politically-motivated nonsense case against the leading presidential candidate”

    You aint seen nothin’. They are collecting all data to attack and purge the average NYer statewide.

    “It’s no wonder more than half the country can’t think straight,” Kunstler says. Which half?

    “One explanation is that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has infiltrated the management of our country at every level”
    A third theory is that the USA has somehow gone “communist.” The universities have, for sure, but in a most half-assed way imaginable that presents more as a case of collective mental illness than a true political ideology.”

    That’s for sure. Even we here have to re-iterate and re-define what “Communist” means just to keep our minds straight, as the CCP isn’t “Communist”, The DNC isn’t “Communist” (they’re fascist) and even the Communists were never communists. (1950’s Russia and China were oligarchs and insiders with big PR Teams.) Yeah, I know that but I have to use some word, so generally use THEIR word. THEY say they are, like AOC. She SAYS she is a Democratic Socialist. Should I disbelieve her?

    “These actions-and-effects are “communistic” only insofar as they induce some Marxist-Gramscian overthrow of normality (i.e., a coherent cultural consensus) in order to usher in

    …Usher in The discrediting of the present government and present culture so that it “must” be destroyed and replaced…with ME! No, it’s perfectly logical, in all the textbooks, and it is always done just like this. They actually don’t care WHAT discredits the government, in fact the loonier the better, as long as all existing things are destroyed. As Alynski’s Rules For Radicals says, their textbook. Then we “Build Back Better”...with ME in charge. Everyone does what – I – say. A dictatorship! The perfect form of government. If you disagree, I shoot you, so it’s Perfect for Me! Simple.

    That’s what ACTUAL Socialism has always been, as played out and observed on the ground, however well-meaning it started, or however many well-meaning people begin. Ultimately people don’t want to do the dead #Opposite of their nature and all sense, so you have to MAKE them. With force. By shooting them in the face. Even that doesn’t work, but it does extend the calendar a lot.

    So are Universities “Socialist”? Yes, have you never been to one? They’ll TELL you they are. Are they “Socialist” under the Russia-China revolution sense? Yes, they also behave exactly as these began and along each step as far as we’ve gotten to this point. And by any logical process, would the CONCLUSION be at the same destination? Yes, absolutely it would.

    “The counter-revolution has begun. You are not alone.”

    The good guys can lose though. That happens in history. Unlike the movies, you don’t just win because you are good, although it helps.

    “• Suella Braverman Sacked As Home Secretary After Article Criticising Police (G.)

    The amazing thing about this was the level to which she was just saying the obvious. Like saying 100 years of medical textbooks say you can’t lockdown a pandemic over 1%? Nope! Today is #Opposite Day!

    “it is clear to me that Rishi Sunak is a strong and capable Prime Minister,”

    Wait, Rishi Sunak is Prime Minister? Who is this guy? I’ve forgotten already.

    “This is a city where professed socialists and populists unapologetically give their husbands or children huge amounts of campaign funds.” Ding Ding Ding! You’ll own nothing and be happy. I’ll own YOU and your daughters and be very happy.

    Q: How can you tell how Socialist someone is? A: By the number of mansions they own. Ask BLM.

    “So what’s his retirement plan? To lobby?”

    No, probably about the same as all 300 million Americans who don’t work for Government: Nothing.

    “McBride” the only crime is “Embarrassment”. Why? Not just for ego, although that’s a big [sic] part. It’s because under Socialism, money doesn’t buy anything. Popularity, social credit, being a “pal” or insider buys everything, including gold bars, Ukrainian hookers and Swiss shopping trips. So people who suck at creating things voluntarily but are insufferable suck-ups and sycophants obviously prefer a world like that. “Embarrassment” in that world is a version of social “Bankruptcy”.

    Such that “Socialism” isn’t a better system, they just changed currencies. They use ChuckeeCheez tokens and not Subway tokens — hardly a revolution or a change. THEY want to run things, instead of those OTHER guys who want to run things. Such. Wow. Behind the glam and PR, that is just SO. Pathetic. So really if I join the worldwide revolution I’m backing YOUR oligarchs instead of THEIR oligarchs? Sign me up today!

