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    Gaza: Explosion at Jabalia refugee camp leaves massive crater
    Israel military confirms deadly strike on Gaza refugee camp


    A humanitarian catastrophe on a biblical scale is unfolding in the Gaza Strip, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya said at a session of the UN Security Council.

    It is an attrocity, not a catastrophe. Is it too early to catagorise Jews as Nazis? Is it too early to ban all talk of the holocaust, to eradicate it from history? Deliberately murdering civilians, Hitler did that and he got a bad name, Churchill did that and he is a hero; Jews are doing that right now so will they be heroes or will they be Nazis? Jews own the presses, so they will probably come out of this as heroes; do not expect the truth from the Jews, deceit is the name of the game.


    As attacks across Europe and more broadly demonstrate, the problem of antisemitism continues to be a serious one.

    Umm, I wonder if those attacks are justified? The Jews believe in collective punishment so would it not make sense to apply Jewish collective punishment to the Jews? What about the supporters of the Jewish attrocity that is Israel, why are they able to support attrocities and not pay the price?

    They say:

    The Government is committed to ensuring that British people of all faiths and ethnicities can live without fear of abuse or attack.

    But what if one group is murdering another group but doing it outside the UK, supported by the UK government? What happens then? Why should the murdered group believe the partisan UK government? The UK has plenty of blood on its hands from the empire days, it seems that the London Jews influence the government to continue supporting attrocities, to continue spilling Palestinian blood on their hands.


    kultsommer said

    To think that just a few short months prior, posts by C-biker were deemed “outrageous” prompting some visitors to depart in protest for being allowed on TAE?

    Speaking truth rarely buys you friends. A certain courage is required to state the truth and accept the consequences of being disliked or even hated. CelticBiker has that courage and spoke the truth, as is evident in the current news cycle. Shame on the cowards who left TAE, they were afraid of the truth, they were afraid that accepting such a truth would socially stigmatize themselves; it always comes down to self interest, whether that interest is in being a passionate believer in the truth or a coward for lies.


    tboc said

    The “White Hats” have one intent, keeping their bread buttered.

    I don’t know where this “White Hats” shite comes from. It is as if people need to believe that the powers that be are not entirely bad, that there is some good somewhere in the system and that it is toiling to do good. Maybe it is a way of gaslighting people, making them believe that the bad things that are happening are only temporary and will be fixed by the good guys, later in the film. It is a bizarre construct but it seems to work, it gives us an excuse to do nothing, knowing that the film will end with the good guys winning and everybody living happily ever after.

    The reality is that people with real power do not want good people in positions of power, they want controllable people in positions of power, people who will do what they are told either through personal loyalty, blackmail or whatever other means, but control is the essential element. They do not want Mr Nice to be put into a position of power, a person with a conscience who is going to start helping the little people. No, they want a controllable zombie who will do what he is told to do, regardless of the impact on the little people. Why would anyone promote Mr Nice into a position of power, just leave him as a project manager where his niceness can motivate the team in the service to the CEO who is the person in the position of power.

    Do you think the Palestinians are wondering what happened to their “White Hats”?


    Real 1918 – “covid” took Schiele and his colossal talent, three days after his pregnant wife expired too in 1918.
    Photo of him on his death bead hunted me in the early days of “our covid” when RIM was posting daily infection numbers on this site.

    Veracious Poet


    That’s odd, I could have sworn a couple times when they misbehaved, Israel was chastised BY GOD, and the non-Jewish people who did it were merely instruments OF GOD.

    Yes. But *only* when “God” does it!

    Otherwise, it’s the dreaded CURSE for you & your tribe!!!

    Don’t you love the magic of circular logic? 😉

    My previous example, re: *deeply* held “Christian” empathy for Israel, was meant as an aid to help non-bible/atheistic persons understand (1) *important* reason why The Deep Swamp is so readily able to elicit support from “public servants” ~ Specifically, the Christian Conservative aspects of (R) politicos embedded within the beltway (+ their constituency).

