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    Salvador Dali Grandmother Ana sewing 1920   • Inside Hunter Biden’s Dealings With Shadowy Foreign Firms (ZH) • Joe Biden ‘Personally Paid $900,00
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle October 10 2019]

    V. Arnold

    Salvador Dali Grandmother Ana sewing 1920

    That is just gold, thru and thru!
    Dali at his best………………


    He was 15-16 years old



    If the Democrats did not have a press which is willing to push any story the Democrats want even though there is no actual evidence to support it the ‘impeachment’ would already be over.

    They are holding a private impeachment where the only evidence, the transcript, is totally ignored and relying on ‘chinese whispers’ style ‘whistleblowers’. Really bizarre!

    It did cross my mind as to whether Biden was the intended target all along. His previous actions were a ‘sleeping dog’ which has been woken up, and is beginning to bark. The US press can ignore this for only so long.

    V. Arnold

    He was 15-16 years old

    Again, I forgot his age, born 1904…
    But it doesn’t seem to matter; good is good… 😉

    Dr. D

    Yes he is the target going back months. I feel they staged the phone call for this plan.

    Shell UK country chair, said the best way for people to cut their road emissions was to use electric vehicles, supplied with renewable power.

    Go green!

    And this is before it catches on fire and completely destroys all that hard-won, CO2-wasting, environment-destroying lithium mining. Okay, herr Doctor, be helpful. Here’s an environmental car:

    –Insert 1923 Model T Ford Truck–

    Light, quiet, hearty, minimalistic, 40mpg, cheap, very economical use of resources, easily fixed at home indefinitely with simple tools, still on the road. The imbedded energy has long since been amortized. Saw one on the road just the other day.

    …Unless you think we NEED to go 130kph, and 100k/day commute. If so, there’s nothing that can make your lifestyle environmental. But invading Afghanistan for lithium so you can be charged on a brown coal/nuclear plant at 3 Mile and waste 20% in transmission is certainly not the solution.

    “We do not love tariffs, in fact we would prefer not to use them, but after years of discussions and no action, tariffs are finally forcing China to pay attention to our concerns…We could have had a deal two-and-a-half years ago without going through the whole tit-for-tat on tariffs that we have.”

    Don’t know what to add to this. Stop stealing stuff, pay IP rights, whatever. We’re not asking the world, they signed that deal with Clinton in WTO ’99 but just lied and cheated for 20 years. They’re clearly cracking pretty hard, and the supply chain is already being moved (unf to Vietnam and Thailand) , but like I said last week this takes years of planning and effort. Again, in any conflict, it’s not cost-free; it’s always whether they hurt MORE than you. You’re never going to lift or win anything without effort/pain on yourself. To think otherwise is to lie on your back and give up on the world.

    “Chinese officials say they have little expectation of significant progress.”

    They’re counting on the election, but I don’t think they’re going to win that. Prices aren’t rising here that I can tell, so double tariffs again. Surely we’re not doing enough unless it bites a little on our side, see above. If we don’t feel the burn, we’re not playing hard enough. I’d do that just because China seems to be commanding all our corporations and sports teams right now, running our censorship and we need to say, “Bad dog. That’s not yours.”

    But I guess free speech, western values, and all our property rights are what we are surrendering today. It’s okay if you take our Bill of Rights, we weren’t using it anyway.

    “California Set to End Private Prisons and Immigrant Detention Camps (R.)”

    There are only a few things government SHOULD do: shouldn’t the criminal justice system be one of them?

    “PG&E Power Outage: Lines for Gas, Batteries, Groceries and Generators (LAT)”

    So, top for VD, top for human feces, top for prostitution, drug use, homelessness, spraying the streets with bleach for Hep C, running typhus, starting with medieval diseases like plague and leprosy, high taxes, crushing taxes, fleeing population. And now regular power outages. Yup, socialism at work, like every other time in human history.

    It’s more than rolling power outages or brownouts, though. In those, power is off for 2 hours, 4 hours, and they swap parts of the city. This is important as some work can still get done although you savage business. If you drop power for longer, in this case 48 hours, every cooler in San Francisco goes warm and by law every ounce of food must be thrown away. Every medical device, oxygen and CPAP machine goes down. Every air conditioner shuts off. To backstop this, 800,000 gas generators are started up in a smog area, whose white-hot mufflers start fires anyway. A couple people are killed by carbon monoxide. …So you end up killing 300 people anyway, but it’s “not your fault.” Welcome to socialism and the third world. As apparently people forgot, THIS IS WHY we have “modern infrastructure.” We already did those things and a central always-on grid worked better, polluted less, and killed far less people. But they want a utopia on earth that kills NO people, ever. Kind of like withdrawing from war. It’s okay to break international law and have wars that kill a few hundred a year forever, but it’s NOT okay to OBEY international law and LEAVE war if even one child dies. ‘Cause that’s logic! #AntiLogos

    “For The First Time Ever, Greece Issues Negative Yielding Debt (ZH)”

    No money problem here! Money is beyond free when they want it to be; but only for insiders but not for people. However, money is a mental construct, a call on real goods. Whenever you have socialism, there is a shortage of goods, and political favoritism decides who gets the ‘money’, the ‘call’ on them. Not Nick in Thessaloniki. Franz in Frankfurt was given the calls on real Greek goods, and he sold them to Young in Shenzhen. This is what happens when you’re not allowed to own the fruits of your labors, but “share” and “redistribute.” And it always works just as well as we see in California this afternoon.

    But not them only. Worst city in the nation, Gary Indiana:

    Now why don’t they want to sit there and take it happily while Wall St prospers and the richest 10 zip codes are in D.C.? I don’t understand.

