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    Hieronymus Bosch St. John on Patmos 1489   • Hamas Political Wing Offered ‘Clemency’ for Hostage Release – Sy Hersh (Sp.) • US to Transfer $320 M
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    Stunner – doctors want people dead mmmm. we just went through Covid, Ivermectin, Remdesivir, uninformed consent and toxic genie therapy. Colour me not stunned.


    Kunstler needs to stick to domestic issues. I wasn’t aware that Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank were living like the Clever family, with Wally and Beaver only having one fear: girls! Then Big Bad Hamas came along Oct 7th. Give me a break!

    The Jews are a brilliant people but they are cancer when they get into politics. They also need to stay away from anything involving Israel. Kunstler is an entertaining writer. He’s usually on the right side of history. But what nonsense he’s writing now.

    Plus it’s typically American. China’s to blame for the US being in four wars. The Muslims are to blame for Israel not being able to live in peace. It’s actually very 21st century western thinking: it’s everyone else’s fault but it’s never my fault!

    All westerners are incredibly ignorant when it comes to foreign issues(intellectually lazy?). The difference with Americans is that they seem to take pride in that ignorance. Like they are proud of being the only advanced nation without universal health care – proud of being suckers while their money went elsewhere.

    Covid gave one a reason to be glad of American Exceptionalism. When fellow intellectuals stab you in the back turn to a Redneck. However Israel has reminded me that Americans can be really ignorant.


    Israel offers clemency to Hamas if they release their hostages. Why would any Palestinian trust the Netanyahu government’s reported offer?


    Thank you. Mr Kunstler is very good writer. Accepting the “history started the day Israel was attacked” narrative is just a non-starter. That and the incitement to civil war is starting to look like controlled opposition.

    Dr. D

    Can’t post again, there’s no logout button so I can’t login. So…cycled over to some random wordpress location.


    Dr.D yesterday: “That’s what lockdowns are for!”

    Anti-Lockdown Goes Mainstream

    Formerly T-Bear

    Once upon a time it was a mortal sin to bear false witness. A tract describing the abduction of an Elizabeth Hanson and her family by indians in colonial New England she carefully reported HER fears while abducted but never a word of any ACT made against her. Those days are long gone, accusation whether backed by fact or not is given credence without inspection. No differentiation is made between the lie of the guilty and the denial of the innocent. Justice is lost when the innocent must prove their innocence, often necessitating the proof of what did not happen. Once the presumption of innocence gave some protection in that regard but that also disappeared with mortal sins. The universe is the poorer without either.

    Listening to died in the wool Zionist ideology Israelis regurgitations of ideology concerning Hamas’s exercise of their natural right to resist occupation by any means, not taking responsibility of the Zionist governance of Isrels actions toward the natural Palestinian population discredits the harm inflicted and will eventually become blowback against the illegal Zionist state. History has a tendency toward that end once the contemporary voices are stilled. This blowback will also affect those supporters of the Zionist regime as well. Not truth but what is true will historically emerge; the glory of the British Empire lays tarnished for the world to see now, their North American (the wasteland north of Mexico) inheritors are soon to follow, lead by immature, ignorant children playing at adulthood. What has been sown will reap a mighty whirlwind, pity the children who inherit.


    Gotta save the financial system at all costs. Kill everything we can starting will those on the pension system or getting close. Can’t cover the claims, just like the insurance industry is having issues with died suddenly. Can they cover the insurance loses with the unclaimed portion from the pension ponzi scheme before all implodes? I doubt it but that won’t stop any effort to the keep the ballon inflated.

    After several years of COVID dominating nearly all corners of Pfizer’s vaccine efforts, the company is gearing up for the launch of its respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) candidate in older adults. The FDA is slated to decide on Pfizer’s approval application by the end of May. But that age group is just the start, with an additional approval for a maternal RSV candidate expected by the end of the year. Pfizer is in close competition with GSK for the older age group, the latter of which has a similar deadline from regulators but earlier in May.

    Dr. D

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    Dr. D

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    Dr. D

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    “Nashville Mayor’s Office, MSM Flips Out After Trans Shooter Manifesto Leaks; Authenticity Confirmed

    Racist Anti-white manifesto. Which is pretty good of them, better than usual. They all know you’re supposed to be anti-white, but sticking to the details this time, you’re not supposed to SAY so. They tried very hard not to say the quiet part out loud. Oh well. The truth has its own power.

    Going back here: Um, I thought this sort of thing was public record? Because the citizens of Nashville paid for it? How can government functions and evidence become top secret? Who decides the secret then who enforces them? So who are they protecting for/against? For the dead victims? The victims and families still alive? They don’t get to know and understand why this happened? For the dead perpetrator? Okay, no? Then for who in the general public and in “Who”, then was it the political public of the City of Nashville? The people of Tennessee you’re protecting from themselves? No? Of NYC? Of America at large? Of the world? Who? Because we don’t know who, we also don’t know their argument. Did the disciple of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Mr. Ravioli, come down from heaven and tell them not to publish it? Just tell us.

    “Ukraine Becomes 2nd Country After US To Operate ‘Very Rare’ Abrams-Based M1150 Assault Breaching Vehicle

    Well that’s good and they certainly need them, but the problem is “rare”: they need about 500 of them, just for a start.

    …What worse, Ukraine has shown we would need about 5,000 of them, as we are 10x their size. That has always seemed bizarre to me, as even as a non-enlisted, I’d use mines, etc obviously. But the military wouldn’t? Doesn’t see this? Maybe I’m wrong, but I would have a lot more of these things, and like, say, Warthogs although at this level of air defense they may be as past tense as tanks are. Not only that, they knew it. While they’re spending billions on a plane that wasn’t built yet…then didn’t fly when they did build it…what did they actually call into battle and use? A 50 year old C130 with a gunner in the door. Like…really? The plane wasn’t even built for that. Pretty expensive like sending a Semi when you need a patrol car. But it was the only thing slow enough to lumber and lay down fire. I’m not an expert on this, so whatever. But any non-expert of any system can tell you, if you’re MacGyvering a fix for a specific hole, then the next budget should get in and fully address that gap as doctrine. “Continuous Self Improvement” and all that.

