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    Piet Mondriaan The Grey Tree 1912   • Shift in Focus from Ukraine to Middle East Raises Chances of World War (PCR) • WH ‘Chaos & Power Vacuum’ is
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    George Orwell = Sick Moustache.

    Dr. D

    “”We Can Finish It Here”: US Senator Challenges Teamsters President To Fight During Congressional Hearing
    And McCarthy was throwing punches too? Well, I’m in favor. Congressmen being punched, and breaking the status quo. We’re finally catching up to Canada in regards to having Parliament behave like a Hockey match.

    “Yen May Have Touched Bottom As Rate Gaps Narrow

    Yen carry trade is the largest force in the universe, mostly invisible like a Black Hole. If this reverses nothing will remain the same.

    “Michael Burry Liquidates “Big Short” After Suffering Big Loss; Doubles Down With Bet Against Semiconductors

    I feel a little better now. Burry’s problem is he still believes there are markets.

    “Netanyahu and his extremist government, who viewed Hamas as an “asset” to their cause.”

    Extreme governments always approve of extreme oppositions. They understand violence and ultimately love it. That’s why they’re desperate to get the Right to be extremist violent and have based their whole plan on it. So while we stop their plans, we are made fun of for…not stopping their plans. Yup.

    “a big sponsor to “go f*** yourself” after they told him to delete a social media post that he shared of Donald Trump.”

    But they’re not political or nothin’, as capitalists, they only care about money, right?

    “Woody Harrelson’s dad was involved in the assassination, and he confessed multiple times…He was a professional hit man.”

    That helps explain Oliver Stone picking Harrelson for Natural Born Killers, where he said he had the crazy eyes, the look, the smile that indicates that sort of person. Also, big coincidence: all these people’s kids are always popped up in cushy jobs, like the Kardashians, starting in the ‘60s where every rock star was the child of military intel, usually the USAF. Jim Morrison comes to mind, although his father was an admiral(?) like George Clooney’s was.

    But it’s a meritocracy where the best actors, singers, who make the songs and movies that sell best for money rise to the top. …It’s just that every one of those kids happen to be children of rich parents and insiders.

    Speaking of, here’s the ad for one of those guys on tour now: (2:47) Trying to lighten up our weeks here. Humans are irrepressible.

    AG James: A MILLION dollars? Wow, she is a cheap whore. That wouldn’t buy a condo. But the IRS never cares if you take in a million dollar loan which has no terms and no interest and you never have to pay back. It’s not a red flag or nothin’ right?

    I’ve got six or seven such loans myself, don’t you?

    “wanted revenge on Putin ever since he stopped Obama’s overthrow of Assad, stealing control of gas pipelines to Europe.

    Had nothing to do with Syria or Assad, or as they say, Global Warming. Only getting energy to Europe which has none and is totally screwed and will cease to exist. (Long term). Even today we see the gas out of Qatar in 50 year contracts (I thought we were running out!?) 50-year fields in Gaza, and who are they going to sell that to? Nassar the cabbie whose median temperature year-round is 70f? It would be a 250-year gas field if you’re only street-cooking with it. Maybe to Africa, which is larger than China and the U.S. combined and even warmer? No, they need to sell it to EUROPE. But like the Tea trade, Europe would be drained of all wealth in a single generation. So Europe needs to CONTROL and STEAL it. They can’t pay. Thus total support for any and all genocides Israel wants, and anything worse they can come up with too. Hyperbole? THEY SOLD OUR NUCLEAR TO PAKISTAN. They sold our other tech to China. How much more hyperbolic can you be?

    Anyway, you don’t hear about it all being a pipeline war, and Europe’s idiotic, pin-headed and collapsing-worldwide green initiatives are all part of THEM having no energy at all while practically everyone else in the world has at least enough if not too much. Solution: Convince everyone ELSE that Oxygen is bad for you so they’ll all get scared then hold their breath and die. …The miserable part of that RIDICULOUS plan is that IT WORKED, without even a blink, a glimmer, or a hiccup. Everyone loved, loved, loved it, put duct tape over their kids’ nose and watched them turn blue.

    Oh. My. God.

    So again: Palestinian who? We want their land, and we’re stealing their gas. Same as Lakota over the ND gold fields, then the Uranium mines, or Australia and everything. Steal it. Take it. Kill it. Yay!

