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    W. Eugene Smith Orson Welles 1942   • Death by Lockdown (AIER) • China: Life After COVID Is Back To Normal (marc) • Vladimir Putin ‘Will Quit In
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    Basseterre Kitona

    Everybody needs to have a health app installed on their phones, without it you can’t enter many public places

    Sorry, but if you need an app like that then life is not back to norma…unless you consider a communist hellhole norma. That entire article reads like our CCP propaganda.

    “The most startling data concerns the age group 25-44. This is a group with a Covid-related infection fatality rate of 0.0092%, which is to say barely a disease at all for nearly everyone in this group. And yet they are dying at a rate far above what is expected..”

    I fall into this age group and life has definitely sucked on a daily basis. Because of the stupid masks, I’ve barely left my apartment for 8 months. The only time that I abide by the stupid mask protocol is when I go to the grocery store once per week. I put the mask on then run In & out as quickly as possible. Totally anti-social experience and I feel like a thief every time.

    Although I am not even close to suicidal, I have no desire to live in a world of mandatory masks, lockdowns and vaccines all because of what? Old people dying? Totally insane.

    The challenge now is keeping hope in the face of a possible Biden presidency. He is the most depressing candidate ever. I figured that the election would break the spell of the madness. Instead, it looks like a Biden will lock down the country for another 4 years as he runs his administration like his campaign: hiding from reality and hoping he can live long enough for it all to just go away.

    Incredible that the Dems would waste so much energy stealing the election for what? The slow death of us all? My goodness.

    John Day

    I got up at 5AM to cook beans and rice, and make nice Hawaiian coffee, caught up on some email, and have my nice hour bike ride to work for meditation in compassion, then go, go , goo.
    This song, somehow related to Trump is looping ike an 8-track tae in my head.
    Orange Crush , by REM.
    Try it on…


    Cross-posted fro ZeroHedge (my creation)
    Zerohedge 2020.11.06 UK To Ban Protests Of Two Or More People Ahead Of National Lockdown

    People of Britain (and the world): You are being sold a rotten tin of goods….

    Some people wonder where I come by my attitude of certainty.. It comes from many decades of technical problem solving. Search out the root cause(s) determine the “handles” that manipulate them, design tests to question your theories…Listen to ALL participants, don’t just follow a Napoleon, Churchill or Hitler…

    And…The answer is…since a little snippet of DNA, possibly from HIV, was added to a Corona-virus, to better enable study of vaccines..(Ferrets are hard to infect without a Gain of Function for Bar viruses) this virus can target the ACE-2 (Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2) cells in the mouth, throat and nose. Once established there, breathing, singing yelling or sneezing fluidizes small droplets called aerosols that contain active virus particles. The smallest, especially in low humidifies, become Brownian Motion-sized, and can accumulate in air spaces (like bars, pubs, homes, anywhere with insufficient make up air, to be breathed back in by the next customer.

    Each person’s immune system can counter many viruses in low quantities. For SARS-CoV-2, the virus invades the ACE-2 cells using it’s spikes, but cannot reproduce until it has overcome the bodies’ built-in defenses. For Covid-19, this mainly uses up the small store of tissue zinc the body has available. Eat more Kale, Broccoli or Spinach, or take supplemental zinc. Hydroxychloroquine definitely helps, as it acts to replenish tissue zinc.

    If, as the Fall season comes on, you have turned off the A/C, or whole-house fan, you are concentrating any virus particles floating around in your air space. Open windows. Use supplemental window or doorway fans. HVAC engineers, here is a Golden opportunity to modify HVAC systems for more make-up air, HEPA filters, or temporary heaters blowing in a convenient window opening. DILUTE THE VIRUS!

    Here’s how your government and health authorities have mislead you. Masks largely do no good (you were coughing into your elbow, anyway? Typical cloth masks just increase the initial velocity of a sneeze, and probably do more harm than good. They are also a good breeding ground for viruses. Better masks, n95, may be of benefit, but the increase blood CO2 by re-circulation, and may also be net harmful.

    Contact tracing should not be used just to stop superspreaders, it should be used to discover the pattern of infections. How are people being infected. Is it mainly from contaminated air spaces? Prove it! Use Science! Don’t continue to use what amounts to witchcraft.

