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    Paul Klee Girl in Mourning 1939   • Biden Must Call a Ceasefire in Gaza – If Only to Save Himself (Jay) • Iran-Russia Set A Western Trap In Pales
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    Dr. D

    “Warnings About Alarming Pre-Oct 7 Hamas Activity Ignored, Say Israeli Surveillance Soldiers

    It happened = It was a lie.

    So, yes, Military Intel said this, although granted, Intel ALWAYS has SOMEONE saying “things are happening.” A story isn’t everything that happens; it’s every IMPORTANT thing that happens. However, there was a TikTok live stream from that Rave – and I think a day before – where a parliamentarian calls he daughter on live stream and tells her to leave the whole area, “Something’s going to happen.” A day before.

    So okay, they DID know, they DID listen to Intel, Hamas got through anyway, that happens. Uh, no: then you wouldn’t have said it “was the greatest intelligence failure ever” and “We knew nothing.” You’d do what you do for the last 20 years, yawn, and say “it was bold and bigger than expected” (kill all Palestinians now).

    So the cover up proves the crime. Thanks!

    Oh and as we all expected in the first 6 hours. Bibi is about to be jailed? They did what? No way without a stand down order.

    Nuts n Yahoo: Alas for the old days when we could still wonder “how could this genocide happen”? Happen from good and decent people? Hahahahaha! Yeah. Those were the good old days. Growing up, I never wondered. I couldn’t understand the question. Why? Because I could never consider we were different, exceptional, or indispensable in the first place.

    And why is that, ultimately? Because we are all Sinners, and Flawed men. If that is your basis in life, it sure gets a whole lot easier to understand and to contain. #SeparationofPowers #EqualJustice

    BTW this is after they pre-bombed Syria and passed a new law allowing mass citizen shootings in Israel – while this is the only way to override the Israeli Supreme Court who might have contained Bibi. (with a big majority in a war parliament) …But you don’t want to jump at these things as many were happening all along too.

    “it is being carefully coaxed into a war between Israel and Iran which even the hapless U.S. president knows is not somewhere he wants to go,”

    Biden doesn’t know any more than a slice of bologna. Never did in fact: his mental state is nothing new, he was the same thoughtless, plagiarizing idiot the 80s. The GENERALS are telling him he can’t do this. And I think the difference is it’s not the White Hat breakaway “America First” generals it’s been up to this point. It’s like anyone in DoD or State who has a typewriter and Excel says “we don’t have the resources.” Finally.

    We needed that because otherwise there is a Civil War in the Military, otherwise known as “A Civil War”. And that was the whole plan and requirement of WEF, Davos, London, King Putz, etc. Destroy the U.S. from within, as you can buy our leaders with a Diner’s Club Card, make then do things that destroy our people, nation, government, then have capital flow to Europe and boom! Re-colonization of America is complete.

    As we are at the 99% complete phase, we have few options, and one of the only options is to prevent an open Civil War.

    Of the Zoomers who refuse to be drafted (Hahaha: All to whom mainlined Trump’s juice from billionaire corporations merely because ad execs on the Blue Square told them to) the are of course telling them to draft the OTHER guys. You know: I don’t care. I have no principles for or against war or murdering people, only for ME. So feel free to draft everyone I HATE. And my hatred knows no bounds for anyone even mildly associated with Red America, so feel free to kill them all to a man.

    Okay, that annoying comment out of the way with these from-birth narcissistic sociopaths and rabid anti-Americans (otherwise known as “Americans”) what’s my point here?

    So they can choose between drafting worthless, lazy, whiny bitches, who literally don’t have the brains to even attempt to avoid Leavenworth, having never seen consequences once in their lives, OR, as these Zoomers and Millennials say, go draft all the Right-Wing Red guys who do know guns…who spend their time talking about how they will shoot and take down the Government ACTIVELY, with guns and mortars, and not passively, by whining like bitch.

    Hmmm… That seems like a real Hobson’s Choice for the military. As that one said, “If these geriatric dinosaurs THINK I am going to fight wars for them, and bomb people I have no issue with…?”

    …But again, that is the “Russian Revolution” model, the one they are trying to enact here. They need our military stand down, divided, in chaos. Joke’s on them: the ARMY isn’t the military in the United States. WE are. The owners of 400 million guns.

    Solution? There is a certain timing with these things. They, Millennials and Zoomers, plus Boomers (that is to say “America”, and excluding Xers who merely hide from everything) are dumber than a box of rocks and twice as evil. They would never lift a finger to do what’s right even if it was EASIER to and makes life better for everyone, which is usually the case. CLEARLY they have never lifted a finger to do right. However, this evil depends on their sloth and gullibility. Like animals, walking into the chute merely because it’s easier. “Gullibility” means you can plausibly argue that “you didn’t know”. You didn’t know printing money would cause inflation. You didn’t know Hunter was on the take from Moscow. You didn’t know we were bombing brown people. You didn’t know loose talk about killing half of America led to…ya know…killing half of America. You didn’t know “My party is bad”.

    So there’s a window, a very specific window of time a revolution can get off the ground, and probably the White Hats read it in their CIA Color Revolution Textbooks down at The Farm. We are getting past that window, with no Hillary in office, and no Biden being able to get anything off the ground anywhere. People are now pissed at their government, not so much each other, although that remains to be seen. That’s why they had to drop the maltov cocktail in Gaza and pay/authorize protests worldwide, re-dividing us.

