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    Climate: There’s no emergency.


    There is a huge amount here, including critique of the fake ‘vaccines’ the illegal nature of the mandates, the huge matter of those injured by the fake jabs, the fake nature of money, the secrecy of government contracts etc.

    V. Arnold

    From the Greanville Post;

    In the US, voting is the adult version of writing a letter to Santa.


    I was curious about the short headline ‘Ode for Adrian Orr’- and was very surprised that the mainstream media censors had allowed this to get through:

    ‘It had been hard times for the serfs.

    For long seasons they toiled in obscurity.

    The plague ravaged them,

    and their mud hovels cost a million shekels;

    now the usurers and moneylenders

    raised interest rates on their crushing debts

    to a startling figure none could count on their fingers.

    and sent them to Queens Landing.

    They arrived in the fresh clear air of dawn,

    and went straight to the Palace.

    The Red Empress came out to the balcony

    and waved; and said,

    “Let them eat kindness”

    and pulled down the shutters.

    Across the Town Square, from the penthouse suite

    of the twelve story Castle of Koru,

    Baron Luxon waved to the serfs too.

    And the Baron shouteth down to the serfs,

    “Get back home and get your kids down the mines

    you slovenly plebs! No excuses!”

    So the delegates trudged along the boulevards

    and came to the Reserve Bank.

    Here Soothsayers read the entrails of chickens

    and foresaw whether next year

    would bring feast or famine.

    “O Sorcerers,” begged the weary serfs,

    “Why cannot we afford a crust of hard bread?”

    And Head Necromancer Adrian replied

    “Lo, the fault lies not in the stars, muddy serfs!

    It lies in your inflationary expenditure and hefty wages.

    YOU are to blame!”

    One of the young serfs went pale

    and protesteth to the Witchdoctors:

    “I have been working in the fields

    all year to pay for my million shekel mud hovel!”

    And the Economic Wizards glared and replieth

    “Lo, you are working too much!

    Stop working and stop buying stuff!”

    The young serf was most vexed

    and pressed on. “Sirs, just this last season

    I was without work. I worked not!

    Then the merchants told me I was a lazy bludging oaf!”

    Adrian and his Prestidigitators turned back

    to their prognostications, and shook their learned heads;

    for how could a simple clod like this

    grasp the nuanced complexities of chicken entrails?

    Thus the hour grew late in Queens Landing,

    and the delegation of serfs grew tired;

    for they were used to early starts

    and wailing babes in the small hours.

    They slowly wandered through the dusky streets

    back to their mean quarters,

    but as they passed by the fine emporiums

    and parfumeries and lawyers and money lenders,

    they heard merry sounds of carousing

    and good cheer.

    And there behind the steamy glass windows

    of a select restaurant, they saw

    a grand Christmas Party taking place,

    and the serfs counted:

    Nine corporate economists with hot takes,

    eight CEOs demanding cheap overseas labour,

    seven public sector managers in tinsel elf hats,

    six jolly bankers from ANZ with Sir John Key,

    five talk radio blowhards listening to their own voice,

    four Opposition members tucking into turkey,

    three Ministers slugging back the Shiraz,

    two Party Leaders throwing cutlery,

    a Reserve Bank Pharisee in a pear tree:

    and not one soul amongst them

    seemed to be concerned about the effect

    on inflation.’

    Orr being the central bank governor, the Red Queen being the Scorpion, Luxon being the current leader of the non-opposition-but we-don’t-mind-taking-over-when-you-have-done-enough-looting, Key being the previous professional liar occupying the position of PM.




    No soulless robot you! You certainly attract us, and we’re definitely crazies☺
    Hogwash aside…several weeks back you recommended a book on Putin by M.S.King and we really appreciated the read.
    When time allows we’ll track down Firebird
    Also, have you found an answer to your billion dollar question? We found this from a couple of days ago, reported in the BMJ, quite interesting. You can detect as may be expected from the Brits, some bias and overtones of possible exaggeration or downright BS. But even so, it leads one to believe that Russia, having more important things to tend to, has moved on and is treating the ongoing covid plandemic as nothing more than hogwash.

    BTW! We just got a Russian penpal on Slowly. 81 days of Russian lessons on Duolingo bearing fruit 🙂

    For all music lovers, even Bill7 if he can put Palestrina, or was it Monteverdi aside briefly. Here is a recent video of the Russian Youth Orchestra playing well known Russian tunes, and obviously enjoying their music making. Viewing the comments, people the world over couldn’t get enough love and appreciation out to them. Music transcends borders and war.


    “From the Greanville Post;

    In the US, voting is the adult version of writing a letter to Santa.”


    THe season is officially begun. THe malls have opened yet one more year without requiring human sacrifice, and many have bought their new, artificially colored Xmas trees:

    A woman was driving pastthe farm when she spied a purple tree among the traditional green varieties. So she stopped to take a photo and send along to her cousin, who loves the color purple.

    That prompted the question, how does the tree turn purple?

    She concocted a story, saying a special snail that only lives in Naples used to ingest the tannins from grapes that drop on the ground and then excrete the byproduct into the ground, which in turn leeches into the tree roots and gives the trees their purple color.

    David Hanggi, co-owner of the family farm, said she put it on Facebook and the story went viral.

    “That’s of course a joke and not really what happened. It’s a great story,” Hanggi said. “I took care of that girl when she came down to get her tree that year because our business exploded even more because of it.”

    “It scared the bejeebers out of me, and so I went out and bought a lot more paint and painted a lot more trees,” Hanggi said.

    The malls show no mercy when it comes to Xmas music and neither do I:

    Silent Night


    Thank you SeaBirds. Awesome handle, btw. Russian choral is in a world of its own, deep deep down in the bowels of a multi-minareted church built over a giant cedar tree growing from a cavern of vodka-enhanced basses and altos. Dark rye to Western Europe’s lighter white bread.


    ‘More than half the nation is in total darkness and the comparison to neighboring countries is stark. For the majority of the war Ukraine enjoyed near full use of their power grid, internet, water, gas, and other amenities, which is highly unusual during an invasion. The reasons for Vladimir Putin seeking to avoid damage to infrastructure are unknown, but public optics are the most likely explanation. With power resources nearly destroyed, the citizenry of Ukraine is facing a long cold winter with little to no relief in sight.

    No doubt the media will portray this as a cold weather holocaust, though, elimination of infrastructure is usually the first measure of a large scale attack. It is standard operating procedure for the US military, for example. At this point, the coldest temperatures have yet to hit Ukraine, with average lows of 21°F (-6°C) in December. This kind of weather is not a problem with infrastructure intact, but with the grid down there will be chaos.

    Water pipes will freeze and bust across major population centers, leaving only well water. The effects of the cold will be cumulative, and without heating and electric most other operations including economic operations will grind to a halt. Ukraine’s population will have gone from relative comfort to brutal survival in the span of a couple months.’

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