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    Mr. House


    Take a look at the article below. I was getting non stop emails from recruiters on job sites right up until march or april and i haven’t gotten a single one since. Seems to match up with what Zerohedge is noticing also.

    Mr. House

    People who lie about a virus wouldn’t lie about economic statistics, never!


    Europe Is Sacrificing Its Ancient Forests for Energy ? The thing that has struck me most about the past few years is the wasted potential. If you can drive millions (okay, billions) of people crazy, surely you could have driven them SANE even more easily.

    Since everyone now believes in and engages in self-contradictory self-defeating activities, either the people with power are idiots or liars. Or possibly they became so fascinated by the power of By Any Means Necessary that they became obsessively addicted to the means at the expense of any ends?

    I’m looking at a new 4,000 unit apartment complex being put up.

    It’s a total firetrap. I don’t understand how the building codes here allow it, but I’m looking right through all the stick-frame construction and there is not a single firewall.

    Are there flat, window-covered sides facing due south with proper overhangs to take advantage of seasonal free passive cooling/heat? Nope.

    Are there windowed cupolas on top and tunnels beneath, letting cool air be dragged up through the building for free during the summer? Nope.

    How thick is the insulation, anyway? As thin as they can make it.

    Are they putting a grocery store, liquor store, barber, pharmacist, veterinarian, doctor, restaurant, bar, bank, etc in the bottom level of the complex, so people can just go downstairs for whatever they need? So businesses can deliver goods to their door from inside the building? Nope.

    Did they already build out 2-3 story luxury apartments in a 2 mile radius surrounding every light rail station so no poor people can live near the train stop and use it for transit to/from work? Yep.

    Since they were building the kitchens from scratch, thus not needing to fit refrigerators to a standard size, did they opt for custom built-in refrigerators with 6in insulation instead of the usual 2in? Considering there was an economy of scale there with 4,000 units? Considering the landlord has to repair any refrigerator that breaks and that a compressor will last a lot longer with 6in insulation due to running less? Nope.

    Are there allotments being made for gardening? Which did TPTB brainwash everyone into wanting, a victory garden or an iphone? Some of them want to be vegan now, I guess, but just keep those salad ingredients travelling 3,000 miles. BTW omg meat uses fossil fuels!

    Are massive shipments of condoms being sent for free to countries with positive population growth numbers? Are B-52’s flying missions from Diego Garcia over these countries dropping millions of condoms and leaflets on family planning? Are aligned corporate interests showering these countries’ populations with incessant anti-population growth propaganda? No? Pollution, destruction of natural habitat, and resource depletion has no connection to population growth??? But we’re all going to die in 5 years? But we have billions of dollars to campaign rabidly on all sorts of tertiary issues?

    I could go on. Obviously.

    But these #%$#%tarts want us to starve to death and freeze in the dark while chewing bugs because they can’t be bothered to run anything properly and because they prefer to drive everyone crazy as opposed to drive everyone sane. You don’t need to be secretive or underhanded to get people to do things that are right and make sense. But I guess at least you COULD, if you felt compelled to keep a hand in things. But it’s this.


    Opinionated and Under-informed.
    Unmovable (synonyms
    steadfast · firm · unshaken · staunch · unwavering · unswerving · undeviating · uninfluenced · determined · resolute · decided · resolved · inflexible · unbending · implacable · adamant

    You are entitled to your wrong opinions (covid, jabs, war, me, right/wrong)
    Kherson police uncover arms cache with almost 20 grenade launchers
    In addition, the police seized a cache with pistols, automatic weapons and rifles in the town of Skadovsk in the Kherson Region, it added



    @my parents
    “Tulsi and WEF”
    No wonder that she came to my mind the moment story/discussion about “Head Girl” surfaced today on the site.

    John Day

    @kultsommer: Did you read the story?
    The WEF declared Tulsi a “Young Global Leader”.
    She thanked them and never showed up for anything.

    John Day

    “After a ‘knock and announce,’ the front door was opened by Mr. Pelosi. The 82-year-old did not immediately declare an emergency or try to leave his home,” reports NBC. Instead, Pelosi “began walking several feet back into the foyer toward the assailant and away from police.”

    What’s more, Pelosi and attacker David DePape were reportedly alone for 30 minutes.


    I wasn’t going to post anymore today, but what the heck. This is amusing/tragic.