    The reasons are multifold, of course, but here is another *major* component:

    (2) The liberal progressive (D) apparatchiks are both *historically* funded, populated & supported by cultural Jews (mostly atheistic/nonpracticing), many of which are descendants of EU Jewry that were 19th-20th Century Marxist “intellectuals”, who worshiped Uncle Joe & the Bolshevik/Soviet “model” (ref. Pogrom/Holocaust survivors + French Resistance et al.)

    Both groups (1) & (2) are presently aging out, with a growing adumbration of anti-Christian/Jewish representation, with pro-Muslim sentiment taking root for the first time in America’s history, inexplicably supported by radical factions that hate all things Judeo-Christian, even though Islam would deal more harshly with the radicals then the former, whom only wanted to limit their *destructive* influence, not eradicate the the radicals based on religious beliefs…

    NYC is by far the largest concentration of Jewry on the planet, which is why Trump, when combined with his Christian Conservativebase, is so quick to empathize with Israel (They are his neighbors, friends, business associates).

    Even though Mr. Truth (celticbiker) labeled me a “Jew”, I don’t have a shred of genetic connection ~ I prefer to stay out of the villainization games, try to understand the *BIG* picture.

    Not my monkey, not my circus…

    From my POV, as a Son of Liberty, my primary interest is the hope, beyond hope, that somehow/someway/someday the U$ofA will be restored as a Democratic Republic under Natural Law.

    With that said, I am aware that “humanity” is currently a ridiculous *nightmare*, swirling the *existential* drain (for which I pray & meditate daily), but as always it’s up to The People to *STOP* following insane tyrants & bloodlust thuggery, choosing Spiritual Sanity over Mass Formation Psychosis.

    Seems like we’re at 11:59 on the doomsday clock…

    Hakuna Matata.


    Dr D said

    Aspnaz: “Most ordinary Jews support Israel, in my experience the vast majority support Israel…”

    I concede that whole post. That is the argument against in a nutshell, without hyperbole.

    However, note that pre-arranging and pushing this issue has divided us wonderfully. You’re attacking, we’re attacking each other instead of those above. They’re living rent-free in your head. Therefore, they own you still. I won’t say “forgive and be free.” I’d just say, those are not winning tactics. They have installed the handle to yank you around with, and it requires you to keep holding it close to your heart. Be like Elsa and Let It Go.

    Of course, all sorts have committed similar attrocities in the past, but just because the Jews are doing it, we must hide the truth and not scream it from the rooftops? That is your winning strategy?

    The Jewish attrocities are uniting many non Jews into realising that the people of the west have a common enemy; I do not live in the west. They are also realising that the Jews are leading the USA into a bad place. Realising your common enemy is the first step to victory, it is the first step of a winning strategy.

    As for attacking each other? Are you coming out as a Jew?

    The Jewish religion does not consider me to be as valuable to this earth as their own, this is kind of sad, but it does not bother me. The Nazis thought the same and acted the same, this seems to be a running theme through human existence; it seems to be a common excuse for barbarity against others. The Jew is today’s Aryan; so be it, that does not bother me any more than the Nazis bother me, I see it for what it is but I will not support it any more than I will support Nazis; the Jews are not in my head and neither are the Nazis.

    As an aside, I understand your need to pretend that there are good forces and evil forces, your need to believe that the film will end with the good guys winning. I do not subscribe to that viewpoint, I think it is bullshit and has been repeatedly shown to be bullshit throughout history. You have white hats in your head, you think they are going to save you, they will not; stop believing in superman.

    The west needs to restore its good values, one major step would be to stop torturing Palestinians. Maybe then we could look forward to a period of morally solid western culture; first the people need to fix the problems, the people being all the western people; Jews and non Jews.

