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    The Tucker – Bannon interview of Ireland is interesting because the wave of immigrants pouring into Ireland, almost all of them ‘on the dole’, not working but sponging off the Native Irish taxpayer, is because Irish ‘woke’ politicians are by far the most corrupt in Eurotardistan and have sold out their own constituents for outright bribes from the Eurotard bureaucrats to stuff Ireland full of immigrants.

    It’s bribery and the Irish Pathocrats© are trying to label any pushback of the treasonous treachery regarding immigration as ‘hate speech’.

    Typical projection, typical psychopathic hypocrisy by Ireland’s ‘leadership’ cabal.

    Bannon tells Tucker the Irish working class both rural and urban are fed up. They are baring getting by and then have to put up with immigrants on the dole, no questions asked, if you do ask, you’re racist.

    Phuck that lads

    String them up


    Veracious Poet



    on a lighter note:

    The revolution will not be right back after a message about a white tornado,
    white lightning, or white people
    You will not have to worry about a dove in your bedroom, the tiger in your tank,
    or the giant in your toilet bowl
    The revolution will not go better with Coke
    The revolution will not fight germs that may cause bad breath
    The revolution will put you in the driver’s seat

    The revolution will not be televised
    Will not be televised
    Will not be televised
    Will not be televised
    The revolution will be no re-run, brothers
    The revolution will be live – Gil Scott Heron – 1970


    Houston Lawyer Charged With Smuggling Drugs Into Jail On Ecstasy-Saturated Legal Papers

    Lawyers, lying for a living, ya gotta love them!


    Duh’mericas ‘legal system’ hits a new low.

    “A Houston attorney, Ronald Lewis, 77, is facing criminal charges over an allegation that he brought drug-laced papers into a jail that later caused the death of two inmates.

    Lewis is currently facing two charges of having a banned substance in a correctional facility.

    However, it is possible, if not likely, that additional charges will be brought later.

    Drugs are often smuggled into prison on papers.

    In the classic case, a page or a word in a book is saturated in a drug like LSD or Ecstasy and the inmates told about the spot. It is then digested or sold in the prison.

    Lewis, a retired lawyer, is accused of saturating whole pages (marked as legal papers) with ecstasy and synthetic marijuana.

    The material was brought into the Houston County Jail.

    According to police, the sheets could sell for between $200 and $500 a sheet.

    I love the ENTREPRENEURIAL capitalism exhibited by this lawyer.


    A socialist lawyer would never have been this clever!

    High five Brother!

    Don’t let “The Man” grind you down!



    You are a cowards, you know you are a cowards, you are afraid of insulting the Jews because you are afraid of them. As with any undisciplined group, your ignoring the bad behaviour of the Jews simply encourages them to get worse, pushing their bad behaviour even further into the realms of the unimaginable; there is nothing they cannot get away with, even the daily massacre of children on TV is now acceptable, because they are Jews and we do not discipline or criticise the Jews because you are afraid of being seen as anti-semitic.

    Read more about your problem here …


    Gil Scott-Heron interview

    Died at 62 from drug related issues

    He was a genius

    Gil Scott-Heron – ‘I’m New Here’


    Soros, the Satanic Monster

    Elon Musk believes George Soros at a fundamental level hates Humanity with all his might.

    Hates Humanity.

    And he looked for the most value in bribery of public elections.

    The best level of bribery for Soros is local district attorneys, far more influential then presidential races.

    I’d lower Soros into an industrial wood chipper so I could hear his shreiks before the rest of him turns into a pink mist.

    But that’s just me, dreaming of actual justice….



    Veracious Poet


    If one has no debt, as in zero debt; then the bankers have no hold on that one…

    That is one of the dumbest projections I’ve ever read on TAE 😐

    I wonder how much “debt” the avg. Holocaust victim or the poor Vietnamese, Iraqi, Ukrainian, Palestinian ad insaniam letalis “held” when they were slaughtered in banker fabricated/financed UniParty GlobalCap wars of imperial conquest & intrigued?

    How about the newborn child born into indentured servitude in Western “Civilization”?

    Where’s your monthly stipend going to emit from when Social Security implodes under the weight of economic hubris & fraud?

    Betcha that’ll change your “opinion”…


    Tantum idiotae audire mendacium.