    “He is [King] George the Third” Wow, I hadn’t gathered that. Yes, certainly an echo or metaphor. And here I thought “W” was King George. Maybe the II. ““If this were a dictatorship it would be a heck of a lot easier… as long as I’m the dictator.” – W. He also said “We know that dictators are quick to choose aggression, while free nations strive to resolve differences in peace.”

    Well that explains a lot. But a core tenet of Fascism is endless wars of expansion. (Because as communism it offsets how it’s a total failure by muh stealing stuff)

    “as it may negatively affect President Joe Biden’s reelection bid in case of prolongation.”

    Maybe, may, if? It’s already been stated that he lost Michigan unless there is a revolutionary change in policy.

    “smashed through the Gaza border fence to carry out an unprecedented surprise assault on Israel, (Which they knew all about) in which some 1,200 civilians and security forces were killed. (By their own people, in IDF helicopters)”

    Would you like to try again? Maybe you’ll get the lie right this time. …Of course the article was written to point this out.

    “• Netanyahu Warns America: “You’re Next” If IDF Doesn’t Decimate Hamas (ZH)

    And yet nothing’s happened. Again. Remember when China and Russia took over all S.E. Asia, occupied Hawaii and invaded the West Coast? Yeah, me either. There were no Dominoes of Democracy. How about Korea? No? Remember when all South America was conquered and stationed the USSR under the Contras and Sandinistas? No? Remember when all air traffic stopped because of Ghaddafi? Me neither. And all those chemical attacks and mushroom clouds from Saddam, using Rumsfeld’s weapons we gave to gas Kurds and kill 1M Iranians? Oh yeah, that attack never happened either. Need I go on, because I can write 50 books about it and people have. They write a new one every year and no one reads that one either, but most especially journalists, who are illiterate, uncurious boobs.

    “How many writers does it take to screw in a light bulb? The same number of poems it takes to pay the energy bill.” That is to say, “no one knows because it’s never happened.”

    Q: How many journalists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A: Three. One to report it as an inspired government program to bring light to the people, one to report it as a diabolical government plot to deprive the poor of darkness, and one to win a Pulitzer prize for reporting that Electric Company hired a lightbulb-assassin to break the bulb in the first place.

    Or in Canada: “How many CBC reporters does it take to screw in a light bulb? Three to complain about the implicit sexism in the joke; ten to apply for a government subsidy to support them while complaining; two to purchase the requisite carbon offsets; one to ensure bilingual translation; two to censor competing stories… and so on, until 1.4 billion a year is devoured.” …It took three CBC reporters to write this joke.

    ““What then should we admit to NATO, you ask? Well, we can accept the city of Lemberg with its surroundings [the Lviv region] if they really insist” …He means “Poland.”

    ““The counteroffensive has been a bloody failure and the White House is shifting its resources and backing to Israel,”

    Failing failures who fail. So if I were Israel I’d look out. You’re just borrowing failure from fail experts. If you want to lose, then these are definitely the team you want on your side.

    “US Desire to Pay Ukraine’s Way Hits New Low (Sp.)

    Does anyone know if this happened? The House just passed a funding bill, but our media is entirely “Fact-free”. That includes ZH and the alt media now.

    “The magazine called the situation a “new world disorder” and suggested that Russia and China see “opportunities” in the growing threats. “Even more worrying is the prospect of active collusion.”

    …So of course we did exactly nothing about it. That’s #Winning. Leadership in action. Now they can give themselves all bonuses and fly to Vegas.

    “Ursula von der Leyen, praised Ukraine for making considerable headway but stopped short of giving a definitive timeline for the country’s admission to the bloc.”

    That’s because the answer is “Never” if Turkey is any indication. Don’t you know that, like Turks, Slavs aren’t White people and aren’t allowed in the Garden? Only the “Anglo-Saxons” matter: just ask Greece and Italy.

    “Kneissl said she could not help but think to herself “It’s all just surreal”

    You might want to look into considering that they might be lying to you. Thought of that?

    “She said Kiev had already completed “well over 90% of the necessary steps” for membership”

    Well in that case Membership is imminent, right? Therefore Russia has no choice but to take it “all”. Thanks! You’ve decided for Putin whether he wanted or no.

    “it would be a “double down” on an American exceptionalism ticket.”

