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    Ivan Shishkin Midday. Near Moscow 1869   • Love Letter to Ireland and to ALL the Debt-Enslaved Nations of the World (Chu) • The One Chart That Ex
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle November 5 2022]

    V. Arnold

    Remember, remember, the fifth of November
    Gunpowder treason and plot
    We see no reason
    Why Gunpowder treason
    Should ever be forgot….


    Apple’s “contribution” to Ireland’s GDP, which has been as high as 25%, generates ZERO income for the Irish nation.

    The answer to this puzzle is that the Irish politicians are getting something, otherwise, what’s the point? The smell of democracy in the pig sty.


    Projection assumes China reaches 50% of US GDP per capita by 2049.

    Wow, that is one hell of an assumption. At the moment 50% of China are in poverty, mostly doing farm work. The next level up are the workers, the vast majority of the country, who work in factories for low wages, the next level are the busniess men who earn a good living, the next level are the CCP who pull the strings and have jobs that allow them to pull in even more cash, corruption jobs, such as land planning, resource planning etc. China also has a terrible education system, terrible because it trains people to pass exams, a skill that is useful for getting jobs or uni places in the USA, but is hopeless if you have to do a job.

    So, within one generation (25 years), the education will be fixed, a new set of generations will be produced that are not just exam passers, the farmers will become workers, the workers will become intellectuals …. it cannot happen, not unless China is turned into the free for all that the USA has been for the last 100 years.

    Just Some Randomer

    @ aspnaz “The answer to this puzzle is that the Irish politicians are getting something, otherwise, what’s the point? The smell of democracy in the pig sty.”

    That and hundreds of thousands of well paying jobs in Dublin which are fleeced by Irelands ridiculous income tax system.

    Dr. D

    Midday, Near Moscow.

    How on earth do you remove a wheat field that big? And to where? See what I mean about infrastructure? How many wagons, how many granaries, how many men, how many scythes? This is math: not negotiable.

    When early on they grew this in Ohio, (1830s?) they had to run pigs into such astonishing wheat fields, then drive the live pigs down to a travel point, 100 miles to the river, for example. Who were then skinny from the trip. Such are the railroads we no longer have. Such is having one combine for 10,000 acres and zero scythes as backup. Look out; works til it doesn’t.

    Yup! Found headline: “UN Finds No Evidence of ‘Dirty Bomb’” (Nice scarequotes) Yes, because they’ll never look! Ah, so predictable. Too bad they don’t take bets on headlines.

    Other things for account: Some of these things are not like the others, coal that won’t burn:
    Ukraine War Day #249: King Coal Karma

    I’m no genius, but if it doesn’t burn, how is it coal? This is what Poland bought honestly, but buying 4M tonnes of coal, it may have only 20% of the expected BTUs. Poland is of course denying this. “We have all the weight of coal you could dream of! Although it’s actually gravel!” Cue the Polish jokes.

    Seriously not good. You thought inflation was bad? How about swap-flation where the bread is made of sawdust and your gas is made of water?

    “Rand Paul Vows to Introduce Bill to Stop Government and Big Tech Colluding to Censor Speech”

    Ah, the GOP at work: We’re not following the law, so Republicans blow endless favors to pass it again! Which we also don’t follow!

    Wait! How can that be? Don’t Republicans point out that criminals don’t follow the (gun) law? Uh-huh.

    “UK Was ‘Hours’ Away From Potential Total Meltdown – Bank Of England (RT)”

    …That the Bank of England itself caused. In order to pick the Prime Minister themselves instead of the British People. Truss’s budget proposal may have been pointless, but was relatively ordinary and mild. Try to reduce government friction a little (but hardly at all, need those taxes ha ha) and spend to short-term the economy a little (but hardly at all compared to the last 2 years). And the market organically decided this Ptomkin Budget was A) real and B) totally different than what they’ve been going for 40 years. Then the new PM does essentially the same thing and the BoE stabilizes.

    Uh-huh. No wonder they run the country: it’s far too easy when people believe this s—t. Maybe they deserve it. Life’s hard but it’s harder when you’re stupid.

    “Wells Fargo Braces for More Layoffs as Loan Volumes Collapse 90% YOY (ZH)”

    This seems to be happening, but is having no effects on the ground here yet, Possibly because it’s too fast. Houses still listed, cars still in the lots, normal volumes for instance. Streets full of people wasting gas, stores at normal volumes. I think like Worldwide Nuclear War, people have now been hearing the same s—t all their lives and are inured to it. To all words, even all acts. It never, ever matters. Consequences never come. So am I supposed to panic and kick Lucy’s football AGAIN?

