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    Figmund Sreud

    Winter 2022/2023 Snowfall Predictions: Final Snow Forecast for the United States, Canada, and Europe from the latest data as we now head into Winter



    Kuleba’s comments come amid mounting reports that Ukraine’s backers, including a number of NATO countries, are experiencing shortages of weaponry due to their continuous support for Kiev.

    NATO will have to consider purchasing replacements from the Ukraine black market.


    Stoltenberg admitted that the citizens of Western countries are being negatively affected by the conflict in Ukraine. “Rising food and energy bills mean hard times for many households in Europe,” he said, adding, however, that Europeans “should remember that the people of Ukraine pay with their blood every day.”

    NATO made life terrible for the Ukrarinians and also made life bad for the other Europeans, but the other Europeans should be thankful that NATO did not make their lives as terrible as the Ukrainian lives, instead NATO made them bad but not terrible, so as Europeans you should be thankful to NATO.

    And the Europeans are happy with this explanation?


    Food prices in Sweden have jumped by 20% this year, while electricity bills have more than doubled, data released by the country’s Consumer Agency shows.

    As with Covid, there is a hidden hand manipulating both the food and energy markets. That hidden hand is the hand of an inept retard or of a violent oppressor, the actions of the hand suit both descriptions equally well. Looking at the results of Covid, again the hand could be the totally inept or the violent oppressor, it is difficult to distinguish. One thing is certain, the hidden hand is not trying to help anybody other than itself.


    There seems to be a shortage of some medications, like Tylenol, in the US and Canada.
    All kinds of reasons are given.
    Except for the increased illnesses the covid vaccines are causing.


    I’m not sure, myself, and wonder what flora thinks.



    Who makes all the well contoured, up-to-the-minute, carefully divisive images, for “both [heh) sides” ?

    Images abound these days, and are difficult to avoid. Remember back when one easily could choose “do not show images” on a DarpaNet browser?

    they sure do keep busy, whoever they are. #cui bono

    Dr. D

    I’ll take it up:

    England: 130,000km2 (London = 1,900) 56M ppl 430ppl/km2
    Holland: 41,000km2 18M ppl 439ppl/km2

    Okay, so England is in dramatic overshoot, but Holland with exactly the same number of people per acre is a major food exporter? Huh. I have the feeling something isn’t adding up here.

    And England has vastly more fishing and other resources, such as having locked up all their coal, which they will actively die, kill, and starve rather than use. But China will!!!

    Now as an American, I personally think they’re wildly overpopulated, but putting on the hat of a Sci-Fi writer I could double their population with no problem in pure Ecotopia. The land is being used, but not to its potential, and I bet most of their sewage is wasted. There’s no stamp of fish farms (not the desertifying ones), nor are they farming seaweed for tilth.

    Against my better judgment, I’ll even keep London instead of knocking it down for an estuary as it richly deserves!

    So how can England be OVERpopulated, but Holland, with lavish food exports be demonstrably UNDERpopulated?

    Again, the entire world population would fit in Dallas-Ft Worth (?) or versa, the entire population in Texas (sorry Texas,) would give everyone a town house and a yard.

    I was going to say before, America is so large we could probably feed Belgium with loose deer getting smashed in the suburbs where you’re not allowed to hunt. (But safely could with a bow) I don’t know how to quantify that to numbers though.

    The hunger is ENTIRELY engineered right now.


    With the obvious intent for wealthy families to take everything of value for themselves, the fragility of the corrupt Western Empire is kept hidden by corporate/state propaganda and the ruling radical autocratic neo-liberal ideology. Basically, the USA became the leading producer of petroleum by passing the costs of fracking onto the hegemon’s globalized financial system. If the costs of producing, shipping, refining, and the environmental degradation of shale oil and tar sands was paid by North Americans only and China has unfettered access to Russian lower cost energy resources, the splintering apart and the fall into a 3rd world economy is inevitable for the Western Hemisphere unless there is peace and sharing.

    The DMZ that zerosum cited at #122122 is what Russia wants and is to the west of the Dnieper River where they’ve already retreated from. This means they are planning a winter offensive to retake the lost land and Odessa to make Ukraine a rump state. The darkness from the lights being out all over Ukraine will engulf Western Europe when the energy shortages and the war come to their doorsteps.