    “Calling recording: This has to be true, but what? Someone has a fingerprint of your voice pattern? That’s too easy to get to bother calling. And? Where would they use it? My ATM doesn’t have one and neither does anybody else. Okay, they get a “Yes” on tape; who are they hacking next and using it with?

    Wow, Duffy is pretty in the Spanish way. Sign me up.

    Dr D Rich

    Paul Craig Roberts is a plagiarist and it’s done by surveying blog and website comments, but PCRinc’s rhetoric is true to the data mined


    Dr Peter McCullough recently gave a speech at the European Parliament during a hearing hosted by five Members of the European Parliament (“MEPs”). The hearing was to raise awareness about the World Health Organisation’s (“WHO’s”) power grab.

    Dr. McCullough gave evidence of the enormous wave of harms the covid “vaccines” have caused. There’s a false narrative that it’s COVID causing all these illnesses. Don’t fall for the false narrative. It’s the vaccines causing this enormous wave of illness, he said.

    “The path forward is, clearly, for no one to take another shot – no one,” Dr. McCullough said. “The COVID-19 vaccines and all of their progeny and future boosters are not safe for human use.”

    “The WHO is standing behind these vaccines,” he added. “It’s my belief that the European Union, the United States and all major stakeholders should actually completely pull out of the WHO.”

    They can’t “pull out”! They’re right in the middle of their orgasm.

    Dr Peter McCullough: No one should take another Shot, COVID vaccines are not safe for Human use


    I recently withdrew my Patreon support for James Kunstler. I just couldn’t abide his support for the unmitigated slaughter of Palestinians by the Israeli government, military and US ( government and citizens ).

    It seems he is more intent on throwing the spotlight on China … “ We struggle to sort this out. One explanation is that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has infiltrated the management of our country at every level so as to eventually conquer our territory for its resources while eliminating or enslaving the population?“

    I certainly don’t pretend to know whether this is a classic “look over there !” head fake.

    But I DO think there is a huge consensus worldwide that the Israeli lobby holds IMMENSE power in the good ole US of A. A power word smiths and influencers like James downplays significantly.


    The Flowering Apple Tree. Its upside down.

    Ian Graham


    “I made a new graph of global 2-meter surface temperatures that includes data back to 1940.

    “Just stunning.

    “We now live on a planet that human civilization has never experienced before.”

    Michael Reid

    They can’t “pull out”! They’re right in the middle of their orgasm.

    Thank you for putting it in perspective


    Ritual Humiliation No. 39

    Pedophile Gangster MonsterJo-Joe publicly rubs in the fact that the Empire of LiesLiesLies

    is a total “has-been” loser country that can’t even properly honor it’s sacred fallen.

    What is pitiful sack’o’shit Duh’merica presents as it’s Figurehead.


    Andrei Martyanov recently had a tfunny comment about Russia developing a land bridge to Hungry, Serbia, Slovakia and Romania by taking and cutting off Black Sea access to Ukronaziland.

    “Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Serbia have a combined population of roughly 42 million. This is substantial, it is also a promising market–make your own conclusion.

    As I already stated many times, Russia doesn’t need love or obedience, Russia is interested in trade with people who still recognize that there are only two genders.


    Stop, yur killin’ me!

    The Collective West summarized in one chart



    The Land of Milk n’ Honey


    Great headline

    Trading one shithole for another

    Surprise Bitchez


    Michael Reid

    What have we learned about society over the last three and a half years?

    Prior to Covid, I had a mental map of how society worked. Covid destroyed that picture. Covid revealed society as it really is and it’s shocking. Here’s what I’ve learned about society over the last three and a half years:


    This mind you is in our Nation’s Capitol, Land of the Brave, Home of the, well, Not So Free

    I wonder if in the condom section, they put a picture of Hunter boning his hookers

    Who let the dogs out!

    Who put the ‘Duh’ in Duh’merica

    It’s been said by the Mediawhores that nothing will return to ‘normal’ after the Plandemic.

    Ya think?




    Climate Twat Walkback



    Just in case if weekly schedule on the wall in the hospital, from “Not a Borat sketch” video above, does not work here is some more:


    So if your IDF tank is on fire….

    Hamas wants IDF bodies dead or alive for show n tell

    I’ve read a number of reports that the IDF reservists are refusing to leaving their armoured vehicles because they know they will be toast from snipers.

