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    Veracious Poet


    Israeli army labels Jenin ‘closed military zone’
    Israeli troops have been conducting near-daily raids of the rebellious West Bank city, destroying homes and bulldozing vital infrastructure

    NOV 29, 2023

    The latest raid in Jenin comes as Gaza entered the sixth day of a truce, which Egyptian and Qatari officials are working to extend.

    Hamas spokesman, Ghazi Hamad, told the News Week magazine on 29 November: “The ceasefire agreement is limited to the Gaza Strip only … We are following what is happening in the West Bank in terms of serious violations of the occupation, and we affirm our position to resist the occupation wherever it is.”
    While the world’s attention has been focused on Gaza, Israel has been
    -laying siege to hospitals in West Bank
    -killing almost 300 people since Oct 7. Including almost 60 children. There is video of the 9 year old shot today. There are over 1,000 injured.
    -kidnapping 3,300+ new HOSTAGES
    – bulldozing roads, power lines and other infrastructure in the West Bank
    -bombing some homes daily
    -stepping up torture of hostages in detention and not allowing Red Cross in to see them

    All this under Palestinian Authority. Why do the EU, US, UN love Palestinian Authority and the unelected Abu Mazen so much? They are basically Israel’s henchmen in the West Bank

    In other words as their utter incompetence, cowardliness and barbarism on the ground in Northern Gaza has been exposed for all the world to see, they’ve shifted focus to West Bank.



    Veracious Poet

    We The People *have* been warned, every step along the Road To Hell, but chose Diabolical Narcissism in large enough numbers to ensure that the *FICTION* of The UniParty GlobalCap Empire became *absolute* de jure & de facto real reality

    Goldwater speaks on peace and foreign aid Recorded February 1, 1964

    Coiffured spellbinders, whether liars-for-hire or true believers, now dominate all branches of .GOV, along with the “Fourth Branch”.

    The Die is cast, The People have chosen, now all that’s left is The Endgame

    Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose ~ LBJ

    Pax vobiscum.


    In Gaza, the bankers are telling the world this is what we will do to you and nobody can stop us!

    Earlier it was the Ukraine. So who wants to be next?

    John Day

    Celia Farber posts this:
    BREAK IN SETH RICH COVERUP: Texas Judge Gives FBI A FINAL 14 Days To Turn Over All Documentation Around Seth Rich’s Work and Personal Laptop, DVD and Tape Drives—FBI Wanted To Stall For 66 Years
    Extremely Likely DNC Emails Published by Wikileaks Came From Seth Rich


    Dig deeper Dr D; the batch numbers of the shots are primarily what indicated whether you would be injured or simply get nothing. Look at the stats on batches versus injuries. Getting the shot means nothing if you are in control of the batch. You can bet your ass that ((Pfizer)) gave the good stuff to the chosen. You can bet your ass that the USA got the bad stuff. Pfizer was handing out death and choosing who was to die.

    From 2021 …


    WES said

    In Gaza, the bankers are telling the world this is what we will do to you and nobody can stop us!

    Earlier it was the Ukraine. So who wants to be next?

    We can stop them, but only if people balls-up, recognise the problem and accept the slur of anti-semitic, the Jewish cry of pain, the clarion call for collective punishment. The Jews have a very long track record of leaching off of society, of breaching the moral code of their host society to make themselves rich and powerful. We see it today in the USA, nothing has changed. Eventually they piss off enough people and then someone like Hitler steps into the breach – the Jews were attacking Hitler in the 30’s way before Hitler decided that the Jews were a problem – and turns them into social pariahs. No, Hitler did not do any Holocaust, but he did lock them up in ghettos; sort of like what the Jews would do to any rebelious group, such as Palestinians. Gaza anyone.

    Anyway, back to the quote; you don’t stand a chance, you are surrounded by cowards, the USA will be overrun by the ((elite chosen)) locking you up in your 15-minute cities, which they will bomb every so often just to let you know you are their guests.

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