    Ukraine is the first 21st century full modern war and therefore we have? We responded with? No artillery. No guns. No shells. No mines. No anti-mine equipment. No men. No rail. No jeeps. Etc, etc, ad hoc ad nauseam…

    I guess our two speeds are: we’re opening a new MacDonald’s OR we’re Duke Nukem’? So we have one screwdriver (flathead) AND one hammer in our otherwise empty tool box?


    You know, like Hitler and the SS told Bandera.

    Our only tool in the box. Killin’ some folks.

    Gaza’s doctors brought it on themselves: Yeah, otherwise why did they move 2 million people into a 6×20 mile strip, and then surround themselves with gates and guards facing in? Your honor, I rest my case.

    Collective Punishment:

    Like when somebody misuses a firearm and you take them from the other 330 Million people?
    Like when someone has an idea they said so you wiretap 330 Million people?
    Like when someone commits a crime so you put surveillance on the whole city forever?

    Hmm, you say Collective Punishment is a war crime. Thanks, I think we’ve opened a whole new avenue of legal defense here.

    That list is only 37 hoaxes. There were many, many more than that.

    “Israel, whose military claimed it has encircled Gaza City,”

    Doubt it. We already know Israel openly levels all the buildings hostages are in. Also “they surrounded Gaza”. Gaza was always surrounded. Oh you mean you drove a line at the halfway point? In that case Gaza has YOU surrounded, from the North and the South, and you’re taking fire from both sides, losing 20 tanks. Is that a tank a day? The level, the level.

    Again, Gaza has more civilian deaths in 30 days than Ukraine had in 2 years. They dropped more bombs on Gaza than they did in Ukraine. 6×20 mile strip.

    “It earlier released 3D-rendered footage showing the alleged extent of a Hamas headquarters it says is burrowed deep underneath the Al-Shifa Hospital.”

    Other people have commented this is like a CGI fantasy. It looks like a cul-de-sac, a trap with no exit that all Hamas leaders would be killed in. So…your official, professional opinion is that Hamas backed THEMSELVES into a corner? With no exits? As their opening move? Okay, you do you. My bet is it’s a trap FOR YOU, the IDF, although what kind remains to be seen. It’s probably just a Tora Bora trap where we fought our way relentlessly across Afghanistan to find the superDUMBstronghold of the evilly-evil Taliban. Milliondee-billionny dollar later…Fought our way inside, on camera…It was a cave. Empty. No people. Like Carlsberg caverns.

    But BECAUSE we were morons who believed everything (thanks CIA), and looked like Geraldo on camera with Al Capone, it suddenly never happened. Even while it was happening on camera it wasn’t happening. We got Osama yeah! A +6 foot tall Arab tied to a dialysis machine. Ooooh, super hard. Oh wait, no. We DIDN’T get him, since we WEREN’T chasing him, since he was supposed to be a Tora Bora. Ah, the good old days….

    …And no one was fired. After YET ANOTHER Captain Stupendous intel failure, the CIA and DHS carried on with bigger budgets than ever. Forever an ever, amen, even to this very day.

    “with many perceiving Israel’s actions as a “war crime.”

    Don’t be ridiculous, using immediate, widespread collective punishment against a whole ethnic group, by carpet bombing civilians in their hospitals half of which are children using more bombs than you’d use on the whole of France while holding the gates shut at gunpoint and not allowing civilian corridors isn’t a “war crime.” I mean, what part of that equation could possibly be illegal?

    ::Rolly eyes::

    …And again, if you weren’t doing this, I’d be quoting Israel’s numbers, like Victor Hanson was. So what part of dropping 5,000 rockets indiscriminately on Israel isn’t a War crime? How is that “communication” and not an act of war? You wanted a war, you got one; here’s what it looks like. See what I mean? But congratulations: you made me forget about all that.

    There is a discount prophesy about “Israel’s Mistake”. It seems they will do something so terrible all world opinion moves against them. Except we all thought that irreversible mistake would be made in Iran. No need. But there’s still time. And we still gotta sink a ship! That’s what they’re there for right? There is no other plausible purpose.

    ““..the Pentagon has refused to say how much weaponry, equipment, and other types of aid it has provided Israel since October 7..”

    But apparently we’ve still given another $11B to Afghanistan in that time? No wonder they were trying to import all the Afghanis, all the Sudanese to Michigan and Minnesota: it’s the only way to get enough money for drinking water around here.

    “$14 billion to support the Gaza campaign.” $14B/mo = $168B a year. I hope it does them the same good it did Ukraine.

    “but the administration refuses to condition military aid or use other leverage it has.”

    “If only there was something we could do” Obama says. Well, you could have Michele hold up a hashtag on camera. I’m sure that’ll fix ‘er. “It’s both a mnemonic and a catastrophic extremist-destroying device.” Go Hashtag! The most powerful anti terrorist weapon we know!

    Meanwhile, read that InfoPic closely, yes, Illegal cluster bombs for Gaza. Which is all civilians, and all rubble. If only there was some genocide and specific war crime we could not commit! But my hands are tied: “We Gotta do ‘em all”

    “US Diplomats Condemn Israel Policy – Politico (RT)

    And these guys are saying you only need to SAAAAAAY something. You don’t actually need to DO anything. We could just say so, totally lie, double cross them. …Still a bridge too far for them. I mean, when their ethos is, you must kill all 7.5 Billion humans on earth, wherever they are found, be it Damascus, DeMoines, Detroit, or Dieppe, when you say “Stop killing” they’re like “Whut? Why? We’ve told you for years every human must die to save the planet and like Mein Kampf you were all in then.”

    “referring to the group’s assault on Israel that left around 1,400 people dead.”

    Again, would you like to recount the number of on-duty and off-duty soldiers in that number? So like 300 civilians and 1,100 IDF? When you lie like this you know I take the other side, right?

    “Israel To Take Over ‘Security’ In Gaza – Netanyahu (RT)

    Make up your mind! You DIDN’T want that and YOU let Gaza be self-governing (while ring-fencing it) just the other year. Now you want to control it all AGAIN? It’s almost like you don’t know what you’re doing. Or rather you know what you’re doing which is as the person in Control, you just keep changing the rules back and forth until everyone’s dead and all their land is yours. The people who set the rules are de facto the colonizer. He sets the engagement. Isn’t that what Mandela said?

