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    “And, by the way, how do we know that “JB” is getting an actual mRNA booster? Or is it just 10 CCs of saline solution?(i.e, water the FDA says is a “trade secret”) Is not the syringe, after all, just another prop in the show? The video of this event was broadcast on cable TV channels and corporate media websites everywhere. None of them commented on the strange artificiality of the staging. And so, the mystery abides….

    It only reinforces the creeping suspicion that absolutely everything about the “Joe Biden” regime is fake. And malevolently so. How else could it be that so many bad things are happening at the same time in this country if there was not some faction seeking to destroy it?”

    In a Dark Wood

    Michael Reid

    I’m with upstatNYer on any new medications. They can keep their dope. And as for any flu shots or new pandemic shots, it is not going into my body.

    Michael Reid

    @ phoenixvoice

    I always thought competition was the way throughout most of my life but I learned it is best to work together when I did nursing. I think the word is collaboration and it produces win win outcomes


    Thank you, Michael.

    those darned kids

    phoenix: well put. on the pitch i ask, “how do you spell ‘fun’?” the answer, of course, is “w-i-n”. for-profit vaccines are spelt “greed”.


    if these injections can be marketed as “products” ¿why can’t i go buy a case to have a closer look before i decide to participate*? the things cost like 20$, for krissy’ssake.

    “sorry, sir. you can’t look inside the car until after you’ve purchased it. it’s has many safety features. trust us.”

    * soon to be: before i have been decided to be participated.


    “Merck announced Friday that an experimental COVID pill it has developed reduced hospitalizations and deaths by 50% in people recently infected with COVID.”
    (copy cat of Ivermectin.)
    “According to Dr. Gottlieb, “this is a phenomenal result. This is a profound game-changer that we have an oral pill that had this kind of effect on patients who are already symptomatic.””
    ( better read up on Ivermectin)
    ” Patients won’t be taking the drug for very long, typically around five days, which means “the safety profile is probably pretty good,” Dr. Gottlieb said.”
    (I’ll take a bet that he reads TAE)

    which means there’s the possibility of creating a cocktail of anti-viral treatments for COVID.
    (the enemy has been identified)

    Merck partnered with a small firm called Ridgeback Biotherapeutics to develop the drug, which is called Molnupiravir. While the study results haven’t yet been peer reviewed, at least one independent group of medical experts have given the research their blessing.

    “This is a milestone in the fight against COVID,” Dr. Gottlieb said.
    The enemy is not the unvaccinated


    “Merck partnered with a small firm called Ridgeback Biotherapeutics …”

    I have a Ridgeback. Well, to be technically correct, I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback – a breed of dog originating in Africa. She’s a great dog. But she has the worst autoimmune issues of any dog I’ve ever had. She eats good food and is well cared for, but no matter what I do … not good enough. We hold a baseline on her health and it’s not “good health”, it’s “ok health”. Feel bad for the poor old girl (now 11 yrs old)

    I’ll stick with ivermectin (sorry, deflationista, your sh*t hasn’t swayed me) and the drug companies can shove their poisons up their something or other, um, sideways.

    Take that however you wish.

    ”Patients won’t be taking the drug for very long, typically around five days, which means “the safety profile is probably pretty good,” Dr. Gottlieb said.”

    “… probably pretty good.” Really?? I’m so over their sh*t that … not only do I not listen, I don’t have have enough interest to come up with a response.


    Ha ha ha … a “cocktail of anti-viral treatments.”

    HIV and AIDS ring a bell for anyone with this statement?

    those darned kids

    the drug companies can shove their poisons up their something or other, um, sideways.

    aren’t you worried about shedding?

    Dr. D

    Natural Gas, Orlov:
    Global gas wars: the fun has just begun!

    What can I say? I warned you, hope you canceled cable and prepared. Devolution. Going local. Resiliency. With control over your source and supply. That is, not natgas from halfway around the world, courtesy of your avowed enemy.

