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    The plot thickens: ivermectin inhibits HIV

    How did I come across this you ask? Because my kitty cat has the cat version of hiv and I am treating him with ivermectin.



    I’ve looked in to it. Should have started years ago.

    those darned kids

    @ Germ
    Merck’s $3 per tablet?

    How about 200 tabs for $10 = ¢5 per tablet.

    The power of ‘Off-Patent’!

    I’m not a robot ….. I want that link…… I want to order that ….. I want to have my friend survive with me.
    Please …..


    Dr. Thomas Menges’ manner of death is as useful for suicide as for murder.

    SUicide tendsw to happen abruptily even if a person has pondered it for days, and one tends not to trust oneself to deliver a proper coup de grace to oneself: one tends to flinch at the decisive moment.

    Hence the preference for point-blank gunshots and leaps from tall buildings.

    What’s curious is that yesterday virtually no mainstream news reports of his death are offered by google. Instead it offers gobs of alt-news sites, either proclaiming it was suicide or warning readers beware of an allegedly phony suicide note per Dr. Jengle’s death.

    Much noodling at last yielded this, dated Nov 2 2021:

    which yields this:

    ““It was with great dismay that I have just heard of the tragic death of Dr. Thomas Jendges, the managing director of our clinic, “said Chemnitz ‘Lord Mayor Sven Schulze on Tuesday on the city’s website.” Yesterday evening we talked about the difficult Corona situation for a long time. I am deeply affected and my thoughts and deepest compassion are with his family and friends in these minutes. “

    “According to initial findings, the death is a suicide.

    “The Mayor of Chemnitz also said: “We will now speak to all those responsible in the clinic so as not to leave them alone in the already difficult situation. I will announce all other things in due course.”

    “Thomas Jendges leaves behind a wife and a 14-year-old son.

    “Usually reports the Heilbronn voice not about suicides. However, since it is a public figure, we decided to report on it.

    The usual ‘bot translation caveat applies.

    Mr. House

    We’re all in this together!


    …..did you actually read that whole link? Sounds very pragmatic( which I appreciate) AND inconclusive to me. Course it was posted by your pal so it doesn’t require actually reading it cuz he’s a science guru and you believe and are enamored to his view? Your such a dick. Post your info without the talking down and your *view* might get more consideration Why are you on here? Saving us from ourselves? You hate us….you want us to DIE from our STUPIDITY right? From about 50% chance (from your link) that ivermectin might work or not? ………..Do you believe in anything? Pick your poison or your cure…hard to tell in the short term.

    It does not matter that I (or my ancestors)understand the mechanism that sustained my gene line. It only matters that it has worked. Skepticism has worked pretty good so fucking far.

    Doc Robinson

    sumac.carol: “it is pretty easy to see a number of reasons why there would be differences between the groups in addition to vax status”

    Yes, here a couple potential reasons, off the top of my head:

    1. The unvaxxed might be more likely to self-treat and stay away from medical facilities as much as possible, leading to higher degrees of illness in those who do come in for testing.

    2. The vaxxed might be more likely to stay away from crowded situations where the virus could spread.

    Veracious Poet

    Second time today a post I made failed to make it on the site…WTH?

    Veracious Poet

    (OK, let’s break the post in two)

    Me thinks the real issue of Vaxxed/Unvaxxed in COVID casualties is often that the jabbed rates are 70% vs. a much smaller pool of the control group, which of course would skew it towards those injected with the highly ineffective koolaid.

    The more important number/percentage going forward is the rise in non-COVID related casualties among the vaxxed vs. unvaxxed compared to historical numbers (ADE, Heart disease, Organ disease, Dementia, et al.)…

    THAT is what is disturbing, it also appears the DEATH vax will disable/kill MANY on an increasing basis.

    And it also seems apparent that those that received low dose mRNA to date will be boosted until they too become part of the big pharma massacre…

    Conspiracy theory is becoming conspiracy FACT.

    those darned kids

    vp~g: when i first appeared here, i had many problems with disappearing posts. long posts, especially with many links tended to go poof! thankfully monsieur raúl stepped in and pulled me out of the wormpress wilderness.

    Veracious Poet

    I have never seen an issue like this, I did have an issue with editing posts, but I figured it out…

    Seems like if I attach anything the whole post disappears, never had that problemo before.

    EDIT: Oops! Looks like someone else’s post disappeared between us 😐

    It’s definitely not just me…

    those darned kids

    i bet bender is eating them.

    Veracious Poet

    Just ate another one, looks like Bender is hungry!

    TAE Summary

    @John Day

    Vielen Dank. Was bedeudet das?

    It was in honor of Bundesländer mit hoher Impfquote haben höchste Übersterblichkeit

    The vaccinated die more often
    The vaccines weren’t advertised that way
    Still the government scolds
    “Get vaccinated today!”
    Our trust in them is corrupted

    It sounded better Auf Deutsch.
    I figured Raoul could probably read it.
    Here’s one Auf Englisch for you.

    The fossil fuel truth’s never told.
    The future of oil’s oversold.
    The easy stuff’s gone
    And fracking’s a con.
    Go green! (Geez, I’m hungry and cold.)

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