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    Memorial on Old Arbat Street, Moscow, to children killed in Donetsk and all memorials to the sixty million starved to death in the Ukraine , the Holodomor are being pulled down.
    “We’re deeper in debt than ever. And planning to spend trillions on net zero. It doesn’t add up”.
    This headliner has been around for a decade at least , do we need a daily reminder? Are our memories that bad?

    “Ireland’s external debt is 609% more than her GDP..”
    What a total surprise , didn’y know any countries were in debt. Wow.

    Amazing , brand new news! Never had a clue about it!
    U Britain narrowly avoided a financial crisis in September
    A crisis that never happened ,’that car nealy ran over that little kitten”……..but it didn’t!

    “bracing for layoffs is now Wells Fargo, who has seen their U.S. loan volumes “collapse”. The fall off in loan “…
    You are joking?

    “They’re different kinds of debts, a….
    Drone on dude.

    “Russian President Vladimir Putin honored National …”
    Quiet , GOD is speaking.

    “seizing the assets was “not something legally permissible in the United States.”
    Old story , haven’t forgot.

    “pandemic amnesty” in The Atlantic magazine, a house organ of the people in …”
    Never expected that…not!

    “Vomited up the Bureau of Lies and Scams did…”
    When the number suit my narrative they are real , when they don’t they are not.

    “The FBI and its parent agency, the Justice Department, have become political institutions.”
    Another brand new bit of information , never even dreamed of such a thing, thanks.

    “CNN has more employees than viewers.”.
    That is the softest punching bag in the gym.

    “Breaking Friday, Florida’s Board of Medicine and state Board of Osteopathic Medicine voted to ban puberty blockers and sex-reassignment surgery for minors in the state.”
    Knew it was happening , don’t need to know the details…..good for them , banning that is.

    “When a host of doctors, academics and journalists criticized her COVID vaccine-doubting, anti-lockdown views, Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Gill struck back, filing a $12-million libel suit against them.’
    More COVID crap, ZZZZZZZZ.

    Gold. Beautiful , love it.

    Not just a dig at TAE , it is pretty much the same everywhere on this side of the great divide. Media is a business and it needs to sell so watch what gets the clicks and just keep dredging the same tired old shit up again and again. The pressure of providing content into people’s pockets 24/7 is just too much to sustain a steady supply of good stories , so rinse and repeat the sheeple will graze on it. The upside is it shortens up my media time and I can get on with my life.
    Having a few days of late spring weather, sunny , slight breeze off the land from the South……..mmmmmm , feels good to be out in it.


    V Arnold- we are about to watch “V for Vendetta”. I appreciate your first post.


    Could the insistence of the west to keep on throwing weapons into Ukraine, a lost war, be an excuse to de-equip their own militaries? Once the western military organisations have no equipment, they cannot be a threat to the governments of the west. The government can do what it wants and the military will not be able to step in and take over control. Obviously the governments will keep equiping a core of loyalists in the military, these will defend the government regardless of what they do, they will also do all the dirty deeds the government needs done – like shooting politicians or blowing up pipelines (ineptly) – but the majority of the military will be de-equiped, negating the posibility of some captain somewhere deciding to lay seige to the Capitol.

    Veracious Poet

    More COVID crap, ZZZZZZZZ.

    V. Arnold

    V Arnold- we are about to watch “V for Vendetta”. I appreciate your first post.

    Love that movie…thanks…


    Isn’t it interesting that murderers want to suppress hate speech? Shouldn’t I hate those who want to kill me?
    Radio Far Side guy (Bernard Grover) uses the sumptuous word “narradigm“.


    BTW, in the scene where V and Evey dance for the Revolution, they dance to “Antony” (Bird Gerhl), a singer I mentioned a while back who does the most exquisite rendition ever of “If it be Your Will” by L Cohen.
    Pretty subversive movie, eh?



    First study out of Sweden shows that the Pfizer Quackcine® transcribes mRNA into your DNA


    Dr. D,

    Yes, that was funny. I kinda doubt it was produced by Russians as propaganda but some will think that it was and it would only serve as some content to further ridicule the Russians with. Maybe that was the point.

    But then again,


    Latest developments in Kherson and some take aways on what is playing out. In the moment, there are a lot of troops. Both sides combined, probably approaching 75k to 100k.


    One of Russias head girls, Margarita Simonyan, (Editor-in-chief of RT)


    And on every topic, someone was eventually proved right, and someone else was proved wrong. In some instances, the right people were right for the wrong reasons. In other instances, they had a prescient understanding of the available information.

    Oster cleverly side-steps the real issues by trying to set the discussion up to be about right and wrong policies. In fact, the real topic of discussion is not about right and wrong policies but about premeditated crime and the motives of those making the decisions, the lack of declarations of self interest (Fauci was allowed to make recommendations that he benefitted from financially), and the unwillingness to consider alternative opinions from others who are experts in the relevant fields (Fauci worked to silence other doctors), often implemented by breaking the constitution and silencing people through direct threats and removal of medical licenses.

