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    John Day

    @Redneck: “Ukraine” isn’t one people, not a “nation”. You’ve seen the different colored historical maps.

    Stalin, as responsible for the Holodomor as anybody, was Georgian, not Russian.
    Khrushchev was Ukrainian. What a mess!
    Lots of bad blood on the Eastern European steppes.

    “Civilian contractors” is what we call those folks in polite circles in the new millennium.
    Russia went to war with Georgia when Georgia, under Saakashvili , started killing ethnic Russians in a region that had gotten split off into Georgia. That went badly for Georgia.
    Same story. Provoked by US/NATO.
    Nobody should worship any rich-powerful group or expect Utopia.
    Utopia is not where we are all, or any of us, headed.

    John Day

    Trojan-virus-bot still not in evidence.



    @ Redneck

    All our/their leaders and their/our enablers will go to hell for what they do/have done.



    I’ve been watching the use of ‘kamikaze drones’ by Russia against the Ukronazis.

    One high altitude drone looks down to ‘spot’ the target and then the ‘loitering kamikaze drone’ flies into it using the camera in the nose of the drone.

    I’ve never seen anything like it. The POV camera allows the drone to fly directly into a target with amazing accuracy.

    Hard to imagine escaping from these things. No where to run, no where to hide.

    They are quite cheap for what they can do damaging an opponent.

    Imagine Deep AI running these things and you get Skynet


    It’s been a slice and all that, people, and now I’ma stop chattering on this here internet and comence real communication with real people now that they’ve been cognitively tenderized enough to be receptive.

    Be true to yourselves or someone who looks just like you!


    The Tzar humiliates and frightens his court.


    I hope Santa gives me a bottle of Elon’s new perfume.


    It’s an Omni-gender product!



    I’m sure these Ukronazis will love it to!

    Figmund Sreud

    Wisdom of Dr. Marc Faber, … an interview. Some real gems in it, …

    … fwiw,


    … btw, no more hijacking TAE. It suddenly stopped.


    ‘Evil bot “Prove you are human by clicking accept” has not jumped up yet.’

    I saw it this morning.

    I backtracked, and the next attempt to load TAE was successful.

    In NZ the war on the populace conducted by Adern and company is being ramped up, with all kinds of fake ‘threats to health and security’ being promulgated by the money-lender government and the mainstream media….cases of ‘monkeypox’ surge, ‘new variants of Covid emerging that require strict protocols’ blah blah blah. Saw a sign for a ‘drop in Covid clinic’.

    Fuel is up in price, as is just about everything else except housing, which is plummeting as people are impoverished and interest rates are driven up by central banks.

    Today I managed to acquire a specimen of species of nut tree I have been searching for 🙂 It’s fast growing. Nevertheless, I am not sure I’ll get nuts before everything economic-financial implodes.


    Today’s art of a sunken trail very much reminds me of the island trail running behind my cottage. Fall provides added wonderful colors too.

    Yesterday we had a brief day of Indian Summer such that I was able to run around in the early afternoon wearing just shorts for a few hours. Thank God no one was around to see such a sight!

    While the term Indian Summer indirectly refers to short periods of warmer than normal fall weather, the original term was used by early settlers to refer to the increased risks of local natives staging some extra last minute raids on settlers, before heading off to their wintering grounds. Early settlers didn’t look forward to periods of extra warm fall weather due to the increased risks of native raids.

    Some bored natives huddled around a fire at night.
    Hey Chief, since it is still summer weather, and it is too early to move to our wintering grounds, and like we got nothing better to do while waiting, why don’t we say stage a other settler raid?
    The settlers have got lots of food stored for the winter that we could easily take for ourselves.
    We might not get better chance until next year!
    What you say, Chief?


    Yes I am still being attacked by this clean virus pretending to be an approved Samsug clean your phone app. I have to quickly block and then I have to close TAE and then re-open. Sometimes several times too. Nasty!

    Veracious Poet



    Goggle “Switchblade 300” or “Switchblade 600”

    Same stuff, USA made.

    Coming to a playground near you.


    Record low consumer confidence in NZ as the housing bubble pops and devaluation of fiat currency surges.

    If it were not for the vicious, corrupt government, NZ would be one of the best places in the world to live.

    I see that southeast Oz is suffering yet another round of severe flooding: more increases in insurance premiums, or denial of insurance altogether.


