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    Salvador Dali The Sick Child. Self-Portrait in Cadaqués 1921   • ‘The Horror! The Horror!’, Revisited in Palestine (Pepe Escobar) • Israel’s Grou
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    Frigmund S thanks for last nights link to economic situation vid. I have learnt it is time to make all arrangements possible over the next 4 – 6 months to secure my situation as best as I can and absolutely clear the debt on my tractor.
    We are in for the Western mechanical rodeo horse game. I don’t want to get thrown off.
    Dr D. I thank you for the humour and the insights – a lightness I can use right now.

    Peace and good wishes to you all.

    Oh and btw Jim Chalmers our treasurer just passed a law allowing the central bank to control monetary policy with no gov. power to intervene.
    Greece and Argentina here we come fellow Aussies. Yay! such cool times.
    Sing with me Top down control is the best! Top down power is the best. Who needs the voice of all the rest? Not us man we da best


    Thank you Mr. Meijer for the Feynman

    Dr D Rich

    Past is prologue in just a few hours.
    Time’s arrow lost orientation….has no direction.
    Posted again because posted too late or too earlier

    Crooke Inc. should have stuck to Andresj Lobaczewski’s ‘Spellbinder’ instead of magician. Although doing so would have required Crooke Inc. to give full credit to Lobaczewski rather than plagiarize him, loosely?

    D, regarding the amygdala reference. Do you think you might be inverting every idea in Political Ponerology? Skillfully?

    “changing the outcome of the reasoning process to a more convenient outcome.”

    inverting “emotionalism” as in pathologizing valid, genuine human emotions while elevating the Persona/Mask to an exalted state

    “lose the ability to differentiate between psychologically healthy and pathological individuals.” ….with solution making videos, putting it out there so to speak

    “During happy times the privileged classes enjoy prosperity and suppress advanced psychological knowledge of psychopathological influence in the corridors of power.”

    Or it’s run o’ the mill casuistry…I didn’t know the casuists personally

    Dr D Rich

    Chutkan calls an inquiry into A Fishing Exposition a fishing exposition. Pot calling the kettle black.
    SheChutkan ought to know.

    Andresj Lobaczewski’s political Ponerology remains. His observations were those of earth put to paper.

    Dr. D

    “The Russians Turn on Putin” – Times Radio.

    Is that a double-entendre? XXX

    “Losing is Actually Winning” [Experts say] — Dore. Yessss! In #Oppositeland. Tricky-tricky. All part of my pre-adolescent master plan.

    “Hamas Awarded Nobel Peace Prize For Releasing A Few Of The Children They Kidnapped” –BBee

    …Still did more than Obama.

    “Argentina Will Now Run A Very Pro-Israel And Pro-US Foreign Policy

    Uh-huh. Well we’ll see. Isn’t it a law politicians always have to do the #Opposite of whatever they run on? I totally believe he’ll be pro-dollar though. My thought is he’s a scam like…oh…everyone? Like Trudeau? Remember: W Bush said he’s be a small government, stay at home, non-intervention President.

    “The Tyranny of Stuff” – The Atlantic. We stole all your stuff and that’s a GOOD thing. You deserve it.

    You’ll Own Nothing and Like It!!!”

    “Why Passive Aggression Took Over the World” The Economist · 16 min

    You mean like people ordering and manipulating and nagging you into living in a cave? While they fly to Vanuatu? That kind of passive-aggressive?

    Soros: fundamentally hates humanity. (–Musk). Yes, and It’s an Orientation. That’s also why he donates to and gets along with the Democratic Party, or at least their managers. Some are born with it, but there’s a psychological path to get there for normal people that may be worse: usually due to trauma and hardship, you voluntarily expel love from yourself. Because love is pain and weakness. Seems good, everything’s going great, especially during a war. All upside, no downside! After, your polished chrome hardness and lack of compromise or weakness makes you more successful than your peers, proving again your innate superiority of yourself and your decision, perhaps by this point, forgot. However, expelling love, reinforcing the outer perimeter, that is Ego, slowly or quickly turns you into a Wendigo, always hungry. Hungry for what? Love. Connection. This isn’t that different in ‘normal’ men, so you do what they do: get cars, boats, lovers. 12-year olds. You know, right? They work while the ego and mind is entertained, but the hunger returns. And all it knows is MOAR.

    Meanwhile, the simplest rube, the weakest simpleton born now has everything you lack. And it makes you FURIOUS. Like a rabid animal that can’t drink dying with thirst. And what do you lack? YOU pushed it away, why, or how? Because you HATE it. As Jung’s shadow self, you HATE in others what you also hate or have removed in yourself. So you hate men. Which men? All men? Nearly, but not exactly. You hate ALL MEN WITH LOVE. That is, nearly all of them. And Women and Children ESPECIALLY.

    What is this state? You can look at Barnhardt’s description of it, but That’s Diabolical Narcissism. That is, in unbalance love of self, you have turned yourself into a literal Demon. HOW is that done? By REJECTING GOD. That is, All love, all connection to source. And that my friends, is a deadly sin. I don’t know what happens even after death with that, but it’s very serious. It is in fact the Spirit of AntiChrist, and when you can get to abuse enough children, causing/directed them to do the same, you create an entire CULTURE of #AntiChrist.

    What would a culture that hates love, hates man, hates life, hates God, hates #Reality itself do? What is it capable of? Well, quite obviously it KILLS all men, all life, all love, and attacks even #Reality itself wherever it is found, and starting with women and children. Which is exactly what it has done.

    As a Wendigo, NOTHING is enough. So it MUST go to family war, local war, national war, world war, for only total annihilation can bring it peace. Actual suicide which it cannot do naturally as its only love is Self.

    So here we are again, and nothing new: Napoleon did this, Hitler and others, and so on over and over and over through history. You’re not special or different. It builds a pyre and burns itself on it, and the baseline love of man reasserts itself saying “never again”, until 70 years later everyone forgets, does all the bad things, removes the bulwarks like the Church, lets them get in charge, and does it again. While we tell them not to. “Please read books”, we say. “It’s happened before.” we say. Shut up, loser. Nobody wants your nerdy nagging.

    Since we start with YET ANOTHER election thing with Jean, and WHY do we do it? Because self-awareness, a true, deep-seated psychosis, a “hysteria” almost has taken over the nation as has happened in other times and places before. So we’ll start with this:

    Dr. Rich: “inverting “emotionalism” as in pathologizing valid, genuine human emotions while elevating the Persona/Mask to an exalted state” Yes but that’s exactly what I’m NOT doing. I was saying since we shouldn’t kill divergents at birth, in the delivery room – as I think we don’t kill anyone in the delivery room? — they can and do function well if channeled productively, and especially in certain well-known occupations. If the others are wondering, he’s referring to this:

    “To block out such inconvenient truths (the voice of conscience) the privileged use ‘conversive thinking’, which means changing the outcome of the reasoning process to a more convenient outcome. This is accompanied by a rise in egotism and emotionalism. This growing ‘hysteria’ of the privileged classes (emotionalism, egotism and conversive thinking) spreads across society over several generations. National hysteria is a natural cycle and forms a sine-wave almost 200 years long. Hysteria causes people to lose the ability to differentiate between psychologically healthy and pathological individuals. In this environment [psychopathy] is accepted as normal and this acts as a gateway to normalizing the behavior of those with genetic deviations… Finally, near the point of maximum hysteria society becomes polarized and paralyzed and the most pathologically egotistical of all ‘spellbinders’ can come to power.”

    “The spellbinder hides behind an ‘ideological mask’, a belief system that he uses to gain power. Any belief system can be used as an ideological mask, including religion” “A full blown-pathocracy is known as a totalitarian state and characterized by a government turned against its own people.”

    “The root of healthy social morality is contained in the congenital instinctive infrastructure in the vast majority of the population, and while some in the normal population are more susceptible to pathocratic influence and become its lackeys, the majority instinctively resist.”

    Yes, the end of a 200 year cycle, which is a 70 year TIMES THREE, World War/Collapse on Meth with a pair of AK’s.

    Musk: If he isn’t on the inside, how can he direct things on the ground? He’ll just be locked out with no option to help. Is that what you want? Is that helpful? Q: If you ARE on the inside, how can you change things? You have to adopt some conciliatory posture or you’ll get booted out, but if you do any pushing, you’ll be expelled.