    “The ICC Must Investigate the Crime of Genocide in Gaza (Jeremy Corbyn)

    Yes, we can really see the ICC and UN level of “Helping” here. Gosh the UN was in favor of us BOMBING THE WRONG COUNTRY after 9-12, a nation 1,000 miles away, who had an alibi, and also when 11 of 12 perpetrators being Saudi. Yay! The UN is rabidly in favor of us INVADING AND OCCUPYING SYRIA. In favor of us stealing and selling their oil, while their people starve. They are all a-twitter with joy and excitement when Israel then shells the Damascus airport monthly for 10 years.

    And you wonder why us Americans don’t support the UN (anymore) and think it’s a drain of money that if anything HELPS wars.

    ““The Israeli military has dropped more than 25,000 tons of explosives on Gaza since October 7, equivalent in power to two of the nuclear bombs used on Hiroshima..“

    As said, Blinken is right: it’s bad optics so we should use “Tiny bombs”. That’s why we’re sending them cluster munitions! There, I fixed it! “Beautiful Bombs” “He’s finally Presidential” – Brian Williams, live from the moon.

    “..We emerge from this catastrophe a nearly medievalized society with a steeply-reduced population, unable to resist China’s attempt to colonize us.”

    This is exactly the plan, and the only thing stopping it is the American people. Every leader, every CEO, every media person, every corporation, every college, every hospital, is totally on board. Only Bubba and Cleetus are opposed. As Aspnaz doesn’t seem to concede, if they “Protest” anywhere they’ll be arrested and imprisoned without charges or trial for 3 years.

    Kunstler actually thinks we’ll impeach somebody? Riiiiight, but remains to be seen. We can impeach twice for nothing, with no pre-committees if you’re not “In the Club”. But we CAN’T impeach even if we have check stubs for $30M from Russia and China if you are. “It’s good to be da King” — Mel Brooks.

    “To protect our citizens from foreign threats, I will build a state-of-the-art missile defense shield.”

    Great! Then Israel will steal it, then sell it to Pakistan, and everyone will have it. Nice going.

    Trump in court: He probably always acted this way in NY courtrooms. Because they are contemptible and haven’t been fair since before Tammany Hall. There’s a reason the 2nd DNY court is the one used by everyone. That one had the judge who vowed never to rule in a citizen’s favor for his whole career for Wall Street and didn’t. He put it in print, no one cared. They were like, “Yeah, we know.” This is the district that gave a life sentence, 7 years for contempt, only relenting when the case went to USSC as a scandal. Armstrong was supposed to return money he never had access over and was stolen by Citi (I think).

    You’d have a better chance of jumping over the moon than getting a fair hearing within 100 miles of NY.

    ““This bigger question is, what satisfies the ‘corruptly’ requirement?”

    This is legal nonsense to begin with. WHO decides what is CORRUPT? The constantly-corrupt, and constantly-exposed government? Who constantly lies and issues official “disinformation”? Do you have to know it ahead of time? Then I’ll just say I had good intent like Hillary did. When she put every top secret thing on her laptop at home, completely without shield from China, she didn’t INTEND for it to get stolen.

    Get out of here with that stuff. You’re going to have to back up to a much better philosophical line than “The government decides what is free speech. The End”. NOTHING is permitted speech by the government’s view, nor any lawyer in America, since they will always err to caution. That’s why you have warning labels on toothpicks. “Warning: may cause death”

    “They are the words that turned me into a hermit. The sign read:

    “Hold stick near center of its length. Moisten pointed end in mouth. Insert in tooth space, blunt end next to gum. Use gentle in-out motion.”

    “It seemed to me,” said Wonko the Sane, “that any civilization that had so far lost its head as to need to include a set of detailed instructions for use in a package of toothpicks, was no longer a civilization in which I could live and stay sane.” — So Long and Thanks for All the Fish.

    40 Years ago. That’s how long this rampant and obvious insanity has been running. It’s almost like – check me if I’m wrong here – some important thing happened in 1971 that spun everything out of control. Or maybe two important things. Who knows?

    “Everybody gets tired. Even the iron gets tired,” Zelensky said.”

    No, Vlad. The Iron gets Sad. As a comedian you should know that.

    ““..Putin said that the West no longer has enough Ukrainian cannon fodder and they are thinking about Lithuanians and Poles.”

    They were always thinking about them. Also always killing them, the whole time (as Mercs). They’re Slavs and therefore unmentionable undermensch. Ask any Anglo. We ban their kind even from playing violin in classical orchestra, or playing in any professional sports, that’s the kind of non-racists we are.

    Now of course we’re much more enlightened. If the nation state of Israel, run by atheists like Bibi, do anything, then every Jew on earth is ALSO guilty, who are ALSO nonpracticing atheists. If they didn’t want to be guilty, why did they decide to be born? To a non-practicing family in Minnesota? Well, I say, sir! I rest my case.

    By the way, I converted this Saturday, to get off work, so I was totally totally guilty of national genocide for that time. But then I converted back and am totally innocent again. See how that works? I think maybe I’ll convert next Saturday too.


    Kunstler in his recent blog informs us that he likes to have sweet and sour pork takeout (as a proof of what?) while watching Gaza being turned into rubble. Cold blooded Indifference to mass genocide by Jewish posters, who feel like being in some NY or West LA bagel shop at his site, is a sign that madness goes quite deep in the tribe with all due respect to very tiny minority out there.
    Over 10,000 had to die so the mask is finally off for all World to see and react by massive protests never seen before.

    Dr D Rich

    Dr D curtailed.
    On purpose?
    A good thing?

    Kunstler, my how the mighty have been exposed.
    China bashing has appeal on this blog.
    “We emerge from this catastrophe a nearly medievalized society with a steeply-reduced population, unable to resist China’s attempt to colonize us.”

    As for an indictment on humanity’s indifference to the killing of children, I beg to differ. Both sides, Dems and Repubs, still find appeal in presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump despite both being responsible and still held unaccountable for the murder of two children, 8yo Nawar al-Awlaki and 16yo Abdulrahman al-Awlaki.

    The Faulkner quote and its many variations gets played routinely despite ol’ Will being quite the ass about blaming young people for just about everything.

    If we in America [inserr Israel] have reached that point in our desperate culture when we must murder children, no matter for what reason or what color, we don’t deserve to survive, and probably won’t.”


    From Zero Hedge

    Why Do People Immigrate To The US?

    …aside from loads of free $hit?

