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    Michael Reid


    Science as Enchantment

    Harrington notes the difference between the modern experience
    (not merely “concept”) of the cosmos as lumps of matter
    tumbling pointlessly in the void, and the medieval experience
    (again, it was never just a concept) of the cosmos as a living whole
    in which not even the tiniest corner was without life, intelligence, and spirit.

    She then goes on to point out that the medieval way of seeing the world
    is much more accessible to us than many people like to think,
    and ends by suggesting that the flight from purely pragmatic social engineering
    to the moral crusades of left and right
    and the increasing influence of religious ideas in public life
    may herald the reenchantment of everyday life.

    People in the Renaissance experienced the universe as a grand harmony.
    To regular readers of this blog, this will not be any kind of surprise.
    Since the beginning of this year, starting with a review of the implications of Jason Josephson-Storm’s insightful book The Myth of Disenchantment,
    a series of posts here has talked about what the word “enchantment” means,
    why so many fashionable thinkers have insisted that it belongs solely to the discarded and devalued past,
    and why I think it will be among the most essential concepts
    for making sense of the future immediately ahead of us.

    The news stories mentioned above, and the broader unraveling of industrial society in which they each play a role, might best be seen as stages in the dissolution of one state of consciousness and the birth pangs of another.

    Science as Enchantment

    Veracious Poet

    It is very annoying when people do non-discussion, type words to DO things rather than say things. On a discussion forum. Words mean things, and they mean things for the purpose of communication.



    News Flash Latest in San Franshithole Summit



    Soros Backed DA in Oakland, California Loses Her Laptop in Car Burglary and Police Don’t Come When Called


    This is so phucking funny, a black woke minority hire Soros DA gets her lptop stolen while attending ‘community’ meeting, calls the cops, and NO ONE SHOWS UP!


    Stop, yur killin’ me

    Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price’ had to, get this, file a report online.


    An OPD source says Price waited an hour for police to arrive, gave up and finally had to make the report online.

    Feel the Burn Baby, feel the Butt-hurt


    Pamela Price = “I’d like to report a crime”!
    Police Dispatcher = ” Hahahahahaha…………. Hahahahahaha”

    Too bad the thieves didn’t steal her car, go to her house and ransack the joint.


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Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)
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