    Er…what? Both of them are highly critical of the U.S. present policies and behavior and are therefore the #Opposite of “Exceptionalism.” Words have meanings, look into it.

    “A Trump-Tucker ticket might possibly be the ticket that saves”

    On what possible basis as Trump has never done anything? One of the few things he did, the Abraham Accords are now blown to pieces in just four years and not by Hamas. By BRIICS.

    ““Needless to say, Congress never contemplated the sweeping regulatory regime that President Biden asked the FCC to adopt”

    Then it’s illegal. Rule by Executive decree. See you in court shortly. People – apparently everyone is a boot licking Statist now? — seem to think if the “President” (who doesn’t exist) merely “Says” something, everyone has to obey? Even with no approval, no law, no budget? Even when the budget used for the non-thing comes from refusing to enforce ACTUAL laws? …And where would you get such an idea? Public School, no doubt, as there is no greater concentration of authority-servicing members anywhere in America. And that’s a happy ending.

    “Geopolitical analyst Ian Shilling told Sputnik that Cameron was “a disgusting, totally corrupt traitor, mass murdering, psychopath and war criminal.” And set up new open slave markets. Yeah, why do you think he’s there? I’m sure Africa will love this and sign right up.

    “• Gulf Stream Collapse Scare Debunked by Royal Society (DS)

    Computer models never work anywhere, ever? Golly, who knew? We should make a computer model about it. Maybe AI can help.

    Also Greta removed her tweet the world would end by 2023. But I don’t want to pick on her anymore, she’s an adult and that was a while ago. …I want to pick on her for being a shill and keeping silence on her family’s crimes now.

    AMOC: hey, remember the LAST models by wasn’t it Neil Ferguson? You put ANY numbers in, and the output = AGW Global Warming. Yup, totally not discredited, everyone who created, pushed, floated that still has a job. We all know that’s how math works, right, or at least mine did: no matter what the equation is on your 6th grade math test, the answer is “42”. 100%!! Perfect Score!! GPA4.0!!

    Yes, Orwell does not look well, but that’s because he had TB and died of it if I remember. Not great for the circulation.
    Of course if you have TB maybe you shouldn’t vacation in the Hebrides.


    Laura Aboli “Transhumanism: The End Game”

    The Longer version of the “Holy Sh*t. THIS is a must watch!” link above at the beginning



    Dr. D

    Today’s idea is one probably only JB will appreciate. I realized this week that “The Patriarchy” in CRT and Feminism is really just a Character-swapped “Joos Run the World” Conspiracy Theory. It has all the same elements and all the same logical fallacies. But America isn’t like Europe and “Critical (Class) Theory” doesn’t sell here. They also couldn’t get division, so after decades of mucking around came up with this. Which is, again, Marxist.

    So “The Patriarchy” is a system where men control and run everything, and of course when they do that they destroy and disempower generally MEN, who are at the bottom of nearly all stats right now, throw them in prison, and regularly round them up and murder them all in wars, leaving the women safe and intact. That’s what I do when I get power: get poorer and kill myself. Wouldn’t you? It’s obvious.

    So aside from a few rich guys, every man is increasingly disadvantaged at least since 1970. That’s the Patriarchy. Yes, under the Patriarchy, which we would all agree has been on the decline since 1970, men we destroyed. Under Feminism, Women have begun to decline as well, being unhappier now than any time since records were kept. …It’s just that men were destroyed even FASTER.

    So apparently under Patriarchy women are happier too? Some Patriarchy that kills all the men and pleases the women! Women should vote to reinstall it so they can be safe in their streets and clubs and in sports again.

    …This is the same sort of logic as the “Elders of Zion” letters. There’s a magic group nobody can see or point to. They take actions no one can identify. If asked, they always deny it, and they never make any mistakes. So, Bob Eiger, you are working for “The Patriarchy” are you not? When he hires Kathleen Kennedy and pushes exclusively feminist agenda. Trump works for “The Patriarchy” when he hires one of NYC first women to erect a skyscraper. The GOP is working for The Patriarchy” when they offer Sandra O’Connor and Coney Barrett. See how that works?

    You can infer the Group from the Members, but you cannot infer anything about the Individual Members from the Group. “An Ecological Fallacy occurs when you make conclusions about individual members of a group based only on the characteristics of the group as a whole.” Or vice versa: Because Roberts is a brown haired judge and a Fascist, does not mean all Brown Haired Judges are fascists, nor that all Judges have brown hair.