    Well it does not look like ‘oppression and ‘safety’ rank that high as reasons to immigrate to the Empire of LiesLiesLies.

    How odd, that’s not the immigrant narrative we are force fed.



    The ICC is a Court of Whores

    Like a Murder of Crows

    They are the Collective West’s fig leaf of moral superiority and hypocrisy and hubris

    The ICC has no moral gravitas, just the opposite.

    Notice in all the hand wringing over Gaza that no one in the Collective West Media Presstitutes has the same amount of concern for the 15,000+ civilians and children of Donetsk City killed by the Ukronazis shelling over the last decade.

    If those 15,000+ had been killed in weeks like Gaza, maybe it would have drawn some attention in the Empire of Lies and Eurotardistan.

    Instead it’s just crickets in regard to Donetsk, typical of the Collective West fake outrage.

    Luckily, Avdiivka, where the bulk of the shelling has come from, is finally being surrounded by the Russians and will be annihilated, it’s defenders either surrender or be put to the sword for good cause.

    Russia has also threatened to put on trial anyone responsible or who participated in the decade long shelling of civilians in Donetsk

    The Russians also have indicated that they will suspend their policy against capitol punishment in regards to this matter and execute all parties found guilty of shelling civilians for the past decade.

    The neighborhoods in Donetsk City



    Virtue Signaling

    The State Religion in the Woke West


    Dr. D

    Kunstler, proof of? PORK, as in he’s not Jewish. “Jewish” as I’ve said already, has like 4 different meanings, the point being to confabulate them into one on command, or else break them out as completely different in fake outrage at other times.

    So he’s “Jewish” in the sense of “I was born”. That’s all-American. So my family’s been here since 1880, but I’m still “Italian”? Because the first immigrant was from Sicily? Before “Italy” even existed in today’s form? When Italians weren’t White but an unapproved, untouchable racial group? Because “A single drop of black blood”?

    Yup, that’s what we do for “Jewish”. Or Black. “A single drop”. But any other group? Nope. So Jews are Schrodinger’s Whites, and as he’s saying, actually Schrodinger’s Jews. He’s about as Jewish as Hank Aaron. Yet “Because he was born” he’s stuck being always Jewish, whether he likes it or not. So expect some kids from Harvard with torches and pitchforks shortly.

    …Because he was born.

    If he didn’t want to be Jewish, why was he born? Eh? Eh? Nothing to say to that, do you? My facts and logic have prevailed again on the internets. <Sigh>


    Simultaneous battle fields – WWIII

    Russia-NATO/USA/Ukraine War

    Israel/USA-Hamas War

    Explosions/killing are not revealing the truth. ( The Israeli army has dropped more than 25,000 tons of bombs. Equivalent in power to two of the nuclear bombs used on Hiroshima.)
    Humanitarian/pause of deaths/killing of children – Irrelevant for peace
    People cannot live in rubble.
    Gaza and middle east and war zones will not be rebuilt.
    More than 25,000 injured and 11,000 killed in Gaza.
    More than 1 million in Ukraine.
    ALL our governments treats their own people as something inferior.
    Coming WWIV
    will be a collapsed standard-of-living for everyone in the USA,
    with a steeply-reduced population,
    the breakdown of supply lines and daily business,
    and a very sharp loss of legitimacy for the people who have been in charge of anything in this country.
    We will emerge from this WWIV/catastrophe as a nearly medievalized society by 2050.

    Long explanation
    Demographics Is Destiny

    John Day

    Thanks Ilargi. Trump the enigma-in-the-machine… Saving the world for Israeli-security.
    “Drunken-Monkey” style politics.
    Dr. D: Glad it finally worked for you.
    Going to (mostly) vote against bonds and constitutional amendments in Texas today.
    Doing compassion-meditation for the bombed-families in my sleep and awakenings through the night again; will do more on bike-ride to vote.
    Supposedly we are at a point where planetary reality will break into 2 incompatible streams Wednesday and Thursday. I’m curious if it is just another loose rumor, or if we can notice something different…


    What’s worse than Collective Punishment is what’s taken over western society; “Minority Report” Pre Crime.

    Security cameras everywhere because we all might steal…or worse, might not obey orders!!!!

    Lockdowns because one of us could be a Typhoid Mary. Vaxx everyone because we all have evil germs. Face masks…etc

    The fact the power junkies push all this for more control is no surprise. What’s scary is how many average people support it all. An experimental drug that hadn’t been tested 10 years so couldn’t pass the most basic safety standard, yet 75% run out and get vaxxed!

    We are done as a society when people are that willfully ignorant.


    How many of us, here, could say the same thing.

    We are simply spectators. We can do nothing to change the trajectory of what is occurring. Protests are good but only symbolic. They are now more or less meaningless in the west as they no longer achieve change.

    The only way to actually do something is go to Palestine to help the civilians, to take up a rifle or whatever but even that does not change the trajectory of events.

    The best thing we can do is to understand what is occurring. For me, my health prevents me from doing much other than understand what is occurring. To understand the underlying causes of conflict. We are very much within the historical change of era yet many still view it through the widow of the post WWII conflicts. Both through the cold war and through the period of US being the sole superpower.

    Although my friends and family are quite unaware of the major change that is coming/that is occurring now, It is only when it touches there lives that they will be wondering what happened. For Australia, war has always been fought in far away lands which has little effect on day to day lives.

    It is hard to see exactly what the future holds but I can see a point at which the anglo world being isolated and staring out fearfully at the big bad world. That scenario though could only occur if the US can stave off domestic collapse – both social collapse and economic collapse.

    What is more likely to occur though is the US collapsing as a world power as power shifts from west to east. This scenario too, those about me will have no understanding of what occurred.

    Posted by: Peter AU1 | Nov 7 2023 10:38


    That thing hedge funds do with the laser links and bagillions of offered and retracted bids to scalp everyday investors and traders for zero added value?

    If only we could do that outside the stock market, to customers shopping for retail purchases online and in stores. So basically to everyone as they attempt to live their lives. Since we already did it to housing what else was left anyway?

    Amazon Earned More Than $1 Billion Through Secret Price-Raising Algorithm: FTC

    Amazon called this program “Nessie” which they would turn on and off depending on what level of scrutiny they thought might be currently be under. Surfacing and diving. Naw, naw, Nessie doesn’t exist it was your imagination, it was an aquatic bird, it was swamp gas.


