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    Georgia O’Keeffe New York night 1929   • Stock Record Ride ‘Has Reached Epic Proportions’ – Morgan Stanley (MW) • Janet Yellen Has Finally Come T
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    Dr. Diablo

    Note again Russia is pushing down the exchanges, not the cryptos. Like the NYSE and everywhere else on earth, the exchanges are fractional, riggable, and would end up replacing the crooked, centralized system we have with a more perfect crooked, centralized system. Only cryptos with a majority of traction in the people, not exchanges, might avoid this. Might. Note that you basically can’t stop cryptos, because you can text someone the keys or write them on a napkin. You’d shut down the internet to entirely stop them. But that’s not the goal here, or Russia and the U.S. would act differently toward them.

    Note NYC is the one of the blessed cities, and nearly the richest. So if 10% of the richest are homeless the U.S. is a) the richest freest nation on earth or b) not.

    Guardian again. Hey mates, the government CAN take total control of the economy; can you list the few times in history that happened, and what happened after? Because 99 & 44/100ths of the time, it didn’t ultimately turn out good. But this one time, if the government controls everything: voting, military, finance, factories, agriculture, nothing bad will happen. It’s not like the present governments and pool of ministers are, I don’t know, “a group of cynical people disconnected from human, political and cultural concerns – obsessed with numbers and them[selves] alone.” It’s not like as bad and immoral as the population is, the leaders have proven themselves to be worse, even in the increasing desperation and death of their people worldwide. No. Trust the Guardian. They’ve never lead you wrong. *cough*bailout*cough* *cough*Iraq War*cough* *cough*EU Treaty*cough* *cough*Libya*cough* ahem. I believe in miracles. This one time it’ll work.


    Nobel Economist Thaler Says He’s Nervous About Stock Market

    This is daring contrarian thinking.


    Re: Dr Diablo…
    I’ve been reading this site for a few years now, and always find your comments interesting and informative.
    Thanks for posting, it makes a good site better.


    I would like our regulars to comment on the thread about DiEM 25. Because maybe I’m wrong in my reactions, I don’t know.

    Ken Barrows

    Stock market makes sense because traders believe the Federal Reserve is the guarantor of the stock market. A guarantee can go a long way.


    People used to buy stocks because they believed a company had value, ideas, a future. That is completely gone. Now stocks are bought because they think the Fed will keep propping up markets no matter what. But the Fed can’t, and won’t do that forever. And then what is Apple really worth, or Google, Uber? We’re going to find out.Fro that matter, what is anybody’s home really worth once QE falters?

    Ken Barrows

    I think you are right, but traders still think it, rightly or wrongly. How long is their time horizon anyway? Years? No. Months? Doubt it. And maybe the Fed cannot do that forever but a mighty long time. Maybe thermodynamics is the force that will ultimately stop the Fed. Creating credit with keystrokes is an awesome power to have.


    Okay Ilargi. I will comment on your article on Diem25 which I am taking at face value despite the comments of Judith Meyer. I think you are absolutely right. If you look at what is happening in the World a lot of people think the same. Viz Brexit, Scotland. Ireland, Catalonia etc etc. People want their own Country back. Small is beautiful and it works. Nobody wants to be part of a Federation. Federations do not work. Look at America. Nobody wants to leave their own familiar Country to go to the unknown. It is only when your and your own family’s circumstances are so bad that you have to. To then label those people as trouble makers because of their religion, for god’s sake, is unbelievable. It is so similar to Germany’s treatment of the Jews in WW11 but it is now the Muslims that are blamed!! If you want to stop migration stop bombing their countries. If you want to continue the bombing, the migration will continue and so you have to provide the infrastructure and jobs for them. It sounds simple I know but there seem to be vastly different agents, who have a different agenda, at work for that to happen.


    George Monbiot is an intelligent idiot. I just checked out his biography. It seems that he initially trained as a zoologist, before careering into investigative journalism and activism. He knows nothing about energy, commerce, industry or climate.