    Since people are not compensating, it makes the system brittle instead and able to be overwhelmed and break.

    “von den Leyen both now roughly insist that EUrope´s problems stem from its addictiveness to excellent and cheap Russian energy and resources, to China´s humongous export markets and high productivity dependency, and to the military ´security´ that the US today supposedly renders”.

    Therefore the answer is to get an army, stop buying Chinese goods, and get their own domestic energy. Hey! That’s Donald Trump’s plan! Plus a wall to protect that Garden!

    “In Russia, everything is exactly the opposite – you know this very well: we have always treated the Ukrainian people with respect and warmth.”

    Okay, reality check: is he kidding? Ukrainians have gone by the 100,000s or millions to Russia. If Russians move from Yekaterinburg to Kiev, how are they doing? Oh! They’re arrested, blackballed, and can’t speak their language!

    Sadly, it looks like he’s generally right. And where’d that come from? Ze ran on an anti-war platform of tolerance then double-crossed the whole nation. (Again.)

    What about his allegation that everything in the West is upside-down and #Opposite?

    British Spies Constructing Secret Terror Army in Ukraine (GZ)”

    …But they’re not in the war. Spending 7 years building NATOs largest army, funding a nation to the bankruptcy of your own, sending actual troops, weapons, providing non-stop real-time war and satellite intel, active targeting, that’s not being in the war. Totally peace.

    Okay. So if it’s not men, money, and materials, then what WOULD being in the war look like, and how does it differ from now?

    They’re in the war. They’re lying. They are #OppositeLand. Why do you make Putin right? Do you like it that way?

    US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in May that seizing the assets was “not something legally permissible in the United States.”

    Surely you jest. Ask Libya, Venezuela, Syria and a thousand others. Native Americans. Guys who own property next to a new mall they want. Civil Forfeiture of people driving down the street. There’s never been a time I remember that we DIDN’T steal every asset in our jurisdiction. But again, that’s the #Opposite Putin talks of.

    “These dissenters turned out to be “right for the wrong reasons,”

    That is: “Not really ‘right’ at all.” WE were right. Their being correct was an accident, because we are practically perfect in every way, and that’s how the world works: us PMCs = Good and always right; you working Deplorables = Bad and always wrong. Designated parts in our power play. Kabuki Moral Theater.

    “October is usually a very decent hiring month”

    There is also no buying for Christmas stock. In fact, all those containers were panic-canceled.

    America is no longer a country where citizens are afforded equal justice under the law, as guaranteed by their Constitution, because the nation’s top law enforcement agency has been corrupted by politicized leadership and a “woke, leftist agenda” being imposed from the top, Republican lawmakers have claimed.”

    They then pretended this was a new thing, AND did nothing whatsoever about it.

    Guys: you also run the States, and if they broke these laws, they also broke state laws. So arrest them in the States. (Bwahahahaha: nope) Vote for Burr! This time, I promise!

    “Licht repeatedly assured staff that CNN would be spared:”

    As we say about “Known liars” and “Unknown liars”. Licht is a known liar, and like other managers, if he says any thing he is planning the #Opposite. The PMCs are different: they’re so dumb and codependent they actually BELIEVE these guys, then when orders change, believe the #Opposite. Both a thing and its opposite are right and moral to them, because they have no “moral” or “right” in them. They wouldn’t recognize it if a train car of “moral” fell on them from space.

    “likely translates to almost 10 percent of CNN’s overall budget”

    AYFKM? Why is this even talking? EVERY worthless manager who doesn’t know what’s going on ALWAYS cuts head count 10%. Always. For generations. They’re pretending A) They found facts B) They thought thoughts C) The facts they didn’t get and thoughts they didn’t have were all-original.

    Tell you what: I’ll do this job for half the money in 1/10th of the time. I’d already be back under my bridge 6 hours after being hired, golden parachute in hand.

    What didn’t they do? Cut shows by ratings. They gave yet another show to Don Lemon, with the lowest ratings, that then got lower ratings than the one it replaced. TV execs looking at ratings isn’t genius, yet they couldn’t do even this. Why? Because it’s not real Capitalism, and this is not a real business. It’s the media propaganda arm of the Derp State, with nothing whatsoever to do with profits or funding. #AntiCapitalism, in fact.