    How do you understand singularity?

    Do you feel powerless? Then you are

    TickerGuy and JHK. – i was advised in youth to be silent if nothing kind could be said

    Have you seen the video of the Law enforcement agent beating the Orthodox in Jerusalem? Would not want the Orthodox taken hostage by empathy, compassion or justice

    Figmund Sreud

    Oh, Greta. You go, girl! A solution for your EV out in the ‘Stralian Outbacks!
    (… this is “Australian-first technology”)

    This backup generator automatically switches on when the solar panels aren’t producing enough power and battery levels are low, typically after several overcast days.

    Off-grid EV charger showcased at solar race across Australia


    No logout button?

    Go to TAE in a private/incognito browser. (why wasn’t everyone doing this all along?)

    Whenever you close the browser, you will be logged out.

    And all those Amazon and Bing and Google and Youtube cookies from other places you visited while you were browsing the internet won’t be spying on your TAE activity. (or will they?)

    Michael Reid

    Good to see your logic Dr. D


    Some 80 Canadians prisoners/hostages have had their patient wait/wish been rewarded by Israel, and been given permission to leave Gaza.


    Did the abducted Canadians consider leaving Gaza via government approved medically assisted suicide? After all, being in Gaza could be depressing. Why not use the Canadian expert-approved depression remedy? Red Cross could be sent in to help them fill out all the necessary permissions paperwork. Israel keeps a consistent Gaza policy, Canada keeps a consistent mental health policy, Canadians no longer depressed. A win-win-win.

    (I was thinking of a meme – depressed meme-character says how he’s so depressed because he will never own a home. Female lib wojak recommends he get therapy/drugs for depression. Depressed male character asks “How does that help me? I’m concerned about not being able to buy a home, not my feelings ABOUT not being able to buy a home”)


    From Zero Hedge

    You Get Nothing: Google Abandons Building 15,000 Homes In San Francisco

    Look at the bright side, Google = NSA gulag

    Maybe San Franshithole dodged a bullet.

    OH, no, wait, in San Franshithole you’re always dodging bullets, crime and sidewalk poo.

    “The complete and total destruction of San Francisco and the surrounding area, consisting of streets overrun by drug addicts and corporations and retail establishments simply giving up on the city, is almost finished. Thanks, liberals!

    The latest chapter in the once great city’s demise came this week when Google pulled out of a $15 billion investment in Santa Clara County that would have built 15,000 homes, according to Gizmodo.

    The ‘Downtown West’ project in San Jose was set to feature 4,000 affordable housing units, sufficient office space for 20,000 workers, a 300-room hotel, and 10 parks. Instead, San Francisco now “gets nothing”.

    Well Played Sirs, well played



    edit: wrong assumption

    John Day

    Ignoring The Elephant

    The Great Schism – Will it be Quietly Ignored? Alastair Crooke
    ​ We must re-configure our thinking – onto the longer plane – to take account of the intrusion of shifting dimensions in consciousness.​
    The situation in the Middle East has radically transformed. Whereas Palestine was about national liberation, today Palestine is the of the symbol of a wider civilisational re-awakening – the ‘end to centuries of Regional humiliation’.
    ​ Equally, whilst Zionism in Israel was largely a secular political project (Greater Israel), today it has become messianic and prophetic.
    ​ The point here is that we continue to think about the Gaza issue in the ‘old way’ – through the prism of secular material rationalism. This leads to conclusions such as ‘Hamas objectively is weaker than Israel’s IDF’, and therefore rationally the latter must prevail as being the stronger party.
    In this way of thinking, though, there is only ‘one single reality’ with only the descriptions and interpretations of this ‘reality’ differing. Yet there is demonstrably more than ‘one reality’ as collectively, we progress from one consciousness to another. In one consciousness, for example, ‘Hamas is destined to fail’, and the discussion turns to US and Israeli notions of ‘what follows in Gaza’.
    ​ In another state of consciousness however – one becoming ever more prevalent in the region – the ‘reality’ is that any ‘rationally’ negotiated compromise between two clashing eschatological structures is impossible. The more so should the conflict escalate horizontally – overflowing the boundaries of Gaza.
    ​ Other ‘fronts’ likely might open, as Gaza is seen – whether or not Hamas is crushed – as the revolutionary spark lighting a transformation in the Middle Eastern and the Global South’s consciousness (note the list of Global South states now cutting diplomatic ties with Israel).
    ​ The West however, has opted to back itself in a silo of its own making – as defined by its demand for a singularity of messaging that all of Europe ‘stand with Israel’; refusing any ceasefire; and saying ‘no limit’ to Israeli action (subject to law).

    The Great Schism – Will It Be Quietly Ignored?

    ​John Helmer , The Politics of the Slaughter of Everybody
    ​ Religious fundamentalists think that because God is on their side – more, that God has Chosen Them to be His People — they can leave it to Him to keep tabs on history, remember the lessons of the past, count the years, tote up the gains, costs, and losses. So long as God doesn’t issue any red alerts or insolvency notices during their prayers, when the Chosen People get up they can concentrate their minds and resources on preparing for the future. When the murder of a million or two Palestinians is the future which the Israelis and Americans are concentrating on now, it’s obvious that they and their God have not been re-reading the Melian Dialogue, if He did in the first place.
    ​ That’s Sections 84 to 116 of Book Five of Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War, which he wrote over twenty years of the war, from 431 to 411 BC, leaving off before Athens and its army were defeated and lost everything they thought they had won.
    ​ It was in 416 that the Athenian army laid a starvation siege to Melos; then when the Melians surrendered, the Athenians murdered every man and enslaved every woman and child. After that, the Athenian empire of Melos lasted just eleven years before the Athenians were driven off the island by a Spartan force the Hellenes had become too weak to resist.​..
    ​..The Melians said they had decided not to surrender their seven-hundred year old city state. “We put our trust in the fortune that the gods will send and which has saved us up to now, and in the help of men — that is of the Spartans; and so we shall try to save ourselves.” They added they were still open to negotiating terms of “a treaty which shall be agreeable to both you and us”. One condition was non-negotiable — the Athenians must “leave our country”.
    ​ The Athenian negotiators stood up. “As you have staked most on and trusted most in Spartans, luck, and hopes, so in all these you will find yourselves most deluded.”
    ​ The Athenian army built a new wall completely cutting off the Melians inside their city from the outside. Several months of siege followed while the Athenians withdrew their heavy forces to fight elsewhere. The Melians made sallies to capture food. Then the Athenians returned in force; but even then they didn’t risk a frontal assault. Instead, they bribed several Melians inside the city to betray the others. “As there was also some treachery from inside,” Thucydides concluded his account without more detail, “the Melians surrendered unconditionally to the Athenians, who put to death all the men of military age whom they took, and sold the women and children as slaves. Melos itself they took over for themselves, sending out later a colony of 500 men.” Book Five ends at this point.
    ​ That was almost two thousand five hundred years ago.
    ​ It’s near-certain that Biden and Netanyahu haven’t read the Melian Dialogue. If men like US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Adviser Jacob Sullivan were required to read the book during their undergraduate studies at Harvard and Yale, they have forgotten that after the genocide of the Melians, the Athenians were defeated – first their army and foreign empire, then their domestic democracy.
    ​ These practical men can hear the political clock ticking. They can’t hear the gods counting down.