    What’s a good contrast to this sort of universal fallacy? George Soros says he was happiest rounding up and killing Jews, and openly funds his Open Initiatives and publicly lists what their goals are. AOC and Bernie openly say they are Socialists and often support such things on the House floor (although carefully always voting against). The Worldwide media openly says they are deeply Socialist or Socialist-lite: ask them. They think this is good and that’s their right to believe so. Point is, it’s not a secret. The WEF and others happily state they wish the population was 1B and that 6 Billion people would drop dead and daily spend money, support law, and launch initiatives to that end. As in: not hidden. They make “mistakes”. There are therefore a “real” group, or at least a group that can be proven to empirically exist. There is a “Club of Rome” meeting regularly, but there is no “Patriarchy Club”. You also have the contradiction that if there is a Patriarchy then it is by definition supported and promoted by Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel and so on. “The Patriarchy” quite clearly supports these women and millions of others, doing all it can to get them into power and keep them there.

    That is to say, there is no “Patriarchy.” You have a system where everyone is involved and also no one is. They have no meetings, no leaders, no communications yet they are in perfect instant contact with each other. They agree on everything, yet never seem to take any actions to promote their goals (i.e. disadvantaging women leaders). And the greatest indicator of their power is that they are the group most historically killed, and/or most often poor, at the bottom, and hated.

    That is to say: What the Actual F—k? No, there is no such group. If there is any such group then it is a cadre far smaller than “All men” and joyfully includes and promotes women. That is, Call it “System P” for “Psychopath”, but anything but a “Patriarchy”.

    Same Conspiracy Theory. Same flaws. Just ported over because it works. Like Critical Theory > Critical RACE Theory. Whatever gets me money, power, your daughters alone. Whatever WORKS. I’ll tell you any lie you want to hear, honey, any lie at all.

    “I’ll be a Marxist, a Communist, a Pacifist, an Anarchist, a Democrat, and Red White Green or Blue! Whatever! I can do…To get in bed with yooooou!”

    These people remind me of a joke: In Britain, a Solicitor is a Lawyer while in America, “solicitation” has quite a different meaning. But whether you’re in Britain or America you can be sure the same service is provided.


    Medvedev always relishes upping the ante: “The West must admit that not only Donbass and Crimea are not Ukraine, but also Odessa, Nikolaev, Kiev and practically everything else.”

    The Russians have been forced by the Collective West’s inability to conduct ‘diplomacy’ to now negotiate with them.

    Putin, for the Global South and the rest of the non-west, has to pay lip service to the idea of ‘negotiations’ but in reality, there will be no negotiations, just a dictation of the terms of unconditional surrender to Ukronaziland and it’s Western Pimps.

    The Collective West is Agreement Incapable

    Total surrender on Nazilensky’s part or Russia sweeps the floor with him and sweeps the chess board.


    Quite even posting articles on ‘negotiations’, there will be none

    Pedophile Gangster Monster Jo-Joe will try to hide under the Gaza Invasion story and hope the Brain Damaged Duh’merican Public (BDDP) don’t notice the colossal defeat and penultimate ritual humiliation.

    Penultimate means , second to last

    The final humiliation will be the Empire of Lies starting it’s last war of aggression with Iran and having it’s nuclear sub sunk along with and air craft carrier.

    Oh yah, and closing the Straits of Hormuz, $200 a barrel oil and finally, finally, collapsing the Empire of Lies economy

    The End

    Similiar to John Michael Greer’s book: Twilight’s Last Gleaming









    Who done it?

    Ian Graham

    “World behind on almost every policy required to cut carbon emissions, research finds.

    “Coal must be phased out seven times faster than is now happening, deforestation must be reduced four times faster, and public transport around the world built out six times faster than at present, if the world is to avoid the worst impacts of climate breakdown, new research has found.”

    “One Huge Contradiction Is Undoing Our Best Climate Efforts.

    “The world is still using more energy each year, our consumption ticking ever upward, swallowing any gains made by renewable energy. Emissions are still rising—more slowly than they used to but, nonetheless, rising… And so we are now in climate purgatory.”


    We are watching the same US policy repeated over and over.

    “The only good __________, is a dead one!”


    Journalists are paid to not know.

    You will go broke if you invest thinking there is a free market.