    John Day

    God Of Love Or Genocide

    Simplicius , World Plummets into Eschatological Frenzy: Unraveling the Implications
    Netanyahu keeps referring to biblical prophecies on his press conferences:
    ​ ” You must remember what Amalek has done to you, says our Holy Bible, and we do remember and we are fighting. Our heroes who fight in Gaza continue a dynasty of heroes that goes back 3000 years in history – from Joshua to the heroes of 1948, from the Six Day War to the Yom Kippur War and all other wars.”
    ​ The words about Amalek are taken from the 1st Book of Samuel: “Thus says the Lord of hosts: I have remembered what Amalek did to Israel, how he opposed him on the way when he came out of Egypt” (15:2). The Lord ordered King Saul to destroy the enemy and all his people: “Now go and defeat Amalek and destroy all that he has; and give him no mercy; but put to death both husband and wife; from youth to infant; from ox to sheep; from camel to donkey” (15:3).
    ​ Netanyahu feels himself a new Messiah with the divine right of exterminating all enemies of the chosen people.​..
    ​..Sensing the West’s hesitancy and weakness, Israel may attempt to desperately spark a wider conflagration by increasing the amplitude of their falseflags—perhaps another USS Liberty-like incident or unilateral strikes on Iran meant to goad them into a response that would necessarily trigger a U.S. intervention. It’s my belief that this will be the chief danger to watch as, gripped by the terminal phase of its eschatological madness, Israel will be at its most unpredictable and dangerous to humanity at large.

    Targeting Palestinian Civilians​:
    As of Saturday morning October 28, Israel’s genocidal attacks on Gaza have killed more than 7,300 Palestinians including about 3,000 children according to Al Jazeera.
    Another 1,650 Palestinians are trapped under the demolished remains of their homes and buildings destroyed by Israeli bombing, with half of them being children.
    This is an Israeli war which specifically targets Palestinian civilians especially children as the IDF has bombed:
    mosques and churches,
    homes, residential areas, apartment buildings,

    Israel’s Gaza War: “Situation is Now Catastrophic”. “Nakba is Ongoing”

    More Children Killed in Gaza in Three Weeks Than in Wars Worldwide Since 2019

    ​”Genocide” is the legal term:
    A leaked document from the Israeli Ministry of Intelligence to an Israeli news site on Monday lays out a plan to transfer more than 2 million Palestinians from Gaza to Egypt’s Sinai desert, reports Joe Lauria.
    ​ The document from the Ministry of Intelligence is being downplayed by Israeli officials, who are saying it is not being actively considered while the ground operation is underway. The document was first published in Hebrew by the news website Sicha Mekomit. The article’s blurb says:
    ​ “A document on behalf of the Ministry of Intelligence, the full content of which is published here for the first time, recommends the forced transfer of the population of the Gaza Strip to Sinai permanently, and calls for the international community to be harnessed for the move. The document also suggests promoting a ‘dedicated campaign’ for the residents of Gaza that will ‘motivate them to agree to the plan.’”

    New Document Leak on Plan to Expel Gaza Population

    John Day

    ​ ‘We Need to Stop This Whiny Behavior. We Need to Win The War’: Netanyahu ‘Used Plant to Influence Families of Kidnapped Israelis’
    ​ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been accused of planting unverified, fake relatives in a meeting with the families of hostages taken by Hamas to tell them “we need to stop this whiny behavior” because “we need to win this war.”

    White House seeks funding for Israeli plan to ethnically cleanse Gaza
    The 20 October supplemental funding request includes funds to support Israel’s plan to forcibly expel Gaza’s 2.3 million residents to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula

    ​ Vice President Harris assured on Sunday that the US is only providing equipment, advice and diplomatic assistance to Tel Aviv, and that US troops will not be deployed in Israel or Gaza. Her comments clash with a slew of media reports suggesting otherwise.
    US troops are directly involved in fighting in Gaza, says Salman al-Harfi, Palestine’s former ambassador to France.

    ​ The Pentagon awarded a multimillion-dollar contract to construct U.S. army facilities for a covert base it maintains deep within Israel’s Negev desert, only 20 miles from Gaza, two months prior to Hamas’ onslaught on Israel. The venerable American installation, known by its code name “Site 512,” is a radar station that keeps an eye out for any missile assaults on Israel.
    ​ Since Site 512 is aimed toward Iran, which is located more than 700 miles distant, it was unable to observe anything on October 7, despite thousands of Hamas rockets being launched.[Yeah, billions of dollars and the radar can’t see anything 20 miles “to the rear”, right.]​
    At Site 512, a classified base atop Mt. Har Qeren in the Negev, the U.S. Army is discreetly advancing construction to incorporate what official documents refer to as a “life support facility,” which is military jargon for buildings that resemble quarters for people.​ [B​arracks?​ Mess-hall? Convenience store?]