    I don’t know if anyone has Quantum Wargamed what happens then. Probably, and I’m sure it’s messy. But it may merely devolve to the States and get us saving money by withdrawing overseas. Newsflash: THAT’S WHAT AMERICA WAS ALWAYS SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE FIRST PLACE. That’s legally what we are, and so all the illegal, embezzlement stuff ends. We have a metric s—t ton of assets and abilities here. Unfortunately the population’s skills and work ethic isn’t one of them. Nor our morality. But that can be fixed in time, as “Show me the incentives and I’ll show you the outcomes.” We just need to get out of the war window “intact”. Intact as in, the power moves to the states, who each act differently, and probably regionalize with multi-state groups and associations.

    “these neocons ignore how Iranian retaliation would – accurately – target each and every US base in Iraq and Syria, with the Persian Gulf an open case.”

    They don’t “ignore” it: they WANT a full-on nuclear exchange in WWIII. Duh. There has never been a minute they haven’t said this. They hate humans like cancer, and idiotically believe they will be safe in a bunker, popping out afterward to birds and sunshine – and no humans – like in Logan’s Run. As the mentally ill, they are driven by their illness and need for total control, and the only way to retain control is to radically reduce the number of humans on the planet, with them as our Sci-fi alien overlords. That is: to murder everyone, steal everything, and stomp heir boots on the face of humanity…forever. They’re not shy about saying it. That’s the mentally ill for you.

    So – ballparking here, and I know this is crazy – DON’T.

    Okay, so what will Russia and Iran – and China, in principle – ACTUALLY do? We’re hyping to the limit, in describing the maximum outcome. And maybe that used to make sense, dealing between our Western selves. But Asian mentality is to SLOW, to let General Time wash your enemies away. So what are they really going to do, considering what they’ve already done?

    Well, like Ukraine, if you’re just going to run all your men an material into our mined defense lines while we sit here with eggs and cheap gas in Moscow…I guess we’ll let you??? If you’re so rabid and crazed you’re willing to run a 5-front war? I guess we’ll let you???

    So far more likely they will CONTAIN the Middle East – to no one’s satisfaction – and ultimately the Syrian bases run out of money, force projection, and go home on a city bus to Thessaloniki where their parents mailed them a civilian plane ticket on Aeromexico?

    Yeah, more like that. That is what London, and their idiot proxies like America’s NeoCons, plus WEF are desperately trying to PREVENT. Preferring a nuclear war, of course, as that is the only weapon they have.

    Both they, and all American base, are trying to stop them. But they said, like I dunno, PCR or Celente, “Why don’t we protest and say something?” Because we’ve done that for at least 20 years, more like 40, and they haven’t listened yet, and are now arresting, torturing without charges. Like, I got real s—t to do that might actually accomplish something. Talking to crazy people is a waste of time. …Or that’s what people say when they talk to me, anyway.

    Actually we know this, since this is what China just DID (allegedly). Did they get involved? Did they even stop selling major drones to Ukraine? No. They are in a precarious position. All they said was, “Sure we’ll buy limited bonds if you back out of Ukraine.” Leaving those bases high and dry, but organically. Over swaths of time.

    As we see in Ukraine. WHYYYYYY does Russia do this? Details here: because if Russia just steamrolled all Bakmut as they can, Ukraine would withdraw and go away, saving themselves. You need to OPEN Bakhmut, and control it, leaving a carrot in the trap, a plausible chance they might win. Then they merrily run their resources into totally controlled, overwhelming superiority, feeling totally safe because they have one donkey path they can retreat from any time.

    THIS IS WHAT THEY’RE DOING TO THE WHOLE WEST. If you “just won”, the WEF Mafia would go nuts and nuke you, God knows what would happen. So they have to constantly keep open all the face-saving retreats, make it appear the West has lots of options all the time, not to alarm the glue-sniffing mentally ill meth addicts running the place. Slowly they get weaker and weaker with every bad decisions until — apparently — they literally run out of bombs and don’t notice. And then?

    Well, you don’t “Then” invade America with amphibious landing, you don’t roll the Russian army to Paris. You just LET THEM. Let them fade away until the madness breaks and the people can get the upper hand and re-install leaders who have #Reason and #Logos, self-interest and self-preservation and not a Death Cult. And so they are. Every day. And so our our White Hats, having concluded the same thing.

    “…ground operations in Gaza will continue “until new orders are given.”

    Wait: so they’re both going in now and forever, AND not going in and waiting? Got it.

    Translation: Words no longer have meanings. Reason itself is gone. Words are #Logos. Reason is #Logos. We are #AntiLogos. As a planet, apparently.

    “US Aid to Ukraine May Fade Slowly and Then All at Once (Sp.)

    They are making them choose between chess pieces as the end game unrolls. The whole first paragraph is crazy though:
    The U.S. supported Israel in 1948??? Yeah, we ought to bring back June Cleaver and saddle-shoes too, we know how awfully traditional and historically-literate we are. The Bushes supported it? Yeah, and it was a disaster bring new meaning to “Bankruptcy” and “Clusterf—k”. So clearly that was such a win Clemson University Professors see the need and deep public support for more. STFU.

    How about this: EVERYONE IN GOVERNMENT IS BEING BRIBED AND BLACKMAILED. With our OWN MONEY. Like any other nation. Give Egypt $5B and they’ll use 20% of it to buy Congress and keep the money rollin’ too! However, atm, the government MOST bribing ourselves — and there’s a lot of them — is the AIPAC.

    “Erdogan Accuses Israel of ‘War Crimes’ (RT)”

    Interesting headline. SO DOES THE UN. And the UN officially investigated, published, and voted that it was so. A dozen times. So “Erdogan Supports the Official Legal Findings of the UN and the World”?

