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    Pablo Picasso Self portrait 1906   • Prince Andrew, The Oligarchs And A New Bombshell For Joe Biden (DM) • Twitter Won’t Unlock NYPost Account Un
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    Dr. D

    Tim Pool covered the “Misinformation” article I took such umbrage with, but he had a different focus. His takeaway was the reporter being mystified that no one she met cared about headlines. The neither credited the stories, nor importantly even the subjects that the NY Twitterati wrote, obsessed over, cared about.

    Like Simpson’s “Principal Skinner” they then ask themselves: “Am I out of touch? Has been? No, I say! I’m still cool, it’s the kids that are wrong!”

    This was in reference to the 11+ (or was it 11,000?)-point lead Biden has. You know the one in EVERY newspaper, EVERY poll. …Oh and the one the Biden campaign said last night IS FAKE. Biden himself just said he’s not in the lead? Yes, so get out there and vote, people! To the Batcar, no time to lose!

    This came up because the early votes are in, and they are traditionally Democrat (let’s not ask), and these earlies are traditionally D+30. Okay, then the narrative is we have the Red Illusion that Trump won, then we riot, murder and secede like Mr. Podesta said. Nope. Michigan is in and it’s 30% DNC BUT 40% GOP (we didn’t open the envelopes, so technically we don’t know who they voted for). So in theory, Michigan is ALREADY lost, BEFORE the Red Wave. Go Whitmer!

    Worse for Podesta – and this is beyond the bad of failing to tie it up in courts past Jan 22 without RBG – WE MAY KNOW THE RESULTS ELECTION NIGHT. How? If everyone carefully mailed early, and the rest of the rolls show up in person, there are no outstanding ballots left to open. Or not enough to change the outcome. An outcome that in MI is like 300% more GOP voted than expected.

    Barrett does not consider “Roe v. Wade to be a “super precedent.”

    She is correct. In fact, such a thing may not (legally) exist. Although Row is important to our society and system, it’s a crap ruling. Virtually nonsensical. You know, like Dred Scot was a crap ruling that everybody knew wasn’t legal but they wanted it just made it up. ….And ACA…and…but let’s not go on all day. So we have a privacy issue, and that suddenly flips 200 years of law regarding … and this is legally, here: … murder cases? So you can murder someone because we’re not allowed to ask? Because: mailed contraception. C’mon. And this is a Federal-level issue and not State because…? Anytime they “suddenly realize” 200 years of tradition is legally reversed, get suspicious. Because there’s nothing new under the sun, it’s judicial activism. They had pregnancies in 1789, and they had pandemics too.

    But look at it the other way: suppose Roe drops, then what? Then it would go back to the states. The End. Wow, sounds terrible. Like 40 states would still allow it, and there’s a nationwide superhighway system. NJ and MA can get what they want, but they’d have to leave Alabama alone, and who wants that? End of the world for everyone, I’m sure. But then how will they harangue people to vote? We’d have to make up something else to get the peasants to fight and this was working so well. My feeling is nobody knows the law, never thought or read a second, and don’t care because they love fighting and ignorance more than strategy and peace. Although contentious, if you drilled down to the details 95% of people who think about it would have certain allowances and certain exceptions; that is: they’re not zealots. It’s just a matter of which exact permissions and denials would be legal. So without a media and parties working feverishly to keep us apart, we’d come to an acceptable compromise, where nobody gets what they want and they can all be equally unhappy.

    UK Fishing: Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Fire (YBL)”

    There is no treaty. You enforce it with gunboats. This “We do it with cannons and you back down to your level” has been done before. Like in 1666, and every day since. That’s the nature of mankind and always has been. We do talk and cooperate mostly, but at the end, behind it all, there we are. Do you think Germany will invade England and start a nuclear war over flounder? With what army and navy? It will get worked out and that’s even IF BoJo just said, “My kids took a crayon and drew purple squiggles on this map we’re enforcing: don’t fish here.” That’s what they did in Iraq. And Syria, just last year. Everyone loved it then. Why is Bristol different?

    And if I were Flanders, I would agree with the British Navy. The earth is covered with such situations. From Islands in Vancouver to the Irish border, to the Sakhalin Islands. The Statue of Liberty is standing on one. Read a book. It’s entertaining but irrelevant.

    Mister Roboto

    I heard about the Biden campaign’s gloomy internal polling numbers. It’s not exactly shocking that voters aren’t responding well to the Democrats running the even-more-senile-than-Trump guy with a running mate (who is likely to be the real effective president at some point) who is an overambitious cop whom nobody likes.


    @ V. Arnold
    Stay safe. Don’t step into anything soft.
    If you are interested in reading history from a different point of view.

    Before the Bidens ‘Did’ Ukraine, There Was Iraq – and Serbia

    Before the Bidens ‘Did’ Ukraine, There Was Iraq – and Serbia
    James George Jatras
    Today many people remember Iraq, some have a clue about Ukraine. But Serbia, which preceded them, is off the radar screen of most Americans.
    • Fauci’s ‘Standard Of Care’ COVID19 Treatment Doesn’t Work (JS)

    Wrong …. Check out where all those billions of $ ended up.

    It appears that C19 has diverted more money than all previous wars.

    For example,
    1. the Billions that all the airlines, hotel, restaurant etc., are claiming to have lost.
    2. The billions of $ that I/we did not spend and must still be in our bank accounts
    3. The trillions that the gov. spent on C19
    In Canada B.C. they are having early voting and mail in voting. The procedures that I saw, experienced, would make it impossible for anyone to do massive fraud and get away with it.
    I don’t think that the various USA voting procedures would be any different.
    Ohh! Good!
    TAE has something else to read
    FBI = Disinformation
    (shift the responsibility for something to someone else.)


    The Dems half of the duopoly’s job (for their donor class, not the people) is to lose the election,
    then blame the so-called “deplorables” for the loss (“stupid voters”!), then start a Civil War (see
    “Antifa”™ and BLM™) over a result that the Donor Class actually wants.

    Why on earth else would they be running Harris-Biden?


    Mister Roboto

    @Bill7: There’s certainly a lot of reason to think that. For one thing, there’s the Democratic Party’s surrogates and advocates consistently sending out the message on the Internet that “we’re absolutely entitled to your vote no matter what, so fork over, peons!” How is that going to resonate with voters who are the least bit undecided? And for another thing, there’s the fact that Trump volunteers are going around knocking on doors to talk to voters, while the Democratic Party apparatus is doing…what, exactly?

    But if this is what the donor class wants, why foment the civil unrest over it? I guess the Occam’s Razor answer to that question is so that the establishment can implement martial law. They certainly have been busy getting their snazzy, new surveillance-state apparatus all fired up and ready to go, so I’m sure they’re horny to start using it in an even bigger way.


    Nothing to add to your comment Mister Roboto, except that I concur. They haven’t been miltarizing the cops since the Bubba C
    years for nothing..

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