    Anyway, why don’t you use your Putin-telepathy and tell me all about his strategy.

    Escobar: Question is, WHAT is Russia’s “offensive”? It has been said that they raised the 1M man army to OCCUPY Ukraine. Maybe they themselves don’t know, don’t know how much resistance is left, or as that kid said, is “Ukraine an empty property”? They won’t know NATO’s response. But take in mind that this may not be a “Bakhmut” army, but a Police Force, Americans-in-Germany army.

    Btw, Hudson is a moron: YES you can print the money. But money doesn’t make an economy. Printing money will have CONSEQUENCES, like all events and actions have consequences. So, we’re going to go from a Billion an hour to a Trillion an hour, and nothing happens? Really, sir? So why not a Quadrillion? A Heptillion? An hour? And that “money” (a unit of measurement) won’t keep the U.S. “Economy” (physical objects moving using energy) from collapsing. That’s so f’d up in mixing apples and tacos it’s like saying we can lower the temperature by making more thermometers.

    He’s not unique either: they all think because this can be done at one level, it’s possible at all levels, EVEN AS the last printing DID have effects, and effect that they admit and discuss. So Covid stimulus caused today’s inflation, etc, right? So a stimulus 10x that size somehow won’t have 10x the effect? No? Nope. Read it right here in this book on Monetarism.

    Hypersonics: We have $40Trillion missing, what makes you think we DON’T have hypersonics from our DUMB bunkers, or far more, like those infinite-speed tictacs the Navy released? Zip over the Kremlin and drop a grenade in virtually zero time, then zip off at near-infinite speed and do it again. What makes you think they don’t want the war so they can pull this stuff built 50 years ago out of storage?

    Speaking of interviews: Interview this week they intended to open the new front in Africa, with Sudan, etc out to shut China. But they’re such utter failing failures, Africa SOUNDLY and COMPLETELY expelled France and the entire West from everywhere. The whole 1B continent. So the only war they could even think of starting was limited to Israel. Note being: Don’t hear anything about wars in Africa now, do you? And BRICS own most of the transit corridors right now: Hormuz, Somalia, Eritrea, Silk Road, Taiwan, etc.

    Biden is totally right we shouldn’t carve up Ukraine and support the sovereignty of nation states: You want this? You go first. I propose starting with Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Kurdistan…

    “NEW – United Nations set to call on Americans to reduce meat consumption because of “climate change.”

    If we ever see any Climate Change we can discuss it. Discuss Increasing meat because pasturage is less damaging to the environment than plowed, poisoned monocultures.

    “Literature, from the Victorian era onwards, is full of heroes traveling to “exotic” latitudes where passions – like tropical fruit – are bigger than in Europe,”

    Thus the racist “Noble Savage” trope. If other races aren’t worse than us, well therefore they must be better! Like there are no deep passions in England at the time. Like “Tess of the d’Urbervilles” or George Eliot or George Sand. NOPE! No pathos or emotions in Dickens! Or Dickensean England, to say nothing of non-northern, reserved places like France, Italy, Spain…

    Maybe it’s just that I wasn’t sold on “Heart of Darkness” because being born here I never thought the West had any moral stature in the first place: there’s nothing to break and nothing to contrast to. Imagine the reader starting from “Duh, of course” Conrad’s ultimate revelation: that water is wet, the sun rises in the East, and Anglos lie, people are people and colonialism R bad.

    And so with Israel: Oh so YET ANOTHER Northern European colonial occupation has come to violence and no good end, doesn’t work? Oh noes: whoodaknewd? It’s other people not realizing and withdrawing consent lets it go on so long and get this septic. Let me put it a different way: Suppose Conrad just “goes native”? That it. Like Lt. John Dunbar, just converts to the local culture?

    No problem: the end. No drama, no story. Like thousands of Mountain Men and others, he just “becomes” the Indian Nation, no genetic racism involved, blowing their whole weirdo drop-of-blood theory sky-high.

    Gaza: The IDF is the worst military on the planet. From the best to the worst in just a few years, that’s quite a fall! So they are sitting on nothing, controlling nothing, not engaging with the enemy and losing 10 tanks a day? Yet like other Colonialists they don’t notice? Think it’s okay to have that burn rate? Okay, pal, you do you.

    ““..Ursula von der Leyen, visited Egypt and Israel to present them with financial offers ($10bn for Egypt and $5bn for Jordan),”

    Why not: worked in Ukraine! They’re such cheap whores they sold their nation for $6B. But not to worry, Congress are even cheaper whores than that! And the funny part is, they buy them with their own money. The $6B to take Ukraine was paid by BlackRock and ADM robbing the place and selling it.

    I’d be tempted to let them into Egypt: not to sell out and take the money, but to get 2M new rock-hard people, let them build a new Egypt, and be so productive and successful they knock out Israel on the flip side, 30 years from now. Like Japan buying the U.S. in 1990. I mean unless you’re also racist and think the Palestinians can’t do it.

    ““ could you possibly be an Irish Catholic and a Zionist at the same time? “

    Ask the Pope. Or as the rest of us say, the fake Pope.

    ““I don’t believe you have to be a Jew to be a Zionist, and I am a Zionist.”

    I guess we shouldn’t believe Biden then?

    “embarked on the journey towards a Jewish theocracy in what was once the state of Israel.”

    Kind of, so the gay pride parades are orthodox Jewish? Rabbi created and approved? Er…don’t think so. How about yesterday: ““replaces the Jewish religion with Zionism.” You can’t “replace” a thing with itself. Zionism is DIFFERENT from Judaism. Their plan, which is mostly successful, is to intertwine the two so people see them as one. And like Israel and the American Christian Right as well. Although that plan mostly worked, That doesn’t MAKE them the same. Smoking Marlboros doesn’t make you a cowboy: that’s ADVERTISING. Like the Pope, they’re replacing a real pope with a fake Pope, a real Christ with a false Christ, that is “#Antichrist” as written. It’s not necessarily its #Opposite although it can be; it is its COUNTERFEIT. “False Christ”. And so Zionism with Judaism, as we see with Orthodox Jews protesting for Palestine, resistance in Israel, and many easy-to-find-Rabbis saying the same thing. Killing people is not a Mitzvah. Duh.

    Aibishter’s divine and secret purpose for the Jews is not for them to become real estate developers. Duh. Now not all Jews are on board with this, sure, but y’all bought into smoking 2 packs a day was good for your health on the same advertising, so shut her yap. ¾ of the country took a suicide kool-aid on the same premise so who are you talking to? The 1% of people who don’t believe anything, even when they should? Oh yeah us bearded cranks cranks living in the woods and under bridges really showed you.

    ““Zaluzny has no plans for 2024 because there is nothing he can do about the upcoming defeat of the Ukrainian army.”

    That’s probably true and he’ll be far too busy to take on anything else.

    “• NATO ‘Slaughtering’ Ukrainians to Fight Russia – Kremlin (RT)

    Not that that this isn’t true but Ukraine is participating. They’re not a helpless wee child. Again with Bernays’ PR, “Those who can get you to believe absurdities can get you to commit atrocities.” — Voltaire. Essentially, you only need the mark to internalize one lie. Then you can pry in other ones. Eventually they are metastasized into #AntiLife whereby you suck off their power and wealth to your own ends. The #Truth protects you. Ukraine will be textbook example in upcoming years but the U.S. and Covid is not exempt.

    ““As has happened more than once in history, it has fallen to our country today, to the Russian World, to block the path of those who claim world domination and ‘exceptionalism.’ We are fighting for the freedom of not only Russia, but the entire world.

    Be careful, this is what we used to say and was true, and happened to us, and it can be flipped on you like it was here. Yes, Russia’s single law and prosperity for diversity of peoples, ways, and geography is exactly what the United States is suppose to represent. We the People still want to get back to that but “Hysteria”, above, “Mass Formation Psychosis” of 200 years the Social Engineers use to pirate new ships of State and ride them about history. China was supposed to be next and maybe will be. Apparently people think China taking over Argentina and Sudan, Africa is a good thing and not just replacing one maniac and hegemon for another.

    ““..the reason the media and politicians are terrified is that they are convinced Trump would do exactly what they would do in his place—and what they would do utterly suddenly horrifies them..”