    My wife told me just now. Her entire office just discovered they all have Covid. The office that all had to get the shots to keep employment. Most of whom are fully boostered. And this isn’t the first time this has happened

    I offered her a glass of water with one of my homemade corona-remedy icecube and she refused.

    (crock pot – organic, scrubbed grapefruit peel, pineapple core and skin, tumeric, and ginger, low simmer or just keep hot in crock pot, 2-4 hours, strain out any solids, freeze cubes for later. 1 cube/4 hours when sick. Probably shouldn’t drink it if no specific need. The grapefruit peel releases something like quinine. Tumeric is good against inflammation. Ginger and pineapple have anti-parasite qualities, which for some reason seems to matter with coronoa so may as well throw em in there. A garlic pill along with that probably wouldn’t hurt.)

    ….refused, despite panicking about visiting her mother this weekend. Which she will do anyway. Do we believe in the danger or not? Maybe we make the proper religious observances – duty to panic. (DTP) Not quite real, not quite unreal.

    She did take the D and K2 I offered at least. Sigh.

    John Day

    @jb-hb: You should find this useful for your wife. I put it together around the end of last year, when Omicron was breaking.


    ‘Say, here’s an idea ! Swap your dollars for something (ANYTHING) of real value, and then avoid dollars as though your life depended on it.’


    Been doing that for the past three year, following relocation. It’s the reason I have no money but do have four bicycles -different styles, different uses, spare tyres, spare brake pads, fishing gear even though I don’t yet fish, numerous fruit trees (purchased when NZ fiat currency had around twice the value it now has: yes, prices up 100% in less than three years!), propagation gear, hand tools…

    However, people still trapped in the Matrix would not even think about such purchases, let alone make them.

    I know who is fucked by the central bankers and their agents (the NATOstan governments). Everyone still trapped in the Matrix.

    And of course, they would not dream of looking at vital information provided at TAE and other websites that could save their lives and could ameliorate the misery that is coming down the line like a runaway train.

    The system needs an endless supply of victims. “Thanks for volunteering.”


    @MPSK: Thanks for the Tulsi Gabbard link. That explains a lot.


    The shitstorm is only just getting started.


    Multinational Advertisers Begin Pulling Out of Twitter

    said: “This is a declaration that [the corporations] exist first as political entities…Their openly stated prioritization is that they would rather disenfranchise you than sell to you.”

    I suspect that declaration was made when they supported the platform by advertising there in the first place. I suspect that very few gained market share by advertising there, or will lose it by leaving. Both their presence and their departure are virtue-signals.

    Also, I understand and agree with most of what you’re saying about jobs. But there was one thing I found out during the 15-odd years I was doing contract (temporary) work. Amongst the permanent employees (“directs”) at all the facilities I worked at, the belief was that all of us were contractors because we couldn’t get on anywhere as directs. The reality was that virtually all of us liked being contract workers and had no desire to go “in-house.” We had a saying amongst ourselves: “The difference between us and the directs is that we KNOW we are temporary.”

    There really is no such thing as “permanent” employment, especially nowadays. I only went direct again for the last 10 or 12 years of my career because I got tired of moving so often; if remote work had been a thing back then like it has now become, I’d have done it right up to the day of my retirement.

    The thing I liked best about contract work is that it greatly simplified the relationship between employer and employee–you give me money, I do work, until one of us wants to end the arrangement. Since you are not a permanent employee, there are no other implied promises. My “performance evaluation” happens every day–since I am an “employee at will,” you can let me go anytime you feel I fall short of the mark. And I can let YOU go for the same reason.


    @John – cool thanks. The Grapefruit thing is basically a Quercitin/Quinine substitute for cellular zinc absorption, but I didn’t know about the Lecithin aspect, that’s cool. I’ll read the whole thing. Lol in the meantime I got her to take some Zinc as well. Progress.

    I did research about a year ago on the grapefruit thing and was satisfied that it contains a chemical that will do a quinine-like thing for you, although somewhat less effectively. I forget the name of the exact chemical. NOW when I search, I find “fact-checking” USA Today articles screeching that grapefruit doesn’t have HCQ and HCQ doesn’t help with anything, ha.