    Just another ritual humiliation chapter of: They Want You Dead (TWYD)

    EMFs Destroy Sperm Count


    Like the Soup Nazi paraphrases:

    No more babies for you!

    Ouch for the Patriarchy!

    Shooting blanks, is that something you have to disclose on your online dating App profile?

    Mean sperm counts in men around the world have dropped by 51.6% over the past 50 years. Total sperm counts (TSC) are down by 62.3%, and the decline is accelerating

    • An environmental factor that might play a significant role in this trend is electromagnetic field (EMF) exposures from wireless technologies, also referred to as electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or radiofrequency EMF (RF-EMF)

    • Recent research found that men who used their cellphones more than 20 times a day had significantly lower sperm concentrations and total sperm counts (TSC) than those who only used them once a week or less, placing them at a 30% increased risk for having sperm concentration below the reference value for fertile men, and a 21% increased risk for having TSC below the fertile range

    • Previous studies have linked EMR from cellphones to an 8.1% reduction in sperm motility and a 9.1% reduction in sperm viability, as well as significantly higher rates of DNA fragmentation

    • Wi-Fi-equipped laptop computers have been linked to decreased sperm motility and an increase in sperm DNA fragmentation after just four hours of use

    Imagine potential dates asking for certified proof of your sperm count (SC) AND how many Cllotshots you so stupidly got.


    Glad I’m to old for dating!



    The shift in focus.

    Will Hezbollah and Iran be sucked into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by Israel’s ongoing massacre of Palestinians?

    A false flag attack that provides excuse and support for a US/Israeli attack on Syria, Lebanon and Iran?

    What else is the purpose of the rapidly assembled large US military force in the Middle East?

    Will the Muslim world accept its designation as a dispensable life form and collapse in impotence?

    Al Jazeera has a lot of shorts reports on youtube.

    Israeli troops entered the hospital courtyard with their tanks. The hospital has been under siege for four days with no food, water, fuel entering. Israeli troops shot at anyone trying to leave. Now they have stormed the hospital although there is nobody there with arms to resist. Just doctors, patients and people sheltering there.

    Emergency Supervisor at Al-Shifa Medical Complex tells Al Jazeera:

    Missiles vs slingshots – “no possibility” for a ceasefire in Gaza
    Missiles vs frozen snowballs in Ukraine
    • House Funding Bill Passes Thanks To Democrats, Averting Gov’t Shutdown (ZH)

    Next for USA – Chose your war/battle, that you want to finance with money you don’t have – Ukraine, Israel, or the border.

    Mr. House

    No one cares about carbon emissions, please go over to naked capitalism where you’ll be welcomed with arms wide open. Also get your booster shot and do your part to end global warming 😉


    Under the rule of law there is no genocide or ethnic cleansing occurring because the victims have no rights!


    “Story of Greta” from the humble beginning.


    Dr D –
    Nice rant on “patriarchy.”
    I’ve always found that many men are supportive of women and their ideas and desires. There are always a few blockheads out there…but they are not necessarily male and usually have blockhead ideas in many areas.
    Every society has traditions and some of them are bone-headed and some members of every society push against bone-headed traditions.
    (I could probably carry on this “head” pun for a while…but today’s list is long and I need to be starting it.)


    kultsommer from yesterday

    I am not trying to dispute the wishful thinking of USSR, but how in the world they would do that?

    me from yesterday

    How could they possibly have the money for an espionage system?

    kultsommer from yesterday

    Jb Papa kultsomer is talking about influence. Espionage is easy staff.
    Since when such a massive prize of their system? Fits the narrative?

    well, Little Baby Kultsommer, I will lean way down and extend my hand to you, so you can grasp onto one of my fingers with your tiny hand and I can help you stand on your shaking legs and then I will help you, lead you, in your first baby steps towards an understanding of the communist movement in the united states.

    (anytime you want to stop injecting contentless reframes and imagery evocations into every interaction, you can… you see how that works – obviously it is why you do it – and you can stop when you want)

    Your strawman is that somehow the USSR singlehandedly would create a communist movement from scratch, imply that they had no means, then knock it down.

    The first fallacy is that the USSR had no means to wage an espionage war. The second is to imply that they did not when they actually did. The third would be to imply that they wouldn’t wage one on the basis of ideology or using demoralization as outlined by others here yesterday.