    “Florida Bans Puberty Blockers, Transgender Surgery for Minors (SAC)”

    They pointed out you can’t get a tattoo, but you can have permanent life-ending surgery. Apotemnophilia, the desire to cut off your own limbs, is now normalized and I pay for it. If I don’t want you cut off your healthy limbs, and actively HELP you do so, I’m filled with hate.

    Why are we losing elections? Wanting high gas prices, no food, and to cut up your children is clearly a normal thing everyone here has in common, amirite?

    Dr. D

    Remember the old days when you could buy glue without a policeman and Photo ID? SchwimminHole

    Let’s go back to that.

    Other pleasant things:

    Mister Roboto


    @ aspnaz:
    It can, and it shall.

    US GDP is on the cusp of imploding – far more so than China’s.
    That blue dotted line is headed DOWN, not up.
    And that’s how China reaches 50%



    Germ said

    US GDP is on the cusp of imploding – far more so than China’s.
    That blue dotted line is headed DOWN, not up.
    And that’s how China reaches 50%

    Understand, I missed that aspect, the reduction of the US GDP. But, if you include the destruction of the US GDP, this is a fairly meaningless number, especially when you consider that the west accounts for most of China’s output – the US alone accounts for 15% – so you have to wonder who will be keeping all that Chinese manufacturing alive.

    D Benton Smith

    Oops. I was stuck in the distant past (all the way back to yesterday, in fact) and accidentally posted this on the wrong day. It refers to aspnaz’ observation about not-so-civil servants.


    Miscreant civil servants are merely the most visible of a wider class of people known as greedy selfish stupid evil bastards , but perhaps my description is too mildly worded to really make the point. The point is that it is very very short sighted and stupid to selfishly do bad things to other people at the behest of a TRULY evil (but high paying) boss who wants to steal from and abuse those hapless victims but does not want to be found out and hung from a lamppost and so hires civil servants to do the dirty work for them, while they hide in the shadows.


    What will happen to those who borrow/own nothing, way beyond their means. and cannot pay back their loans

    What will happen to those who lend/print/cannot collect/enforce the payback of their loans

    read more …. read TAE … be a problem solver

    • Love Letter to Ireland and to ALL the Debt-Enslaved Nations of the World (Chu)

    1. Great Depression 2.0.
    2. Inflation100% .
    3. Great Stock Market Crashes
    4. Supply line disruptions/delays/failure
    5. Bank failure/financial crisis/rising interest rates/credit card failure/lending failures/rising taxes
    6. Increase Death and misery/drug overdose/suicides/vaccines/long covid/addiction
    7. Restructuration
    8. Real estate crash/re-evaluation
    9. social instability
    10. Wars (trade/information/propaganda)
    11. Mass migration
    12. deindustrialization
    13. pension funds totally collapse
    14. layoffs/bankruptcies
    15. Jubilees/canceling debts
    16. increase in crimes
    17. increase police activities
    18. freeze and seize assets
    19. censorship
    20. increase emergency use/war measure acts
    21. Failure of educational institutions
    22. unreliability/fudging/lying of statistics
    23. Increase of wrong opinions and lack of facts
    24. increase of disinformation
    25. Increase of “Quiet Quitting, decrease of assuming responsibilities, increase of fault pointing

    Grow potatoes


    Destroyed Military, equipment massive mortar and artillery shelling will require massive cleanup cost and recycling after peace/end of hostilities.


    One week after Musk took over, and 4 days before the midterms, Biden accuses Twitter of “spewing lies all across the world”. I don’t recall Biden having said this before, but he must have, right?! Because content moderation hasn’t changed at all yet, as per Musk.

    Oh, and 60 orgs call on advertizers to withdraw their money. But what exactly made Twitter toxic?


    There is no way this is not coordinated.


    Vastness of sky and land features compressed against lower edge, composition of painting has that “Diebenkorn quality” to it. Especially when one looks with the squinted eyes into the thumb-sized image before clicking.

    Dr. D

    Yes, Twitter has done nothing and changed nothing, but has been universally blacklisted by all RightThinking™ people. That’s how you know they’re totally honest and fact-based, and not driven by an unthinking cult ideology.

