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    Pieter Bruegel the Elder Children’s games 1560   • US Gross National Debt Hits $21.5 Trillion in Fiscal 2018 (WS) • Average Stock Is Overvalued S
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    V. Arnold

    Pieter Bruegel the Elder: Children’s games, 1560
    My goodness; such detail, it’s awesome. Rich in so many levels, and the long view down the central street is pleasing to my eyes.
    Very nice…thanks…


    V. Arnold I always enjoy reading your impressions of the art posted here – enriching the beautiful works even to unartistic folks like me!


    Do click the pictures and learn more/see larger versions Carol.

    Yes, the older Bruegel was quite the painter. His trees are fantastic. It’s 1560! The perspective in this one is a little puzzling here and there. The main building in the center looks a bit off?!

    V. Arnold


    How kind of you to say. I am by no means an art critic; just a layman who appreciates the visual feast of art…


    They are only boom times BECAUSE the debt rises so fast.
    • US Gross National Debt Hits $21.5 Trillion in Fiscal 2018 (WS)

    The debt celling chart should make everyone see that something will change that could affect everyone.

    All the countries are in a race to the top

    Dr. D

    The boom times only exist depending on where you are.

    In flyoverland, the dial’s barely moved, but the opioid-desperation gauge remains redlined…

    That’s what the financialization blood-funnel was designed to do.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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