    Communists, act on their own stated precepts and tactics? That’s crazy. Like, if people have crazy beliefs and tactics, then it is impossible that they are acting on them. If there is any empirical evidence, then we must close our eyes, as we must not think someone is doing something crazy? WE would be the only crazy ones? Or something?

    Anyway, it’s another fallacy to think of the communist movement in america as a cold-war phenomenon. The communist movement in america PRECEDES the bolshevik revolution. This is why “but how could the USSR possibly wage ideological espionage war?” is like a russian doll of strawman arguments.

    When we think of The Red Scare, we think of the one with McCarthy in the cold war. But there were at least two Red Scares in the US before the Bolshevik Revolution.

    Anyone who knows a little history of communism in america knows there was a network of communists in america already. Jack London – 1800’s writer – openly talks about their existence how they function, in some of his books. From the point of view of a member as opposed to mere sympathizer. Are communists conspiracy theorists of communism now?

    As the internationalist version of socialism as opposed to the nationalist version of socialism, they, much like the Catholic church – no accident I am sure – did look to Moscow for leadership once the first real people’s nation was born. As a result of the Molotov-Ribbentrop treaty, Stalin ordered US communists to be isolationist. Obedient to the Komintern, they were actively so.

    Coincidentally, all those communist cells, labor unions, newspapers etc all turned anti-isolationist and heatedly pro-interventionist shortly after Operation Barbarrossa. We need to get involved! We must send aid to the USSR! Join the war! ****cOsMiC cOiNcIdEnCe****

    But anyway, to the objective, reasonable onlooker in possession of common sense, how does it look to them that kultsommer somehow maintains a total ignorance of current and past marxism in the West WHILE consistently coming to its defense? Such ignorance being the BASIS for vague counterarguments? Do you defend marxism cause you don’t know nuthin bout nuthin, living under a rock, never read the news or a history book? Very Interested/Not At All Interested, a heisenberg anti-anti-communist?


    Greta is a Tool

    She is not a kid anymore and as such, is committing eco-terrorism, eco-genocide as an ‘adult’ while ironically virtue signaling her hypocrisy about flying all over the world in pirvate (pirate) jets spewing more co2 in a year than 100,000 third worlders do in a year.

    Go suck on an exhaust pipe Twat, the world will be a better place without you.

    Remember at the end of the day, it’s all bullshit.



    RE: boulder, it’s a glacial erratic. Falls off a mountainside onto a glacier, rides the glacier to ablation, and settles on whatever. I saw one about 3m in dia on the Matthes Glacier that was ‘burrowing’ through absorbing the day’s heat and melting itself into the ice…new arrival from above!

    Glacial Erratics, Bishop Creek CA


    how can you tell if a communist or a capitalist murdered your child? askin fer a friend

    Whew!!! This white man’s burden deal is bowin ma knees
    Makin the World Safe from Makin the World Safe

    ever read Paine – Agrarian Justice? a communist fer sure what with Rights of Man an such
    jb-hb – this is from the bottom of my heart – practice safe sex


    > Oroboros. Re. Greta.

    Afaik, there was a competition organised in Sweden, through an essay input from ‘all high schools’, the theme was (not exact words), for Ecology, Green Initiatives, that kind of thing. Who organised that Idk exactly and won’t speculate about.

    The 5 or so (?) winners all refused to play the role of young person who would devote their life to be some media emblem, giving up whatever they wanted to do (be a great cook, build boats, be a Dr., whatever.) Digging all that up would be hard, so just my recall…

    So the Committee turned to the runners-up and found ! Greta !

    Her mom is a star, an Opera singer, a pop singer, Malena Ernman. She has been / is (idk) the official SINGER of the Gvmt. She has competed in Eurovision.

    Her father Svante Thunberg, is an actor, filmaker, etc.

    Her sister (younger than her) Beata Ernman / Thunberg has a different career. Just one link, mild..

    Her internet presence as a minor, under 18 …. hmm, can’t be posted by me.

    Michael Reid

    Mario Bojić: EU Tyranny, Globalism, WW3…I’m Not Afraid of the Future!