    US Quietly Expands Secret Military Base In Israel

    ​ Israel-Hamas war a conflict between ‘civilization and savagery’ – Trump​ (No ​POTUS-candidate for peace or cease-fire, as far as the eye can see.​)
    ​ Former US President Donald Trump has condemned Hamas as “monsters,” framing the Palestinian militant group’s war with Israel as a conflict between “good and evil” and vowing to rid America of immigrants and foreign students who sympathize with jihadists.
    ​ Speaking on Saturday at the Republican Jewish Coalition summit in Las Vegas, Trump vowed to stop the “mass importation of anti-Semitism” into the US if he’s re-elected as president in 2024. He blamed Hamas for all of the deaths that have occurred on both sides – numbering over 1,400 in Israel and 8,000 in Gaza – since the group’s October 7 attacks on Israeli villages triggered the region’s latest war.
    ​ “Every single life that is lost in this conflict is on the shoulders of Hamas, Hamas alone, and I think you have to really add in the word Iran…,” Trump said. “There can be no sympathy, no excuses, and no escape for these monsters. We will do what has to be done.”

    John Day

    Ex-Director of the DIA Gen. Mike Flynn Alleges Some U.S. Legislators Compromised by Globalists Due to their Trips Overseas Where They “Sleep with Children”

    EXPLOSIVE CLAIMS: Ex-Director of the DIA Gen. Mike Flynn Alleges Some U.S. Legislators Compromised by Globalists Due to their Trips Overseas Where They “Sleep with Children” (VIDEO)

    ​ Doctors in Gaza Forced to Perform Surgery Without Anesthesia As Conflict Rages
    ​ “We have performed Cesarean sections on pregnant women injured during air strikes without anesthesia, and we’ve also had to deal with severe burn cases without it,” the director of Nasser Hospital in the Gaza Strip was quoted as saying.

    ​ Turkish President Erdogan sits at the crossroads of shipping and pipelines at the center of the ancient world. He is dealing with a weak currency, a diverse but poor economy, and a slew of neighbors with different interests, while trying to represent all of Islam and all Turkic peoples in the world. He is very short on resources, yet has many options open to him, but he has to choose ONE, and it has to be a winner. He can grandstand for nothing. He has blamed Israel and made-Israel-move-against-Turkey in response.
    This is well-played, building tension; letting opponents move, conserving resources and waiting for an obviously advantaged move to present itself.
    ​ Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that attacks on Gaza amounted to a “massacre” and threatened to declare war on Israel…
    ​ During his speech at a rally this afternoon, Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Israel of war crimes and presented Hamas as “freedom fighters”.
    President Erdogan stated that attacks on Gaza amounted to a “massacre,” which infuriated Israel and caused it to rescind its diplomatic mission.
    He is claimed to have told the hundreds of thousands of participants that Turkey can “come at any night unexpectedly” during the same speech.​..
    ​..He asserted that Israel “has been openly committing war crimes for 22 days” and stated that the country was acting with a “similar mentality” to the Axis powers in World War Two.
    ​ He continued: “In the past they were massacring the Jewish people in the gas chambers and they were indeed wiping out whole regions with bombs.” The Turkish premier then added: “A similar mentality is being shown in Gaza today.”

    Turkey Threatens To Declare War On Israel

    ​ The Turkish hospital in Gaza was subjected on Monday to a direct bombing by the Zionist occupation fighter jets, in a new heinous crime added to the record of the Zionist entity.
    ​ The Palestinian health authorities in Gaza announced that the Israeli warplanes targeted the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital for treating cancer patients for the second time.