    Open the windows. Keep humidity at 45-50% (actual grains H2O per cubic foot is MORE important) Eat outdoors. Take supplemental zinc and Vitamin D3. Fight! Don’t be passive. And avoid lockdowns. Confinement in closed spaces if the worse response. Wear masks if you can get n95 with valves (some agencies have BANNED them!) More ventilation good, lockdowns bad. Don’t get depressed, LIVE!


    Synonyms: Verb

    challenge, contest, dispute, impeach, oppugn, query
    Antonyms: Verb

    accept, believe, embrace, swallow

    “A rose is a rose is a rose” written by Gertrude Stein, is among her most famous quotations, often interpreted as meaning [1] “things are what they are”, a statement of the law of identity, “A is A”.

    1. comprehension
    the action or capability of understanding something.
    understanding · ability to understand · grasp · grip · conception

    2. allegation
    a claim or assertion that someone has done something illegal or wrong, typically one made without proof.
    claim · assertion · declaration · statement · proclamation · contention · argument · affirmation · averment · avowal · attestation · testimony · certification · evidence · witness · charge · accusation · suggestion · implication · hint · insinuation · indication

    3. proof
    evidence or argument establishing or helping to establish a fact or the truth of a statement.
    “you will be asked to give proof of your identity” · [more]
    evidence · verification · corroboration · authentication · confirmation · certification · validation · attestation · demonstration · substantiation · witness · testament · documentation · facts · data · testimony · ammunition

    4. bias
    it to operate over a predetermined range.
    (be biased)
    cause to feel or show inclination or prejudice for or against someone or something.
    prejudice · influence · color · sway · weight · predispose · distort · skew · bend · twist · warp · angle · load · slant · prejudiced · partial · partisan · one-sided · blinkered · subjective
    5. uncertainty
    something that is uncertain or that causes one to feel uncertain.
    doubt · qualm · misgiving · apprehension · quandary · dilemma · reservation · niggle · scruple · second thought · query · question · question mark · suspicion

    6. truth
    the quality or state of being true.

    veracity · truthfulness · verity · sincerity · candor · honesty · genuineness · gospel · gospel truth · accuracy · correctness · rightness · validity · factualness · factuality · authenticity ·

    …. the better payrolls data means less urgency for another round of stimulus,


    US Election : Everybody loses!

    The Democrats failed to gain the Senate and lost 10 seats in Congress, so they lost badly.

    The left wing of the Democratic party lost as they are blamed for losing seats in Congress.

    The above means the oligarchs in the mainstream and social media lost badly.

    If Biden wins then all those Trump supporters will have lost, and given the apparent voting anomalies will be very bitter about it.

    The people who hate Trump will have lost : it was such a central part of their lives and [if] suddenly he is gone it will be traumatic and they may have problems adjusting to a Trump free world.

    Some of the mainstream media such as CNN will have lost – they may struggle to survive in a no-Trump world!

    The pollsters definitely lost!

    BLM and ANTIFA may now be ‘surplus to requirements’ and will be badly affected.

    There may be other losers I haven’t thought of.

    Maxwell Quest

    “People trying to change the rules to this methodology [mail-in ballots], which as a matter of logic is very open to fraud and coercion, is reckless and dangerous. And people are playing with fire.” – William Barr

    It’s too late now. The illusion of free and fair elections in the good ol’ USA is finished. The idiot establishment couldn’t resist playing with fire and just burned down another pillar holding up the republic. They didn’t learn their lesson when Russiagate destroyed trust in the media, our Fourth Estate. What’s next, a currency that can no longer be trusted?

    From where I’m sitting, the “shining city on a hill” is in flames.


    From John Ward over at the Slog:
    “One of the most ill-researched and underrated subjects in the lexicon of First World social anthropology is the influence of office gossip, lunch, pub-talk, meetings, supper parties, chats in local shops and so forth…the chance conversations of life as a pack species that lead to the spread of ideas, opinions and attitudes among peers that lie beyond either the media or formal education.”

    This is what our leaders want to stop. I visited with some friends last night- I got the impression I was the first person they had talked with who slammed lockdowns, masks, social distancing, and the tests. They seemed motivated to look into it some more.

    John Day: “Correlation between universal BCG vaccination policy and reduced mortality for COVID-19”
    This is over at medrxiv. It is from march 24, 2020.