    “More than 7,000 Palestinians, including nearly 3,000 children, have been killed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza since the current conflict began,”

    But they said Israel was holding back and not there yet. What gives? …It’s almost like the Media, and everyone else on the planet, is lying! I wasn’t going to say anything, but I’m beginning to have my suspicions.

    Octopus: again, then it must have 2nd or 3rd level self-awareness, to know what it looks like TO OTHERS, and why, like how that profits them. Aside from the higher consciousness involved, is somebody giving them mirrors? How could they know what they look like to others?

    Bitcoin. As it is still priced in Fiat, and no one will use it directly, it’s almost time for a slamdown.

    I thought that was going to be a generic Matrix clip, but actually it was deep and insightful. Tip/

    Dr. D

    Charles Nenner, charts and cycles say 2 Billion dead in upcoming war:

    2 Billion Will Die in New War Cycle – Charles Nenner

    That seems outrageous, however, we already had the first bio-volley in the bio-war. Shut off the money, power, disrupt anything and it’s not the “War” that kills you. It’s high price food. Limited medicine. Stressing bodies and immune systems that cause disease outbreaks. Yeah, like always. Almost all wars kill more people with this than any bullet ever made.

    How fragile is the world-wide system? We’ve said many times, but I guess we’ll find out.

    Two BILLION. …And that’s also been in Revelations, predicted for centuries a third of the world knocked out. However, as C.S. Lewis said of WWII: No one extra died. The mortality of Humans is always 100%. Zero. Hedge. It’s merely a choosing of When, and How. So die a hero, not a knave.

    John Day

    @R.I.M. Exceptionsl Work, Sir, day after day after day.

    Aww, the Hee Haw “SALUTE” image didn’t take.


    Did Deagle come at the figure of 2 bill?

    James Corbet bursts a few bubbles that those cool Russians are the voice of civilisation.

    those darned kids

    fossil fuel extraction kills plenty of kids, too.

    ask the peoples of ecuador or nigeria..

    for example.

    Dr D Rich

    I read Dr D again….geezuss.

    D wrote; worthless, lazy, whiny bitches, who literally don’t have the brains to even attempt to avoid Leavenworth, having never seen consequences once in their lives, OR, as these Zoomers and Millennials say, go draft all the Right-Wing Red guys who do know guns…who spend their time talking about how they will shoot and take down the Government ACTIVELY, with guns and mortars, and not passively, by whining like bitch.

    D, were you referring to Mike Johnson and Scott Ritter?

    Speaking of Speaker of the House…does anyone else see The Mask on Mike Johnson?
    The Hair,? he Designer Frames? THE BEARD for a wife? The LSU institution of higher learning? The Skin status post “Facial’, Exfoliation?

    My Gawd, this guy is impeccable. What is it with The Gays and Fastidious Hygiene?

    Ask and Ye Shall receive…The Mask of Sanity is no match for Mike’s eruption of Christian Zionist. That zeolatry knows no bounds, eh Mike?

    Here’s Mike unMasked, exuding his true allegiance thru that Facial, and acting like Dr D’s term, “a bitch”:

    Mike Johnson, the new GOP Speaker of the House, tells Sean Hannity: – “We can’t allow Putin to prevail in Ukraine” – US “boots on the ground” may be required to “stand with Israel” – Supports Israel directly attacking Iran – Russia, China, and Iran are “the new Axis of Evil”

    Paraphrasing Dr D, “where do they find these bitches?”

    Man O Man were the American People punked by Kevin McCarthy-Jim Jordan-Steve Scalise-Donald Trump Faux candidacies for Speaker.

    From our host, a rhetorical question perhaps:
    Wonder where the info comes from
    My answer: Scott Ritter?
    Do I win prizes?


    Amoung the 8 million illegals who have flooded across the southern border of the Empire of Lies, are tens of thousands of Hamas, drug cartels and many other ‘terrorist ‘ organizations.

    This was by design.

    The NeoCon Jobs want these unvetted illegals to commit atrocities

    This will give the Media Maggots and their Owners an excuse to go Full Orwell© on the Duh’merican Sheeple.

    The Sheeple will comply because they are Sheeple.

    No elections in 2024

    The entire Middle East will produce an Oil Embargo from the 9th ring of hell which will collapse the financial system in the Collective West.

    This will produce massive depopulation in the West

    This is by design

    The Satanists in charge of the Collective West can not be reasoned with

    The Satanists in charge of the Collective West are ‘agreement incapable’

    The Satanists in charge of the Collective West are rabid dogs that can only be terminated with extreme prejudice.

    And will be.

    Sinking some carrier battle groups won’t do it.

    Sinking the financial system will

    No one will come to the aid of the Empire of Lies

    Like Full Metal Jacket, Kubrick last film, a mercy killing is the order of the day


    Full Orwell© is


    IF Push Comes to Shove

    Make Peace or Misery will come to you.

    The price of energy is determined by the seller that control the supply.

    One possible scenario is OPEC ( Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UAE), taking turns to sanction, (cutting off their export of energy), to their enemies.

    Spreading from one OPEC country to another and to all countries that are treating the Muslim world as enemies and war fodder.

    “The Islamic nations have the economic advantage. They can blow up the international financial system by cutting off the oil. They do not have to fire a single shot.

    The hypocrisy and the thinking of entitlement, and impunity to impose depopulation on others is astonishing.