    Yes, but it’s been the White Hat strategy to let them. They position and encourage that Cheeto will do what they would do – have a coup in the Capital and run martial law – and figure out what to do with it if you DON’T do what they, the evil people, would do. Why would you want to imitate evil people? What can we do if we DON’T do what they tell us to? Let Biden in with albatross Kamala around his neck, then let the country sink on HIS watch? Just spitballin’, I know it’s frustrating. So here we are again.

    Research showed that, far from the Left being the Smart People, the Right can anticipate what the Left will think and do, but the Left cannot guess and explain what the RIGHT thinks or will do. Being so, they actually have no choice but to pretend the world is a reflection of their egos, a consequence of their crippling narcissism, diabolic or otherwise. So? Then use it on them. If they stop doing this and become self-aware at last, they will be facto no longer be your enemy, as so many on the Left have already done: Musk, Rogan, Dore, Brand, Pool, etc. Note they’re still for a vast welfare state, socialized medicine, centralized government, all that, yet the minute they can do this, they are no longer on the “Left.” How do we know? The “Left” immediately attacks them and casts them out as heretics. THEY decide, not Dore, who remains Far-Left of Bernie. And Why? Again, THEY cannot understand other points of view, so they must and can only conclude anyone to the Left of Bernie is “Far Right”. …And yes, that is amazing, spectacular, inexplicable. Which is why we bring it up daily.

    “• Did Deutsche Bank Just Destroy New York AG’s Case Against Trump? (ZH)

    No. The Judge already decided he’s guilty with no possibility of jury trial. They are only establishing sentencing, that is, how much money they extort him for. But I’m sure in their tiny, dinosaur brains, they don’t account for 10x that money LEAVING NY forever. #Winning! Tiger Blood!

    The real trial isn’t there, but in the Court of Public Opinion, a flip on the Derp State doing it to us all these years.

    Aspnaz: Huh, that’s funny. Pretty sure I was criticizing almost daily and not afraid, same as since I was a child. But I also criticize with intelligence and not a broad brush.

    Celtic: “That jab was for a reason, to kill the Goyim,” That’s funny, they actually gave it far more to themselves. Both in DNC/Blue, in University, in Law, AND in Israel. They’re running everything which is why they kill mostly themselves.

    VP: You said your ego got you into trouble in the decades before. You might want to watch it now with your new approach too. Maybe it matters who’s right and who’s wrong but I thought you said that compassion matters more.

    Oxy: I guess we’re no longer #1. That title is moving to Oz.


    from Selma in 1965 to the Occupy protests in 2011 the “haunting cries” have been coming from the streets within the United States of America. Sinclair’s The Jungle was published in 1906 and the history of strikebreakers and union busting from that time through Ronald Reagan is quite well documented. The offshoring of industry during the forty six years from Selma through Occupy and the flat lining of wages starting in earnest in 1970 were all supported by the lower and mid-level management class. They, of course, thought of themselves as part of the elite. The jungle belonged to the laborers who were being systematically colonized by the debt mongers and their lifeblood was being extracted to advance empire. Labor and wages had to be suppressed to protect profits and the dollar.

    The Rustbelt is the polite description of the destruction wrought upon the jungle in the United States. How polite it is to witness areas of desolation and opine “should have planned better”. How admiringly philosophical to turn the phrase “The one who dies with the most toys wins”. The intellectual sophistication of noting “these are all Blue cities” passes for deep economic insight. Perhaps Mr. Borrell studied twentieth century trends within the United States as a basis for his view of the “Garden”. The need to slash nutrition programs from the USDA budget was a sign of moral superiority. “The USDA is just a small percentage of the overall budget” was countered by “you must understand moral hazard”. Our standard of living must be protected was the mantra as another income bracket was drowned in the sea of growth. What a euphonius appellation given to wholesale impoverishment, “Creative Destruction”.

    The whole time these things were being accomplished the majority of US citizens viewed them as necessary to protect their “money”. Now with the known data of death and destruction across the Middle East, Ukraine and the Sahel the call to protect the “money” is at the forefront once again. Once the Palestinian problem is “solved” the brutal normalcy of wealth extraction will be able to expand the sphere of influence once again.

    Mr. Escobar’s essay is quite accurate but for one small item, the time frame. With the substitution of a few words the twentieth century “WASP” conquest of The United States is easily described. The brutal destruction of life and hope in the US set the precedent for the “rules based order”. The jungle has been here and it no longer creeps, it is welcomed with open arms. Make Palestine resemble Detroit, Chicago or the main street in your town. As Mr. W Bush first noted in 1992 “The American lifestyle is non-negotiable”.

    The road to Damascus is not The Road Less Travelled, it is not travelled at all. One must acknowledge that five hundred years of barborous destruction of life is viewed as noble. One must also note the continuation of the process is fervently anticipated and desired. Pretending that the murder of children is a new and novel twenty first century abberation is a growth industry. Robert Hunter wrote “what a long strange trip it’s been”. That is my experience.


    World wide demonstration for ceasefire.
    Humanity, has always been doing horrible things to other people
    People have heard the truth.

    Conrad lost his innocence.
    We just need to turn on the smartphone to follow a genocide, live, 24/7

    ‘The Horror! The Horror!’, Revisited in Palestine

    • ‘The Horror! The Horror!’, Revisited in Palestine (Pepe Escobar)

    Pepe Escobar November 28, 2023
    the results of Israel’s ground operation: civilian massacres and infrastructural destruction galore, but with little damage to the military structure of the Palestinian resistance.
    Israel’s ground war conundrum
    While Tel Aviv may intensify its bombardment of Gaza after the truce, this disguises the fact that its ground incursion is facing unprecedented dangers ahead.
    Hasan Illaik
    NOV 27, 2023
    So far, the resistance confirms that it has damaged and destroyed more than 300 Israeli armored vehicles. Some of them were removed from service, while others are maintained in the field for reuse. The sources further confirm to The Cradle that the number of Israeli troop casualties, both dead and wounded, is many times greater than what Tel Aviv has announced.

    ‘Solution’ being here but a polite word for the EU’s attempted bribery of Egypt and Jordan. Reportedly, the EU President, Ursula von der Leyen, visited Egypt and Israel to present them with financial offers ($10bn for Egypt and $5bn for Jordan), in exchange for the dispersal of the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip elsewhere – effectively to facilitate the evacuation of the Palestinian population from the Strip in line with Israel’s aims of ethnically-cleansing Gaza.
    However, former minister Ayalet Shaked’s tweet – “After we turn Khan Yunis into a soccer field, we need to tell the countries that each of them take a quota:
    We need all 2 million to leave. That’s the solution to Gaza”
    However, Israel has three fronts of hot conflict open (Gaza, its northern border with Lebanon, and in the West Bank).


    Duh’mericans don’t even ‘think’ 7 financial quarters out, much less 7 generations

    [Western society generally considers a generation to be 25 years; the Lakota Nation considers one generation to be 100 years]..

    What is the 7th Generation principle and why do you need to know about it?.

    “Whenever I mention the 7th Generation principle to most people, they think I’m talking about laundry detergent….

    The “7th generation” principle taught by Native Americans says that in every decision, be it personal or governmental, we must consider how it will affect our descendants seven generations into the future…..

    The 7th generation principal was so important to Native American cultures that it was codified in the Iroquois Great Law of Peace. To my knowledge, all Native American and indigenous tribes throughout the world embrace this teaching…….

    It’s even defined in their language:

    Mitakuye oyasin [Lakota]

    Nogomaq [Algonquian]

    Gakina-awiiya [Anishinaabe]

    Ea Nigada Qusdi Idadadvhn [Cherokee]

    All these terms mean, “we are all related to, and respect, everything in life.”

    Even the Constitution was plagiarized from the native Americans

    The earliest recording of the 7th Generation principle dates back to the Great Law of Peace of the Iroquois Confederacy created in the 12th Century. When our Founding Fathers looked for examples of effective government and human liberty upon which to model a Constitution to unite the thirteen colonies, they found it in the government of the Iroquois Nation, which, at that point, had stood for hundreds of years.

    Ironically, in drafting our constitution, our founders left out one of the essential principles of the Great Law of Peace: the 7th Generation principle.

    It is ironic, because it is the heart of this very successful model of government – the Iroquois Great Law of Peace has today stood for 1,000 years.

    It is the omission of the 7th Generation principle and the role of women in government that led Native Americans to say that, the U.S. copied the Great Law of Peace but didn’t really understand it.