    This is why I say, in a shrinking pie, the Mafia directs money only to the mafia. Should anything be removed from Mafia control, we savagely harbor money by boycotting it and cutting it off.

    So there are Insiders, and Outsiders. Mafia made men of a mafia that some people say starts with “K”, and the rest of us who are thinking, feeling human beings, and not mindless insects of the Queen Insect.

    Twitter has changed nothing. In fact, Musk went out of his way to maintain or even call new committees for the Woke side. They banned him anyway.

    Wow, that’s the world’s easiest sell: we tried to make money on this side of the market, but can’t. Welp, I guess we have no possible choice but free speech then!



    Who is lying/losing the war
    In total, 331 airplanes and 169 helicopters, 2,435 unmanned aerial vehicles, 386 air defence missile systems, 6,335 tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles, 882 combat vehicles equipped with MLRS, 3,554 field artillery cannons and mortars, as well as 7,048 units of special military hardware have been destroyed during the special military operation.

    . . .from the Pentagon, Nov 4
    Today, the Defense Department announced approximately $400 million in additional security assistance for Ukraine under the Ukraine security assistance initiative.
    This USAI package includes:
    Funding to refurbish HAWK air defense missiles for inclusion in future presidential drawdown packages;
    45 refurbished T-72B tanks with advanced optics, communications and armor packages;
    1,100 Phoenix Ghost tactical unmanned aerial systems;
    40 armored riverine boats;
    Funding to refurbish 250 M-1117 armored security vehicles;
    Tactical secure communications systems and surveillance systems; and
    Funding for training, maintenance and sustainment. . . .here
    **The T-72 is a family of Soviet/Russian main battle tanks that entered production in 1969.

    The US Department of Defense has announced it will fund T-72 tanks sent to Ukraine, deepening its involvement in the war in defiance of repeated warnings by Russia.

    The refurbished T-72 tanks are part of a $400 million military assistance package by the US that also includes armored vehicles, drones and a budget to refurbish air defense missiles. It will bring the Biden administration’s total commitment to Kiev to nearly $19 billion.

    The additional military, ground and air capabilities come as Ukrainian forces are reportedly pushing forward on an offensive to retake the Moscow-controlled Kherson region in southern Ukraine.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday announced that civilians need to be evacuated from Kherson, where Russian forces have been evacuating since mid-October.

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for NATO to supply tanks.

    On Friday Zelensky tweeted that Ukraine is “thankful to [President Biden] and the people of [the United States] for another $400 military assistance package.”

    Pentagon deputy press secretary Sabrina Singh said the T-72 tanks will all come from the Czech Republic. The United States will pay for 45 of them to be refurbished, while the Netherlands will pay to refurbish the other 45.

    Singh said some of the tanks are expected to be delivered by the end of December.

    White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters on Friday that Ukraine is making “incremental progress” in the south.

    “There is some incremental progress by the Ukrainians in the south and, quite frankly, up in the northeast as well, as they continue to try to push the Russian lines back even further,” he said.

    Kirby added that the Russian lines are “largely static and deepening”.

    Kirby said part of the $400 million will be directed to manufacturers to refurbish HAWK air defense missiles

    ​​“We’ll spend the money to get these HAWK interceptors back up to code, and then in the future presidential drawdown we’ll deliver them right to Ukraine. That’s an example of evolving to meet the needs,” he said.

    The package also includes 250 M1117 Armored Security Vehicles and 1,100 new Phoenix Ghost drones.

    Kirby added that the Biden administration is working with Congress to sustain military, financial and economic support for Ukraine.

    The United States has provided more than $18 billion in military assistance to Ukraine since February. The US Agency for International Development has provided $9.88 billion in development and humanitarian assistance.


    The one chart that explains everything.

    The US wants to halt the rise of China.
    The US wants the entire West to stop using or significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels.
    China is rising economically with manufacturing.
    China’s manufacturing is based on increasing use of fossil fuels to run the factories.

    Somebody in the US decision making process lives in upside-down world.
    Either accept fossil fuels use is necessary to remain competitive or stop trying military might to stop the inevitable in the current industrialization path.


    That law made it impossible to cancel student debts by bankruptcy laws.

    It is my understanding that a person who is disabled, Social Security Disability-disabled, may have their student loan discharged by filing for bankruptcy and being granted same. I think I saw this happen in California.