    Mr. House

    “It’s too late now. The illusion of free and fair elections in the good ol’ USA is finished. The idiot establishment couldn’t resist playing with fire and just burned down another pillar holding up the republic. They didn’t learn their lesson when Russiagate destroyed trust in the media, our Fourth Estate. What’s next, a currency that can no longer be trusted?”

    You don’t think this is being done on purpose?


    Mark Crispin Miller on the sham, maximal-chaos by design election: ‘There’s ever-mounting evidence that this election (too) was stolen (this time by, or for, the Democrats)’

    There’s ever-mounting evidence that this election (too) was stolen (this time by, or for, the Democrats)

    ‘When consumerism parades as democracy- A $14 billion election spectacle devoid of real solutions’:

    “..In 2020, Open Secrets calculates that total election spending (President, Senate, House) will total a historic high $14 billion, doubling the previous record set in 2016. Small donors account for only 22 percent of contributions in the 2020 cycle.

    This flood of money is a blinking red light reminder that the Democratic and Republican parties of the 21st century are little more than money-laundering operations in which cash investments are converted into political capital for a small donor class consisting of corporations, banks and the wealthy..”

    Mr. House

    WOW, everyone here should listen to this in full. This guy is really intelligent and i’m very impressed. He nails it!

    Maxwell Quest

    “You don’t think this is being done on purpose?” – Mr. House

    Whether people like Nancy Pelosi or Adam Schiff are driven by some higher purpose other than their personal thirst for power I know not, but you make a good point: if I’m reading you correctly, there does appear to be supranational forces that are intent on destroying any remnants of national cohesion and culture. This became apparent to me when the EU was formed and immediately began their insane open-border immigration policies.

    I’ve often felt that the monied interests are intent on knocking down any of the remaining obstacles that impeded the efficiency of their global wealth extraction machine. Nationalism is the keystone holding the opposition together, so therefore must be destroyed, so that the global Hunger Games can commence.

    Mr. House

    “if I’m reading you correctly, there does appear to be supranational forces that are intent on destroying any remnants of national cohesion and culture.”

    Yep when the refused to accept the EU constitution, they PTB just ignored the vote. Kinda what brexit feels like also.


    Who lost?!!!!!
    McConnell Hints Next Stimulus Will Be Much Smaller
    What is the fate of the next fiscal stimulus, especially since Republicans will likely hold on to a slim majority in the Senate,
    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who refused to budge and meet Democrat stimulus demands ahead of the election, called for a scaled-back relief bill, highlighting that Democrats failed to make significant gains in congressional elections and that the latest jobs numbers showed a bigger-than-expected drop in the U.S. unemployment rate.
    As a reminder, Senate Republicans have proposed a $500 billion relief plan.”
    “The public wants a big jobs bill,” Pelosi said, although whether or not the public gets that will depend on whether Democrats can clinch both seats in the Georgia runoff election in January. As of this moment, it does not look likely.
    One final point: without more stimulus the US economy will likely suffer a historic double-dip hit.
    Even before the Covid-19 crisis, massive fiscal expansion had sustained the US economy and during the recession it financed a huge rise in the private (household) sector savings ratio (as it usually does in recessions). That largesse is now under threat – and the bond market knows it.”

    Maxwell Quest

    Oh, did a Voteball Happen? | CushVlog 11.04.20 | Chapo Trap House

    Loved Matt’s podcast. Thanks, Mr. House. This is what resignation looks like as one exits the Matrix of capitalism’s political theatre, designed to keep the lumpen chasing their own tail.

    “There’s only one button on the fucking machine, and it’s ‘More Profits’. That’s the logic of capitalism. That’s the algorithm.” — Matt Christman

    Dr. D

    John Candy as Orson Welles.

    ABC says the Post and Veritas are untrustworthy, while posting images from the wrong continent. AGAIN.


    What were some other cases, just to make a few? Italian hospitals posted instead of American ones during COVID. Twice. Georgian invasion photos posted to claim Ukraine was being invaded by Russia. Wrong continent, wrong decade. Never shamed, never discredited.

    But remember: they’re awesome and all their competitors are poopy-pants. We asked the official accused and and they said they didn’t do it. Good enough for me!