    John Day

    Andrew Korybko: Deciphering What Really Happened In Dagestan
    Considering the wide range of objectives that the latest SBU-CIA latest meddling in Russia sought to achieve, it can be concluded that Dagestan is of disproportionate geostrategic importance, and events there can more easily have far-reaching consequences than if they happened elsewhere. The worst-case scenarios were averted by the security forces’ swift intervention, however, which suggests that they’ll also succeed in averting most (if not all) forthcoming ones and thus crush their foes’ Hybrid War plans.

    Telegram blocks Ukraine-linked channel inciting violence in Russia​ , ‘Dagestan Morning’ has been blamed for the anti-Jewish riot at Makhachkala airport
    ​ The screenshots identified the offender as ‘Dagestan Morning’, which has been exposed as a Ukrainian intelligence service project set up to stir ethnic and religious unrest in Russia.
    ​ A post in the screenshot proclaimed “We hate Jews” and “we will not let them live in Dagestan or the Caucasus,” claiming that “Jewish refugees” bound for the Russian republic were on board the regularly scheduled flight from Tel Aviv to Makhachkala.
    ​ On Sunday afternoon, over 150 rioters broke onto the runway of the airport in the Dagestani capital and tried to storm the plane. Police were able to restore order after heavy clashes that left more than 20 people – including nine officers – injured. Sixty rioters were arrested.

    ​ Putin on Situation in Dagestan: US ‘Geopolitical Puppeteers’ Trying to Divide Russia From Within
    ​ President Vladimir Putin has given his assessment on Sunday’s unrest in Dagestan, saying that it was sparked by social media channels linked to Ukraine and Western intelligence services seeking to take advantage of the crisis in the Middle East.
    ​ “The events in Makhachkala last night were orchestrated, including through social media, not least from the territory of Ukraine. By the hands of Western intelligence agencies,” the president said, speaking at a meeting with the heads of Russian law enforcement on Monday.

    ​ (usually soft-spoken) Gilbert Doctorow: ‘Financial Times’: the stench of propaganda in today’s coverage of the Makhachkala riots is overwhelming
    ​ Vladimir Putin has made every effort to ensure that tolerance reigns among the hundreds of ethnic groups and dozens of religious faiths that constitute the Russian Federation. To say otherwise, as Seddon and Ivanova do, is to engage in vile propaganda.
    ​ Since religious fundamentalism seems to be the order of the day, I will take the plunge and set down my own special prayers: that these journalists get the company of John Kirby and other U.S. miscreants in the special zone in hell reserved for dishonest fomenters of war. Oh yes, there surely will be a nearby padded cell for the criminally insane, with reserved places for Bibi Netanyahu and Isaac Herzog. For those who have not been following closely, Herzog also has gone on air denouncing Russia for the Dagestan “pogrom.”

    ​ Nothing can justify bombardments of civilians in the Gaza Strip, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday.
    ​ “The horrific developments that are unfolding in the Gaza Strip now, when hundreds of thousands of innocent people, who have nowhere to escape, nowhere to hide from bombardments, are being killed, cannot be justified by anything. When you look at bleeding children, dead children, at how women, elder people are suffering, how medics are dying, one cannot help clenching his fists and van hardly hold back tears,” he said.

    John Day

    NOT IN OUR NAME Declare Jewish Peace Organizations

    NOT  IN  OUR  NAME  Declare Jewish Peace Organizations

    ​ Many Jewish people now turning AGAINST the Israeli government, which they accuse of committing war crimes and genocide
    ​ Believe it or not, many Jewish people are taking a stand for Gaza rather than their own Israeli government in the ongoing Israeli war on Palestine.
    ​ One of them is Benjy Sherer, a Jewish young man who helps people deal with and overcome trauma and pain, and who also says he does not stand with Israel on this matter because his heart is with the people of Gaza who now face genocide at the hands of Israel and the West.
    ​ “I do not stand with Israel at all on what’s going on,” Sherer stated in a recent video he shared to TikTok that is also available for viewing on X – watch below. “And I’m finally starting to realize, for lack of a better term, how brainwashed I’ve been.”
    ​ As a Jewish man, Sherer was raised and taught to “love Israel.” He attended both Jewish elementary and Jewish high school, and was raised with a mindset that Israel, whoever and whatever that actually means in the modern context, is the rightful owner of all that land.