    What corporate media and neo-liberal ideology ignore is that Russia is just as greedy, incompetent and arrogant as the West. Both Empires could care less about the well being of their subjects as shown by the USA being first and the Russian Federation fourth in the number of deaths with coronavirus. China is at 142th position.

    To keep the lights on in the West, it has to acknowledge that this is a multi-polar world again. This means the DMZ has to be put in place now on the East Bank of the Dnieper River. Otherwise, the non-stop escalation of the war will continue until the collapse of human civilization is inevitable either from a catastrophic economic/environmental failure or a global nuclear war.


    The opaque nature of this medium really stands out. The Few produce and promulgate (I like “catapult” better, really) the content; the Many consume and provide feedback (“valued comments”, heh; many or most inauthentic) to the first, small group, to be used to further hone and promote the former’s aim..

    Who shall one trust


    The Exploits of One Jeremy Price-Williams

    When faced with great boredom, Jeremy’s mind tended to begin searching for mischievous solutions to break his boredom.

    Such a fate awaited poor Jeremy during one such high school biology class.

    The biology lab had 2 water taps in each of it’s many sinks, each having an attached rubber hose.

    Bored out of his skull, Jeremy disconnected one rubber hose from one tap and then connected the adjacent tap’s rubber hose to the mouth of the first tap. He then turned both water taps full on.

    Unfortunately, for Jeremy nothing exciting happened, immediately.

    Yes, the rubber hose did expanded somewhat under the dual pressure of 2 taps.

    Yes, the rubber hose did quiver slightly, from time to time.

    Now the thing about Jeremy, is everybody in the class saw what Jeremy did. Nothing Jeremy ever did was ever overlooked by his classmates! Jeremy had a knack for effortlessly attracting his classmate’s attention at the critical moment!

    Since nothing immediately happened, the class kind of forgot about it, each dwelling in their own boredom.

    Then after about 40 more minutes of utter boredom, the rubber hose findly wiggled itself loose! Yeah!

    Needless to say that rubber hose wickedly sprayed water everywhere as the rubber hose violently whipped about to relieve it’s pent up tension!

    A rather surprised biology teacher turned around and surveyed the wet mess before saying “Jeremy Price-Williams, clean up this mess!”

    So, Jeremy dutifully left the classroom and went to the boy’s washroom.

    A few minutes later, Jeremy reappears in the classroom doorway, dragging a long length of toilet paper, for which to dry up all the water! We of course all laughed our heads off!

    Classic Jeremy, doing the totally unexpected!

    The biology teacher looks out the classroom door, and sees toilet paper lying on the hallway floor all the way from inside the boy’s washroom!

    Today now we find poor Jeremy stuck in a very boring medieval Greek history class.

    Jeremy is sitting in a desk beside one of the many classroom glass windows.

    To relieve his intense boredom, Jeremy calmly pulls a 2 inch red firecracker out of his pant pocket.

    Jeremy then proceeds to produce a match in which to light the said firecracker.

    Needless to say, all of Jeremy ‘s bored classmates have been closely watching Jeremy with more than a great deal of interest!

    What is Jeremy going to do with this live firecracker, he is currently holding in his hand, as the wick quickly burns it’s way down?

    Jeremy quickly opens the window, throws the firecracker outside onto the grass, closes the window, before returning to being his totally innocent harmless self.


    The ancient dear old lady teaching Greek history, jumped about 2 feet in the air!

    She then turns around to see an entire classroom of bore students who hadn’t heard a thing!

    Bless you Jeremy Price-Williams wherever you are today!

    I have always suspected it was the Welsh in you that drove your mischievous nature!


    Look who is carrying the news
    28 Nov, 2022 17:55

    FTX implosion claims another crypto victim
    BlockFi has become the latest casualty following the collapse of the major cryptocurrency exchange

    In the filing with the US Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Jersey, the company said it had more than 100,000 creditors, with liabilities and assets ranging from $1 billion to $10 billion.


    There are so many online Experts regarding the “War in Ukraine”- it’s impressive. I don’t know, myself.