    Britain has coal, they can stop this any time they like. They won’t, ‘cause they’z killin’ some folks first. Half? Three quarters? They can only dream, but they will unless you stop them.

    And “Free-market advocates”? What part of any of this has to do with the free market? Gov’t fabricating a 50% fill on NordStream? Funding arms and stopping Ukraine? Rigged wholesale gas prices in a fake market? Planet-sized LNG Ship subsidies? The tie to the non-real US$? What?

    “‘Most Americans Today Believe the Stock Market Is Rigged, and They’re Right’ New research shows insider trading is everywhere. So far, no one seems to care.” –Bloomberg

    Insider trading by Nancy Pelosi, Elon Musk, and every member of the Fed. Maybe Bloomberg and the insider-trading Fed believe in honest markets, rule of law and bankruptcy. Whaddya think?

    Dr. D


    “When you really want to believe something — like ‘you can’t trust the vaccines’ — you’ll come up with any number of rationalizations,” Van Bavel said. “It’s like whack-a-mole. You falsify one premise and they just create a new one.”

    This is a well-documented social phenomenon. In a new book by Van Bavel and Lehigh psychology professor Dominic Packer, The Power of Us, the authors recount one controversial work of social science in the 1950s. Social psychologists infiltrated a doomsday cult to find out how the members would react when their promised date of salvation — the day that a UFO would come to Earth and take them away — came and went without the prophecy coming true.

    The researchers found that when the prophecy failed, most people didn’t quit the cult. They didn’t discard their old beliefs, protest that they had been lied to, and desert the cult’s leader. Instead, the leader offered his followers a brand new narrative, which many of them accepted: Their fervent faith had been so powerful that the apocalypse had been averted.

    It wasn’t that the prophecy was wrong. Instead, the followers believed they had been so right that the cult had actually saved the world. Such contortions are a survival mechanism when living inside a worldview that runs up against reality.

    Dr Fauci, “This is a treatment for infection, so whether you get infected following vaccination or without one…

    The interview clarified one point Dr. Fauci had been trying so desperately to conceal: that the incidence of breakthrough infections is much higher than the CDC and the government have claimed,”

    One jab, you get breakthrough, 2 jab, you still get breakthrough, therefore, lets try for a 3rd, a booster to prevent breakthrough.

    (note: the concept of breakthrough means that the vaccine did not work. It does not cover the fact that people are getting sick and dying from the vaccines.)

    Therefore, then, you should try this new pill for 5 day. 


    @ deflationista
    I agree with you. II have name WHO.
    Who did you identify of doing this – Fauci ?


    China’s electric grid is teetering on collapse in the peripheral areas.

    Electric rationing, rolling blackouts, industrial shutdowns.


    Cause they burn more coal than everyone else on earth combined.

    A lot of it dirty coal, dirty, dirty, dirty!

    But China is exempt from the Paris Accord so it’s OK.

    Where is that little snot Greta, why does she give China a pass from her quivering faux outrage?

    Cause she’s a poster child for libtard hypocrisy.

    Back to China the dirty coal burner.

    They don’t have enough coal after they banned Australian coal cause of the botched submarine fiasco fandango.

    So the Chinese are buying, wait for it, US coal to fill in the supply gap for their wobbling electric grid that supplies most of the world with Cheap Stuff.

    Got that?

    Resident Xiden, CCCP tool, and his cokehead Manwhore son are delivering on the bribes they were paid to betray their homeland.

    Greta will never criticize Creepy Old White Round Eyed Joe, even after he smelled her hair.




    Speaking of cults.


    Senile Paedophile


    Judge Cavanaugh is fully vaccinated.
    He tested positive.
    Are test wrong? Maybe …… another breakthrough!
    Why a breakthrough? An above strong natural immune system or a jab with “water”


    “in Iceland, where 77% are vaccinated but cases are now 677 per-cent higher than a year ago. Norway is 66% vaccinated and cases are up 1.067 per-cent.”