    LOST on the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation



    “..Netanyahu’s troubles have deep roots, entwined with his relentless efforts to avoid corruption charges and possible imprisonment..”

    • Netanyahu’s End Game In Gaza Is His Own Political Survival

    Let’s see how this sounds.

    Say this out loud

    “..Biden’s troubles have deep roots, entwined with his relentless efforts to avoid corruption charges and possible imprisonment..”

    • Biden’s End Game In Ukraine Is His Own Political Survival

    There, that about explains it all.



    Isolation is the key to undermine identity
    When you want to tear a culture limb from limb.
    And to finalize the rout, you force whispers from a shout
    So the brilliant lights of intellect grow dim.

    Don’t let them amputate your reach.
    Assemble. Exercise free speech.

    John Day

    @Dr. D: Thanks for the work you keep doing. I watched the Haiphong/Hudson/Escobar clip, too. Hudson is obviously not a moron, but he gave a very narrow answer about “printing $US”, in the context of a viewer question. He knows the full balance, and you know he knows, and so on. The point he makes about being mis-focused on a BRICS-currency is a good one, too. It’s not necessary for the changes underway, but is much simpler to look at.
    (I think the main thing with money will be the looming debt default, Money will have to represent material stuff in existence again, instead of promises of future stuff. Milei needs to make a deal to “dollarize” by borrowing Chinese-dollars and paying them back with corned-beef, soybeans and oil.)

    : Thanks for the good input, including Gil Scott Heron’s untelevised revolution”.

    Thanks to everybody who resists “becoming the enemy”.

    John Day

    Thanks Oroboros: “Mitakuye oyasin” , as the Navajo (Dineh) also say.


    oroboros you are too generous, 7 minutes is considered the future for those connected to Bloombergs’s High Speed Terminal.

    Dr D Rich

    In my estimation, the following are the ‘same thing’.

    The barrister said the shooting of his son, Tom Hurndall, was an example of how the Jewish state’s military can sometimes target the wrong people and make up evidence to justify its actions.”
    (“target the wrong people and make up evidence to justify its actions” could instead have been written “the Terrorist Jewish State deliberately murdered the wrong human being, manufactured and spoliated evidence as a corrupt organization to defraud the court”, BUT it wasn’t)

    “During the meeting, Herzog told Musk that “under the platforms you lead, unfortunately, there is a harboring of a lot of old hate, which is Jew hate, which is antisemitism,” according to the Times of Israel.”

    (Look who’s conflating Israel with the words Jew and antisemitism… Pres. Herzog rather than acknowledge quite a few ppl, religious or secular, get really emotional when a religious state kills ppl, many children, on behalf of the religious state’s safety. Prejudge precrime.)


    Our standard of living must be protected was the mantra as another income bracket was drowned in the sea of growth. What a euphonius appellation given to wholesale impoverishment, “Creative Destruction”.

    The whole time these things were being accomplished the majority of US citizens viewed them as necessary to protect their “money”.

    I keep coming back to this 2010 guest essay on Charles Hugh Smith’s blog

    Want to know where this started? Look when the symptoms began. Sure, we had this with George F. Babbitt back in the 20s, but the real problems began with Reagan after Vietnam. We had a choice under Carter: would we face up to our limitations of failing oil and shrinking importance and become a smaller, humbler country, the spunky underdog of Mickey Mouse, a nation of “aw-shucks” stay-at-home farm-boys? That was the path of the 60s, back-to-the-land, hippie guitar-playing with your friends by the wood stove, of Carter in the sweater, solar panels on the White House. The American Reality: oil was declining. We’d have to work hard as ever, play nice and get nothing from it but to claim our own souls as men.

    Or were we going to live the American Dream? The Big America. The leader of the Free world. The greatest might and right ever known, the John Wayne of nations, going to kick ass and take names Pilgrim, the world’s sole hyperpower. We could have it all: the new house, the new car, the fancy retirement, eat and flush 25% of the world’s resources, and what’s more, all for no money down, no work! Which would you choose? The reality, or the dream? Work? Or play? Eternal Sunshine? Or the Endless Hardship?

    And we know how that went. American Reality was bounced out on its ear in favor of a glorious new “Morning in America.” A year later, Nancy Reagan started the War on Drugs, as Americans kept demanding medication in ever-spiraling quantities and ever-increasing strengths to stand the lies, the dissonance between what they knew and what they heard—always bad enough, but which then entered the transcendent levels that seem so quaint today.

    A Boomer calling a spade a spade. There are all kinds of deranged paths to potentially diverge off from here, but he is so very right on. The essay is more true today than it was in 2010.

    (deranged paths such as some variation on: humans = bad therefore need to be punished, experience privation or be eliminated etc)

    As a GenXer, I always knew we were getting screwed. Similar to that time my family went canoeing the night after a big storm. The water was high – rapids everywhere where there should be no rapids. Fallen trees across the stream everywhere. The very, very obvious thing to do was go home, the adults can listen to their Pete Seeger and Steve Goodman LP’s in the living room and the kids can play board games in the basement.

    But no, there were 2 families on the outing and none of the adults could stand the discomfort of suggesting cancelling canoeing to the others. Somehow the IDEA of the outing was still there, unruined if no one spoke of it despite the cold temperatures, leaden skies, grey raging waters, and snarls of fallen trees in front of them. It was very, VERY obvious to the GenX kids looking back and forth between the conversing adults.

    So in we went, until we got to a snarl of fallen trees that blocked the whole stream. They did pause temporarily, but then said “better push on.” Aimed for a spot that obviously would not work trying to get through. Capsized into freezing waters of course.

    Generations certainly should NOT be treated like horoscopes. There’s all types and I’ve known some awesome boomers – here on TAE of course and the essay is clearly by a boomer. That said, generationally, I’ve noticed the unwritten rules of the boomers are that you have to frame things in idealistic holy ways and you can’t speak actual, practical uncomfortable truths. And this seems true for conservatives, liberals, and leftists of this generation. Like you can preach about “Uncomfortable Truths,” but those “truths” will not be pragmatic truths, they will be part of some sort of more abstract, essentially idealistic values statement.

    Like the Genx kid would point at the fucking trees in the fucking river and that half the river has been turned into rapids. Or maybe that it is freezing and wet and not a nice picnic outing no matter what you do. Look. It is RIGHT THERE. A caricature stereotype of a boomer might launch into a righteous speech about “the uncomfortable truths you can’t handle” as part of some symbolic system (religion, psychology, whatever) and wind up launching the canoe.

    I have experienced no shock at this path – flatlining (actually decreasing) economic power of working people despite the massive productivity increases, the falling graph of total employed in workforce despite increases in population and proclaimed unemployment %’s. The total cultural social corrosion. I knew my generation was screwed in jr high, high school,inklings of it in grade school. My generational cohort knew it too. Giant black cloud over our heads most of our lives, just there always.

    And the boomers didnt just do it one time – with getting offended by Carter’s Malaise speech and going with Reagan. I distinctly remember watching a news report on the S&L bailout and exchanging glances with my college classmates, no words needing to be spoken, deadpan expressions. And then 2001, 2008, and so on.

    I always figured GenX would just have to grit its teeth and swing the vote over to the Millenials and do all the practical, pragmatic things to make things not permanently and completely suck for the following generations. Die at my workstation and throw me in an unmarked ditch if I am lucky kind of stuff, but ok. Suck it up, GenX. I figured that day would come.

    It SHOULD have come in 2008. That would have been the perfect time to face all the uncomfortable pragmatic actual physical real truths, deflate all the posturing values, and fucking FIX THINGS. How I wish I could have made all the sacrifices back then.

    But no, the Boomers were at the top of every hierarchy and just hung on, wouldn’t pay their dues, did every trick in the book to put it off into the future. And again, no huge surprise.

    What did finally register astonishment in me is the latest run 2016-2023. Boomers in their 70’s-80’s STILL at the top of all the hierarchies, now promoting wall to wall a clown world version of the late 60’s counterculture values in ADDITION to all the tricks to kick the can just that little bit further.

    They’re not just getting theirs and then they’re out, which is what I had figured. They’re building a damn funeral pyre to themselves, stacking all of european civilzation as the fuel, and torching themselves in one last grand gesture. EVERYTHING is downstream from culture, including material wealth. They got to benefit from the culture WHILE posturing as superior, above, beyond it. Benefitting while sneering at it. The implicit civility, trust, competence, wealth, security, honesty, and progress. And nobody gets it after them. They are torching it all on the way out for their bonfire.