    Forgiveness of wrong policy is easy if you know the decision was genuinely a mistake, but these decisions were not a mistake, many of them broke the law (such as the eviction moratorium), were totally fraudulent (PCR test), damaged people financially and as a result the call for amnesty is not genuine.

    Forgiveness is a bad thing if the person you are forgiving is not genuinely sorry. Perpetrators of crimes, such as Fauci and the people calling to punish unvaxed, cannot be forgiven until they are seen to be truely sorry, such as Fauci forfeiting his ill gotten gains, naming the people he colluded with, telling the whole story. This is unlikely to happen looking at Fauci’s record, and until it does forgiveness would be a disservice to humanity and to the loved ones of those killed by Fauci’s crimes.


    So I have to face that dam daylight savings clock!

    The only thing I know for sure is it reduces the amount of daylight that I get to see!


    “but who is pulling themy strings?”

    Media is a business and it needs to sell so watch what gets the clicks and just keep dredging the same tired old shit up again and again.

    (Go look at my #26. I can’t hear you.)


    I enjoyed watching V and recommend it, partly for its exploration of the human condition and also the various references and hints concerning what was to come,[2005] and what did come.

    The only problem with V (as with the ‘Zeitgeist’ series etc.) is the highly improbable scenario of the masses waking up and rejecting their overlords, and the ‘security forces’ siding with the masses and not beating them into submission.

    Back to the Normans and their conquest of England: a tiny force of brutal thugs subjugated an entire country via the use of terror, i.e. deliberately killing innocent people and burning their villages -because they wanted to terrorise other people, and because they could.

    When has a tiny group of brutal thugs not gone on the rampage?

    When they are paid off in gold, silver and slaves.

    The British terrorised much of the world for two centuries. before them, the Portuguese, Spanish, Turks, Mongolians, Romans. And after the British, the Americans.

    The Portuguese didn’t just leave Formosa. They were driven out.

    The British didn’t just leave India. They were driven out.

    The japanese didn’t just leave the lands they conquered. They were driven out.

    The cabal of fascist liars and thieves who occupy positions of power in NATOstan nations won’t just leave…

    The Ukrainians (whether volunteers or pressganged into service) won’t just leave the reinforced bunkers constructed over the past 8 years.

    Not for the squeamish:


    If you are wondering why things are not the same as they once were, this is intentional. Things aren’t better. But today is sold as the Best of All Possible Worlds. Barrack Obama asks “do you want to go back 50 years?” If the Republicans sweep Tuesday’s mid-term elections, it is because, yes, Americans want to go back to the end of 1972 when there was still an attempt to obtain equality, preserve the environment, and provide family supporting jobs. Most of the combat troops were out of Vietnam. The energy crises started in 1973. Today there is a world war, inflation, pandemic death & illness, and supply shortages. Fifty years ago, everyone joked about how bad French phones were. Now many no longer answer the phone due to robocalls. Each day is a question if the outgoing mail will be picked up or not. Media, ideology, and religion cannot hide the truth or reality forever.

    A mostly hidden fact is that Hollywood can complete their entertainment projects without COVID shutdowns. The COVID protocols add about 6% to the production costs. Yet what they make hides the fact that the pandemic still exists and that the public health interventions that they practice do control coronavirus outbreaks. Public schools and other workplaces could be safe too. Except, the top One Percent Profiteers (the Global Elite Caste) who run the West and the Four Percent Managers simply won’t spend their wealth to save the lives of others. Wars, full hospitals, charter schools, and pharmaceuticals make money. After all, they are profiteers. Unless there is a second Reformation to restore secular democratic constitutional republics and peace, western civilization will cease to exist.

    Sweet Kenny

    Cooch, you’re on the wrong side of history. Ukraine is a money laundering mechanism. Russia isn’t even really concerned, it’s cover for Russia prepping for the real war. NATO is a bully and this coming war will be where they blow their last gasp before the collapse and the US retreats and abandons all its bases due to financial collapse. It’s an interesting time to be alive, to watch an empire collapse.


    @chooch Your emphasis on what the Russians are doing makes me think that th Russians are calling the shots and the Ukrainians are (I assume, you don’t mention anything) responding, following the lead of the Russians. Is this correct? When do you think Ukraine will be calling the shots, when will you be reporting on what they are doing and how Russia responds? You are onviously pro-Ukraine, yet your posts are very thin on decisive Ukrainian victories, or routs where they outsmarted the Russians. Are they somewhat falling behind?

    Another honest question: what proportion of Ukraine fighters are of immediate Ukraine descent, in other words, have at least one Ukrainian parent? It is obviously less than 100% as we know there are masses of mercenaries over there, but how many real Ukrainians?

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