    UKR + ISR ‘wars’

    Listened to some commentators such as Col. McGregor, Scott Ritter, Berletic, some other posted in last thread, plus some bloogers (sic. that was a real typo, I was thinking about blood ..?), waltzing around two main interpretations:

    1. The US is rudderless, is reactive instead of pro-active, is acting on ‘emotions’, hasn’t measured consequences of its actions, has no clear strategic plans in function of any aims, is living in the world of 1991, can’t possibly fight a war against Iran / Russia / fill it in…etc.

    An explanatory variant is: The US PTB are in conflict (ex. neo-con-lib pols against saner heads at the Pentagon..) An over-arching picture is a flight into crazed agression, evident via at-home social degradation, societal breakdown, due to loss of empire / power / control / revenues, etc.

    2. The US is just fakey pussy-footing around and escalating each time it can, it has calibrated its actions to lead to the inevitable use of nuclear weapons, the Elites reckon they can survive, WW3 with nukes is upon us. This is the last chance for the US to maintain dominance. (Distilled that pov down to crude basics.)

    What are any other povs, analyses, takes?



    Figmund Sreud

    …but actually it was deep and insightful. Tip/ – Dr. D

    Yes, if your livelihood is strictly dependent on your investment practices, Lyn Alden is one of the few folks to hear out.



    Any ‘white hats’ in the Pentagon are mid-level and lower level officers.

    All the senior officers are Man Whores® working for the MIC and the Owners.

    The Empire of Lies has not won a war since 1945

    The Empire of Lies military is not very good anymore at anything except Cut n’ Run.

    At that they are Olympic Gold.

    Beating up third world ‘kids in wheelchairs’ doesn’t count as anything.

    Andrei Martyanov has written whole books on Empire of Lies utter incompetency in any matters military.

    He bitch slaps the Empire of Lies military black & blue all over.

    His motto, “Si Vis Pacem, Para Vinum”

    The Senior officers in the Empire of Lies are all ‘Made Made’ like in the Mafia.

    They were corrupted first, then given power with their misdeeds hanging over them like the Sword of Damocles.

    The Owners have videos of all of the Pentagons upper management them having sex with five year olds a la Epstein.

    They are monsters everyone of them and beyond reason OR redemption.

    To anyone at TAE who thinks that even a single senior Empire of Lies senior officer has a shred of humanity im them left outside their all consuming Greed & Corruption, I say “Kill them all, and let God sort them out.”

    Maybe there are mid level officers, Colonels and Majors, who might have some actually ethics AND some Balls.

    But them staging some kind of overthrow of those above them is infinitesimally small.

    Economic collapse, chaos in the streets, total supply chain breakdown, that’s what will stop these Maggot Military War Whore Men.


    Figmund Sreud

    What are any other povs, analyses, takes? – Noirette

    The U.S. is diabolical AI-type robotic machine! It was, … and continually is program-adjusted, by some very small group of devilishly ingenious psychopaths. All those who ignore right or wrong rules, tell lies to their advantage, have a sense of supreme superiority, … I can go on and on, but I think I just quit at that, … since devil has no bounds and I have limited time to outline it here all.



    From Down South comments on MoA, Ukraine’s parliament Rada in a vote for equality, has eliminated age and gender restrictions.

    Mr Z and his military commissioners are busy calculation their increases in bribes as a result of abolishing age and gender restrictions!

    So in the Ukraine, war is just a way to force a great increase in the level of corruption!

    Corruption to the last Ukrainian!


    Somewhat related about Netanyaho and Amalek, I think, here’s a joke Dave Chappelle made about reaching back thousands of years to make a property claim.
    Jimmy Dore.


    Peeing Truth to Power

    Yah, that will do it.

    I can see the change happening from here.


    John Day

    Praying For Diplomats

    One Mistake Before Armageddon​ , Paul Craig Roberts
    What this means is that the slightest mistake, the slightest false warning can now ignite nuclear Armageddon.
    Meanwhile the media focuses on political gossip, Americans scroll their cell phones and complain about inflation, and the threat to the existence of life on earth goes unremarked.

    One Mistake Before Armageddon

    ​ 5,000 US Troops Involved in Israeli Land War on Gaza: Exclusive
    ​ Security sources told Tasnim that the Zionist regime’s ground onslaught against the Gaza Strip on Friday night involved three divisions and several brigades.
    The sources have also pointed to the participation of some 5,000 US military forces in the Israeli invasion of Gaza.
    ​ Tasnim had reported earlier that the American military commanders have practically taken charge of the situation in the Israeli army as the Zionist forces suffered a crushing defeat in the Al-Aqsa Storm operation and the Israeli leaders have lost trust in the management abilities and loyalty of a number of army personnel.

    ​RT echoes that report: 5,000 US troops involved in Gaza offensive – Iranian media

    Pentagon Rejects Iranian Report Claiming That U.S. Troops Were Fighting in Gaza

    John Day

    ​Is this what Colonel Macgregor referred to recently, or something else? He said the “US and Israelis basically got their asses handed to them and took heavy losses”.
    ​ Hamas repels Israeli attack in eastern Gaza – agency​ 10/27/23
    Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters have repelled Israel’s attempted attack from the are near the Bureij camp in the east of the Gaza Strip, the SANA news agency reported on Friday, citing Palestinian sources.
    ​ According to the news agency, Israeli forces were driven out of Gaza after bring ambushed by Palestinian resistance fighters who hit several Israeli armored vehicles with anti-tank missiles.
    ​ It also said that Israeli helicopters are evacuating those killed and wounded east of the Bureij camp.
    Medical sources told the agency that ambulance cars of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society cannot reach bombed areas due to problems with the access to the internet. “Israel’s massive airstrikes continue and have caused dozens of deaths among civilians; hundreds are wounded,” the sources said.