    Sorry Millenials, GenZ’ers. You don’t get a culture to plant your feet firmly in so you can get on with doing the things in life that are meaningful. Instead, here’s this stupid kluge-made bomb for you to untangle and try to defuse, a gigantic snarl of different-colored wires that either connect crazily to each other, to the ignition mechanism, or go nowhere at all. Have fun for the next 50 or so years working on that instead of doing whatever you will realize you wished you’d done. We had to Make It Fair, you see.

    The whole time these things were being accomplished the majority of US citizens viewed them as necessary to protect their “money”.

    Not from where I am sitting. Not from where GenX, Millenials, or GenZ are sitting. Not from where, I suspect, the vast majority of the normal working class boomers are sitting. Not from where Boomers with clear eyes and even the barest concern for the following generations are sitting.

    Just enough of the managerial class and elites with no skin in the game, living as kind of aliens, separate from the culture of their own countries. Unable to perceive themselves as having skin in a real game, therefore playing games disconnected from their own society and reality. And of course it isn’t generational – this group has been joined by GenX and Millenial sycophants and I am sure there are GenZ’ers waiting in the wings.

    One of the most beautiful moments in cinema is in Schindler’s List, when the evil industrialist says of his slave workers – “MY people.” The moment of recognition of ownership was the moral turning point.

    Whearas these powerful people ruining everything are incapable of owning anything. Most impoverished people in the world. Probably why they’re so obsessed with everyone ELSE not owning anything.

    Dr D Rich

    “Two years ago, the Harvard Business Review published a commentary about “The Toxic Effects Of Branding Your Workplace A ‘Family.’ ’’ The entirety of the read was compelling, but one particular phrase reminded me of college sports: “A power dynamic is created where employees get taken advantage of.”

    Sports, a reflection of society and versa.
    Competition is good.
    Capitalism is good to capitalize off your own image and likeness, NIL.
    Who could have foreseen the future conflicts between college teammates the NIL millionaires versus their nonNIL successful teammates AND in some cases the NIL enriched player making more money than the coach?
    Well, Harvard Businee School proved it.
    Team as family.
    Workplace as family.
    Corporate ownership as an outward expression of a “good marriage”.
    Industrial scale celebration of greed, venality and avarice dressed up as best business practices, corporate governance, deference to the C-suite and managerial acumen.

    John Day

    @Oroboros: Prussiagate has a new post, which dovetails very well with your “Seventh Generation” thoughts:
    Shiny Toys, KlownShows and the War for Happiness

    The Kult of Supremacy is a club that declares their mandate to rule, because they possess “sensitive information” that the public cannot see. This, by default, means that they are in the light, and the People are in the dark, unable to see. Klownshows are used to validate the public’s inability to see or understand the truth. It all began with Frederick’s unfortunate flaccid state and his palace, “Sans, Souci.”.

    They believe that if you cannot see the Klownshow for what it is, then “the joke is on you”.


    This time, for Dr D:

    Blow Away – @6:40, Brent Mydland goes big.


    Yep! Saw that, plus high inflation and high interest rates …. and found a way to survived.
    ” …the flat lining of wages starting in earnest in 1970 were all supported by the lower and mid-level management class.
    They, of course, thought of themselves as part of the elite.”


    Dr D Rich
    John Day

    Defensive Actions

    ​ The IRGC Navy commander says Iranian maritime forces dispatched drones toward the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and forced it to land its helicopters before changing its course.
    ​ A US aircraft carrier that entered Gulf waters was forced to change its course and land its helicopters after receiving a direct warning from Iranian naval forces, the commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps Navy in Iran General Alireza Tangsiri said on Monday…
    ​ Brigadier General Alireza Tangsiri revealed that the navy dispatched drones to the American warship when it encountered the military vessels of the IRGC, forcing the US vessel to head toward the south of the Gulf “in compliance with our instructions” after forcing it to land its helicopters.–forces-it-to-chan

    Gravitas: High stakes in the high seas: Iran’s drone encounter with US aircraft carrier​ (4 min. news video from India)

    ​ Leaked cable raises the possibility the US is flying surveillance missions over Gaza from RAF Akrotiri and sharing the intelligence with Israel, which would further implicate Britain in war crimes in Gaza.

    ​Aleks at Black Mountain Analysis has a Geopolitics Update, which I’ll sample.
    ​ The Russian military has experienced almost two years of high-tech warfare and has developed a well-functioning military industry and a well-grounded military training and education system beyond the reach of the enemy, and it is at the highest possible degree of combat effectiveness. The opposite is true for Ukraine.
    ​ The West is currently dumping everything it can in terms of Ukrainian human potential against the Russians, with the lowest possible investment, since the end is near. The goal of the West is to still cause the greatest damage to Russian human resources. To be clear, the Russian human potential is both Ukrainians and Russians, since the Ukrainians will soon be part of Russia again. Hence, to be entirely clear, the main target of destruction of this war is no longer the core Russian territory or Russian soldiers (or regime change in Russia), but especially and solely everything Ukrainian, since it will go back to Russia soon.​..
    Avdeevka: We are seeing here the classic combined-arms doctrine employed by Russia to take this city. It is being conducted very professionally. Still, I believe that the cauldron won’t be closed until the end for obvious reasons. Always let the enemy fight in the least favorable place. Of course, supplying troops through a semi opened cauldron with fire control is the worst possible situation for fighting. It has the potential, to kill tens of thousands of Ukrainians. Unfortunately for the Ukrainian families, the Ukrainian leaders are not very keen to save any lives of their soldiers.
    ​ How long will the siege take? It will take as long as Ukraine is willing and able to resupply the garrison in Avdeevka. The same story as in Artemovsk. When Russia saw that the Ukrainian ability to hold the garrison dwindled, Russia put an end to it. Hence, it will grind as much meat as possible and then it will close.​..
    ..Russia doesn’t seek to penetrate quickly and to move forward to gain territory. Russia seeks to preserve its soldiers, as well as Ukrainian civilians, the Ukrainian infrastructure, and enterprises because Russia will be responsible for a large part of Ukraine (its former territory) going forward. Hence, we don’t see maneuver warfare, but the typical semi-cauldrons, designed to bury the Ukrainian mobilization potential in it, where it is the most favorable.​..
    ..I assume that the public split between Zaluzhny and Zelensky is rather a prepared script to ensure the exit/evacuation plans of the highest Ukrainian leaders (traitors). The American services know very well how the war is going, and what will happen and what will not happen. As long as the industrial disposal of the Ukrainian (Russian!) people is going well, everything is fine. But there will be a point when Ukraine as a state will start to collapse. And at this point we only need to think back on what happened in Afghanistan when NATO withdrew. Remember the people falling from planes? Soon, this is going to happen with all the traitors of the Ukrainian people. This time with trains… The Ukrainians would/will kill all the current traitors on sight…
    ​..M​iddle East: Here is what I assume is going on: the Americans decided to protect their precious asset, Israel, with a significant navy force. As I explained before, the Western Oligarchs are using Israel to control the world economy with a divide-and-conquer strategy for the entire middle east. That’s what I meant: they decided to protect their precious asset. Of course, the oligarchs don’t care for the Israeli or Palestinian people.
    ​ The US Navy gathered an impressive armada across the region, including an Ohia-class nuclear submarine. In fact, the force actually is impressive. And according to the information I received, the US Army, US Navy, and the Marines are actually ready and equipped to protect Israel and its occupation of Iraq and parts of Syria. This is significant. I guess the ball to escalate is now in Iran’s and Hezbollah’s hands. I can’t make any predictions or estimations, but it is very tense. We pray for peace.

    John Day

    ​ Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported on 27 November that the Israeli army dismissed two officers – one of them a commander – for withdrawing from the battlefield after being ambushed by dozens of Palestinian resistance fighters. The report noted that half of the soldiers in that particular unit have not returned, following the brigade’s decision to dismiss the officers, causing a “severe crisis between the soldiers of the battalion and the commander to which it belonged.” The soldiers complained that they did not receive support or air cover by the army when they were ambushed by fighters of the Qassam Brigades, which caused the battalion to withdraw. Officers in the Israeli army remarked that the soldiers “were not prepared when entrusted with this mission.” Other officers said the soldiers were sent without being given the chance to rest properly following extensive military activity in the Gaza Strip.
    The newspaper explained that this incident “caused a difficult atmosphere” and “crisis of confidence” among the battalion, prompting army officials to remove it from Gaza and send it to site near Ashkelon. The battalion was also “exposed to other serious events last month” including the injury and deaths of other officers in the ground battles.