    ​ Tom Luongo focuses on the International banking “war” between Federal Reserve “interests” and ECB “interests again.
    ​ I think Powell is in the driver’s seat here. It’s why Mike Johnson being Speaker could be a very good thing. At the very least if he ends Project Ukraine it slows the descent into fiscal madness. If Johnson is serious about single issue spending bills and Congress going back to doing some real horse-trading, we could see a much different 2024 and beyond in the US than just about anyone, including me, could have dreamed of.
    ​ On the other hand, with this being another front in the war between central banks there are real dangers that leave me very worried about where we’ll be by year end. Hence the real threat any further escalation by Israel in Gaza represents. The US is trying to blame shift like they did after 9/11 to gin up the war they always wanted, this time with Iran playing the part of Iraq.
    ​ The EC is trying to supplant individual sovereign bonds with their own bonds. They have to get the next round of fiscal integration going this winter or lose the race for global capital to the US and/or China. If they pull it off — which I suspect they have no choice but to — it’s a signal the are trying to outlast Powell in the hope that they can present a unified front to European investors long enough for the US economy to implode while also hoping the Israeli Firsters in Congress ensure that the US goes to open war with someone… anyone … somewhere! Dammit!

    Powell Exposes Europe’s Hidden War in the Bond Markets

    ​ Jeff Rainforth , Syrians And Africans Overwhelmed Border Patrol Here Last Night​ , It was the most I’ve seen cross in one day (lots of photographs)
    ​ Mexican cartel members cut the border wall in several places here in Lukeville, Arizona, last night. They’ve been cutting the wall almost daily to get people through illegally.
    Around midnight on Saturday, the final waves for the day came through (I counted 9 as I tried to sleep)…
    ..The Border Patrol tent structure where illegal aliens are semi-processed after being placed in custody quickly began filling up on Sunday, and agents told me hundreds were coming down the border road and that it was going to be busy.
    ​ I’m exhausted from filming all day yesterday and doing an almost 7-hour livestream, but I wanted to get out some photos before the videos, which I’ll be putting together into montages…
    ​..Border agents had to move massive numbers of illegal aliens, many from Syria and Africa, but from India and other countries as well. It was surreal. Like out of an apocalyptic movie.

    John Day

    The Veil of Silence over Excess Deaths
    ​ On October 20th, a 30-minute adjourned debate (20 rejections later) on excess deaths in the UK House of Commons was finally secured by Andrew Bridgen, MP for North West Leicestershire and member of the Reclaim Party.
    ​ Bridgen began his speech to the sound of erupting cheers from the full, upper public gallery, in stark contrast to the almost empty chamber below.
    ​ Where were the hundreds of MPs who would normally sit shoulder to shoulder in the chamber? It appears, an increase in deaths of their constituents was not a pressing issue for them on that Friday afternoon.

    The Veil of Silence over Excess Deaths

    ​Peter McCullough MD , NEURO-COVAX: Italian Network Finds Neurological Side Effects Very Common after COVID-19 Vaccination
    31.2% Experienced Tremors, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms, Headaches, Paresthesias, Vertigo, and Diplopia

    Peter McCullough MD , Concerns over Cumulative Cardiotoxicity with mRNA Injection
    We do not know the overlap, but it is conceivable that as many as 14.81% cumulatively sustained damage from shots 3 and 4.

    Eight Reasons to Love Nattokinase​ , Dr. Michael Turner reviews the fermented soybean product “natto” and how it improves cardiovascular health

    Bill Gates Pushes Digital ID for Newborns in Kenya as Critics Warn of Surveillance Risk
    According to the Kenyan Daily Post, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s role in assisting the Kenyan government in its development and rollout of a government-backed digital ID program was announced after a recent series of “closed-door meetings” with Kenyan President William Ruto.