    ​ Best explanation of Friday’s speech that I have yet seen: Nasrallah & the Future of the War
    ​ The Hizbullah leader all but made it clear that a larger war is inevitable but he did not want to be the one to announce it.
    ​ Nasrallah, it must be pointed out, is now probably the most senior figure in the “axis-of-resistance” in the Middle East. Even Qassim Suleimani (murdered by the U.S.) was lower in rank than Nasrallah ( footage of meetings between the two men confirm that Nasrallah was the senior person in the relationship). Photos of family mourning in Suleimani’s home show a picture of Nasrallah in the house).
    ​ Even Ayatollah Khamenei, who is the most senior religious figure in the hierarchy of the axis, defers to Nasrallah on strategic matters (Iranian officials regularly briefed Nasrallah on nuclear negotiations with the West)…
    ​ Nasrallah did not declare war, but sent out these important signals:
    ​ He made it clear that the planning and the timing of the Hamas operation was entirely Hamas and Hamas alone. He said that not even allies of Hamas in Gaza (clearly a reference to Islamic Jihad) knew of the operation because Hamas maintained absolute secrecy. Iran was not involved and that was important to stress because in the Western media all Iranian allies are presented as mere puppets of Iran. The picture is more complicated. In 2011, Hamas supported the Syrian revolt against the Syrian regime although the regime provided Hamas with sanctuary and military support. That stance poisoned the relationship between Hamas and Iran, and even between Hamas and Hizbullah. ​ Hamas later reconciled with Hizbullah, but the Hizbulalh leadership still refuses to meet with Khalid Mishal, the leader behind Hamas’ decision to support the Syrian armed rebellion (he took that decision consistent with the stance of Qatar and Turkey, with which he is very close). Moreover, even the US has finally concluded (according to CNN) that Hizbullah does not merely follow Iranian orders in its decision making.
    ​ Nasrallah wanted to make clear that the front from Lebanon to Syria to Gaza is one and that all members of the resistance camps will be fighting together. He made a reference to the Iraqi allies of Hizbullah.
    ​ Nasrallah was preparing the Lebanese for the next phases of the war. He all but made it clear that a larger war is inevitable but he did not want to be the one to announce it, thereby opening the door for the Gulf-paid media to blame him for that decision. He spoke about phases of this war and reminded the audience about Israeli losses and Hizbullah’s successes in clashes in South Lebanon.
    ​ Nasrallah sent a message to the U.S.: His group won’t be intimidated by the presence of the fleet in the Mediterranean and reminded the U.S. that some of those who fought against the U.S. in Lebanon in 1982-84 are still alive and trained others. He made it clear that Hizbullah would retaliate against U.S. forces if the U.S. strikes Lebanon.
    ​ It was not Nasrallah’s best speech, and it did not meet the very high expectations by many. But it achieved what he wanted from the occasion: to put the enemy on notice that Hizbullah would not rule out a major confrontation with Israel and that such eventualities are related to developments on the ground in Gaza.

    AS’AD AbuKHALIL: Nasrallah & the Future of the War

    ​Jeremy Corbyn recalls his visit to Gaza a decade ago, and wonders about the school, the children and their teachers.
    The ICC must investigate the crime of genocide in Gaza​ , We need a ceasefire. The existence of the Palestinian people is at stake.

    John Day

    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 32: UN warns Israel has turned Gaza into “graveyard for children” as attack enters second month
    International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) says that Gaza received only 570 aid trucks in the past month, which is roughly what Gaza required daily prior to October 7.
    Gaza’s Ministry of Interior says that almost 900,000 people are still in northern Gaza, where most of the armed clashes between resistance fighters and Israeli soldiers are taking place.
    World Health Organization (WHO) says Israel carried out 229 attacks against hospitals and healthcare centers, which resulted in the death of 509 patients and medical staff and injured 447 people.
    Israel destroys the solar panels on the roof of Shifa Hospital, the largest medical center in the Gaza Strip, which is still operating despite shortages of staff and fuel to operate electricity generators.
    Almost 70 percent of the Gaza population is internally displaced, 710,000 of them sheltering in UNRWA facilities.
    At least 163 Palestinians have been killed in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem. Four Palestinian prisoners arrested after October 7 died in Israeli custody.
    Hundreds of Lebanese walk in the funeral procession of three girls and their grandmother in the village of Blida on Tuesday morning.
    The Israeli army says it has fired back at Hezbollah sites in Lebanon and that it intercepted two drones in the Upper Galilee.
    The U.S. deploys a nuclear submarine to the Red Sea on Sunday, the latest in its show of force in the region.