    ​ Gilbert Doctorow updates geopolitics of Armageddon:
    ​ Israel pounds Gaza with U.S. “heavy” bunker-busting bombs. Erdogan speaks of a Cross vs Crescent war.
    ​ Let us remember the well known rules of drama established by Anton Chekhov: if a rifle is mentioned in Act One, it will go off with deadly effect in Act Three. It seems that Netanyahu and his war cabinet have forgotten, or more likely never read Chekhov.
    ​ A number of the issues set out in the above constituted the material of a five-minute interview that I gave to WION. Note the very balanced presentation by WION in the introductory section to this interview.​ [Text at link summarizes interview content]

    Israel pounds Gaza with U.S. “heavy” bunker-busting bombs. Erdogan speaks of a Cross vs Crescent war.

    Hamas has offered to free hostages – Iranian FM
    Civilian captives could be transferred to Iran with Turkish and Qatari help, according to media reports

    ​ Hamas Vows To Release 8 Russian-Israeli Hostages After Talks In Moscow
    ​ Concerning Russia’s request to see its nationals go free, Hamas said, “From the Russian side, via the Foreign Ministry, we received a list of citizens that have dual citizenship,” according to senior Hamas representative Moussa Abu Marzook.
    ​ “We are looking for those people… It is hard but we are looking. And when we find them, we will let them go,” he vowed. “We are very attentive to this list and will process it carefully because we consider Russia to be a closest friend.”
    ​ “About the peaceful citizens that were taken and that are now in Gaza, we treat them as guests,” Abu Marzook claimed further. He said of the Russian-Israelis, “We will free them as soon as there will be the conditions.”

    “Justified Vengeance” and The History of Israeli “False Flags”(2001-2023): Palestine Portrayed as “The Aggressor”
    The Invasion of Gaza: Part of a Broader Israeli Military-Intelligence Agenda

    “Justified Vengeance” and The History of Israeli “False Flags”(2001-2023): Palestine Portrayed as “The Aggressor”

    John Day

    Wiped off the map: Before-and-after satellite images show how Israeli airstrikes have laid waste to entire Gaza neighbourhoods after two weeks of bombardments

    ​ Israel bombing ‘everything but Hamas in Gaza’ – Jackson Hinkle
    ​ Israel’s claims that it is only bombing Gaza to eliminate Hamas are “insane,” political analyst Jackson Hinkle said in an interview with RT on Thursday. He argued that Israeli forces appear to be focusing on targeting the civilian population of Gaza in their ongoing campaign.
    ​ “They’ve bombed everything but Hamas inside of Gaza,” the host of ‘The Dive with Jackson Hinkle’ said, accusing Israel of targeting various civilian infrastructure, including hospitals, schools, UN and Red Crescent facilities, mosques, churches, homes, and even evacuee convoys.
    ​ The analyst suggested that this is because Israel does not want a Palestinian state, and that the true purpose of its operation in Gaza is not to defeat Hamas, but rather to force Palestinians out and take over the enclave “once and for all.”

    ​ Israel-Palestine: Names released of 7,028 Palestinians killed after Biden questions death toll​ [New meme: “Biden is America’s Yeltsin”]
    Health ministry says US administration ‘devoid of human standards, morals’ for ‘shamelessly’ questioning validity of figures
    Between 7 October and 3pm local time on 26 October, 7,028 Palestinians were killed, including 2,913 children, the report stated.

    ​ The Israeli military intensified airstrikes in Gaza including near its largest hospital while thousands of people desperate for food and basic items broke into aid warehouses in the besieged enclave.
    ​ Internet and phone connectivity were restored for many people on Sunday after Israeli strikes had knocked out most communications in the territory late Friday.
    ​ Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday called the 3-week-old Israel-Hamas war a fight for Israel’s existence and said “‘Never again’ is now.” …
    ..The Palestinian death toll passed 8,000, most of them women and children, according to the Health Ministry in Hamas-ruled Gaza. In the occupied West Bank, more than 110 Palestinians have been killed in violence and Israeli raids.

    UNRWA death toll in Gaza rises to 57
    ​ At least 57 employees of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) have been killed since the latest escalation in the Middle East, UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini said in an interview with Qatar’s Al Jazeera television.
    ​ “Some 57 of our staff have been killed in the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip. Since it is impossible to separate Palestinians form Hamas, all civilians and hospital buildings should be protected,” Lazzarini emphasized. On Thursday, 38 UNRWA employees were reported killed.

    John Day

    ​ Musk to provide Starlink access to Gaza​ (Explicitly no military applications​… nobody can direct ambulances or rescue teams now)
    ​ Tech billionaire Elon Musk has said that he will ​”provide satellite internet access to “internationally recognized aid organizations” in Gaza via his Starlink network. Phone and internet lines went down in the enclave after a heavy Israeli bombardment on Friday.

    ​ Israel threatens to destroy Musk’s Starlink
    ​ Israeli Communications Minister Shlomo Kahri has vowed that “Israel will use all means at its disposal to fight” SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s planned provision of Starlink internet access to Gaza.
    “Hamas will use it for terrorist activities,” Kahri claimed in a post on X (formerly Twitter), adding that “there is no doubt about it, we know it, and Musk knows it.”

