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    Hans Behm Windy City tourists at Monroe Street near State 1908 • Another Quarter Of Remarkably Precise China GDP Growth Data (Reuters) • China’s Bette
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    Sounds like there’s trouble with Sweden’s immigration policy, but nothing that can’t be swept under the rug. Good video. Before you dismiss him (an immigrant himself), listen to the whole thing. Absolutely crazy stuff, but not unlike what’s happening everywhere. No one calls a spade a spade. In fact, you are not even allowed to look at the facts; for the mere mention of wanting to look at the facts you are called a racist or a bigot. What a complete joke. The loonies are running the asylum.


    Good video made in 2010 re the world’s poor (those living on $2.00 per day or less). The presenter uses gumballs to illustrate the fact that, even at current levels of 1 million immigrants a year (not including illegals) into the U.S., this figure does not even make a dent in the number of poor people in the world, as they are increasing by 80 million per year.

    As well, the presenter says that we are not taking our immigrants from the really poor. We are taking the richer, more industrious people from these countries, people who, if they stayed in their home country, could make a real difference in the lives of the really poor. But we snatch them up, take them for our own, and drain these countries of the very people they need. Way to go, long-term thinkers!

    This fellow says we cannot possibly ever help all of these people by bringing a few of them into our countries. He says the way to help these people is to provide help right where they live, right where they are.

    But, hey, we mustn’t talk about the world population crisis because that can’t be solved, anyway. Birth control into every single city in the developing world might help. I remember one lady in the Philippines with five children (and who didn’t want any more) who couldn’t get birth control because the country is a good-old Catholic country and they don’t do that. Perhaps the Catholic Church could provide the food in the future, you know, empty out some of their gold and actually do some good.


    The last video I posted is six minutes long. This new one is 9 minutes long.

    “A startling look at how U.S. immigration will add 300 million people to the country this century if immigration policies are not changed. This dramatic presentation of the latest Census data raises serious immigration questions about the ability of the country to achieve environmental sustainability and to meet the quality-of-life infrastructure needs of the national community considering current immigration policy.”

    By his figuring, U.S. to have 625 million by 2100. Well, that will make the country more liveable (not)!


    Didn’t care so much for the second video.

    His numbers don’t seem realistic – just another extrapolation of what we see today going on forever into the future, ignoring any possibility of trend change. Long before 2100, I’m sure Mother Nature will take care of everything… in her horrible, horrible fashion of ushering in war, pestilence and disease.

    Sad, but that’s the way things go I suppose.

    “What do a culture of bacteria in a Petri dish and Humankind have in common? That both die off in a sea of their own waste.”




    I used to know Sweden fairly well as I have been there many times.

    Recently, a friend from those days contacted me on LinkedIn. He is now running one of their biggest graduate business schools – used to sleep on my floor in Paris. It is clear from his discourse that he is in some sort of time-warp and believes all the crap the media has been telling him about America’s adventures in the Middle East.

    I am sending him a link to your video and reminding him that ISIS is now agreed by all serious people to be a CIA-operation. This story of them spending $500 million on a moderate faction and that this “moderate” faction split off and joined ISIS is a smoke-screen. That was their way of supplying ISIS while pretending not to be doing so. When all the newspapers and media agree on exactly the same explanation, you can take it that it was spoon-fed.

    “US axes failed $500 million programme to train Syrian rebels”

    I can’t wait for 9/11 to be back on the agenda.

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