    “Death by Lockdown (AIER)”

    They never cared what the facts were. They wanted a lockdown so they did it. Illegally. Ask Whitmer, Wolf, and Newsom. They wanted the deaths. Ask Whitmer, Cuomo, Murphy, and now all the governors, CDC, WHO, and health officials who have received this data. They just made up some s—t they thought you’d swallow – 15 days – to get worldwide totalitarian police state with unending illegal martial law, forced austerity, and arrests for (opposition) dissidents. Laws only go one way. Power taken is never relinquished. There is always a new emergency we can make up to justify the next level of power and loading your daughters on a private plane. System was resetting. They ran out of time. They had to kill you, they had no choice.

    China: Life After COVID Is Back to Normal (marc)”

    Kind of makes you wonder if they too were rounding up their dissidents, in the most dissident city in China, just before they were about to mass protest planned in 2020. Those Chinese Party Police sure were awful lucky! Just happened to erase all the right people at all the right time. Now: no virus! Strangest thing. It’s all worldwide, unstoppable, EXCEPT in night clubs in Wuhan.

    Vladimir Putin ‘Will Quit In January Amid Fears of Parkinson’s Disease’ (DM)”

    The Russian way of Autarky, Monarchism, which is fine for them but not for me. Other powers whatever they are, should be so smart as to do the same: shop the talent, get them placed, nobody lives forever and you always need new blood and ideas.

    …You wouldn’t want to be a nation where every important candidate and leader is well over 70 after all.

    Which is the Real “Working Class Party” Now? (Taibbi)”

    Another statistical anomaly to go with the 20 or 30 we already have. So he doubled his support from black and brown voters, yet all and only whites were against. Not that they needed all the ballots of unenthused voters who didn’t show up. No. And all the votes for Jorgenson didn’t vanish because they were “miscounted” for Joe due to a “clerical error” the way 47 counties of 8k each in MI did. No. After reporting on it off and on for decades, the NY Times said there is no election fraud and never has been ever. Never in the history of the Untied States. That’s just silly. Not in Kennedy-Nixon, not in 1879, not when 200k votes were lost in Patterson 2020, not when HRC had to admit CA 2016, not when 200k votes were lost in Brooklyn and Iowa. Nope. Nada. Never. And not now neither. Trust us: we’re the media that knows where Georgia is and wouldn’t just go on the internet and download a military demo from Kentucky and call it a firefight in Asia. Just ask us!

    “hard to kill by evidence”

    Nobody ever cared about evidence. Only people like you and we. They only care about power, and will tell any lie, take any action, to get it, mostly by violence and deceit. Whether a thing is true or false never crosses their mind. What was that anecdote from LBJ? “I want you to print that my opponent has relations with sheep.” “What, we have no evidence of that!” “H—l, I know that! I just want to see him deny it.” And so he has. How often do you beat your sheep, Senator? True? Hahahahahaha. That’s cute.

    Here’s the real problem: they wouldn’t get away with it unless WE also didn’t care about truth, unless WE always, completely, slavishly fell – every time – for the logical fallacy called “Appeal to authority.” ABC prints the wrong Georgia. Almost every day. Next day we believe them as a “source”. Wikipedia says they ABC is credible and the President of Georgia in Tblisi, is not.

    STOP. APPEALING. TO. AUTHORITY. I’s a logical fallacy for a reason. If 20,000 deaths of grandma can’t wake you, now 20,000 deaths of your kids, what does it take?

    “until we all achieve herd immunity to Trump, others said we need to lock down the vote-counting places, and make sure no one can get inside, in order to kill off the virus of Trump.”

    That was surprisingly true.

    There’s only one button on the machine… Why do you keep pushing it? Why are you only concerned with their machine and not your own? “Capitalism” isn’t meant to be the only machine. It’s meant to be one machine among dozens, like family, spirit, wisdom, nature…

    Gore v. Bush wasn’t enough? Has to be far, far more painful?

    We’re never going to have reform unless this is the worst election ever. So: on track.


    Synonyms: Verb

    challenge, contest, dispute, impeach, oppugn, query
    Antonyms: Verb
    accept, believe, embrace, swallow
    1. comprehension
    2. allegation
    3. proof
    4. bias
    5. uncertainty
    6. truth
    Critical thinking is the analysis of facts to form a judgment.[1] The subject is complex, and several different definitions exist, which generally include the rational, skeptical, unbiased analysis, or evaluation of factual evidence. Critical thinking is self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective thinking.[2] It presupposes assent to rigorous standards of excellence and mindful command of their use. It entails effective communication and problem-solving abilities as well as a commitment to overcome native egocentrism[3][4] and sociocentrism.

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