    Israel is now a full-scale dictatorship
    In the weeks since October 7, there has been no room for dissent in Israeli society. Detention centers are filling up fast with people who show even the slightest opposition. Here are some scenes from the Israeli Dictatorship.

    Israel is now a full-scale dictatorship

    ​ Public support for ground offensive shrinks in Israel over past week, poll shows
    ​ Support for a potential ground offensive in the Gaza Strip among Israelis has more than halved from 65% to 29% over the past week, a recent public opinion poll published by the Israeli daily showed.
    ​ This week, only 29% of respondents said that Israel should launch a large-scale ground operation in Gaza, while their share was 65% a week ago. In addition, 49% of Israelis support postponing the move against the Palestinian enclave. The change was likely prompted by the emergence of the issue of people abducted by Hamas in public discussions, the newspaper said.
    ​ As many as 522 adults aged over 18 years were polled on October 25-26, with a margin error of 4.3%.

    Israeli residents criticize government’s handling of Hamas attack’s aftermath
    According to the report, the criticism is primarily aimed at the failure of the authorities to provide support to people who fled the war zone

    John Day

    Israeli soldiers killed, US base in Syria under fire as region heats​ (Bases on Syria’s oil wells to steal oil)
    The Islamic Resistance in Iraq has been conducting operations against US occupation bases in Iraq and Syria for 9 consecutive days.

    ​ Andrew Korybko explains: Here’s Why Russia Didn’t Deter Or Respond To The US’ Latest Bombing Of Syria
    ​ Russia prefers that America and Israel don’t bomb Syria, but it also understands that they’re threatened by Iran’s military presence there, which arms proxy groups to fight against their occupations. Russia agrees with Iran that the US is occupying Syria and Israel is occupying Palestine, but it disagrees with the unconventional methods employed to oust them.

    Iran kicks off major war games amid Israel tensions​ (We also know that war-games can go-live quite rapidly, a running-start to conflict)
    The exercises seek to “improve deterrence power in the face of new threats,” the country’s military has said

    ​I am certainly listening…
    ​ “I say frankly to the American statesmen, who are now managing the genocide in Palestine that we do not welcome [an] expansion of the war in the region,” Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said in New York during an emergency United Nations General Assembly session. America “will not be spared from this fire” if the crisis endures, Amir-Abdollahian emphasized. “It is our home, and West Asia is our region. We do not compromise with any party and any side, and we have no reservation when it comes to our home’s security.”

    ​(Is this dude tryin’ to bring on the “rapture”? He’s supposed to be smart.)
    New House Speaker: Russia, China, and Iran Are New Axis of Evil
    In an interview with Sean Hannity, Speaker of the House Rep. Mike Johnson said Putin cannot win in Ukraine

    New House Speaker: Russia, China, and Iran Are New Axis of Evil

    John Day

    ​ ‘Let Gaza Live’: Calls for Cease-Fire Fill Grand Central Terminal
    ​ A large demonstration, organized by Jewish Voice for Peace, came as Israel ramped up its military operations in Gaza.
    ​ “I don’t believe in this war,” said Rosalind Petchesky, 81, a member of Jewish Voice for Peace who was later taken into custody by police.
    ​Sumaya Awad said she wanted the U.S. government to “follow the guidance and the wants of the majority of Americans.”
    “We’re here engaging in civil disobedience to make it clear that we want the bombs to stop falling,” she said.
    ​ The protest disrupted the evening commute for thousands of people on Friday evening. Commuters walked by, some pausing, others looking confused. No train delays were reported because of the protest.

    ​Looking presidential, like Joe Biden…
    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has sent a shipment of drones, body armor, and helmets to Israel, and has organized the transport of weapons and ammunition to the Jewish state from a private supplier, his office said on Thursday…
    ..While these moves have garnered media attention, they have not succeeded in boosting DeSantis’ poll numbers. According to a USA Today survey published on Monday, just 12% of Republican voters want the Florida governor to be their party’s nominee for president next year, compared to 58% who back former President Donald Trump for the position.

    But still air-freighting death to Israel and Ukraine?
    White House Freezes Gun Exports In New Attack On US Gun Manufacturers

    Wider War Will Bring Inevitable Attempts At Martial Law In America​ (Remember how Bush ​-II rode the 9/11 pale-horse around the world?)

    Wider War Will Bring Inevitable Attempts At Martial Law In America

    ​ British-US NGO involved in training teenage saboteurs in Ukraine — Russian agent
    ​ The British-US organization HALO Trust, which is officially engaged in humanitarian demining around the world, was running crash courses for teenage and female saboteurs in Ukraine.
    ​ Its trainees later committed terrorist bomb attacks in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, a former Ukrainian border guard official who worked for Russian special services has told TASS.
    ​ The man, Ruslan Syrovoy, the former chief of the cybersecurity unit of the Mukachevo border guard detachment, said that HALO Trust officially operated in Ukraine under the guise of a humanitarian NGO, but in reality, it was instructing civilians in making, planting and exploding bombs. Most of its trainees were women and teenagers, he said, because they were unlikely to arouse suspicion. After the crash courses the newly-trained saboteurs were sent to the DPR and LPR.

    John Day

    ​ A Ukrainian UAV rammed into a nuclear waste storage facility during an attack in Kursk Region in western Russia earlier this week, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has claimed. Local authorities reported on Thursday that several drones had been downed in the vicinity of the Kursk nuclear power plant.
    ​ On Saturday, Zakharova accused the Ukrainian military of deliberately targeting the nuclear facility with three UAVs. “One of the UAVs, loaded with explosives, crashed into a nuclear waste warehouse and damaged its walls,” she stated, adding that two more drones fell on an administrative building complex on the plant’s grounds.