    ​ Israel’s ground war conundrum
    ​ While Tel Aviv may intensify its bombardment of Gaza after the truce, this disguises the fact that its ground incursion is facing unprecedented dangers ahead.
    ​ This picture reveals, to a large extent, the results of Israel’s ground operation: civilian massacres and infrastructural destruction galore, but with little damage to the military structure of the Palestinian resistance. A number of its leaders have indeed been killed – most recently Al-Qassam’s northern commander and military council member Ahmed al-Ghandour – but its command and control system still ticks on effectively.
    ​ Further evidence of this lies in the inability of the occupation army to penetrate, unimpeded, all of northern Gaza. Israel precedes its ground movements with intense air strikes, then artillery shelling. After destroying everything in its path, its tanks begin advancing. It is almost impossible to confront tanks as they enter, because air fire clears spaces 500 meters ahead, while artillery shells pave the path 150 meters in front of the ground units.
    ​ However, whenever possible, the resistance fighters launch anti-armor missiles – Cornet, Conkurs, or similar types – with ranges exceeding one thousand metres. After the tanks reach their designated target, the resistance fighters emerge like ghosts from under the ground or rubble and fire anti-armor shells at them, usually Al-Yassin homemade shells, with a range of fewer than 150 meters. Or, alternatively, a fighter physically approaches the Israeli tanks and plants a sticky bomb that explodes in much the same way as a hand grenade.
    ​ The work of resistance does not end there. If the tanks do not retreat, and the occupation soldiers settle in, they will be attacked with machine gun fire or explosive devices. The Palestinian fighters film many of these operations, and the footage is delivered to the operations room, which decides what to publish.​..
    ​..Estimates of the Palestinian resistance suggest that the total number of regular and reserve forces deployed on the borders of the Gaza Strip, and inside it, exceeds the number of Israeli troops that participated in the 1973 war counterattacks on the Syrian and Egyptian fronts…
    ..The frequency and intensity of Israel’s aerial and artillery bombardments do not allow resistance fighters to repel the occupation’s advancement, as the overwhelming firepower detonates most of the IEDs intended for tanks or infantry and blocks or destroys entrances to tunnels.
    ​ For this reason, the resistance waits for a lull in the bombing, the entry of tanks, and the reopening of the tunnels to begin its operations. At this stage, the fighters wait for Israeli infantry to emerge from their armored vehicles in order to target them…
    ​..Before the 24 November truce, the occupation army had exhausted its ability to maneuver on the ground, having already deployed the majority of its regular combat forces in the northern and western axes.
    ​ It will need to search for innovative solutions if it seeks to advance toward densely populated areas in northern Gaza, such as Jabalia refugee camp, the Al-Zaytoun and Al-Shuja’iya neighborhoods, Al-Shati beach camp, and other vital places the Israelis have failed to penetrate. These areas are the ground zero of the Palestinian resistance, in which these forces have prepared themselves – and their tunnel infrastructure – for fierce and protracted confrontations.
    ​ The main reason the occupation government agreed to a short truce is that its ground incursion had hit this wall – in addition to other factors such as US pressure to release American captives. Simply put, the Israeli army needs to re-examine its plans and develop new strategies to advance in the field.
    ​ It is important to note that norms applicable in regular armed conflicts, as in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, or Sudan, do not necessarily apply to the Gaza Strip. When a control map shows the Ukrainian army controlling a region, the Russian army has withdrawn from it, and vice versa.
    ​ In Gaza, a map showing the Israeli army in an area does not necessarily mean a withdrawal of Palestinian resistance forces, as the latter do not have armored vehicles or traditional formations to remove from enemy-invaded areas. Its fighters simply disappear underground to await the emergence of occupation soldiers from their tanks and such.
    ​ The bottom line is that maps currently circulated by governments, media, and think tanks that display Israel’s field advancement in Gaza – accurate or not – are not illustrating Israel’s ground control, but rather the depth of its incursions.​..
    ..Days later, the occupation government is still seething that Israeli captives were released according to terms dictated mainly by the resistance: military operations had to be frozen ( and heavily monitored), Palestinian prisoners were liberated from Israeli detention, and aid began flowing back into the besieged Gaza Strip.
    ​ Fifty days into Israel’s staggeringly disproportionate war on Gaza, the Palestinian resistance is still able to impose its will – despite the occupation military’s unprecedented massacre of more than 20,000 civilians, the displacement of hundreds of thousands more, and the wholesale destruction of residential homes, hospitals, and schools.

    ​ From a Released Hamas Captive:
    ​ “I will forever be a prisoner of gratitude because she did not leave here with a lifelong psychological trauma.”
    ​ “To the generals who have accompanied me in recent weeks, it seems we will part ways tomorrow, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your extraordinary humanity shown towards my daughter, Emilia.
    ​ You were like parents to her, inviting her into your rooms whenever she desired. She acknowledges feeling like all of you are her friends, not just friends, but truly beloved and good.”

    From a Released Hamas Captive: “I will forever be a prisoner of gratitude because she did not leave here with a lifelong psychological trauma.”

    ​ Israeli settlers destroy olive and almond trees, and vineyards in occupied West Bank
    ​ The Shushahla area has been repeatedly targeted by the occupation forces and settlers. Agricultural structures and old houses have been demolished, its land has been bulldozed and citizens have been prevented from accessing their property.

    ​Extensive lists and details of family by family genocide:
    Forcible transfer of isolated Palestinian communities and families in Area C under cover of Gaza fighting

    John Day

    ​ Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a message to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that the key to resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the creation of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders.
    ​ “It is in this (the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state within the 1967 borders) that we see the key condition for achieving a comprehensive, long-term and just Palestinian-Israeli settlement,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov read out the Russian president’s message to Abbas at an event marking the Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People at the Palestinian Embassy in Russia.
    ​ In the text of the telegram published on the Kremlin’s website, Putin stressed that “now, when the bloody conflict is bringing untold suffering to the peaceful population of Palestine, I consider it particularly important to reaffirm Russia’s consistent position in favor of the realization of the legitimate rights of your people to establish their own sovereign state within the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

    ​Alastair Crooke, The Magician’s Hat
    ​ ‘Solution’ being here but a polite word for the EU’s attempted bribery of Egypt and Jordan. Reportedly, the EU President, Ursula von der Leyen, visited Egypt and Israel to present them with financial offers ($10bn for Egypt and $5bn for Jordan), in exchange for the dispersal of the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip elsewhere – effectively to facilitate the evacuation of the Palestinian population from the Strip in line with Israel’s aims of ethnically-cleansing Gaza.
    ​ However, former minister Ayalet Shaked’s tweet – “After we turn Khan Yunis into a soccer field, we need to tell the countries that each of them take a quota: We need all 2 million to leave. That’s the solution to Gaza” – is but one by senior Israeli political and security figures extoling what Israel increasingly sees as the “solution” for Gaza.
    ​ But by being so explicit, Shaked likely has torpedoed Von der Leyen’s initiative – for no Arab state wants to be complicit in a new Nakba.​..
    ​..At its core, ‘the bet’ lies in the conviction that public sentiment – contextualised deliberately by the Israeli cabinet in absolute Manichean terms (light versus the dark; civilisation versus barbarism; all Gazans being complicit with ‘Hamas’ evil’) – will ultimately arouse a wave of support for the further move of taking “the fiction” of a Palestinian state off the table “once and for all”. The table is being set for a long war against ‘cosmic evil’.
    ​ The ‘solution’, as National Security Minister Smotrich and his allies underline, is to offer Palestinians a choice – ‘to renounce their national aspirations and continue living on their land in an inferior status’, or to emigrate abroad. Put bluntly, the ‘solution’ is the removal of all non-subservient Palestinians from the lands of Greater Israel.
    ​ Turning now to the contending perspective:
    ​ The ‘united axis’ supporting Palestinians observe that Israel continues to adhere to its initial military goals of destroying Gaza to the point where there is nothing left – no civilian infrastructure at all – by which Gazans might live, were they even to try to return to their collapsed homes.​ They see this Israeli objective fully supported by Biden…
    ..Non-western powers are not siding with Israel. They are coalescing in opposition to the Israeli Cabinet’s aspiration to end the notion of a Palestinian State, once and for all. And today, Israel is bitterly divided on the vision for its future; what it is exactly that constitutes ‘Israel’ and even that very post-modern question, ‘what it is to be Jewish’.