    @John Day
    I admit, I missed that WEF experience was not Tulsi’s but of MP Michelle Rempel Garner.
    Yet, I had combined thought, immediately, of Tulsi and “Head Girl” before the comment by “my parents…”
    Can’t explain it but I just follow my gut. I like my “revolutionaries” to be more real deal like that Irish couple, lady and gray haired bearded guy recently featured at TAE (shame that I can’t recall the names at the moment) that are shaking parliamentary walls with the truth. Both down to Earth but show of real force and passion, Tulsi’s videos with the sound off, while she’s talking about grave issues facing the nation and the world, appears as if she’s talking about a beautiful trip with the family, their dog Fido pleasantly misbehaving making everybody laugh ,,,,I know, it’s just me.


    The actual vaccination rate (percentage) in Australia is much lower than the government claims. One reason is the government has been using outdated population figures. The other bigger reason is Australian government officials are systemically corrupt so it is relatively easy to bribe them for fake/false vaccine documentation. About half of the people I know that are “fully vaxxed” have not been vaxxed at all. Turns out Australia’s pervasive systemic corruption (significantly higher than some West African countries) may be lifesaver.

    Veracious Poet

    50% myocarditis on MRI in elite athletes … That is extremely important.
    Let’s look at testicles and ovaries now, can we?

    I know, it’s all good that our human numbers recede to that of a few centuries ago, and this is the only way we can cooperate. In the dark. It’s all quite well-meaning and “There Is No Alternative”.

    In 2019 Infinity War/End Game was biggest $$$ movie event in global history ~ Did Big Pharma/Deep State think Thanos was right?


    From yesterday,
    Sorry to hear that you are in a concentration camp , it is a metaphorical one I hope,

    Putin never mentioned nuclear weapons , that is disingenous , what then is he referring to in these two bits? He never used the words ,”nuclear weapons “ because he is a bit of a shifty one when it comes to putting out his nuclear threats so he uses veiled language instead. If he is not talking about nuclear weapons here , what is he talking about, firecrackers, spitballs,slushballs?
    I stole this from chooches post yesterday.
    Putin explicitly stated that Russia’s nuclear arsenal would play a deterrent role. On Feb. 24th after launching the SMO, he stated.

    “I would now like to say something very important for those who may be tempted to interfere in these developments from the outside. No matter who tries to stand in our way or all the more so create threats for our country and our people, they must know that Russia will respond immediately, and the consequences will be such as you have never seen in your entire history.”

    A clear restatement of this position recently on 14 October at a press conference. Putin was asked a question from a state media journalist, Sergei Dianov:

    ‘NATO officials are saying explicitly that Ukraine’s defeat would mean the alliance’s defeat. Do you think NATO will send troops into Ukraine if the situation on the battlefield becomes disastrous for Kyiv?’

    He replied:

    ‘ ….. in any event, sending troops into direct engagement, a direct clash with the Russian Army is a very dangerous step that could lead to a global catastrophe. I hope those who talk about this will be smart enough not to undertake such dangerous steps.’

    Re recognition of loyalty at work
    Seems to me that wanting the oxygen thieving , foodwasting , shiny arse , drones in management to pat you on the head indicates a bit of a fragile ego thing. Who needs it? If you get the respect of your mates at the coalface that is enough. If you don’t get that from them you are most likely a drone too , a non-worker.


    Hopelessly out of touch!


    Sundance is a totally one-eyed Trump supporter. But good points made.
    “The DPRK is a proxy province of China, and Beijing leverages their control within North Korea to achieve strategic geopolitical objectives. All other presidents before Donald Trump played an international game of pretending not to know China controls North Korea. Chairman Kim is a hostage to the influence of Chairman Xi. Kim walks a very tenuous tightrope with Xi’s regime constantly over his shoulder and almost certainly in control of the DPRK military.”


    Itching for Another Conflict, Biden Regime Turns Toward North Korea


    ‘What von Greyerz misses with the rest of us is that, the “Quadrillion”, that is, the MONEY system exists and depends on rules. But when you own the law and the army, there are no rules. Therefore there is no money system, it’s an “I do what I like” system. That’s why it hasn’t collapsed in the last 20-30 years. We say it depends on “Faith and Confidence” without fully realizing what that means. Bernays has allowed them to keep faith with double-speak that would tear your head off. With theft and poverty of you personally that a blind bat would notice. So whenever they have a problem it’s simple: add more violence, add more fascism. Add more lies and propaganda. Clearly the people love it more than life or love, more than logic and their own minds, so that is the “Disaster” that “Happens” and does not appear in the (non)”Money” system instead.

