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    What I have said, VP, is that I take nothing at all on the Internet at *face value*. That, sadly, includes you..

    D Benton Smith


    In England and the Commonwealth the term “Public” Education has the opposite meaning to what those words would mean in the USA . We Yanks would call it “Private Schooling”, and it is typically reserved for the wealthy and those with generational experience and expectation that they will go to the same privately paid for school that their family has always gone to (at their own expense, not on the taxpayer’s dime.)

    V. Arnold

    D Benton Smith #120223

    Interesting, I didn’t know that…
    …but then that just perpetuates the system, no?
    Same net effect in the end…

    D Benton Smith


    Sure does, and I’m fairly sure that’s the whole point and purpose.


    Not in Australia. A public school is taxpayer-funded, a private school is, well, privately funded. This “public school” term is quite British.

    D Benton Smith


    That’s good to know. And they spell things funny, too.


    The fight over gas furnaces shows us how absolutely stupid government can be.

    One point that has struck me recently, and is evident from reading the above, is that people really need to start recognising that civil servants are the problem. Bad stuff is talked by politicians but the civil servants are the ones who implement the bad stuff. Sure, the odd Fauci gets a mention and called out, but consider the millions of civil servants living among us yet stealthily destroying our world.

    D Benton Smith


    (Un- ?) civil servants are merely the most visible of a wider class of people known as greedy selfish stupid evil bastards , but perhaps my description is too mildly worded to really make the point. The point is that it is very very short sighted and stupid to selfishly do bad things to other people at the behest of a TRULY evil (but high paying) boss who wants to steal from and abuse those hapless victims but does not want to be found out and hung from a lamppost and so hires civil servants to do the dirty work for them, while they hide in the shadows.


    We had this problem in our apartment in Hong Kong, the fridge failed and it was not a standard size fridge. We could not find a replacement so we had to rebuild part of the kitchen to fit the new fridge which was a standard size. Non standard sized appliances are a pain in the arse, as are non-standard kitchen cupboards and worktops, they are also more expensive.

    They needn’t be.

    1.) 4,000 refrigerators would not be expensive like a custom one time job.

    2.) If you design them, you can make them easily serviceable.

    Your built in refrigerator would be up against a wall. On the opposite side of that wall, you open up a door and the entire guts of the refrigerator are easily accessed.

    Therefore, you pull the failed part and put in another one. You are not:
    –throwing away an entire refrigerator
    –building an entire refrigerator
    –transporting both refrigerators

    As it is not packed tightly into a refrigerator that is not user serviceable, but rather, has quite a lot of space to work, as planned, if a particular brand/type of component is unavailable, you have space for whatever size/shape and/or adaptors would be necessary. Everything but insulation and connections would be totally accessible.

    Having floor-to-ceiling room in depth behind your fridge, you could even have space for TWO full pathways for the machinery. You could therefore have one set 1-2 degrees higher temp and if something fails, the 2nd one kicks in. Fridges could come in one set or with backups. You could add backups after the fact if you wanted.

    I suspect the problem with the broken fridge was it was not serviceable. Or servicing it did not make economic sense. Because of how it was built. If it were extremely easy to swap out failed parts, you wouldn’t be tearing apart your kitchen to accommodate a different fridge.

    A custom fridge would be designed to avoid just such problems. And thus massively avoid waste of materials, money, and time.

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