    The Magician’s Hat, and the Great Simulacrum of Palliative Balm

    ​ M. K. BHADRAKUMAR​ , The Middle East at an inflection point​
    On Netanyahu’s part, at least, he doesn’t even feel the need to pay lip service to a two-state solution, after having systematically buried the Oslo Accord and embarked on the journey towards a Jewish theocracy in what was once the state of Israel. Make no mistake, Greater Israel is here to stay and the world opinion regards it as an apartheid state. There is a great misconception that Biden is under pressure from the American opinion on the conflict in Gaza. But the fact of the matter is that support for Israel has all along been rather thin in America and had it not been for the Israel Lobby, it would have probably asserted a long time ago. Curiously, something like one third of American Jews, especially the youth, don’t even care for the Israel Lobby…. Indeed, Israel has been an increasingly illiberal country even toward its own citizens. Due to such factors, Americans no longer take an idealised view of Israel as a morally upright country battling for existence.​..
    ..The elites fear that the Lobby will target them if there are any signs of them wavering in their support for Israel. Put differently, the political elites do not place American national interests above their own personal or career interests. Thus, the Israel Lobby always wins on the Palestinian issue and in extracting generous financial support for Israel with no strings attached…
    ​..The high probability is that Israel will hunker down with the help of its Lobby in the US and would rather prefer to be a Pariah in the world community, to a two-state solution that demands abandonment of the Zionist state built around Greater Israel. The only game changer could be be if Biden is willing to make the US force its will on Israel — through coercive means, if necessary.
    ​ But that requires the courage of conviction and a rare ingredient in politics — compassion. Biden’s hugely successful half century in public life was almost entirely devoted to realpolitik and there are no traces of conviction or compassion in it. A legacy cannot be built on ephemeral considerations and expediency.

    The Middle East at an inflection point

    ​ John Helmer is back with this examination of the ongoing delicate negotiations of the Russian power elites, who Vladimir Putin faithfully serves, along with the citizens, military, and long-term interests of Russia. Putin held the annual oligarch-dinner somewhat early this year, in complete secrecy, without a list of attendees or recorded minutes.
    ​ A veteran Moscow commodity trader comments: “What is happening is a carrot-and-stick display. Elections are coming, so the message is — say and do nothing to undermine VVP [Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin] and he will create conditions for you to keep your business and take over what Western companies have left. But do not complain too much. Those who go too far will get the Prigozhin treatment. So for everybody, there can be no wavering, no vacillation on this now.”
    ​ The paradox of this moment – unsaid publicly, acknowledged privately — is that never has oligarch rule of Russian economy been under greater threat, and the oligarchs politically less capable of resisting. On the other hand, the president intends by his dinner ceremony to reassure the oligarchs that he isn’t planning any threat to their domestic survival. They understand that, domestically, apart from Putin, there is no other threat. The organised political opposition to oligarch rule has never been weaker.


    John Day

    ​ The Seventh Generation Principle is based on an ancient Haudenosaunee (Iroquois)* philosophy that the decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future. This extremely prescient philosophy is currently somewhat overused as a “green” marketing ploy to sell everything from dish soap to cars.
    ​ The first recorded concepts of the Seventh Generation Principle date back to the writing of The Great Law of Haudenosaunee Confederacy, although the actual date is undetermined, the range of conjectures place its writing anywhere from 1142 to 1500 AD. The Great Law of Haudenosaunee Confederacy formed the political, ceremonial, and social fabric of the Five Nation Confederacy (later Six). The Great Law of Haudenosaunee Confederacy is also credited as being a contributing influence on the American Constitution, due to Benjamin Franklin’s great respect for the Haudenosaunee system of government, which in itself is interesting from the perspective that the United States formed their Constitution not on the principles of European governments, but rather on that of a people considered “savages”.

    ​ Shiny Toys, KlownShows and the War for Happiness​ ​ ​ Will Zoll tells the 800+ year history of the opposite of “Seventh Generation” ​stewardship philosophy.
    The Kult of Supremacy is a club that declares their mandate to rule, because they possess “sensitive information” that the public cannot see. This, by default, means that they are in the light, and the People are in the dark, unable to see. Klownshows are used to validate the public’s inability to see or understand the truth. It all began with Frederick’s unfortunate flaccid state and his palace, “Sans, Souci.”.
    ​ They believe that if you cannot see the Klownshow for what it is, then “the joke is on you”​.

    ​ Meryl Nass MD is presenting European Parliamentarians with a clear formulation of the WHO – NWO threats, urgent procedural timelines, and effective tools to block the takeover of their representative governments.
    ​ Considerations of procedural issues that likely void the ability of a nation’s diplomats to approve the WHO’s 2 proposed international treaties
    From where do diplomats get the power to turn over their country’s governance to the unelected WHO? The answer is that very few, if any, actually have the legal power to do so.

    ​ Dr. Nass makes one of those important points here. Did the committee just skip a vote and “move on”? If so, that completely invalidates their rushed timetable for approval.
    ​Did the WHO actually conduct a vote on the May 2022 amendments, or not? Is the WHO breaking its own rules? European parliamentarians want the evidence NOW.
    We saw video of a subcommittee “consensus” process, but where is the evidence that the entire WHA voted? Where is the video? Which nations voted yes?

    Dr. D

    Hate to kind of say that, but the thing about Iroquois and Constitution and 7th Generation is all bulls–t. It’s that common sort of careless bulls–t of broad brushing, weak history, not asking, and “we all knows”. You know: the usual kind. Nobody uncaps a pen without piping in some of this. So there’s practically nothing you can intake which isn’t poisoned.

    Okay: First, there were between 9 and 30 Million(?) Natives here at contact. I estimate far more but we don’t know where or when (Ohio Mound peoples, etc). Maybe 2-3,000 Tribes? Today there are 573. One problem with that is, “What’s a Tribe?” Well the same group, right? Er, yeah, except Mohawk and Seneca aren’t the same people or language. They are as mutually intelligible as say Scots and English, (Mostly to barely) but not say Gaelic. Break them up in 5 (6) Tribes? Or call them one? Are you a splitter or a joiner? (Science joke).

    Anyway, so as White Guys usually (I mean always, 100%, dead-certain, lead-pipe lock every single time) say”Der Indians” did this. Oh, so all “White” guys in Europe did THAT? So Russians=Irish=Italians=Corsicans=Turks=Basques=Romas? Every single person in Europe is the same? That’s what you’re saying?

    WHICH Tribe? Now I’m not arguing that this impulse of generations wasn’t generally true. Nor that not only that it was actually said by the Pacific NW tribes (can’t remember his name right now) and also by the Southwest and probably would be considered proper form by many, even most. No, like all bulls–t, the broad impulse is true.

    …But WE also SAY we’re a Democracy, the freest nation ever born, while being the dead opposite for 100 years.

    So what part of ““we are all related to, and respect, everything in life.” led the Mohawk to kill every tribe within 400 miles, annihilate all Ohio, vacate it of every human, (pop probably near 20k) kill every beaver, AND — Oh I’m not done — then be the largest Slave traffickers in North America? Such that their entire culture depended on enslaving and adopting fresh blood? Oh and that’s AFTER being literal Amazon Cannibals for a hundred(s) years.

    True “Universal” “Respect”. Nor was that unique to them, but being associated with the Colonial period I know their history better. Many other tribes were also slavers, perhaps most. They also attempted genocide on their neighbors, perhaps most. That’s why Europe won: divide and conquer. Their hatred, LACK of relation, LACK of respect, not for all life but for even each other WHILE THE ALTERNATIVE WAS TO BE KILLED, is truly legendary and the #Opposite of everything she’s saying. Look up Pontiac’s war. Or heck: Thanksgiving. They had it with white guys not to be murdered by the other tribe over the hill.

    …But we American peasants in 2023 would know, we’re all doing the SAME THING. While we too have only the alternative of being killed. Anything to stab and fight each other, not a whiff of anything to stop the invading colonial invaders from the top. And selling off OUR island for beads. In case you thought I was being harsh on them. No: they are men. As are we. Not a race of superior beings living in harmony kissing snakes and grizzlies.