    My deadly lack of foresight was to never believe people would accept, tolerate, and love such hardship, murder, violence, and illogic, being unable to imagine or tolerate such things myself.

    Well said, Dr D.

    The aspect that I missed when I started campaigning to prevent societal and environmental catastrophe [25 years ago] was that most ‘people’ don’t have minds in the sense that you or I do.

    Once I saw people who were double or triple jabbed with the ‘vaccine that prevented them from getting covid’ still wearing masks, and justifying the wearing of masks because they gave ‘extra protection’ I fully understood just how far gone their minds were.

    These are the ‘people’ who will drive 20km to save $2 on a bag of potatoes.

    These are the ‘people’ who go out in boats in rough weather without taking lifejackets.

    These are the ‘people’ who go mountain climbing in shorts and sandals.

    Enjoy George Carlin!

    NZ , being a colony of America, is just one rung up the ladder from America.


    Biden says ……The fix is in!


    That Bloke said

    Hey Aspnaz, if your sister went to boarding school, are you also a boarding school survivor? I only managed one year myself (thank God!).

    Yes, from the age of 8. My father worked in Africa and they would fly us children over to the UK every term, fly back to Africa every holiday. Prep school 8 to 12, public school was 13 to 18. I loved it but it does harden you, makes you independent and self reliant, can make some ruthless and unsympathetic, makes you respond well to others with a similar background that you “understand”.

    No way would I describe the experience as a wounding, it is quite the opposite, it gives you great training in your role as a responsible male in society. Leadership is a big part of the experience as is making good judgement and looking after your fellow man, the balance between discipline and compassion. Older children have to manage the younger children and in that role they learn a great deal.

    This has a direct effect on their ability to love, to relate, to make good judgments and to develop the necessary leadership qualities for today’s world.

    Everything in your upbringing molds you, so your school will definitely impact all these areas, but I see that as a positive input from my school, an input that has helped me ever since. I understand that some children will not benefit from public school but most of those will be children without the average levels of inner strength and confidence. I suspect these problems start at home at a younger age and are not the fault of the school, although any boarding school can be tough on weak kids because there is no escape to run home and enjoy the safety of home, instead you have to “toughen up” and realise that this is your world and you have to make of it what you can, the opportunities being huge if you can take them.

    Up to date evidence from neuroscience shows what a poor training for leadership this actually is.

    Do not agree with this political science, public schools train very good leaders who know how to do the dirty work themselves and can inspire other children. I have witnessed this myself on many occasions, but I understand that “science” has to have its say on why we should destroy the best things in society because they do not fit well with today’s faux egalitarianism.

    The only downside of public schools is that the children who went to them have different ways of thinking than do children who went to day school. Like any difference in up bringing, differences will result in the resulting adults. Is difference a bad thing?

    I would send my children to public school, wouldn’t think twice about it.


    From yesterday,
    Sorry to hear that you are in a concentration camp , it is a metaphorical one I hope,’

    Redneck. Unfortunately it is not. It is a very real concentration camp. with guards ready to pounce on and physically and verbally abuse anyone who transgresses arbitrary rules created illegally by the concentration camp managers.

    Anyone who challenges the dysfunctional, counterproductive, illegal policies generated by the concentration camp managers or exposes their lies risks being arrested and having what little freedom they had removed completely.

    I know from experience, having spent a day in police cells deliberately left unclean and containing vomit, deprived of water, and then left stranded when released.

    My crime: telling the truth the concentration camp managers did not want made public.

    Think Julina Assange. The concentration camp managers are quite prepared to arrest and lock someone up, destroy their health, and even murder him/her if deemed suitable, for exposing their numerous crimes.

    How did the ‘heroic’ British who invaded Africa attempt to bring the Boer farmers under control when those Boer farmers resisted British hegemony: gather all the women and children and transport them to a concentration camp, where many (most?) died.

    What did the British do to Jews who independently managed to make it to Palestine at the end of WW2?

    Transport them back to the same concentration camps they had left a few months previously.

    What did the Americans do to innocent young men who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Grab them, abuse them, and then transport them to the Guantanamo concentration camp.

    As well as being an Empire of Lies and an Empire of Chaos, it is also and Empire of Torture and Incarceration.

