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    Dorothea Lange Hoe culture in the South. Poor white, North Carolina July 1936   • China Shouldn’t Risk West’s Large Monetary Easing Of Last Decad
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    V. Arnold

    Dorothea Lange Hoe culture in the South. Poor white, North Carolina July 1936

    I call bullshit on this photograph; it is so obviously staged as to beggar belief.
    Boo Dorothea for this fraud…


    It’s kid leaning on his hoe. Where’s the fraud?

    V. Arnold

    Yeah, and the kid looks too relaxed given he’s interacting with Lange.
    The pose doesen’t look natural when everything is considered, IMO…

    Dr. D

    Well at least they didn’t say he’d never left the state: he’s 12. And not wearing his Sunday best in the fields, obviously.

    “Banks in the European Union could close branches, merge or leave”

    “Close”? You told us not to close when you bailed us out! Make up your mind. I thought not closing, not leaving was the whole point? But now instead of ignoring capitalism you want to obey capitalism and do what it says? Is that because like all life on earth, it’s only allowed to exist under your control?

    Low profitability limits banks’ capacity to generate capital organically”

    That sentence above means literally nothing and is also false too. Naturally I’m being a rabble-rouser here, but these problems were caused by them. Low profitability? Wow, in 1968 the spread was “Lend at 8%, save at 5%, golf by 3,” and everyone drove Cadillacs. Today it’s “Lend at 30%, Save at 0%, and…we’re broke?” You got a 30% spread, Dukie. That’s 10x the long-term average. And you’re broke??? You sound like the health care companies. What have you been doing??? You’re fired! But it’s these exact ECB-blokes who caused the system to not work and make no sense whatsoever. Financial health? Dissolve yourself. It’ll be fixed in no time.

    traffic volumes at stores across the country on Thanksgiving eve were soft”

    With endless strip malls backed by deadly 4-lane traffic, shopping is ugly, difficult, and not fun. Not filling like when you’d see careful shop windows and other shoppers dressed up and cheerful. There is a point where more is not better, Mr. Creosote. However, the single largest waste in the history of the planet is not going back to cornfields. It will be toxic, inarable gravel for 1,000 years. And again, they’re using this to hide that far larger retail is sinking faster than far-smaller online.

    “introduce a resolution for censure”

    Wow. Doing literally nothing is going to go over just PEACHY in moderate-land. You can tell because two DNC Congressmen have already flipped and left the party, and the Town Hall meetings are spicy! “We sent you there to help us! And you did NOTHING!!!” Their answer: “We thought it was a 1776 moment!” “On what evidence??? Less people believe it now than before you started!”

    This is what happens when you’re radically #AntiLogos and don’t keep accurate views. In other words, Don’t Trump Derangement Syndrome. Keep your head and you’ll keep your head.

    If Assange gets extradited to the United States and if he gets punished for exposing the truth,”

    These are two relatively big “Ifs”. Don’t surrender.

    Jeffrey Epstein Is Dead But His Legal Legacy May Have Years To Run (G.)”

    So a lot of the structure, and all the other competing sex-lines are still out there, but our focus is on Andrew? Yeah, I’m way more worried about Andrew having to stay home on his palatial estate more than how many more people are out there like Nexium and picking up teens from Minnesota. …Which is to say, THEY STILL DON’T CARE. It doesn’t even occur to them to care. The only real people are celebrities and coastal elites, where everyone else on the planet is Untermensch. So…Epstein had like a million clients, and we have the tapes, sooooo…anybody planning on prosecuting any crimes? A: No. Shut up peasant, we’ll be around for your daughter soon. Just like our pals over in China. It’s only bad when THEY do it.

    On Corbyn’s reaction to Paris, props to the British PEOPLE, who stopped such an attack with nothing but a fire extinguisher and a narwhale horn. Remember kids: “When seconds count, the police are just minutes away!” And that’s why self-defense is enshrined in Britain’s Rights of Man. You know, the one that includes gun ownership and has been completely ignored for 200 years. All’s well when the people rise to their duty.


    60% of consumers are broke.
    The consumers are having a hard time making it to the end of the month.
    Look around see the proof.
    More street people
    More people living in RV
    and finally

    people are finding that its cheaper to shop online that to put gas in the car
    What I don’t understand is where are the people getting the money to fly home for thanksgiving.


    Black Friday would have broke records
    People would have noticed that there were 1,000 737 max missing.


    Well cheer up! Online sales were up 22%!


    Dorothea Lange’s picture is strange. My few trips through North Carolina I was struck by all the trees. Not one in the picture. It implies he did the hoeing all by himself but that can’t be. It is just like the chart of Industry and Consumer above. Industrial production has been in a decline since the beginning of 2018. That corresponds with the decline in rail freight. Manufacturing is gone. All that left in the USA is resource extraction and debt extortion. As Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez said, people go into debt to stay alive. When they can’t get any more loans, they die. After the harvest, all that is left is barren empty fields.

    V. Arnold

    Dorothea Lange’s picture is strange. My few trips through North Carolina I was struck by all the trees. Not one in the picture. It implies he did the hoeing all by himself but that can’t be.

    Interesting. So, I’m not the only one who sees something amiss in miss Lange’s picture…

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