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    Russell Lee Auto transport passing through Eufaula, Oklahoma Feb 1940 • For Wall Street, It’s Not Politicians That Matter, But Profits (MarketWatch) •
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    Is this something that will affect the USA $

    The headline deal was an agreement between China’s and Canada’s central banks to a currency swap worth 200 billion yuan ($32.67 billion) or C$30 billion.

    That will help set up a clearing bank, and allow the two banks to swap currencies if needed to ease trade and investment. The yuan clearing bank would be the first in the Americas, and allow Canadian financial institutions to use it to process payments for their customers in yuan.


    “More debt. Which is a good thing, right?”

    Now you get it. In a Centrally Planned Economy, he who dies with the most debt wins. Literally.

    Only a fool saves fiat currency, to be means tested or inflated out of it eventually.

    And at today’s low cost of money, leverage can be substantial when currency devaluation comes on line full force, which is as inevitable as the tides.


    I gather the drones are typical consumer ones which weigh around one pound. Such are incapable of doing any damage to much of anything especially an industrial plant like a power plant.

    The flights are symbolic and one can assume that is what they are intended to be. Either by opponents of such things or maybe their owners, the French government in this case for reasons only they can know but we could assume are not good.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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