    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 32: UN warns Israel has turned Gaza into “graveyard for children” as attack enters second month 

    ​ “Give us everything and we might let some of you live.” Hamas Political Wing Offered ‘Clemency’ for Hostage Release – Seymour Hersh
    ​ In secret talks with Israel, the political leadership of Hamas has been offered “clemency” in return for a release of the Gaza-held hostages, US investigative journalist Seymour Hersh wrote in an article on Substack.
    ​ The offer was extended to the group’s political wing, who claim to have not been directly involved in the planning for the October 7 Hamas attack, sources told the journalist.
    “The thought was that if they agree to try their own people and order them executed, they will be given their lives while also exonerating Israel for the war,” an American official was quoted as saying.​..
    ​..In a “significant stage” in Israel’s war against Hamas, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have claimed it has encircled Gaza City, and divided the besieged enclave into two. It touted its looming operation to destroy the tunnels and Hamas’ military and civilian institutions. At the same time, it is estimated that militants are holding hostage over 248 soldiers and civilians, including foreign nationals.—seymour-hersh-1114766570.html

    ​ Aleks @ Black Mountain Analysis (Serbian perspective) Geopolitics Update [i] , Situation in the Middle East and Ukraine
    ​ If the start of the Russian Special Military Operation marked the historical beginning of the end of Western Hegemony, then October 7 was a highly potent fire accelerator. Today I’m going to give an update about both Ukraine and the Middle East. Moreover, I’m going to further frame the emerging and ongoing Wars of Liberation…which also could be called World War Three.​..
    ..Russia and China started encouraging all kinds of nations and western vassals to free themselves both from Western occupation, and the need of perpetual war. In other words, to free the world and to bring peace.
    ​ Peace between nations is an absolute horror for the Western Oligarchs. The West is not even remotely strong enough, neither economically nor militarily, to keep the whole world under control when the world is united and not artificially divided by occupation troops.
    ​ The Western advantages in trade would vanish overnight. The West would be forced to suddenly pay actual market prices. With an excess of Dollars resulting from a growing use of alternate currencies, hyperinflation would kick in for Western countries…
    ..The entirety of all these conflicts will be an ongoing World War Three, which I call Wars of Liberation.
    ​ I have always said that it is not likely that we will witness a hot shooting World War between the great powers, and I still hold that viewpoint. Instead, we will have the Wars of Liberation. “Small” fires everywhere, which are absolutely unfavorable for the West.​..
    ​..There is a huge potential for millions of dead within the next several years if the situation spirals out of control. Still, I maintain my conviction that the great powers won’t clash directly, unless an incident happens. Remember the 15% probability for an incident?
    ​ Moreover, the situation for Western countries appears to be approaching a critical point. If things continue to develop as they do, the biggest enemy and threat to the West will be the West itself.

    Ukrainian Army Has ‘Run Out of Cannon Fodder’ – Former US Envoy—former-us-envoy-1114755419.html

    John Day

    ​In the first 5 minutes it is made clear that Ukraine is now a dictatorship. March 2024 elections are cancelled, and General Zaluzhni’s assistant is murdered with a hand grenade at his birthday party (presumably as a warning).
    Ukraine Started A Purge In Military Circles | Zaluzhny Is In Danger. Military Summary For 2023.11.07

    US to Transfer $320 Million in Precision Bomb Kits to Israel​ , The news comes as Gaza’s death toll surpasses 10,000

    US to Transfer $320 Million in Precision Bomb Kits to Israel

    ​ Celia Farber , Thoughtcrime Arrests In Israel: “People Have Been Arrested For Saying Their Heart Was With The Children of Gaza”
    It’s all following the algorithm—same as Canada, same as US—you MUST agree with your STATE

    US diplomats condemn Israel policy – Politico​ , In a leaked memo, State Department staffers argued that Washington must condemn Israel’s killing of civilians

    ​ Jewish Voice for Peace “occupied” The Statue of Liberty yesterday, in support of Palestinian Rights
    ​ Yesterday, hundreds of Jews and allies took over the Statue of Liberty with a clear demand: Ceasefire now.
    The action marked a sharp escalation, one month into Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza. Over 10,000 Palestinians have now been killed, among them over 4,000 children.
    ​ The takeover on Liberty Island was led by JVP-NYC. Hundreds of us — young people and elders, rabbis, descendants of Holocaust survivors, elected officials — sang “Ceasefire now” and carried banners that read “The world is watching”, “Palestinians should be free”, and “Never again for anyone.”

    John Day


    John Day

    ​ Israel to take over ‘security’ in Gaza – Netanyahu​ , Washington had warned that a new “occupation” of the Palestinian enclave would be a “big mistake”​.
    ​ Speaking to ABC News for an interview published on Monday, Netanyahu was asked about Israel’s long-term plans for the territory should it succeed in dismantling Hamas, suggesting the need for a lengthy deployment.
    “I think Israel will, for an indefinite period, have the overall security responsibility [in Gaza] because we’ve seen what happens when we don’t have it,” he said.
    “When we don’t have that security responsibility, what we have is the eruption of Hamas terror on a scale that we couldn’t imagine.”

    ​Kunstler, The Four Wars
    China’s grand strategy to take its turn at dominance over the global scene depends on bogging down the USA in four wars at once. How’s it working so far? Pretty darn well. Amazingly, China hardly had to lift a finger to make it happen — though it did write some bank checks to the soulless old grifter sitting in the White House. Our country has arranged its collapse and downfall masterfully on its own.
    War No. 1: There was absolutely no need to start the war in Ukraine…
    War No. 2: Little more than a month ago, the Middle East was thought to have reached a moment of praiseworthy stability…
    Bringing us to War No. 3: The US Government’s war against its own citizens…
    ​..A big part of the government’s war against US citizens has been the bizarre Covid-19 episode and the long-running effort by public officials to deceive the population about it, including lockdowns and destruction of small businesses, the dishonest suppression of viable treatments, gross censorship about the harms of the mRNA vaccines, and trickery around the origins of the vaccines in the back rooms of our Department of Defense.
    Another front of this war is the wide-open Mexican border, a lawless state of affairs created as deliberate policy by our cabinet secretaries, and done at a time when there is tremendous animus against the US from many other nations who send thousands of sketchy young men into our country with no attempt by our border officials to determine who they are…
    Which brings us to War No. 4: The American peoples’ war against a government gone rogue. Obviously, it is not underway yet, but it’s easy to see how it might develop. I think it could commence in the aftermath of a financial calamity that is visibly brewing in the debt markets. The net result will be a collapsed standard-of-living for everyone in the USA, the breakdown of supply lines and daily business, and a very sharp loss of legitimacy for the people who have been in charge of anything in this country.