    Host of the Mario Zna Podcast in Serbia Mario Bojić discusses the tyranny of the EU,
    the tyranny of globalism, and how Serbia is the loudest anti-globalist nation in Europe.
    He feels many people are learning the truth and that Croats, Serbs,
    and others are coming together and getting a picture of the true enemy.
    He talks about the advance of the Algorithm Ghetto
    and believes it would take 200 years to implement in places like Serbia.
    Washington opened the gates of hell in 1999 and that’s when WW3 began.
    He expects the deep state to do something crazy in America during the election year.
    He is not afraid of the future!

    Mario Bojić: EU Tyranny, Globalism, WW3…I’m Not Afraid of the Future!


    Do you guys see ads on TAE, or is that just me?



    The hospital has been converted into an IDF military base, with Palestinian civilians, doctors and others as human shields?


    Yes, mine are small, on the bottom.


    jb-hb – this is from the bottom of my heart – practice safe sex

    roger. Message received that you had nothing of substance to say to me, but wanted to emit something “pragmatic”

    It is very annoying when people do non-discussion, type words to DO things rather than say things. On a discussion forum. Words mean things, and they mean things for the purpose of communication.

    Israel-Gaza war in maps and charts: Live Tracker
    The latest death toll stands at 11,423 Palestinians and at least 1,200 people killed in Israel since October 7.
    14 Nov 2023
    06:43 AM (GMT)

    On average, Israeli attacks have killed 320 people every day in Gaza since October 7.


    Killed: At least 11,240
    Including at least:
    4,630 children
    3,130 women
    Injured: At least 27,490
    Including at least:
    8,663 children

    Occupied West Bank

    Killed: At least 183
    Including 44 children and one woman
    Injured: More than 2,400


    Killed: At least 1,200
    Injured: At least 5,600

    The figures have been reported by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Palestine Red Crescent Society and Israeli Medical Services.

    However, places of shelter and medical care have also not been free from Israeli attacks.

    198 medical staff have now been killed, and 87 ambulances damaged.
    21 out of 35 hospitals are out of service in Gaza, and 51 out of 72 primary medical care facilities are out of operation.


    Ilargi- I am seeing ads on TAE when I view it on Safari, but not on Brave.


    Before I start let me check through the window. Yep, No Lada, no Moskich or god -forbid Trabant parked on the street.
    Hope that you do understand that it is not about the cars.
    You sound like Hillary with not quite “Russian collusion” but pretty close.
    If it wasn’t for the war in Ukraine you would hear a collective muffled sound of uncontrollable laughter from the entire Eastern Europe as what your thoughts and writing are about.


    Before I start let me check through the window. Yep, No Lada, no Moskich or god -forbid Trabant parked on the street.
    Hope that you do understand that it is not about the cars.

    But do you?

    Look at academia, K-Phd, where Frankfurt School ideas from Marxist Sociology Professors Who Hate You (MSPWHY) are mainstreamed, fisher-priced to whatever degree is needed for the age group. BLM and Antifa both profess current year marxism, brag openly of being marxists. City governments stood down for them, played favorites for them, etc. The marxist creeds got put into every corporate HR in america via Ibrahim X Kendri – the one who says the solution is a Soviet Government – and Robin Die, Anglo. Most countries are moving towards a new global Holodomor based on Marxism ported to environmentalism. (see AFKTT) The increase in deaths of despair are directly related to the ideology being promulgated. Competency is becoming a crisis due to the “education” results from this ideology.

    Apparently you’re not one of the millions of americans who received mandatory marxist training to keep their jobs. The ideas presented are EXACTLY those from the Frankfurt School, dumbed down as needed. Remember when critical theory was going to be outlawed in schools, teachers scoffed Nothing Is Happening, oh ok then you won’t mind if we— NOOO you cannot remove it from schools.

    Are you living under a rock, man? I’m just giving examples.

    You sound like Hillary with not quite “Russian collusion” but pretty close.

    You mean the Hillary that was disciple of communist Saul Alinsky, author of Rules for Radicals and gave away the farm to China? That Hillary? Do you have no shame?

    Why all the gaslighting – nothing is happening, ho-ho, you have no grip on reality? Will you at least discuss actual reality that regular people are having to live in please? If you are retired, don’t watch the news, don’t consume current entertainment, and aren’t accountable to a corporate employer, and aren’t running afoul of wokeist corporate or government entities I am happy for you that you got yours, but still.