    Yet people still support its activities and utterly evil ‘values’.

    Veracious Poet

    It’s amazing to see, openly, how many corporations don’t exist anymore for their ostensible purpose – soap, toilet paper, cars, whatever. This is a declaration that the exist first as political entities. Or they collectively exist as A political entity, perhaps.

    They’d rather pull ads than tolerate free speech?

    Their openly stated prioritization is that they would rather disenfranchise you than sell to you.

    It’s not about partisan politics, it’s about multi-generational indoctrination into a society of The Empire (Deep State) ~ No “declaration that the(y) exist first as political entities” is required, it’s already a given.

    Looking back now, it’s become beyond obvious to me that gen pop in The West fully realizes, at least subconsciously, that their entire being + standard of living is reliant on The Empire’s continued conquest of weaker nations (Empirical slaves/tributes)…

    No more is this phenom more spiritually detached than with the Ivy League execs that dwell within ivory towers of banking & corporatism ~ Where logic & reason has been legally suspended, nay reality itself, to feed the narcissistic parasites’ ever expanding avaricious entitlement pathology, leading The West into a multi-generational maelstrom where The Empirical Elite have abandoned compassion & empathy to go FULL MERCENARY.

    With that said, I also began noticing a growing cognitive dissonance emerging from the Ivory Tower Elite’s in the 90s, when I became a embedded legal reporter in Gotham, when the exponential growth of viciously repugnant salaries of corp(se) execs began to equal the GDP of entire nation states, it then became obvious to me (and others) that only a State/Corp(se) symbiotic marriage (fascism) could create such a top-down perversion, that the incestuous pairing was fait accompli ~ Looking into the eyes of the The Empirical Elite (as I did on a regular basis), I was often struck at the lack of light & malevolent energy emitting from their entire persona ~ It was if the entire CULTure had sold their souls to the “devil”…

    The “cognitive dissonance” I mentioned noticing was, that although living lives of the Rich & (In)famous, The Empirical Elite lacked any signs of happiness, contentment & connection, nothing but dour & morose sad sacks disguised in a facade of $10K+ designer suits.

    Then there were toadies, lackeys & sycophants (lawyers, journalists, LEOs), whose soul mission it appeared was to service & protect the The Empirical Elite CULTure ~ I soon realized that it was THEIR CULTure too 😐

    I assume you know about the revolving door of lawyers, journalists, LEOs, who were charged to “regulate” The Empirical Elite, but are rewarded for their “services” by joining lucrative positions once they are deemed worthy…

    In summation, while the useless grubbers besmirch & protest their wealthy “brethren”, they too are afraid to topple-the-applecart, voting for the (D)&(R) candidate that promises to give them the biggest cut, watching in dismay as one-by-one the politicos that promised Change You Can Believe In selling out “We The People” to the highest bidder(s)…

    So, is Elon really any different?

    Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss (Empire), the abyss (Empire) gazes also into you.


    my parents said know said

    FWIW on Tulsi and the WEF: this post from Pam Ho in October 22.
    sorry if this turns up twice

    Sounds like WEF may be the fall guy for another cabal that is pulling the strings. Someone is pulling the strings, there is so much coordination of stupid policies that this cannot be coincidence.


    jb-hb said

    Since they were building the kitchens from scratch, thus not needing to fit refrigerators to a standard size, did they opt for custom built-in refrigerators with 6in insulation instead of the usual 2in? Considering there was an economy of scale there with 4,000 units? Considering the landlord has to repair any refrigerator that breaks and that a compressor will last a lot longer with 6in insulation due to running less? Nope.

    We had this problem in our apartment in Hong Kong, the fridge failed and it was not a standard size fridge. We could not find a replacement so we had to rebuild part of the kitchen to fit the new fridge which was a standard size. Non standard sized appliances are a pain in the arse, as are non-standard kitchen cupboards and worktops, they are also more expensive.

    Veracious Poet

    I would send my children to public school, wouldn’t think twice about it.

    Wow, so you’re one of “those” people (all makes sense now) 😐


    Veracious Poet said

    Wow, so you’re one of “those” people (all makes sense now)

    Absolutely. If you think the old British landowners, the traditional clients of public schools, are destroying the world then you are mistaken. Many unsavory characters send their children to these schools, many unsavory characters come out of these schools, but no more than anywhere else. Blaming public schools is akin to blaming the house of lords for the destruction of the UK.


