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    As for solo Sting, my fave song of his along with Fields of Gold:

    Seven Days

    Vinnie C> on drums is superb on this one.


    Missed that one but I did catch shards instead of chards. I must admit I do aspire to the prose (not pros) exhibited by you, Raul, Dr. D and others. It took a while to get the courage to find a lane to swim in here (not hear). Probably butchered this somehow but Thanks.


    It occurs to me that homogenization is not pasteurization. Tune in tomorrow when I discuss Hegelian Dianetics. 😉


    You write awesomely, chooch. Folks like me and Doc D, with our excessive flair for poetic hyperbole, are hardly models of clarity. We compensate with flair. It’s like Ravel told Gershwin when Gershwin asked Ravel to teach him composition:

    ‘You’re already a first-rate Gerswhin. Why aspire to be a 2nd-rate Ravel?’ (or words to that effect)



    The flair can be indubitable and it is effective.


    I liked this whole video snippet, but the last couple minutes (around 9:50) are absolutely great.
    Dr. Shankara Chetty, S.African physician, on the “vaccines” and the “bigger plan”.

    those darned kids

    for you, bosco/antidote/madamski:

    no particular message, but it’s duke, the greatest human ever to arise from the swamps of the potomac, and one of the principal reasons god invented america.

    best of luck, brotherly.


    I have squeezed a cows tits more than 10 years, so…..
    It occurs to me that homogenization is not pasteurization
    Quite correct
    Pasteurization, back in the day(<80 yr ago), was quite useful, TB and brucillousis(sp?) are
    both nasty diseases. By the 50’s this was mostly gone

    Michael Reid

    @ Susmarie108, thank you for the comment

    the Buddha said the world of the unenlightened is delusion.

    The mind is generally nothing but delusion.

    The world of the unenlightened is delusion and illusion. Going beyond both is the process of BEcoming/BEing enlighted.

    Cultivating positive and uplifting – feelings/thoughts – is the first stop on the Path to leaving both (delusion and illusion) behind.

    Immersion in positive feelings/thoughts/actions (John Day style) is the formula.


    Worried about child’s future fertility and COVID-19 vaccine? Know the truth about the risks
    From the article:

    Knapp explained that the building blocks of mRNA vaccines such as the Pfizer COVID-19 shot for kids are not new.
    She also pointed out that the vaccines affect the immune system, not the reproductive system. “They are two different parts of our body that are not interrelated,” she said.
    This vaccine has not been shown to affect fertility in adults, both those enrolled in the clinical trials and those who have received the vaccine since December.
    She said understanding the science of the vaccine is important. It breaks down rapidly at the injection site to cause the antibody response, she said. “Producing antibodies has never been shown to impact current or future pregnancies,” Hansard said.
    “It’s the science of the mRNA vaccine. There’s not a physiological reason that (infertility) risk would exist,” she said.

    Stunning! A torrential flow of illogic. That Dr. Knapp is allowed to continue to practice medicine is ridiculous. I wouldn’t trust her to make coffee.

    Mr. House
    Mr. House

    Beep. Bop. Boop.

    Coronavirus infections might cause lasting harm to the heart, even in those who have never had symptoms

    V. Arnold

    Addendum to the van Gogh;
    It’s also one of the few views of Paris without the Eiffel Tower…
    It was not yet built in 1886… 😉


    those darned kids

    that’s right, deflated. exactly why early treatment is vital and inducing the body to produce the spike is beyond stupid.



    @ defl
    My family that lives in this state already had Covid…so if it damaged our hearts, oh, well, that ship sailed. Why compound the damage with the vax?
    My job to evaluate what’s best for me and mine, yours to do the same for you and yours.
    Each to his own, as my mom often said when I was young.


    Regarding the tweet by Dan Freedman. Freedman states that “Bell’s palsy is not GBS”. It is clear from

    that Kirsch knows the difference.

    This was the second search result for “bells palsy after vaccine”.

    A report of Bell’s Palsy just 24 hours after receiving the Moderna vaccine.

    “Here, we report the case of a 36-year-old previously healthy patient who developed symptoms of Bell’s palsy along with left-arm numbness, tingling, and subjective weakness masquerading as a subacute stroke after receiving the second dose of the mRNA-1273 vaccine. ”

    TAE Summary

    A Sonnet for November 9, 2021

    The spike protein persists more than a year
    Come vaxx your kids; No need to call ahead
    You’re very kind, come here and share my beer
    And donate all your organs once you’re dead

    Joe Biden sees the finger, not the moon
    The mandate is opposed by states. I see…
    If you get sick you’re naturally immune
    Italians over count and so do we

    Pro-vaxx illogic: A torrential flow
    The vaccines fail. A pill can still succeed!
    You want to travel? Sans boost you can’t go
    Psaki can’t be found in time of need.

    The true goal is to mask us and to test
    The Roofs of Paris: Van Gogh at his best


    How long it takes for Bell’s palsy to show up after Covid vax “ This case report describes a 61-year-old Caucasian man with no previous history of facial nerve palsy who experienced an episode of Bell’s palsy on the right side of his face five hours after receiving his first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, and a more severe episode of Bell’s palsy on the left side of his face two days after receiving the second dose. ”

    GBS – looks like it takes days for gbs to show up


    Doc Robinson. Thx for the info. re the from-the-Darpa segments I posted. Back to 2015, hmm. All this (MRNA vaxxs etc.) has been brewing for a long time.

    Bosco, I fell for the madamski character until he/she posted pictures of him + herself. 🙂 They couldn’t be the picture of the person posting, but maybe they posted fake pix..etc. …:)

    ok I’m late in the day as usual…

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