    If it wasn’t for the war in Ukraine you would hear a collective muffled sound of uncontrollable laughter from the entire Eastern Europe as what your thoughts and writing are about.

    perhaps you’d enjoy this youtube channel – a Romanian commenting on current year marxism in america- he’s quite funny and entertaining to boot

    Before I start let me check through the window. Yep, No Lada, no Moskich or god -forbid Trabant parked on the street.

    You’re still doing the 2020 election You Have No Standing argument.

    During voting, did you notice something wrong? There’s no election result to dispute, you have no standing.

    Now that we have election results, sorry, it’s too late. You have no standing – and you’d be an election denier.

    If we took you back in time to the eve of Maoist China or Bolshevik Russia, if you encountered people complaining about Marxist things increasingly happening, you could argue to THEM that they had no standing because, look around, there are no Ladas, Moskiches, or Trabants outside yet.

    And once they are, sorry, you have no standing. (certainly it is too late to go through authorities in your own country) and besides, questioning the result of all that leading-up-to marxist stuff would, at this point, be counterrevolutionary.


    @Michael Reid
    Thanks for the post.
    I do not know about Croats and Serbs “coming together” in general,but hey one can dream.
    Recently returned from the trip in Serbia. Talking about harvest fests in towns with large stands presenting jar preserves of home made food of all kinds, honey, spirits and wine offer themselves like maiden breasts, so my local version of “cinnamon scented pine cones is all that there is to it”, here in So Cal, pales in compassion.
    Country is awash with explosion of ethno-tourism where ex-pats and local, even university graduate professionals, are returning to land and turning to raising animals and healthy food products. Large scale crop farming is not “their thing”
    to be clear.
    Chance to implement control of people via digital currency or other means is minuscule since “we are poor country still in development” works wonders in their case.
    Country has no “tent cities”, that I suspect is in entire Eastern Europe. Reward for the suffering under the different regime.
    Even with minim 300 Euro salaries people have tax-free fully owned homes and apartments that allows them to get by just fine.


    If it wasn’t for the war in Ukraine you would hear a collective muffled sound of uncontrollable laughter from the entire Eastern Europe as what your thoughts and writing are about.

    Your theory is that the USSR still exists and that we are trapped in it. That’s you man. YES they will laugh… at you.

    They aren’t laughing at anything well-covered by, for instance James Lindsey, or Pluckrose, or Gaad Sad, or Benjamin Boyce, or any other number of people who can help you become informed, or even just look out the window at not-USSR marxism once in awhile.


    This is fun!

    We need to get involved! We must send aid to the USSR! Join the war! ****cOsMiC cOiNcIdEnCe****

    Than there is Regan with “Tear down this wall Mr G!” – So we can (finally) join together?
    What was the arms race to destroy USSR all about?
    Why Cuba embargo?
    Why Venezuela is not popular when under Maduro?
    War in North Korea? Even I am at awe that fatso rooster had American president come to his feet to shake hands!


    The Power Behind the Game of Thrones


    Michael Reid

    common ethical standards,
    and civil institutions are what make a society livable.

    When they disintegrate, you’re looking at chaos.

    It can happen anywhere.

    Civilization is a relatively thin veneer in a Hobbesian world.

    In the US, it’s happening because the society’s institutions have been captured
    by Woke, collectivist, busybody, and Statist philosophies.

    Doug Casey on the Collapse of Trust in American Institutions


    Speaking of a collapse in basic manners and civility, I thoroughly enjoy seeing dickwads misbehaving in public places getting the snot punch out of them.

    Bravo to the restaurant employee


    kultsommer – you’re arguing-by-amnesia again.


    kultsomer is talking about influence. Espionage is easy staff.
    Since when such a massive prize of their system? Fits the narrative?

    then I explained to you today #146738 that there was a communist movement in the US going back to the 1800’s.

    One result being exercising support for isolationism during WW2, but swinging around to sending aid to the USSR and interventionism after the German invasion of Russia

    Remember again YOUR thesis is an idea of the USSR somehow suddenly bringing larger influence beyond espionage and that being impossible.

    Then you are replying saying, but there was diplomatic relations with the USSR? As a rebuttal to my rebuttal of cultural/institutional influence? You give the distinct impression of changing the subject and hoping everyone forgets.

    And again, how is it that you don’t know any of that stuff – and you can even forget posts made the same day. As support for the latest argument. Very Interested/Totally Uninterested. heisenberg anti-anti-communist.

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