    One does not inadvertently become a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. As for the rest, I’ll remain silent- for now.

    I wonder what flora’s take is.


    Romania, Hungary, and Poland are discussing moving their borders, (dividing Ukraine). Therefore, the NATO countries will not need to have Ukraine join and Russia will find having NATO on its borders, ( Romania, Hungary, and Poland ).


    Methinks aspnaz does not know the difference between British public schools and British public schools.

    If we go back 150 years or so, only the sons (and a few daughters) of the wealthy or those who gained scholarships went to schools. Everyone else went to work.

    With rapid industrialisation and construction of overseas empires, the factory owners and their money-lender backers worked out that machines could convert raw materials into sellable stuff far faster than an army of humans. But the machines broke down, and clogged up, and needed raw materials fed into them and needed oiling and repairs. And the factory owners wanted to know how much stuff was passing through their system. They wanted people who could read instructions, do tallies, and record tallies etc.

    Hence universal education to the age of 14, whereupon the child was deemed suitable to go into the factory system or some other component of the loot and pollute and exploit system.

    Higher levels of industrialism called for better trained debt slaves and wage slaves -architects, engineers, chemists, geologists, etc. That’s how come I managed to get a university education.

    But in the de-industrialisation phase, the empire had little use for people with real qualifications, so courses in chemistry, physics, engineering etc. were terminated and fake ones were promoted instead (not as a replacement), e.g. ‘qualifications’ in tourism, cultural awareness, sexual identity counselling etc.

    The purpose of state education is to provide children with enough skills and knowledge to make them useful to the empire, whilst denying them the skills and knowledge that would make them dangerous to the empire. State schools also have an important role in instilling conformity and obedience to arbitrary rules.

    Some people have a lot to learn.

    By the way, the great drive to get reliable electric lighting in the latter half of the nineteenth century was due to the high incidence of factory fires and warehouse fires ignited by candles, oil lamps and gas lights etc.


    AFKTT’s prolific comments remind me of Henry Giroux’s and Chris Hedges’s: all make one want to jump off a bridge, rather that inspiring other humans to take action to create a better world.

    “it’s hopeless” seems to be the long-winded message from all three.. curious.

    I sure do like my little garden, and the birds. The doves have a seemingly detached but life-filled approach
    the I try to emulate.


    And the back bay of the blue, blue Pacific a five minute walk away:



    ‘If there be a path to a better future, it begins with a full look at the worst.’ Thomas Hardy (also frequently quoted by Dr Colin Campbell, co-founder of ASPO).

    I know most people would rather not look at the world as it is but prefer looking at it through rose-tinted spectacles. Hence the mess we are in, with no coordinated response from those who are continuously abused and frequent ad hominem attacks on those who tell it as it is.

    Many retreat into the ‘please don’t tell me anything except happy news/thoughts’ camp. I know quite a few in that particular camp.

    One has to wonder why you come TAE if you can’t stand the truth. 🙂


    Which “truth”? The sun was shining today; I trust that. A couple of doves looked down at me from the powerline this morning as I headed down to the bay, and made their delectable sounds; I trust them, too.

    Who or what shall one trust?

    Here’s what I uncritically trust on the utterly opaque Internet:


    For those in need of something showing someone being nice.

    V. Arnold

    A few here believe public education is just dandy…
    Public education is the major reason so few have any viable critical thinking skills.
    Forced public education is the bane of populations where ever it exists…
    It is the major driving force of totalitarian/fascit governments…

    V. Arnold

    For further information I recommend John Taylor Gatto’s The Underground History of American Education.
    A must read IMO…

    Veracious Poet


    Who or what shall one trust?

    You live in California, right?

    Do you trust the apparatchiks in charge of the .GOV there (Democrat One-Party Rule)?

    How about the (D)&(R) party in D.C., do you trust them to tell you the “truth”?

    How about the Big Pharma Medical Complex, you trust them to take care of the health of you & those you “care” about?

    If so, when then I guess it’s all copacetic as far as your concerned…

    For the record: The only entity I truly trust is the Loving, Healing, Creative Power of the Universe ~ I do have, although, a great affinity for the finches, sparrows, doves & warblers I share feed/water with, along with all the kitties/dogs abandoned and/or abused by my fellow “Caliphonies” 😐

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