    Yes, Hamas are excellent snipers and RGP virtuosos

    The bodies are evidence

    Stack them up somewhere for Show n Tell later

    IDF running armor in GAZA without proper infantry protection

    Armor without infantry

    Hamas has double charge RGPs

    PG7-VR rounds have tandem charges to defeat reactive tank armor and can penetrate 750mm of armor or 1.5 meters of reinforced concrete.


    Just a note on urban warfare perfected by Russians in Stalingrad 80 years ago this year.

    Any armored column trying to advance through rubble can be isolated by detonating building in front and in back of said column, trapping it where it can’t maneuver or advance or retreat.

    Without accompanying infantry to root out snipers and RGPs, the armored column is Dead Fucking Meat

    The IDF don’t know history


    These is why Wagner did not use that many tanks clearing Bakhmut block by block

    You loose a Lot in infantry accompanying armor.

    Hamas also has drones

    Gotta watch for those


    the narrative.

    Million of people are advocating for “peace” .
    Therefore, Peace activates makes you an enemy of Israel/USA that need to be eliminated.

    “… complicit in genocide..”
    “…. spreading misinformation … ”
    ” … act with impunity,”
    “… repeating the same mistakes made these past few decades …”

    • State Department Memo Blasts Biden Over ‘Misinformation’ on Gaza War (Sp.)
    “Today, we can see that the war has expanded and Lebanon is embroiled in it. It’s probable that the extent of clashes will grow even further.
    The future is uncertain, but Iran is prepared for all circumstances,” Hajizadeh said.
    “We must get ahead of the narrative.”

    • Billionaires Are Teaming Up For Pro-Israel, Anti-Hamas Media Drive (AlJ)
    A billionaire real estate tycoon in the United States is rallying support for a high-dollar media crusade to boost Israel’s image and demonize the Hamas armed group amid global pro-Palestinian,(Peace), solidarity protests.
    The media campaign — called Facts for Peace

    The media campaign launched by Sternlicht, aims to win back public favors for Israel, (genocide), posting videos on its social media pages blaming Hamas for the plight of Palestinians and denying claims of Israeli rights violations.


    The War for Greater Israel  and Reassertion of US Hegemony Is About to Begin

    The War for Greater Israel and Reassertion of US Hegemony Is About to Begin

    It is rare to come across a Russian journalist who is even aware of the Wolfowitz doctrine that the principal goal of US foreign policy is to prevent the rise of Russia or any other country capable of constraining US unilateral action.

    A Planned US-Israeli Attack on Iran is Contemplated

    A Planned US-Israeli Attack on Iran is Contemplated
    The U.S. led War on the People of Palestine and the Middle East is a Criminal Undertaking


    What is required is a grass roots network, a mass movement at national and international levels, which challenges the legitimacy of the military and political actors, and which is ultimately instrumental in unseating those who rule in our name.
    ( It’s called VOTING)
    War criminals occupy positions of authority. The citizenry is galvanized into supporting the rulers, who are “committed to their safety and well-being”. Through media disinformation, war is given a humanitarian mandate.

    To reverse the tide of war, military bases must be closed down, the war machine (namely the production of advanced weapons systems) must be stopped and the burgeoning police state must be dismantled.

    The corporate backers and sponsors of war and war crimes must also be targeted including the oil companies, the defense contractors, the financial institutions and the corporate media, which has become an integral part of the war propaganda machine.

    Antiwar sentiment does not dismantle a war agenda.
    The war criminals in the US, Israel and Britain must be removed from high office.

    What is needed is to reveal the true face of the American Empire and the underlying criminalization of US foreign policy, which uses the “war on terrorism” and the threat of Al Qaeda to galvanize public opinion in support of a global war agenda.

    • Whistleblower David McBride Declares ‘Today I Serve My Country’ (G.)

    the unauthorised disclosure of information, breaches of the Defence Act and the theft of commonwealth property

    Michael Reid

    Here’s my impression from trying to find out what is going on militarily in Gaza. Very hazy, but an overview might be possible

    Israel has completely cut off the northern half of Gaza from the southern half (how can anyone leave it?)

    They are attempting to take the entire coast of northern Gaza and are, I would estimate, 60-70% done with that goal.