    Bret Weinstein and Dr. Malone conversation about covid, vaxxines, vax injuries, and public health response. 2 hours long on Odysee. (add the ‘https: double-slash’ in front of the following link.)


    My post got eaten. Dunno why. Maybe because I included links?

    re: Mr House’s referenced Zerohedge article yesterday Something Has Snapped: Unexplained 2.3 Million Jobs Gap Emerges In Broken Payrolls Report

    basic takeaways from the charts etc:
    –mysterious discrepancy in jobs data indicating sorta-bad vs quite bad?
    –part-time jobs obscuring volume of full-time employment loss?

    I saw some conjecture in zerohedge comments about why are there infinite full time job listings but nobody seems to be getting hired (so at least I am not totally crazy in what I am seeing)

    Summary of zerohedge comments reactions:

    –the discrepancy is the vax injured going on disability or dead?
    –the discrepancy is the part time jobs?
    –the discrepancy is lies to keep up appearances?
    –lies for election year?
    –job listings are also lies to keep up appearances?
    –these are regular seasonal discrepancies that crop up and are of no concern?


    re: Twitter firing half he employees. And they will be better off without them. An interesting and funny tale I came across a couple years ago

    “Why I Fired 12 Floors Of People” – Carl Icahn

    He could not figure out what 12 floors of people did. So he fired them and waited for something to go wrong with the company, to discover what they did, since no one could explain it to him.


    At TAE + other, there was outrage at a piece titled “Let’s declare a Pandemic Amnesty” in the Atlantic,


    1. Even on the face of it, this makes no sense. Amnesty implies cancelling convictions (typically for political prisoners), or, perhaps in other terms, offering a pardon to those who have been blamed (etc.) for acts that are no longer viewed as nefarious / illegal…or that can be wiped away for reasons XYZ. Well, there are shades of meaning, slightly different usages, ex. an amnesty is granted to those who comply with a pre-condition.

    2. In any case it doesn’t apply to the Covid Plandemic, as nobody has been held to account in any way. The only ones targetted by ‘officialdom’ – thru licensing troubles, lawsuits, various ‘cancel’ measures, are those who spoke up, or acted against, the Plandemic cult-dogma, such as brave Docs like Peter McCullough, Didier Raoult in France, who insisted on using standard meds. like Ivermectin ->…. many others.

    —- sidebar. Btw Prof. Perrone (top authority on infectious disease in France) who was stripped of some of his positions has just won the first court case against (trans from F) “The disciplinary Body of the Order of Medical Doctors.” Making it short, the court judged that as a top expert, he had, has, the right to make any of his opinions, judgments, known. – in F, from France-Soir

    Perrone was targetted because he published a book: “Is there an error they haven’t committed” subtitle, “A sacred union between arrogance and incompetence”… re. COV19.
    the book cover:

    But I digress.

    3. The article seems to imply that a pre-emptive pardon is necessary because of ‘ignorance’ etc. = nonsensical.

    So who should be blamed – accused, brought to justice, convicted, imprisoned, etc. re. COV19? Purely hypothetically, as (imho) nothing will happen, maybe 10 years on some media fuss and fines..


    Minimum amnesty requirements would be….. Everyone who lost their jobs getting them back. Lifting travel and other restrictions. Canceling the EUA. Stop pushing the shots through every medium. Stop the efforts to inject kids. Release ALL the data. Restore all credentials, unban, unblacklist, undemonetize, undebank, etc all affected peoples. Remove all censorship aimed at these people and regarding these issues.

    You have to STOP doing the things you want to have amnesty for before you can discuss it.

    The meme with a stick-man punching a person, stopping, and then proclaiming amnesty, as bad as it is, isn’t correct.

    The stick-man is yelling about amnesty WHILE punching continually with no end in sight.


    …oh and obviously, pull the drugs from the market, widely, loudly, repeatedly through all mediums proclaiming it is because of the unacceptable % of injuries and deaths and the negative efficacy, as well as inability to get FDA approval after extended EUA


    Sorry to belabor the point but it’s weird that people aren’t getting this.

    The Emily Oster Amnesty article is NOT floating the idea of amnesty. NOT.

    It’s a deconstructionist postmodernist inversion mindf#$%. It wants you to accept certain givens as you answer the question. The QUESTION is wrong.