    Bang for the Buck



    DBS, are you not entertained? You should be thanking me for pumping some juice up into that raisinbrain. Take a real good look at the carnage around cant Walter Cronkite your way out of it. Its moneydriven which means jewsourced. That jab was for a reason, to kill the Goyim, plain and simple. Hope you did’nt get it, even though your a pain in the ass. Go back to watching Matlock in the Community Room.

    Veracious Poet


    An Inconvenient Truth…


    D Benton Smith


    That’s more like it. Fact is, I agree with much of what you say except your premature conclusion that the Cabal starts or ends with Jews just because there are so many Jewish criminals working so hard hard in the middle. Yeah, the Cabal can easily be made to to LOOK like it Jewish, but that’s only because camouflage is SUPPOSED to make a thing look like it’s a different thing. The actual fact, however, (and there is tons and tons of very good evidence) is that the Cabal is older than Judaism by thousands of years, at least. When the shit really hits the fan the true Cabalistas will throw the Jews under the bus to be torn apart by the angry mob as scape goats (some innocent and some guilty) and act like they never knew them. (it’s an old trick, but a good one)

    That one liner at the end about watching Matlock in the Community Room was a goodie. Thanks for the chuckle.

    Michael Reid

    “China, we were thinking about attacking and bombing you, can we borrow $100 Billion dollars?” “Sure pal, here you go: need some socks and Army boots with that?”

    Why? The reason is …? in simple words please

    D Benton Smith


    But what if we are NOT cowards, and are NOT undisciplined, and NOT afraid of being labeled antisemitic by a bunch of pseudo-semites? In other words, what if you are mistaken in all of the conclusions that you have leaped to because you lack the discipline required to think thoughts all the way through to their unavoidable conclusion?

    Don’t get side-tracked by your own anger, because that anger (at me or imagined others like me) will distract you from the original question and answers that you were headed toward before you got pissed off and changed course.

    V. Arnold

    VP says;
    That is one of the dumbest projections I’ve ever read on TAE

    Thanks, made my day…


    Back when homo sapien sapien (the Wise Wise Ape) roamed in tribal bands less than the Dunbar Number (Approx 150 people), meaning everyone really knew everyone, the naturally occurring psychopaths inherent in the species were very noticeable to one and all and could be dealt with swiftly and harshly.

    Once the tribal bands grew above the Dunbar Number, the psychopaths could hide in the crowd.

    One of the standout qualities of True Psychopaths is being a fabulous mimic.

    Camouflage, blend in, act normal, glad hand the rubes and flatter them.

    This started a long, long time ago a grew over the millennia into Cabals and Kingdoms and Empires.

    Sorcery and psychopathy are jointed at the hip.

    Organized religions are part of psychopathy.

    They thrive with domination via words and rituals and books and sacred mumbo-jumbo.

    Pedophile priests go back way, way before the Catholic Church stumbled into it.

    Edward Bernays stumbled over mind control techniques perfected thousands of years before him.

    His ego convinced him that he invented those techniques when in fact those techniques invented him.

    So here we are tens of thousands of years later and the Sheeple, Humanity, has learned nothing new accept we have nuclear bombs and now are at the dawn of AI, where shortly, AI will be weaponized first in war, then in domestic law enforcement and still, boatloads of psychopaths in all the wrong places.


    I’m in awe of Homo sapien sapien.

    Mirror, mirror, on the Wall, who’s the fairest of them all?



    Judaism, founded on “Hate thy neighbour”, sings a children’s song …


    ” where shortly, AI will be weaponized first in war, then in domestic law enforcement and still, boatloads of psychopaths in all the wrong places.”

    You forgot, …. first in sex because that’s where easy money can be made. Porn is still making money. Second is probably in gambling.

    Dr D Rich

    Crooke Inc. should have stuck to Andresj Lobaczewski’s ‘Spellbinder’ instead of magician. Although doing so would have required Crooke Inc. to give full credit to Lobaczewski rather than plagiarize him.

    D, regarding the amygdala reference. Do you think you might be inverting every idea in Political Ponerology? Skillfully?

    “changing the outcome of the reasoning process to a more convenient outcome.”

    inverting “emotionalism” as in pathologizing valid, genuine human emotions while elevating the Persona/Mask to an exalted state

    “lose the ability to differentiate between psychologically healthy and pathological individuals.” ….with solution making videos, putting it out there so to speak

    “During happy times the privileged classes enjoy prosperity and suppress advanced psychological knowledge of psychopathological influence in the corridors of power.”

    Or it’s run o’ the mill casuistry…I didn’t know the casuists personally

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