    At the time we speak how long did Indians have iron pots and rifles? Oh about 200 years. Yeah man: Whites were here fur-trading in 1600. They brought the guns with them. So they weren’t like popped up out of nowhere, scratching a deer hide with a flint. At some point in the past, sure, there was that first contact guy. But by the time of personal contact, let’s say in Dakota, they’d heard all about the problem with Whites for 200 years. What, did you think they were stupid and didn’t know how to TALK? Lakota didn’t ask Winnebago who didn’t talk to Huron who didn’t treaty with Sir John Johnson who was envoy to the King? And at that time, like 1700, the technical level of the Indians and Euros were about the same. Heck many tribes were probably ahead of the Scots, Irish, Norwegians, and Slavs. It’s just that the Industrial Revolution happened to only one of them. Sort of.

    Anyway, did she or anyone LOOK at the Iroquois Constitution and the American one? Read what THEY said about where they bought in government from? I’ll tell you absolutely no: they read neither because they’re not similar at all. Maybe that’s a detriment and should have adopted the Iroquois way — I don’t think so, but you could argue — but as history DID tell you, they DID found it on the Enlightenment and Greece with a warning of Rome, just as you were told. Those silly buildings from D.C. aren’t American, you know. They’re not Iroquois, they’re not English and not German. They’re GREEK. As was the architecture of the time, as that was to what they aspired. Athens alone. (well it ain’t Sparta)

    They’ve been around so long WE think they’re American, normal, standard. Nothing had been built to mimic Rome in 1,000 years. Til us. They built Cathedrals. Gothics. Anything but pillars.

    Now Ben isn’t wrong and the quote isn’t wrong: they DID look at the Iroquois who were right on top of them (Govt was in NY) and they studied it extensively. Somewhere it probably had an effect. But darned if you can see it under all that Greek. Besides, it’s really the Articles of Confederation which is universally considered to have failed.

    Other dangerous, ignorant nonsense? The place of women was thrown in and implied here. Er, no. As we all know the voting is by the STATES. They set the rules. …….Oh………! And in 1770 the STATES at the time of Revolution was pretty far into woman’s suffrage at the time in many practical ways. Counterintuitively, suffrage actually went BACKWARD for a while, although I’m not an expert on this as it’s very arcane and proven to be absolutely peppered with bald lies (like women couldn’t bank or own property. There was NEVER a time this wasn’t true right back to Rome. It’s just that it wasn’t equal and the loopholes were complicated.) So I wouldn’t dare just “read a book” on it since we found out all that, plus all the women’s rights, plus all the burning witches, plus heck, Milgrim’s experiment were all totally made up bald, political falsehoods.

    The suffrage by color also went backwards. Which means that in 1770 being a free black man might jsut mean you were “British from the Caribbean”. They claim it wasn’t because no one was keeping race records: the true measure of equality. They MADE them keep race records as a Divide and conquer. (Napoleon, eg. I don’t have the article at my fingertips) This is the Myth of Progress which Just. Can’t. Stop. If something happened last year, we linearly project it in a straight line back the the caves, ignoring…well, all recorded history and every word anyone ever wrote on paper, for any reason ever. ‘Cause I’m S.M.A.R.T! Gay rights? Oops, forgot all Rome. Forgot all Greece. Forgot all clubs. Forgot all people everywhere. ‘Cause “Progress”. — I — am the smartestestest, bestestest person evah! …Like all 12-year-olds think they are. Sure pal. Read a book. THAT’S WHY THEY WROTE THEM, you self-absorbed sot.

    Anyway, NOT Indians said this. NOT Indians DID this either. They hunted everything to extinction, including each other, just like Euros. The Constitution is NOT based on the 5 Nations. This author did NOT read it. Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie. Why? Because they WANT it to be true. When you need to make a case: just make up all the data! Truthiness! Problem solved!

    Or that’s what they do at Rutger’s anyway. Anyone see the cheating stats at our Unis? Yeah, it’s like 80%. I think their slip is showing.

    Sad. Would be nice if it were true. But that would be a different, simple world. We’re not that lucky.

    Figmund Sreud

    Alistair Crooke at its very best, that is, when he speaks, explains, educates, … and is not interrupted by such as Nap. Here he is for first time as a guest, and so he goes out of his ways and explains full background to the story. Even as we here know most of the story, … this time, however, we learn far, far more! Have a hear out, …


    Saudi Arabia is in favor of the new cuts. And what Saudi Arabia wants, it usually gets.

    The move, which would likely send oil prices higher, could be announced Thursday at a virtual meeting of the cartel, although a deal for further cuts isn’t assured, and the prospect is still facing significant resistance.


    Founder of Israeli Settler Movement Admits Its Meant to Destroy Palestine

    Those Zionist sure are smart

    Almost, but not quite, as smart as North American colonists


    Lavrov Says U.S. Destroying Europe on Purpose

    Almost as smart as Zionists who themselves are almost as smart as North American colonists


    Déjà Vu

    It’s like 1943 all over again.

    Every 80 years or so, sheeple=people inevitably forget their collective past.

    It’s not collective guilt

    It’s Collective Stupidity®

    Rinse and Repeat

    Attention span deficit isn’t just in the 10 second range

    It goes out to the decade and century range

    Quite regularly, like clockwork

    In individuals, and families, and neighborhoods, and tribes, and states, and countries

    But especially cultures and whole religions.

    Collective Stupidity®

    It’s a Brand

    Wear it Proud, Wear it Loud.

    And Life itself punishes Collective Stupidity®

    UkroReich Wehrmacht Fleischsoldaten Tow Their Crap Next To Burned Out German Marder

    Hey, it’s in Black & White!


    American made M109 Howitzer Visited by a Russian Lancet

    Someone Didn’t Make It Out

    Who fault is that?

    What? You don’t believe in fault?

    Well, it’s still there even though you might not believe in it.


    Can you do something that makes you liked everywhere in the world?
    Can you do something that makes you hated everywhere in the world?


    What is more effective?
    Cut oil production or raise prices?


    Different shots for different people Doc, fairly simple, ask Bourla, who got no shot. No different than pumping West Virginia chock full of Oxycotin…ask the Sacklers, geez they’re all jews, what a cohencidence.

    Veracious Poet


    You said your ego got you into trouble in the decades before. You might want to watch it now with your new approach too.

    Still waking everyday with prayer & meditation to maintain EG0 awareness (deflation @depth), as my pattern & practice since July 2013’s NDE, but as always Narrow is The Way

    Maybe it matters who’s right and who’s wrong but I thought you said that compassion matters more

    In a perfect world…

    There is no right -or- wrong in real reality, only *TRUTH* vs. *FICTION*, obligating the Spiritually Sane to ascertain culpability (i.e. *JUDGE*), while practicing ethereal forgiveness, which in non-pathological *humanity* must be exercised to protect The Natural Rights of family, community, nation-state.

    But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

    That said, it is very difficult indeed very difficult to practice compassion witnessing/enduring the constant progress of UniParty Imperial Machinations grinding innocent humans into putrid puddles of cadaverous ruin, with Mass Formation Psychosis biases the rule, not exception…

    Still a work in progress…

    P.S. Please define this new approach you speak of 😉




    Spoiler Alert: This ad might make you throw-up a little in your mouth

    Scrapping the Bottom of the Barrel.

    This would ‘trigger’ most Woke ‘soldiers’ in the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation Military Industrial Mafia®

    Since Nazilensky has thrown all the ‘real’ men and nazi scum into the Russian Meatgrinder already, I guess this is for the old grandpa men and young pregnant women who always wanted to be Real Men® and go to war.

    The pronouns for this ad are: real/men

    Current Recruiting TV Ad for Ukronazi Military

    Michael Reid

    Competition is good.

    This is an error in thinking

    I will teach you the truth.

    Collaboration is good.


    In very simple eco-systems like deserts, Collaboration dominates because conditions are so harsh.

    Symbiosis is the rule of thumb

    In complex eco-systems like Jungles, Competition dominates because there is so many players and everything, in every direction, is food. Fuel

    And Life always maximizes available food/fuel.

    In a temperate zone eco-system, Competition and Collaboration balance out.

    You want more Collaboration?

    Go to the desert my son.


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