    Perhaps we’ve gone wrong somewhere? Perhaps we should backtrack to things that worked? Never! It is never a time for #Logos. We are the rebellious one(s).

    Dr. D

    See? will not allow two img postings. Let’s try on a second post, yet often the whole second post will then be erased:


    Dr. D



    Before the web …. I read science fiction …. now ….
    I read science fiction in the news ….
    The science fiction that is presented in the new is parallel universe …. (for the initiates, that means pretending by doing “what if” and projecting those timelines)
    The three-body problem is a special case of the n-body problem. Unlike two-body problems, no closed-form solution exists for all sets of initial conditions, and numerical methods are generally required.

    Historically, the first specific three-body problem to receive extended study was the one involving the Moon, the Earth, and the Sun.[2] In an extended modern sense, a three-body problem is any problem in classical mechanics or quantum mechanics that models the motion of three particles.


    “So, top for VD, top for human feces, top for prostitution, drug use, homelessness, spraying the streets with bleach for Hep C, running typhus, starting with medieval diseases like plague and leprosy, high taxes, crushing taxes, fleeing population. And now regular power outages. Yup, socialism at work, like every other time in human history.”

    In my parallel universe, capitalism is the culprit.
    In reality, its a three-body problem with no causes or solutions. Getting rid of socialism or capitalism will not result in a uthopia.
    an imagined community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its citizens


    Painting lost, so the only record of it is B&W photo?
    “Renewable power”, same mind set as “Meat and produce comes from supermarket” or “Money grows on trees”.
    Site of wind turbines at the overpass leading to the Palm Springs, CA is something to behold. Alas, I do not think there is technological know-how to (economically or otherwise) harness the energy of a entire field to produce single wind blade. Mining, transport, smelting, transport, manufacturing, transport, install.


    Turns out I miss you guys too much, especially Dr. D., who I joust with out of respect: I take his analyses very seriously, and poke at where I see holes… because I have confidence that he will not swat them aside if there’s any merit to them.

    Here is the essence of what has been my position on Trump since, after the phenom first happened in 2015, I had, by mid-2016, done enough research and analysis to feel I’d reached a fundamentally nodal perspective on him. For the record, I’d’ve voted for some indy on either side of the spectrum had I not been homeless in the Colville National Forest at the time beginning in Sept. ’16.

    Man o de Woodz

    Also for the record, I’d predicted the rise of someone like Trump back in 2013, although I’d put my marker on Cruz , Man of a 1000 Faces, so I could claim bragging rights.

    Even I wasn’t crazy enough to appreciate how crazy America was, that Trump would be elected. Trumped again! (I am truly sorry for that. It’s like Tourette’s.)

    That said, crazy of itself isn’t necessarily bad:

    A Few Words on Trump


    So let’s see if I have this logic right. Socialism is the bane of human existence and the quintessence of the anti-logos. California is socialist (as claimed by the Logos, feel free to correct me if I got that wrong) and therefore incapable of keeping the electricity on. Never mind that they do every other day when the wind isn’t extreme and the power lines aren’t laying on the ground sparking fires in dry tinder and forests that burn down whole towns. Saving towns (anti-logos) and socialism at work. I suppose hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, snow storms, and the resultant loss of electricity is caused by socialism also. California is a shit hole because it is socialist and 10 of the most miserable cities are there, also the largest state by population, 12%. Nine of the worst cities are in NJ. Socialist state for sure, 2.9% of US population. Midwest has 12 of the most miserable cities. Population, you do the math. The south has 19 of the most miserable cities in the country. Definitely a socialist swamp if I ever saw one, your math to do also….as per The Organic Prepper. Socialism equals misery! The Logos surely agrees, no?

    DC is the center of capitalism. At least that is where a very large share of capital goes as proffer for its, capitalism’s, maintenance and abuses like monopolization, wealth aggregation, tax loop holes, limits to regulation, ability to pollute the commons, externalization of costs onto the public, repeal of net neutrality etc, it’s a long long list. Wall Street being its home away from home. 10 richest zip codes sounds like a center of capitalism to me, ain’t no shit holes in those zip codes.

    Examples of socialism: laws, courts, police, fire departments, highways, public utilities, schools, social security, insurance, FEMA, workman’s comp, medicare, VA healthcare, labor standards, the list goes on. Societies, laws, (socialism) limit the abuses of unfettered capitalism. People organizing to determine the course of their society…socialism, also known as participatory government. Perhaps you are thinking of something besides socialism.

    Doc Robinson

    Tulsi Gabbard on the betrayal of the Kurds:

    Donald Trump isn’t removing our troops from Syria. He’s just moving them from the northern Syrian border, allowing Turkey to invade Syria & slaughter the Kurds. Trump lied to the Kurds, promising them our support while simultaneously preventing them from reconciling with the Syrian government and coordinating a common defense against Turkish invasion. The impending slaughter & ethnic cleansing of the Syrian by Turkey is happening because Trump refuses to end our efforts to overthrow the Syrian government.

    The Kurds are just another casualty of this regime change war which is supported by war-mongering Republicans, Democrats, and corporate media. The hypocrisy of war-mongers like Nikki Haley, Senator Graham & others who have demanded that we continue our regime change war in Syria, who are now crying crocodile tears for the Kurds, is nauseating.

    Starving the Syrian people through draconian sanctions, strengthening terrorists like AQ and ISIS, wasting billions of dollars, creating a refugee crisis, & now this impending genocide & ethnic cleansing of the Kurds — the warmongers consider these costs to be a small price to pay in their effort to change the Syrian regime.

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