    Clearly, a 10% higher vaccination rate does not cause a 676% higher case load. Iceland and Norway are practically identical nations, Nordic languages and culture. According to their detective TV shows, Iceland police depend on Oslo for their forensic work. Since Western Media is ignoring the truth to make money; I will make a guess. Iceland opened up like New South Wales. They believed the mRNA vaccine propaganda that they are effective. They are not. They are very leaky — a treatment not a vaccine. I bet Norway kept doing what they have doing from the start of the pandemic; standard public health procedures, telling the truth to their citizens, masking, social distancing, testing, contact tracing, and isolating the infected. This is easy enough to prove or disapprove. But western rulers don’t want to know the truth – mRNA vaccine mandates and passports do not work. They are Biden’s Folly.


    “Covid-19: Fully vaccinated people can carry as much delta virus as unvaccinated people, data indicate”

    LOL !!!

    Figmund Sreud

    Since Mulnupiravir is one of the topics today, … I figured some folks would be interested in knowing what investment advise industry thinks of this drug: … from my in-box this morning (Morningstar), …

    Merck’s COVID Treatment Molnupiravir Posts Strong Data, but No Major FVE Impact
    Me ck’s s g f OVID-19 treatment molnupiravir offers patients a needed oral treatment but es ’ s g f c y ffec u f v ue es m e m g f he firm. While we project the drug should post sales over $3 billion in 2022, we expect sales to fall rapidly by 2024 when the pandemic will
    likely be under better control due to higher vaccine utilization. The lack of a long duration of sales for molnupiravi ( s we s p f sh g w h R geb ck B he peu cs) m s he ug’s v u g s for Merck.
    Molnupiravir posted strong efficacy and safety data in mild to moderate disease while offering the important convenience of oral administration. At an interim look into the key clinical study (MOVe-OUT), molnupiravir reduced the risk of death or hospitalization by 50%, which is slightly worse than antibody treatment efficacy of over 80% in some studies. However, the oral administration is a major advance over intravenously infused antibody treatment (infusions generally occur at hospitals and outpatient centers). Additionally, the excellent safety data, with fewer adverse events than placebo, suggests molnupiravir will be used widely versus the more limited antibody treatment uptake.
    We expect over $3 billion in molnupiravir sales in 2022. We expect developed-market pricing to hold up similarly to the implied price of close to $700 per course of therapy based on the U.S. contract order for 1.7 million courses at $1.2 billion. Further, we expect the drug will penetrate over 25% of the market due to its strong efficacy, limited side effects, and convenient delivery. While competitive drugs are under development, we believe molnupiravir has set a high bar for them. Further upside could exist for molnupiravir if the post-exposure prophylaxis in the MOVe-AHEAD study is successful (data likely by
    p ), bu he ug’s f u e h sp ze p e s m s s es he se g whe e G e ’s Veklury is used



    @ Oroboros re “It’s time to start talking Death Penalty” for the ex NSW premier.

    From where I sit in Australia my view is that is a very sad statement and an indictment on the frenzy whipping deliberate mis-characterisation of the Australian situation.

    FWIW here is my view of Australian reality today

    1. Australia is very late to the Covid party. We watched the chaos and deaths in Wuhan, then the US, Italy, Britain – and the Australian population got very frightened indeed. Then the first few cases arrived here and we had some very bad experiences with the Ruby Princess cruise ship and the first local deaths in different States.

    2. The reaction of our state leaders was exactly what their population demanded – close borders, restrict travel.

    3. The popularity of those state leaders has soared over time as the international scene became ever more grim and is still at record approval levels today.

    4. The Premier of NSW Gladys Berejiklian – in the eyes of the majority of the Australian population – was the one who f*cked up and didn’t lock down soon enough. She let Covid loose in Australia. She then capitulated, threw in the towel and eased restrictions , trying to persuade other state leaders to open up sooner, rather like the bad kid at school trying to share the evil.

