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    On another note….


    Veracious Poet

    In a time when existential threat has *never* been more acute (see below), pea-brained “citizens” have passionately self-assimilated into low IQ echo-chamber Bastilles, madly *rushing* into violent tribalism…

    Do you think that’s *truth* you’re thinking now?

    There are forces at play that *require* judicious consideration, all the while “humanity” is bewitched by it’s failure to reign in totalitarian chaos that has raped, pillaged, plundered & murdered for millennia 😐

    If you *think* the “problem” is solely the *Joos*, or the *Rag Headz*, or the DnC/GOP, you’re part of the problem & will never see the trans/post-humanist future that’s about to crush. you. into. dust.

    In 2019, GPT-2 could not reliably count to ten.

    Only four years later, deep learning systems can write software, generate photorealistic scenes on demand, advise on intellectual topics, and combine language and image processing to steer robots.

    As AI developers scale these systems, unforeseen abilities and behaviors emerge spontaneously without explicit programming.

    Progress in AI has been swift and, to many, surprising.

    Managing AI Risks in an Era of Rapid Progress

    * AI software and hardware companies are rushing ahead with AI

    * The technology for technical AI safety (things like interpretability, RLHF, governance structures) is still very much in its infancy. The field is something like 5 years old.

    * People are already talking about an AI rights movement in major national papers.

    * There isn’t a plan for what to do when the value of human labor goes to zero.

    * There isn’t a plan for how to deescalate AI-enhanced warfare, and militaries are enthusiastically embracing killer robots. Also, there are two regional wars happening and a nascent superpower conflict is brewing.

    * The game theory of different opposing human groups all rushing towards superintelligence is horrible and nobody has even proposed a solution.

    * The US government has foolishly stoked this particular risk by cutting off AI chip exports to China.

    Architects of Our Own Demise: We Should Stop Developing AI

    Good luck with that Automatic Earth thingy. 🙄


    Your gov. doesn’t need your permission.
    They forgot to tell you.
    Canada just joined another war.

    Small team of Canadian special ops deployed to Israel after Oct. 7 attack: sources

    A small team of Canadian special operations forces have deployed to Israel in the wake of the October 7 attack, Global News has learned from multiple sources with direct knowledge of the mission. The deployment includes Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2), Canada’s most elite and secretive military special forces unit.

    Veracious Poet

    It is becoming clear to me that the events of the last 20+ years can *not* be examined, calculated & comprehended on an individual level, nor on an historical basis, most certainly not through the filter of prejudice, racism or CULTural “norms”.

    We truly are beyond the borders of reason, social contract, beyond the realm of sovereign borders, rule-of-law, rules-of-engagement…

    We The People are being played. “They” are laughing at us.

    We need an AI rights movement

    Chaos theory has been deployed for Shock & Awe, slowly driving gen-pop over the cliffs of madness, for once & for all 😐

    The scenarios fast approaching will dwarf the insanity we’ve already been *indoctrinated* with…

    Unless “humanity” can unite, shaking off the intoxication of Collective EG0ic Madness, finding/electing/empowering “leaders” possessing a modicum of Spiritual Sanity, Deagel’s “prediction” looks conservative 😐

    We all now understand what it was like in 1930s Nazi Germany, well now we’re about to understand firsthand what it was like for The Natives in The New World:

    Lessons on AI Takeover from the conquistadors

    Veracious Poet

    Avē Imperātor, moritūrī tē salūtant!

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