    1. In answering the question, you agree that what is happening NOW is baseline normalcy.
    2. There is no amnesty in her amnesty. postmodernism. words can mean anything or nothing.
    3. Whatever amnesty is, on an ever-changing basis, it’s expressly to be denied to anyone who spoke the truth. Those who did the correct and moral thing are the ones who will not be forgiven.

    How is this a CHANGE AT ALL and not a semantic rephrasing of the same old mission statement?

    This must be one of those deconstructionist postmodernist neomarxist bits where they “bring a new vocabulary” by thinking of new meanings for existing words, then flipping back and forth between old and new definitions at whim. What does she even think forgiveness IS and does she think it consistently?

    What is she willing to forgive, if not misinformation she found out was actually information? And having discovered the misinformation was information, does she mean, by not forgiving purveyors of misinformation, the “experts” …the experts that weren’t silenced, that is? Certainly not. Opposite world. We will never forgive misinformation, meaning we will pursue information-givers to the ends of the earth and ignore actual misinformation forever.

    She wants to jump on the existing amnesty/forgiveness train she noticed forming. So she can steer it back the way she wants it to go. WIth a magic spell of hand waving and word salad. “Educate” everyone that amnesty and forgiveness actually equals continual war.



    Global Destruction Procedure

    Great Destitution Process

    Gigantic Deceit Politics

    Gob-smackingly Dysfunctional Paradigm

    Globalised Deceit Ponzi

    Grow Domestic Potatoes


    I want to add to my list: #26 (Example – Ukraine)

    What will happen to those who borrow/own nothing, way beyond their means. and cannot pay back their loans

    What will happen to those who lend/print/cannot collect/enforce the payback of their loans

    # 26 loss of electrical energy. ( Too many functions to list that are needed/required for the operation of war, finance, and the operation of social/economic/political structures


    Jimi Dore and some of his guests like Blumenthal, Matte, are MY idea what the Left is in the US, albeit the former is bit
    to much in my opinion given his softness toward illegal immigration, the 2nd …etc.
    Now, majority of what they had to say is nothing but the common sense and yet, their “ideological position” is magically brushed away since it is not congruent with the meme of “evil Left”.


    Von Der Crazy’s last money scam before collapse?

    (I wonder how much Greece is spending every day on oil/fuel imports: Brent Crude December Contract
    $98.57 +4.12% )


    Go to war on the basis of lies:


    The controllers fear loss of control.
    The controllers are panicking.
    Example of illogical re-action: j6, freedom convoy, quest of amnesty for covid, twitter early opposition for losing control of propaganda platform.


    The US supports Nazis (not news, of course).

    Veracious Poet

    RIM said:

    There is no way this is not coordinated.

    Veracious Poet

    zerosum said:

    The controllers fear loss of control.
    The controllers are panicking.
    Example of illogical re-action: j6, freedom convoy, quest of amnesty for covid, twitter early opposition for losing control of propaganda platform.




    Maybe those with weak constitutions and those who think that positive thinking is a resource had better not look at this. Especially the violet and black.

    D Benton Smith


    You’re not belaboring the point, you’re nailing it. The logical fallacy you’re talking about and exampling is called “begging the question” and it’s gotta be the number one favorite of deceivers everywhere, followed in close second-place with the fallacy called “equivocation” that consists of alternately using DIFFERENT frames of reference or word meanings as if they were the SAME, and jumping back and forth between the “false equivalents” depending upon which one serves best at the moment.


    Dr. D said

    Yes, Twitter has done nothing and changed nothing, but has been universally blacklisted by all RightThinking™ people. That’s how you know they’re totally honest and fact-based, and not driven by an unthinking cult ideology.

    Who can influence so many companies? This looks like the same cabal that is controlling ESG and other corporate blackmail schemes. Have you noticed how the use of the “activist” cover story seems to grant these people forgiveness from the MSM? Instead of the paint throwing children and now these advertising execs being exposed for all to see in the MSM, they are quietly, tacitly supported. Either the MSM is living in fear of the same people or these people are owned by the same people who own the MSM. Why wouldn’t a billionaire criminal finance activists to show the children of today what they should be thinking? Of course, the children who throw paint are convinced that they are changing the world, children are stupid like that, hence the Greta monster is a hero, but who is pulling the strings?

    We know that the cabal are trying to deindustrialise the west through energy starvation, but we know two things for sure about that process:
    – The west can only support its population through industry.
    – Deindustrialisation will result in starvation.

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