    Given their entire military effort is to cut off northern Gaza, the attacks near the southern border, the attacks on columns of people trying to comply and leave, the whole “leave northern Gaza” was an empty request. Requested for what then? Get people out of their bomb shelters?

    Some rumors of Israeli infantry not being actively aggressive, armor forward. Reminds me of, in Donald Burgett’s memoirs from 101st airborne in Bagstone, he noted the American and German use of armor differed – Americans tended to keep their armor back as support, Germans seemed to use it as a shield for the advancing infantry. They’d let the tanks pass through their lines, then pop up and get the following infantry.

    So now there’s rumors of vehicle destruction on the Israeli side. Hard to tell if it’s just the cost of a best-possible doctrine in humdrum use or something going wrong. Can they get tanks where they need them? Are there zones they can’t get tanks into for support? Can their infantry go where the tanks can’t or are they operationally limited by staying close to the armor? Tank attrition as a conscious planned trade-off for infantry attrition?

    It’s really impossible to tell if internally, competent Israeli military people are calling the operation a success or a failure so far. From a top-down view hey, we cut off the northern half, success?

    Alexander Carpenter

    “[Prof. Eliot Jacobson] made a new graph of global 2-meter surface temperatures that includes data back to 1940.

    “Just stunning. We now live on a planet that human civilization has never experienced before.”

    Well, it looks like Ian Graham is replacing AFKTT as our pet climate-idiocy troll.
    Of course, there was no climate before 1940. There: how’s that for climate-denial?


    Disney’s 300m movie (The Marvels) has flopped. Looking like it won’t make it to 100m revenue. The numbers are deceptively optimistic because the equivalent of the movie budget has to be spent on marketing. And cinema revenue gets split with the venues.

    Somehow, people didn’t want to see 3 intersectional girlbosses fight the patriarchy (they do yell the word patriarchy etc) in a disjointed fever-dream of current year marxist thought embedded as “symbolism” we learned from our marxist sociology professors who hate us. You fooled us the first 10 times but we know it will be a miserable schlockfest. not fun. Not made for the purpose of delighting us. The writer’s room would be revolted at the very thought of the viewers walking out of the theater cheerful, happy, untroubled, entertained, mood lifted. Nooooo.

    Nothing new. Audience was wise to it years ago, writing on the wall, just more people giving up on new movies. another 2/3 of a billion thrown away – consciously, knowingly. Multi-trillion dollar worth intellectual property horribly devalued. But this has been going on for years. Many TRILLIONS in losses on individual movies, missed revenue, and destruction of value if the IPs have occurred 2016-2023.

    And the money keeps pouring in from somewhere. What else could the money have done? Or if we imagine we convert all the losses into physical buildings, housing and such, how many city blocks worth of it in $ was destroyed? Like whole cities worth? How many cities worth?

    “Asked about the movie’s performance in the context of woke backlash, DaCosta told Variety she focuses her attention on fans who provide “civilized critique.” The director said she turns away from “pockets that are really virulent and violent and racist — and sexist and homophobic and all those awful things.””

    Right. Just keep doubling down and never stop. I have had a pretty continuous finger on the pulse of criticism of marxist de-colonization of (ie exploitative colonization of) geek culture since 2016, since I got sick of hearing about politics all the time and decided to turn off NPR and try going back to some of the stuff I liked when I was younger as a break – only to find Evergreen Collage in the process of happening to everything I liked.

    “We know the film is resonating with female audiences,” Disney EVP of theatrical distribution told the New York Times. We’re going to keep the pressure up and fight the good fight into Thanksgiving.”

    Inverted of course. The purpose of the movie is to “resonate.” That’s what the 2/3 billion was for, not profit. Therefore, for the purpose of “resonating” we’ll keep hammering away with it. Why not, the movie enjoys the same enthusiasm from women audiences as women’s soccer and women’s basketball. That means we need to do it more, not less.


    Oh but anyway, being embedded somewhat in that “criticism culture” or whatever they would call it for years, I have yet to see any “pockets that are really virulent and violent and racist — and sexist and homophobic and all those awful things.” except for obvious plants posting like that to degrade the image of the fans.