    Two NATO states blocked $52.8 billion Ukraine aid – Politico
    Slovakia’s and Hungary’s PMs have pointed to corruption in Kiev and argued that the bloc’s support wasn’t working, the outlet reports

    West African bloc ‘quietly’ withdraws forces deployed against Niger – media
    The decision by ECOWAS came as member states opted against military intervention, RFI reported, citing a diplomatic source

    ​ Senator Demands Answers From FDA On Safety Signal For COVID Vaccines And Children
    ​ Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) urged the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to disclose the information after both agencies refused to do so to The Epoch Times.
    ​ In a preprint paper published on Oct. 15, FDA researchers said they detected a safety signal for seizures/convulsions in children aged 2 to 5 following COVID-19 vaccination.​ The paper covered data from no later than April.
    ​ About a month before the paper was released, the FDA authorized new shots from Moderna and Pfizer for children as young as 6 months of age. The CDC then announced it was recommending the shots for virtually all Americans, despite little data supporting such a recommendation. Neither agency mentioned the signal of seizures and convulsions.
    ​ “When was FDA and CDC first made aware of the findings of the FDA-funded study eventually published as a preprint on October 15, 2023? Provide the names and titles of the individuals who were initially made aware of the study’s findings,” Mr. Johnson asked the heads of the FDA and CDC on Oct. 25.
    ​ In their paper, the FDA researchers said that the signal should be investigated further “in a robust epidemiological study.”

    ​ DOJ Corroborated Information From FBI Source Who Provided Biden Bribery Allegations: Official
    ​ U.S. Department of Justice officials corroborated some of the information an FBI source provided to the bureau on allegations that then-presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, were bribed, a former official who worked on the case said in newly reviewed testimony.
    ​ “We did corroborate certain things” from the source, Scott Brady, the former U.S. attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania, told a U.S. House of Representatives panel on Oct. 23…
    ..Among them was the claim that it cost $5 million to pay one Biden and $5 million to pay another Biden.

    Figmund Sreud

    I was going to say sophist, … but that would also imply him being clever!

    Anti logic.



    Israel’s assault on Gaza involved three divisions and several brigades and was also underpinned by 5,000 US military personnel

    Like Vietnam, they were only American “advisors” who never pulled the trigger. They just told them where to aim. It’s not like the US regime gives Zionisrael billions every year in weaponry, ammo, war material and training- or has aircraft carriers emotionally supporting the Jews- or unwavering support-
    surely no IDF are dual citizens with dual passports- or US politicians. No US boots on the ground as they stomp any and all dissent like in the homeland.

    Like Full Metal Jacket, Kubrick last film, a mercy killing is the order of the day

    Fun fact- the female vc sniper who was mercy killed – was actually using a czech made VZ-58 rifle, not an AK. The czech’s are notorious for supporting the grmn facist, the turning around and supporting the commies ussr, then truning around supporting the US, and now the Jews….Basically the czechs are pussies.

    Vietnam to the US was never officially a declared “War”- hence they didn’t lose the Vietnam War. haha
    Also as a brainwashed American- I was stunned when I first heard that the Vietnamese actually refer to it as – The American War- after of course The French War.

    Talking to crazy people is a waste of time. …Or that’s what people say when they talk to me, anyway.

    Haha- thanks for the levity and visions of the West slowing grinding itself into oblivion. “Never interrupt your enemy when they’re making a mistake” The West is one big massive mistake- and the East knows it.

    Thinking about the ‘Laughing Buddha’ these past days.

    You don’t need a reason to laugh- but one can create infinite reasons to be unhappy.

    Jews don’t laugh.


    New House Speaker:

    “Russia, China, and Iran Are New Axis of Evil”
    In an interview with Sean Hannity

    Just another retarded American politician. Republican conservative retard or Democrat liberal retard.
    Does mikes Johnson identify as a pronoun republican he ? I can’t tell anymore so I wait for them to tell me –

    I just don’t want to offend any of the liars, thieves, killers, rapists, pedophiles and torturer politicians that lead our Indespensible Nation of Exceptional Americans into another War of Agression for the Chosen People.



    Getting Ready for bombing/missile war with Hezbollah.


    Event: The State Department recommends that U.S. citizens in Lebanon leave now, while commercial flights remain available, due to the unpredictable security situation. Please see available flight options at Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport .

    You should have a plan of action for crisis situations that does not rely on U.S. government assistance. The best time to leave a country is before a crisis if at all possible. U.S. military-assisted evacuations of civilians from a foreign country are rare. There is no guarantee the U.S. government will evacuate private U.S. citizens and their family members in a crisis situation. In the event that a U.S. military-assisted evacuation does occur, our focus will be on helping U.S. citizens. The U.S. government generally cannot provide in-country transportation during a crisis. That includes transportation to points of departure. You will not be able to bring pets with you on any U.S. military-assisted evacuation from Lebanon. You will have to sign a promissory note to reimburse the U.S. government for costs incurred in the case of an assisted evacuation. For more information, please read What the Department of State Can and Can’t Do in a Crisis.

    Embassy Beirut’s Consular Section is open for emergency U.S. citizen services, including passport services, on a walk-in basis between 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. It is currently only issuing emergency passports, which are valid for one year. Emergency passports can be replaced with full-validity passports in the United States or at U.S. embassies and consulates outside of Lebanon..