    The Four Wars

    ‘Terrorism Leads To Lockdowns Leads To Martial Law’ – Martin Armstrong Warns Of Deep State Plan To Hold On To Power

    John Day

    ​Meryl Nass MD’s Congressional Breakfast Briefing outline: The Fundamental Transformation of the W.H.O. from Health Advisor to Global Dictator

    ​ It is disappointing to see that the (profitable) investment-funding of the WHO by Bill Gates greatly exceeds the US Govt. funding, to the point that “defunding the WHO” would not impact the WHO, and would not impact compliance with the WHO. Only leaving the WHO would work.
    ​ Meryl Nass MD , The Virginia Medical Freedom Association prepared the following astute legal analysis of the WHO power grab and how the US might escape the WHO’s tightening grip

    Sasha Latypova , Washington County, Idaho, Signed the Resolution to Advise AGAINST Genetic Covid-19 “Vaccines” on Child Schedule

    Ugo Bardi , Gaia’s Life History: 4.5 Billion Years in a Single Image

    D Benton Smith

    The inability of the criminal Zionist to self-inspect is made even more mind boggling by the sheer totality of their selfishness. They are SO selfish that it doesn’t enter their mind to even start to consider the possibility that they are pathologically self-centered. They are SO self-centered that they don’t know that the other person is even, really, THERE.

    What makes it even more ironic is that the God these Zionists purport to worship has reportedly gone down on record, MANY TIMES, warning these “Jews In Name Only” to NOT be that way or act that way. . . . . or else! In fact, according to the very same law books that the Zionists pretend to believe in, God said that He would punish them severely if they din’t straighten up and fly right. It wasn’t the first time time that He had to speak to them about such matters. Nor would it be the last.

    For folks who tout their own intelligence so highly these Zionist “Jews-In-Name-Only” sure do seem to be slow learners.

    Zionist Israel (the current crop especially) obviously feels no sense of irony or moral contradiction whatsoever in explaining that it is completely justifiable and right to kill Palestinians civilians indiscriminately en masse (man, woman and child), peacefully living in their own land, BECAUSE (wait for the key line!) the entire population of Palestinians refused to escape the walled, locked and guarded prison they were being held in at the time that the guards gave them 24 hours notice to leave.

    The scariest part is that the Zionist Israelis actually do believe that this criminally insane moral aberration adequate reason to do what they did. The explanation is simplicity itself. Sociopathic criminals actually DO believe that it is their RIGHT to impose their selfish will (violently if so desired) over the human and universal rights of whomever they choose. They believe this because the only persons they actually believe and know to exist are themselves.

    They base this absurdity on a claim that God told Abraham a few thousand years ago that it was okay to be a sociopathic criminal who was entitled by God (by the Universe itself) to do anything to anyone simply because they wanted to.

    Incidentally, the official records concerning the alleged verbal contract (basically, we’ve only got Abraham’s scribes’ word for the event actually happening in the first place, and these words were written centuries later) are a little problematic. It seems that the original documents (held for safe-keeping by the claimants themselves) have gone missing a few times. In fact the copies of the COPIES of the alleged originals have gone missing. No one is challenging that SOMETHING happened way back when, but even the truest of true believers are still fiercely debating about precisely what that something really was, or who did what to whom and why.

    Should also mention that the chain of ownership and genealogical proof of identity of the present claimants about “who’s who” have unfortunately got lost in a bunch of fires down through the years, but trust me, that’s what’s what. This place is mine, I kill people who don’t agree with me about that, because God told my grandpa that it was mine to with as I please, forever, even if I’ve sold it it, lost it in a high stakes poker game, or abandoned it for a thousand years, so you’ll just have to take my word for it….. and move your ass off of your own land within 24 hours because I’m going to drop a bomb where you’re standing. You’ve been warned, so you don’t have a leg to stand on….. literally.

    That’s it. That’s the “reasoning”. I wish there more, but there ain’t. To a Zionist Israeli THAT bit of psychosis is what makes it totally okay, virtually mandatory, to commit cold blooded mass murder of innocents. Indiscriminate annihilation for the crime of existing.

    Ya know, I think I’ve heard something like that before. Oh, yeah, now I remember. It was in an alley in a bad part of St Louis many years ago. I was walking home late at night when a guy steps out of a darkened alley, asks me for a light, and then sticks a gun in my face. He said that if I didn’t hand over everything I had then he was just going to have to shoot me and take it anyway. I should have told him that he didn’t have to settle for being an armed mugger, he could be Prime Minister of Israel. But instead I handed over my watch and wallet as directed.

    Israel’s justification for genociding Palestinians isn’t a reason. It’s a confession. It is admitting to premeditated first degree mass murder for hire. Simple as that.

    Oh, and about that God contract thing. Well, 2000 years absence without so much as a mail drop or forwarding address is a long time to let pass before coming back and to revive an old handshake type deal. Heck, man, how do we even know (like for SURE) that you’re even related to this Abraham guy? And there’s a really knotty legal issue about whether you can go on OWNING something after you have legally SOLD, ABANDONED and FAIRLY LOST the something in question. And that’s to not even mention whether Abraham held up his end of the deal. Sure looks like a broken contract to me.

    You’re welcome to argue the case and present evidence if you want to Abe, but you’re going to need a good lawyer.


    “When Israel supports settler violence and illegal land seizures or employs excessive use of force against Palestinians, we must communicate publicly that this goes against our American values..”

    Those are American values, the Americans have been doing this for decades with the full support of their people. Palestinian babies are not the first to be murdered by the Americans, there is Iraq, Libya etc, all illegal wars started by the USA, all resulted in thousands of dead babies. The American way.

    It is a bit late now to start pretending that baby killing is not the American way; would you forgive Charles Manson if he turned round and said he has realised that murder is not his thing, not compatible with his values? As ridiculous a statement as the one above.

    Maybe a plea to the people to change their values from baby killers to baby lovers would be more honest. But, who expects honesty from baby killers? I note that the baby killers are sending more ammunitiion to their sons and daughters on the front lines, the ones at the business end of their values.


    The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that the Biden administration is planning a $320 million transfer of precision-guided bomb kits to Israel, a show of support for the Israeli onslaught despite the growing civilian death toll.


    “President Joe Biden said the move would be a “big mistake.” “It would be a mistake… for Israel to occupy… Gaza again..”

    Genocide Joe and his Jew admin do not know what the other hand is doing. Only kidding, these are baby killers, they lie, they steal, they kill babies, the Jewish way. I would wager that the Democrat party funds for the next election are increasing with every dead Palestinian baby; the Jewish way.

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