    They do periodically send waves of internet trolls and hit pieces in media to “defend” each losing release. Almost more like they’re more concerned with publicizing fans as evil than pleasing them and taking their money. (by almost, I mean exactly like, emphatically like)

    As if at this point, the entire multimillion production and release of the movie is really about denigration of their erstwhile customers after the fact.


    …and I might add multiple ACTUAL cities HAVE gone to total crap at the same time as entire cities worth of money went to tone deaf indoctrinaton-tainment.

    Money is a rationing system. You COULD have coupon books or government allowances or what have you, but that would suck and currency usually works better. Money is an implicit claim on all available products and services. performs the same function as rationing, deciding who gets what and what amount.

    Watching cities crumble while cities worth of money goes to disliked miserable indoctra-tainment is evidence that the economy is already effectively centrally planned.


    @poppie re: “The Flowering Apple Tree. Its upside down.”

    Perhaps a reflection in a pond or river?


    Demolition of America by ‘Ideological Subversion’

    Over at Larry Johnson’s blog

    Demolition of America by ‘Ideological Subversion’

    Substitute ‘Ideological Subversion’ with my favorite ‘Ritual Humiliation’.

    “Demoralization’ also works for me.

    Boy howdy is the Empire of Lies demoralized.

    But just wait, the main course of demoralizing Ritual Humiliation’ has yet to be served.

    “Liquid circling the drain is slow initially, but the vortex accelerates as it approaches the drain—a metaphor for the rapid deterioration of American society. The cause for the descent? Ideological subversion. The symptoms are American institutions hollowed out, brainwashing, and demoralization.

    In 1984, Yuri Bezmenov, an ex-KGB defector, revealed the Soviet Union’s plan for gradual ideological subversion of the United States political system and society. The KGB’s psychological warfare method had four stages: demoralization, destabilization, crisis, and normalization.”


    Presented in 1984 by Yuri Bezmenov, former Soviet journalist for Novosti Press Agency (APN) and a former KGB informant who defected to Canazida.



    Re: “….gradual ideological subversion of the United States….”
    I am not trying to dispute the wishful thinking of USSR, but how in the world they would do that? They were brown-bag accounting economy and without huge money influence things hardly move in the USA.
    Ask AIPAC.

    Michael Reid

    Interesting comment from the article Oroboros

    Carlton Meyer says
    ”So there is a Russian plot to destroy America”

    My comment:
    Who financed the inventor of Communism Carl Marx?
    The Russians? or the Ashkenazi Jewish Dynasty of Rothschild?

    Who destroyed the Russian society by Communist infiltration?
    The Russians? or the Ashkenazi Jews?

    Who promoted and financed the erection of the UN and Israel?
    The Global population? or The Ashkenazi Jewish Dynasty of Rothschild?

    Who financed the infiltration of Neo-Conservatives and Neo-Liberals in America?
    The Americans? or the Ashkenazi Jews?

    How did they do it?
    By using the well tested Jewish KGB-book of subversion, by placing Agents within important societal functions in order to make those institutions fail. This scheme has now seceded in the UN, US, UK, and EU.
    Take a good look at the first picture of this article and see how many societal functions in these traitors has had the responsibility of sabotaging during 9/11, The war on terror, The financial crisis, The Migrant crisis, The Health Crisis, The Lock downs, The Energy crisis, and WWIII.

    Why would these Agents betray their own Nation?
    Because they have been brainwashed into a Utopian dream, or has been corrupted by money.

    Do the Global Elite want Communism?
    No, they want to control all aspect of human life on earth.
    For them both communism and Fascism are OK as long as it gives the desired result: Totalitarian control.
    Does the Global Elite care about us?
    No, they want 2/3 of the Global population killed because people want better living conditions.

    Why is there no Picture of Lord Rothschild and the Royalty of Europe in this article?
    Because the one you can’t criticize is the one who controls you.

    Demolition of America by ‘Ideological Subversion’

    Michael Reid

    Another interesting comment from the previously linked article

    The Rothschilds and the old families want to control the world. They are using communism/democracy, predatory capitalism and zionism to accomplish that – using communism/democracy to destroy from within, using predatory capitalism to transfer wealth, and using zionism to destroy world peace via a vast zionist network influencing governments across the Western Alliance.