    I wonder what’s happening in The Ukraine, and other places.

    Michael Reid

    the Universe is

    and I exist


    Knockout Blow?

    Ukraine has large underground gas facilities in the West.

    Considerably more missiles expected. Belarus too?

    Figmund Sreud

    The world ‘Map’ is accelerating its shift away from the paralysed Washington ‘hub’ – but to what? The myth that China, Russia, or the non-western world can be fully assimilated to a Western model of political society (any more than Afghanistan was) is over. So to where are we headed?

    The myth of the pull of acculturation into western post-modernity lingers on however, in the continuing western fantasy of pulling China away from Russia, and into an embrace with U.S. Big Business.

    The bigger point here is that former wounded civilisations are reasserting themselves: China and Russia – as states organised around indigenous culture – is not a new idea. Rather, it is a very old one: “Always remember that China is a civilization – and not nation-state”, Chinese officials repeat regularly.

    Nonetheless, the shift to civilisational statehood emphasised by those Chinese officials arguably is no rhetorical device but reflects something deeper and more radical. Moreover, the culture transition is gaining wide emulation across the globe. Its inherent radicalism however, is largely lost to western audiences.

    Chinese thinkers, such as Zhang Weiwei, accuse Western political ideas of being a sham; of masking their deeply partisan ideological character beneath a veneer of supposedly neutral principles. They are saying that the mounting of a universal framework of values – applicable to all societies – is finished.

    All of us must accept that we speak only for ourselves and our societies.

    The Crux of the Putin-Xi Revolution for a New World Order – Arresting the Slide to Nihilism



    The Nordstream pipelines have been out of the news for a week or two. Are they still “blowed-up”, or have
    the been “miraculously repaired” yet? Three of the four, I mean; the fourth, putatively “un-blowed-up” one providing so many convenient possibilities..

    Expert Michael Hudson said a few weeks ago:
    ” The reaction to the sabotage of three of the four Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines in four places on Monday, September 26, has focused on speculations about who did it and whether NATO will make a serious attempt to discover the answer. >> Yet instead of panic, there has been a great sigh of diplomatic relief, even calm. Disabling these pipelines ends the uncertainty and worries on the part of US/NATO diplomats << that nearly reached a crisis proportion the previous week, when large demonstrations took place in Germany calling for the sanctions to end and to commission Nord Stream 2 to resolve the energy shortage. .”

    Thanks, Mr. Hudson (who could really use a copy editor and proofreader; and possibly a new brain).

    Who shall one trust?


    @Dr. D

    I was going to say before, America is so large we could probably feed Belgium with loose deer getting smashed in the suburbs where you’re not allowed to hunt. (But safely could with a bow)

    Now you with the bow? What is this with the bow? The Indians gave that sh*t up as soon as they got their Winchesters!

    Safely? Look at accidents suffered by bowhunters. Hunting is not “safe”. Ever. That is why people do it. You want safe? I give you the internet.

    And you sir, are one of my favorite people on the internet. JHK, RIM, Dr.D.

    Did I ever tell you about the time my cousin got his index finger bitten clean through by a 5 pound feral hog? Lemme tell you.


    “Europe having No Energy and No Food gives us all Great Calm, Relief, and Peace.”

    People *listen* to this Hudson dude? Hey, not only do they listen to him, they hang on his every darpanet word.
    Here’s who *I’ll* listen to, way before him: my next-door neighbor.
    There should be a rigorous test: listen to one’s Favorite DarpaNet Expert, v listening to one’s next-door
    neighbor instead- then compare results over a bit of time.


    I’m now reading Roger Shattuck’s ‘The Banquet Years’, among other things; primarily about the avant-garde in France just before WW1. How very far we have fallen / been driven since the time Shattuck wrote this book, let alone his subjects’ time..

    The last recording I’ll mention of Ockeghem’s Requiem is the only one I have not by a primarily Anglophone group: it’s by Ensemble Organum and Marcel Peres, recorded in 1992, and sung at a lower pitch than the previous ones I’ve mentioned. I wish I could say much about right now but can’t, other than that I know more listening will be worth the effort. Easily-yielded treasures are seldom the best ones, it seems to me.