The other state leaders have very openly and vocally resisted and are still resisting, even despite the prime minister withdrawing financial support in an effort to force them to do so. He’s a member of the same political party as Gladys, his electorate is in NSW and has been long accused of openly favouring her, so it’s a significant thing that his and her views are being thwarted by the other state leaders.

    5. West Australia, South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria are still exactly the same as NSW was: border restrictions and tight controls with the full approval of their residents and except for a small percentage of disaffected the voters approval rating of the leaders of those states is more than favourable, in WA and Tasmania it’s wildly favourable.

    6. Dan Andrews premier of Victoria, despite the worlds longest lockdowns still retains immense popularity and the majority of his state’s voters blame Gladys for infecting them via several major incidents in which infected NSW workers flouted restrictions and travelled into and through Victoria.

    Which takes us to the demonstrations and police violence…

    Perhaps you might call it the Tyranny of the Majority but we have the situation where, as I’ve been at pains to point out, the premiers have broad majority support for the police crackdowns.

    Where “laws” are disobeyed by a what is seen by the rest of Australia as a small minority regardless of the reason then it’s just as simple as not putting money in your parking meter, you have to face the consequences especially where “gatherings of people” are the very essence of the problem.

    By comparison think of the objections to the Vietnam War where people like me were being conscripted and forced into uniform and sent overseas to fight an illegal and unjust American war and to give their lives. The anti-lockdowners are very removed from having to face that sort of extremity.

    All law rests on force. Sadly. From arrest to handcuffs to standing in a lonely dock and submitting to a red clothed man in a wig and incarceration.

The police “force” uses force and where that happens on the public streets anywhere in the world injustices and excesses are an inevitable by product of what human beings are so good at doing to each other.

In the immortal words of Kurt Vonnegut “So it goes”.


    From a comment on Denninger, here’s Thomas Renz- (good data, annoyingly presented. (Is this Center for Medicare and Medicaid services a repeat? If so, sorry).



    I enjoyed this: The Big Lie – How to Enslave the World, Academy of Ideas

    People were inspired to feel a genuine sense of solidarity with the young musicians and they came to realize that not standing up for the freedom of others, regardless of how remote their means of creativity or their attitude to life, meant surrendering one’s own freedom.
    Vaclav Havel


    Another older friend and his wife are getting the third jab tomorrow evening. He told me: “you’ll be glad to know [wife] and I are getting our booster’s tomorrow.”
    <pregnant pause>
    I responded: “Actually, I’m not. But…”. I shrugged my shoulders, feeling powerless to change the inevitable.
    A moment later he confided that he suspected that the truth was somewhere in the middle of the dominant narrative and what
    I believe. (I’ve shared enough over the past months that he has some ideas of my views.). I Said nothing…I wasn’t in the mood just then for any verbal sparring.


    Yesterday, another older friend explained that a teacher of some upcoming classes backed out of teaching them, and could I sub them? I said that I could. She the explained that she had hoped that the classes would be enough for me to get vaccinated, so that I could teach in person, rather than in zoom. I considered the conditions under which I’d get vaccinated. I found one: if my child’s life were in the balance. I would get jabbed to prevent harm to my child.


    I watched the Chris Sky video posted in the comments yesterday. I was both awed and concerned. THAT is populism. The man is a natural populist. He is like a preacher, preaching fire and brimstone and salvation to the crowd. I recognize that his rhetoric and style is needed right now, to galvanize people to action. At the same time, I wonder: did Robespierre speak like that?


    “ It wasn’t that the prophecy was wrong. Instead, the followers believed they had been so right that the cult had actually saved the world. Such contortions are a survival mechanism when living inside a worldview that runs up against reality.”

    Hence the need for the scientific method. Which is why when there is doubt about the pandemic, I tend to read medical studies. Which is why I find it troubling that the CDC’s rhetoric doesn’t acknowledge the medical studies…and instead persists in logical contortions.

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