    People do not understand that the real enemies are hidden and attract no attention whilst they do their work and whilst the public’s attention is directed elsewhere. Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are standing against that. I don’t relish being unpatriotic, but I have to admit that I hope they win.


    “@poppie re: “The Flowering Apple Tree. Its upside down.”


    Perhaps a reflection in a pond or river?

    Now you’re getting somewhere, looks like a school of fish to me.

    Veracious Poet

    Don’t worry, it’s only Fiction

    Trans CEO of women’s health charity believes biological sex, age are ‘constructs,’ demands access to female-only spaces…

    A man who identifies as a trans woman has been named CEO of an endometriosis charity in the UK. Steph Richards, 71, identifies as having “a female brain,” believes it is his right to access women’s changing rooms in shops and locker rooms, and believes that “‘men’, ‘women’, ‘child’ are social constructs.”

    Science fiction isn’t just thinking about the world out there.

    It’s also thinking about how that world might be—a particularly important exercise for those who are oppressed, because if they’re going to change the world we live in, they—and all of us—have to be able to think about a world that works differently ~ Samuel R. Delany

    Veracious Poet

    Filed under Oops…Too Late!

    Ālea iacta est.


    CCP’s social credit score just might be the blue print? All the conditioning from covid on preparing for the “great reset”. This is t be in place by the end of ’25.

    Latest news about the European Digital Identity Regulation

    8 November 2023 – The European Commission welcomes the final agreement on EU Digital Identity Wallet

    The Commission welcomes the final agreement reached by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU at the final trilogue on the Regulation introducing European Digital Identity Wallets.

    This concludes the co-legislators’ work implementing the results of the provisional political agreement reached on 29 June 2023 on a legal framework for an EU Digital Identity, the first trusted and secure digital identity framework for all Europeans.

    This marks an important step towards the Digital Decade 2030 targets on the digitalisation of public services.

    All EU citizens will be offered the possibility to have an EU Digital Identity Wallet to access public and private online services in full security and protection of personal data all over Europe.

    In addition to public services, Very Large Online Platforms designated under the Digital Services Act (including services such as Amazon, or Facebook) and private services that are legally required to authenticate their users will have to accept the EU Digital Identity Wallet for logging into their online services.

    In addition, the wallets’ features and common specifications will make it attractive for all private service providers to accept them for their services, thus creating new business opportunities.

    The Wallet will also facilitate service providers’ compliance with various regulatory requirements.

    In addition to securely storing their digital identity, the Wallet will allow users to open bank accounts, make payments and hold digital documents, such as a mobile Driving Licence, a medical prescription, a professional certificate or a travel ticket.

    The Wallet will offer a user-friendly and practical alternative to online identification guaranteed by EU law.

    The Wallet will fully respect the user’s choice whether or not to share personal data, it will offer the highest degree of security certified independently to the same standards, and relevant parts of its code will be published open source to exclude any possibility of misuse, illegal tracking, tracing or government interception.

    The legislative discussions have strengthened the ambition of the regulation in a number of areas important for citizens.

    The Wallet will contain a dashboard of all transactions accessible to its holder, offer the possibility to report alleged violations of data protection, and allow interaction between wallets.

    Moreover, citizens will be able to onboard the wallet with existing national eID schemes and benefit from free eSignatures for non-professional use.

    Where is the final text? Which is the next step?

    The agreement reached by the co-legislators is now subject to formal approval by the European Parliament and the Council.

    Once formally adopted, the European Digital Identity framework will enter into force on the 20 th day following its publication in the Official Journal.

    Member States will have to provide EU Digital Identity Wallets to their citizens 24 months after adoption of Implementing Acts setting out the technical specifications for the EU Digital Identity Wallet and the technical specifications for certification.



    Thank God for the animals. They dont need schools or tv to understand decency, integrity or honesty.


    I am not trying to dispute the wishful thinking of USSR, but how in the world they would do that?

    They only had a space program, nukes, thousands of tanks, a massive industrial base, a large cradle to grave indoctrination system, and a camp system for those who didn’t take to it. How could they possibly have the money for an espionage system?

    Michael Reid

    Another comment from the linked article

    it wasn’t Larry who wrote this tripe. It was Bob Bishop.

    so apparently the linked article is tripe but the comment section has interesting information

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