    Harmonia Mundi HMC 901441.


    While I’m ragging on Michael Hudson: why does he claim-without any evidence at all- that China and OBOR are an enlightening alternative to what’s being done to the many in the West?

    I don’t trust that dude- thanks, though. He reminds me of an alt-Joe Biden. It’s *All One Thing Now*, is my provisional take, as I said over at NC many years ago.



    Joe Jackson was trustable: there was little bullsh!t in ‘Kinda Kute’, or ‘I’m The Man’, or ‘It’s Different for Girls’.
    I think that honesty will be increasingly looked for, and valued.

    Autonomous Unit


    press the “alt key” while typing 119 or 87 on a windoze machine
    I think the ‘option key’ on macs would work too.


    It’s the end of the US Thanksgiving weekend. I’m thinking about long gone parents and especially of dad for some reason. Dad use to say, ‘If someone can’t explain in 5 minutes what his business is and why you should invest in his business in a way that makes sense to you then don’t invest.” Dad never got rich. Dad also never went broke.


    Then there’s “Gonzalo Lira”, recent prolific, curiously well-traveled darpaNet Sage..

    “Gonzalo said..” cool, go with that. I and a few others will watch, over a bit of time.


    The Huelgas Ensemble’s 1994 disc Utopia Triumphans: The Great Polyphony of the Renaissance is a really fine introduction to this music, I think, with Tallis’s Spem in Alium starting and shaping the disc to good effect.
    Wonderful singers, repertoire, and sympathetic production by Sony Vivarte, with moving neo-Renaissance cover art by Erastus Salisbury Field: The Historical Monument of the American Republic. This large-scale painting by Field is available as a print from the museum in Springfield MA, and a copy is now on a wall near me. I think of this painting as Portable Hope.


    ‘So how can England be OVERpopulated, but Holland, with lavish food exports be demonstrably UNDERpopulated?’

    Take away the imported potash, the imported phosphate, the imported ammonium nitrate or urea, take away diesel tractors and natural gas drying systems, take away the natural-gas-heated greenhouses (or electrically heated), take away fungicides, and pesticides made from oil, take away mechanical sorting and processing systems, and take away the diesel-based or electricity-based transport systems and take away the bunker-oil-powered ships, take away all the workers who are kept alive by imports of grains from overseas, and then see how much ‘lavish food’ Holland can export.

    W is working after I vacuumed the keyboard 🙂 Obviously a small chunk of something was preventing the key depressing sufficiently.

    Dammit, say some participants, hoping truth would be silenced.


    Tell us what to do, AFKTT: you’re clearly, clearly the expert. So many words! So much expertise! 😉

    What I will do for now is tend my little garden, work on fitness, and pay attention to the rest of nature.


    Here’s how Varoufakis sees it:

    “..Musk is perhaps the only tech lord who had been watching the triumphant march of this new techno-feudalism helplessly from the sidelines. His Tesla car company uses the cloud cleverly to turn its cars into nodes on a digital network that generates big data and ties drivers to Musk’s systems. His SpaceX rocket company, and its flock of low-orbit satellites now littering our planet’s periphery, contributes significantly to the development of other moguls’ cloud capital. But Musk? Frustratingly for the business world’s enfant terrible, he lacked a gateway to the gigantic rewards cloud capital can furnish. Until now: Twitter could be that missing gateway. .”

    Poor, “helpless” Elon Mush, according to Varoufakis. I wonder who ghost-writes this stuff for them [both] ..



    If you have not already done so, ‘Get out of Dodge’ fast. Any and every conurbation of more than 50,000 people will become a death trap in the near future. (I left Orcland, population now approaching 2 million, in 2006, when it became abundantly clear to me that the various city councils within Greater Auckland were intent on increasing the population and increasing consumerism and increasing fossil-fuel-dependence at the expense of everything else. I shifted to a small provincial city with a good hinterland of productive farmland and excellent water availability (Taranaki).

    As with the Orcs in Orcland, the Orcs at NPDC were intent on increasing the population and increasing consumerism and increasing fossil-fuel-dependence at the expense of everything else.