    This scathing comment comes from a business-as-usual website ‘


    With homelessness soaring here, and at unprecedented levels (almost three times the levels above it was when this Government took office eight years ago), they are offering to allocate $6.8 mln to community organisations at the cliff-face. There are more than 4000 people living “without shelter”, more than 2000 in “temporary accommodation”, and more than 50,000 in shared accommodation in severely crowded situations. Another 60,000 people are in “uninhabitable housing” (lacking access to one of six basic amenities). Given those levels, I think the response is an insult to humanity. (And yes, this is 2018 data. Let me know the link to 2022 data if you know.) There are 1,943,000 households in New Zealand, and 689,000 are in rented or ‘free’ accommodation. That puts the scale of this problem into perspective. It’s huge.’


    Redneck, I understand that you hate the Russians, they are a Christian country with a traditional moral bent and are fighting to retain traditional values in the world. I understand that your USA killing machine hates people like the Russians, they are upstarts, they just won’t lay down and let your team steal their inheritance. You were busy killing millions in Iraq, Libya, etc over the last 50 years, stealing everything they had as you enriched your leaders and oil companies with baby blood. Now your team is busy killing millions of its own and will take down more Europeans as the USA destroys Europe, more people will have the USA to thank for killing granny, your team on a winning streak. The USA is a monster, you support it, you ask people to remember the bad attrocities of past wars while the people you support commit the same today. Your team has so much blood on its hands and it is time for you to pay the price and I – along with most of this planet – hope that it really, really hurts you.

    John Day

    @aspnaz: Redneck is not American, and has civilian travel experience in Asia during the Vietnam era.


    John Day.
    “Ukraine” isn’t one people, not a “nation”. You’ve seen the different colored historical maps.

    Russians and Ukrainians are very close to being the same folk. To repeat the point of my post , the root antagonism from the Ukrainian side is their experience of Russians , or their Eastern brothers during the Soviet era. The same goes for all , or almost all of Eastern Europe.
    I have an Australian friend of Estonian extraction who absolutely hates Putin and Russia and I mean that she really has a passionate hatred and she was born in Australia! She visited Estonia a few years back and inherited this passion from her relatives in Estonia during her visit.
    Just like Northern Ireland and many parts of the world these old hatreds are nurtured and sustained at the hearth and in the hearts of many folk. That is history at work. It would be great if folk could reconcile but it is not going to happen , mostly.
    South Africa had a major reconciliation event between the Afrikaners and the Southern Africans but now Afrikaners are murdered as defacto government policy.
    Vietnam and Cambodia are two countries that don’t seem to hold hatred for the US after the US wars there , so it is not impossible for countries to forgive , exactly why they are free of the hatred of the US there ,I don’t know.
    Folk on the TAE mostly think I am a US/Ukraine supporter but I am just putting up some facts that it might be useful to bear in mind about the historical background of the conflict and try to add a little balance to a very once sided collation of media.
    I used to be an avid consumer of all the ant-west media but lately the bias has just gotten too much so I have taken a more balanced view.
    The content of consciousness is a never ceasing flow , a mind stream it has been said. Change , transience is the unbroken fact. In my life I have seen more change that at any time in history , I think that the rate of change is most likely the cause of so much of the angst and depression that people are feeling globally. The human race have never been through such change at such speed ever before.
    There is no holding back the tide , we can rage against it but there will be no reclaiming the status quo of the past .The West will pass as the great power just as all great powers have past.
    This morning I checked my rain gauge , one hundred and fifty millimetres of rain in three days, the sun is shining now and the birds are happy that the rain is gone and the breeding of the young can go on again. The dirty waters of the flood are going to hold salmon and snook for at least a month. Tomorrow or when the seas calm down I will go fishing again.


    John Day said

    @aspnaz: Redneck is not American, and has civilian travel experience in Asia during the Vietnam era.

    He chose his moniker to appear to be an American, I will play the game and pretend he is an American. Why do you raise his travel experience? Joe Biden has travelled the world, he’s even been to Ukraine, yet he is a man that represents the USA very well – a country where crime pays best and killing foreigners is considered cool, same as in Israel, all supported by the flag waving crowd supporting their service men and cheering on their Top Gun movies, now selling us woke and forcing green on the world through ESG. Humanity at its most depraved, and it seems to be infesting a majority of the people, not just the government. Supporting NATO is supporting this center for the world’s depravity. Supporting Russia is supporting pushback against this depravity, something all good people should all be supporting regardless of who is pushing back, regardless of their individual track records or past crimes because their damage to the world is not even on the same scale as the damage done by the USA.

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