    U.S. citizens who need emergency assistance should complete our crisis intake form or contact the U.S. Embassy in Beirut at +961-4-543-600 (Lebanon local) or +1-833-890-9595 (toll free). Do not fill out the form if you have already completed it – we have your information, and duplicate requests delay our response.

    Because we are exclusively providing U.S. citizen services at this time, the U.S. Embassy in Beirut has suspended all visa processing. Should you need a nonimmigrant visa, you may apply at another U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad.

    Should you wish to request transfer of your immigrant visa case to another U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad , please contact the embassy or consulate where you desire to have your case processed.

    On October 17, we updated the Travel Advisory for Lebanon to Level 4: Do Not Travel – the full text of the Travel Advisory may be found here .

    Actions To Take:

    Depart Lebanon now, while commercial flights are still available.
    Have plans to depart that do not rely on the U.S. government.
    Review your personal security plans.
    Keep your cell phone charged in case of emergency.
    Exercise caution, monitor the news closely for breaking developments that could affect internal security, and factor updated information into your travel plans and activities.
    Have a contingency plan for emergencies and review the Traveler’s Checklist.

    U.S. Embassy in Beirut – Lebanon
    Awkar – Facing the Municipality
    Main Street Beirut, Lebanon
    961-4- 543 600


    America has a problem, it is called the Jews.

    What will the American people do about it? Nothing. Same as always, they will go to their basements, polish their guns, masterbate over how they are so tough having a gun, then do nothing. Meanwhile the Jews of America will be using the wealth of America to terrorise the world.


    The Biden administration is becoming increasingly edgy about the crisis in Gaza and what the objectives are for the Netanyahu war camp. Most of all, it’s worried that it is being carefully coaxed into a war between Israel and Iran which even the hapless U.S. president knows is not somewhere he wants to go, regardless of how far he is away from his re-election campaign.

    Are you serious? Biden does not care about the election, his only issue with the election is to start a world war before the election so that he can cancel the election. The whole of the Biden admin wants a world war, just look at what they are doing, look at how they are controlled by the Jews to suppress the Americans and steal the American wealth and prosperity to service the Jews. Will the Americans actually wake up even after they are under marshall law with the draft demanding that Americans go die for the Jews of Israel? No, of course they won’t, the Americans are dumb fucks, they will do whatever the Jewish NYT tells them to do. Jesus, the Biden admin does not care about the vote, even if they did care, you think they could not fix it so that Jew-supporting politicians fill congress once again? The election is the last thing on their minds.

    Figmund Sreud

    Reductionist moment: Israel vs. “Nazis” – legal and moral responsibility to kill civilians! Who knew?



    “Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said in New York during an emergency United Nations General Assembly session. America “will not be spared from this fire” if the crisis endures…”

    Among the 8 MILLION illegals that have cross the non existent Empire of Lies southern border, there are hundreds if not thousands of Iranians and other Middle Eastern concerns that entered with them under the guise of ‘refugees’ but have far, far different agendas.

    Just wait, you saw the scumbag UKtard maggots of the HALO Trust NGO masquerading as ‘humanitarian’ operations and training saboteurs.

    Well, many can play that game, Homey.

    Be careful who you pick up hitch hiking near the southern border in the Empire of Lies,Lies,Lies, they can be full of surprises.



    Tech billionaire Elon Musk has said that he will provide satellite internet access to “internationally recognized aid organizations” in Gaza via his Starlink network.

    Musk is covering his ass after Netanyahu primed him to be on the Jewish side or face the consequences. He cannot provide full access as the Jews would inform congress and then more of the American government would start investigating his companies. Musk cannot hide from the Jews, they control America and Musk knows that however much he may appeal to the people of America, they will do nothing to help him when the rubber hits the road. He will be at the mercy of the Jews, same as Trump who tried to be a Jewish supporter but is now being used as a Jewish example to the rest of the rich and powerful what will happen to them if they are not willing to sacrifice America for the Jews. Now the rich and powerful see Musk covering his ass and they get the message.


    Israeli Communications Minister Shlomo Kahri has vowed that “Israel will use all means at its disposal to fight” SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s planned provision of Starlink internet access to Gaza.

    Israel will use American congress to disable Starlink. Israel can’t shoot down satelites, so they will either use American weapons or the Jewish congress of America to close the system. Either way you can be sure they will get what they want.


    You’re in the tall grass hiking merrily along.

    It’s a beautiful day, you hear a soft rustle in the weeds, almost thinking it was a gentle gust of wind.

    Then you turn around ever so lazily and shazam, look who’s also out for a stroll.


    Duh’merica loves to poke bears when they are cubs, it’s just it’s favorite past time of kicking kids in wheelchairs.

    Doesn’t have the balls to poke an adult.


    Muslim Rioters Storm Airport, Surround Rumored Flight From Israel, In Southern Russia

    It’s getting real

    “There are shocking and surreal scenes coming out of the southern Russian Republic of Dagestan, after word spread that a flight from Tel Aviv was set to land at its international airport.

    Rumors that a flight full of Israeli Jews was set to land triggered ex-pat Palestinian mobs to raid the airport, where they broke past barriers and even at one point stormed the airstrip and tried to break into the jet on the tarmac in search of Jews.”



    A Russian Pilot telling Passengers on a Plane at Makhachkala International Airport in Dagestan to not attempt to Open any of the Doors due to the Rioters on the Tarmac which are trying to enter the Aircraft.


    I’m sure they would have beat the shit out of any Israelis on that plane


    One group of people who ran onto the airport’s tarmac surrounded a plane and jumped onto one of its wings, the pro-Kremlin newspaper Izvestia reported.

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