    I shifted to the present location, as small village in the South Island with adequate water supplies, where the local Crime and Deceit Organisations (otherwise known as the District and Regional Councils) are fully committed to increasing the population and increasing consumerism and increasing fossil-fuel-dependence at the expense of everything else.

    The big difference is that there is still a lot of undeveloped land, and time and energy have almost completely run out for the local Orcs to get much more destruction done before it all implodes.

    Go back to the 20 point check list posted on TAE and added to by one participant) a few weeks ago when you are in a suitable location. Ensure you have complied with or are well on the way to complying with that check list.

    I’m not the only one following the principles of disengagement from the collapsing system and strengthening of self-reliance based on Permaculture concepts. I’m just a bit more vocal than some.

    If you have not yet viewed it, ‘Arithmetic, Population and Energy’ by Albert Bartlett is essential viewing.

    “That which is unsustainable cannot be sustained.”


    I’m not in Dodge City, friend: the largest population for a more than a hunded miles is 35k humans, and the water supply is OK-. My neighbors are good, and that’s worth more than the rest. Here are some of them:


    AFKTT said

    Whether you call the 60 million extra people above the carrying capacity of the land in England overshoot or not is purely a matter of semantics.

    Indeed not. Using the term overshoot requires a target value which is to be overshot. When it comes to populations, who decides on that target and what pre-conditions do they set? You seem to imply that people should not be allowed to import or export food or energy into a country as one of your rules. Why do you require that pre-condition to your target value? Humans were given brains which means we can all live on the beach if we want to AND import food and energy at the same time. Why would you discount this ability when setting a target value for population?


    This feller Michel Junod made the best longboard I’ve ever ridden:

    A 9’2″, originally made with some kind of tri-fin setup, then wisely converted to a single fin.
    Lots of rocker, and I guess it was in the right places.


    we all need the rocker in the rite places


    AFKTT said

    Dammit, say some participants, hoping truth would be silenced.

    Hallelujah! USA has Anthony “The Science ™” Fauci, TAE has “The Truth ™” AFKTT.


    Bill7 said

    A 9’2″, originally made with some kind of tri-fin setup, then wisely converted to a single fin.

    Thrusters are for the twisty 2m aerials that you used to do as a kid. Those were the days.

    Dr. D

    Yes no hunting is safe. Not sure how else to express it, as you’re not going to use a Pennsylvania 30-30 throughout Greater Philadelphia hunting deer, and I know they’ve already allowed bow hunting in some pockets of cities because of the dangerous, overwhelming population. –The deer are killing the people, not the other way ’round! What else do you do? Run them down on foot?

    AFKTT, ah, quite the opposite. People per acre increases yields a lot with their time and attention. Fields only run on fertilizer because that’s easier for machines; it’s worse for the soil, and it this point becoming worse for profits. Were you around when I did a long essay on this amazing invention called “cows”? It’s this fertilizer you can EAT. They have erased one half of production from the old system.

    …But it would all have to change. Far too fast. Dangerous, and no joke, it would be the gravest process change since the Home Front, 1939, and I honestly can’t say if you could support all 60 million. Probably you could, if you did it you’d wonder why nobody bothered before, but it would take a lot of lead time, conversion cost, and new invention. Maybe 70 years? I know THEY don’t think so, because the British government is mass-murdering Britons as fast as they can. They are doing this while DOING NOTHING. Changing nothing in farming, even though we have near-100 years of knowledge that isn’t being applied right now. We are applying not “best practices”, overall, but specifically in terms of oil they are 30 years aware will run short, but “worst practices”. They are still importing immigrants, fast as they can, while murdering natives.

    …Sounds like the age of Colonialism.

    I can’t say we’ll fail when nobody’s lifted a finger yet. Everyone fails if they refuse to try.

    As you say, what we CAN do is very different from what Uk-land or Orc-land is GOING to do. Unf we now know what they’re GOING to do: murder everyone and take their stuff. Because they already did it.

    Hmmm. That seems to suggest a security solution, not a agricultural one.

    D Benton Smith

    It’s been asked recently (and fairly often) “Who can you trust?”

    Well the the important ancillary (but unstated) question of ‘what information’ can you trust is a bit tricky, but as for the ‘who’ that’s an easy one. Trust those who trust you.

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