    In the Wikipedia, you can find:

    “Monbiot lived in Oxford for many years, but in 2007 moved with his then-wife, writer and campaigner Angharad Penrhyn Jones, and daughter to a low emissions house in the mid-Wales market town of Machynlleth. Monbiot’s second daughter was born in the spring of 2012. Because his new partner lives in Oxford, Monbiot had returned there by 2012.”

    Doubtless, his intentions were good – but not very realistic. Oxford is where he went to university and he will probably always live there. I suspect that he found this “new partner” just to get away from the earlier one and from Machynlleth. It is very easy for such a good writer with his background to find a suitably wealthy, young upper-middle class English partner. The idea that he lives on his £77,800 gross income with a partner and in style in Oxford is hilarious.

    He went to the same school as myself – but I was there 10 years earlier. He accused Lord McAlpine of being a paedophile and had to apologise and do some work for charities in contrition. McAlpine also went to the same school – but left 6 years before I arrived there. This merely demonstrates that Monbiot does not check his facts.

    Anything, absolutely anything, he writes about climate is unsupported by fact. He published the book “Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning” in 2006. Well, the temperature has not gone up over the past 11 or 20 or 100 years where I live in Australia. Our Bureau of Meteorology is using electronic temperature gauges that take a measurement every second and compares their highest measurements with those taken twice a day with a mercury thermometer 40+ years ago. As for the low readings, they are deleted. It is all well-documented. They are refusing an independent audit and are deleting data they don’t like.

    Vindicated: Bureau not following WMO guidelines

    In the real world, we have had more snow on the Australian ski slopes than we have had in 20 years. Much of Russia and some of the USA has already had snow falls. All of this was not supposed to happen. I suspect the canals of Amsterdam will freeze this winter – like in 2012.

    Maybe we will finally have the Elfstedentocht once more – but I doubt if reality will ever catch up with people like Monbiot.

    Dr. Diablo

    Small is beautiful, and diverse is the fashion, right? But there’s no free lunch.

    Suppose countries devolve to local, on the scale that all the Catalonias, who are only marginally different, all become independent. Cornwall, Wales, Wallonia, Basques, everyone. And why is this promoted? Because WalMart, Apple, Google, Lockheed, Boeing, GazProm remain the same size. So Catalonia with a population of 7M — or one world city — is going to bring these MegaCorps(tm) to heel? No. The corporations will then dictate world law and policy to the nations, the way they do when they site a WalMart in Muncie, turning democracy to a non-representational sham worse than the EU. Corporations used to have to get a yearly license, even an act of Parliament to exist, and this is why.

    I’m not against smaller countries, and I deeply dislike the worldwide homogenization of culture, but there are consequences. You can’t go here unless you’re going to get together, pull their (banking) licenses and bring them to heel. And since the drift for 300 years has been the opposite, you’ve got to tell me you’ve got a plan, or you’re trading an accountable master for an unaccountable one. That’s the same thing that ended Feudalism and why: in Feudalism the serfs owed the master, but the master also owed the serfs. They had serious responsibilities to their people most took seriously that could bankrupt them, as you saw in some episodes of “Downton Abbey.” The reason the industrial revolution and money society was so great was the lords could now take the money, and default on the social responsibility that came with it. It happened, and people starved. You can see “Tess of the d’Urbervilles” or and Dickens movie to see what happened. Society was crushed, people were thrown off the land and died by the thousands or millions, transported to Australia, lost in wars of desperate men like “Sharpe’s,” the whole ball. I’m using movies for easy illustration, but the underlying history is true.

    The Corporations would love, have planned, and very nearly succeeded in wresting legal control of the world legal sovereignty with the PPT and the TTIP. That would have been easy had certain unfortunate nations been less strong.

    “When the Gods would curse us they answer our prayers.”

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