    Bill Gates Pushes Digital ID for Newborns in Kenya as Critics Warn of Surveillance Risk

    John Day

    Earth Pole Shift | The Key Studies Confirm the Acceleration Curve

    Dr. D


    I see Aspnaz’ problem: he claims that you don’t exist. Or did you spend your time in the Navy as a Black Hat?

    Me too. I’m over here being a Black Hat, by pointing out and resisting atrocities of other Black Hats. Then the spotlight I put on their actions help mobilize more Black Hats. Tricky-tricky!

    John Day

    Reports Say China Scrubbed Israel From Online Maps (Laughing @ Netanyahu?)

    Veracious Poet


    Dr. D said


    I see Aspnaz’ problem: he claims that you don’t exist. Or did you spend your time in the Navy as a Black Hat?

    Does not exist? Does not fit into your goodies versus baddies view of the world? Does not compute, data must be an error, discard data …. poof DBS gone? Is that how it works in the Hollywood view of the world, the goodies versus baddies, keeping it simple for the untermenschen?

    DBS was in the navy working as part of the global police force? Maybe he working in the river patrols in Vietnam, clearing the world of those naughty gooks. Maybe he just eradicated other brown people. Maybe he didn’t kill any innocent people at all. Maybe his actions were on various grades of worse to better. Regardless, were DBS’s thoughts irrelevant to his orders or did he sit down with his commanding officer to discuss his feelings about his orders, thereby making a difference as a white hat in true Hollywood style?

    D Benton Smith


    I get under aspnaz’ skin by using a secret device, against which there is no defense (because it’s impossible to defend against something that is not an attack). I just state an agenda-free truth as best I know it, and then stand back and let it do its work. His intelligence eventually gets the best of his pride and prejudice and voila! But I must confess that I do enjoy a certain guilty pleasure in watching him squirm in the process. That’s my revenge for his taking pot shots at me so often.

    D Benton Smith

    I find it spookily coincidental that both @DrD and @aspnaz mentioned my brief US Navy “career” on this particular day, especially since I have made so few references to it, ever, and none recently. In fact, my sister asked me about it the day before yesterday, as well, which makes It three instances in three days on an event have not expounded upon in more than 50 years (1968 to the present). Apparently, Universe wants me to talk about it at this time.

    I’ll try to be as brief as possible.

    Because I had a few unusual qualifications, immediately upon starting active duty in the US Navy I was recommended to a relatively low-level position that nevertheless necessitated Top Secret security clearance because the job might at some point require that I forward orders to launch nuclear weapons. This clearance involved lengthy interviews and interrogations, during which I unequivocally informed the Navy that under no circumstances whatsoever would I comply with such an order because it would quite possibly result in the end to all human life in a nuclear holocaust, and I would have no part in that. Period.

    This defiance resulted in what is called an Administrative Discharge Board Hearing, during which I told the Board that although I was decidedly NOT a so-called “conscientious objector”, that I took the matter of whether or not to take human life very seriously, and for that reason would simply NEVER allow anyone else to make that decision for me. If, for example, if someone (anyone) tried to force me to kill when I had not myself personally decided that it was necessary to kill, then the person attempting to force me to kill-on-command (commit murder) might well become the person who it was necessary for me to remove in order to avoid being made into a cowardly murderer, or even worse, a mass murderer.

    Remarkably I was formally discharged from the Navy within less than 24 hours, and even more remarkably (amazingly, in my opinion) it was with an Honorable Discharge (and I’ve got the original DD214 to prove it).

    So, no, aspnaz, I have never conspired to take the lives of brown skinned people, but as earlier stated I am also NOT a so-called pacifist, and do not allow others to commit crimes against me, my loved ones, or anyone else either, if I can help it.


    So, no, aspnaz, I have never conspired to take the lives of brown skinned people, but as earlier stated I am also NOT a so-called pacifist, and do not allow others to commit crimes against me, my loved ones, or anyone else either, if I can help it.

    Good to know. I assume you were drafted to join the Navy? Otherwise it seems a strange job for someone inclined to disobey orders to kill, given that the Navy’s raison d’etre is to kill, hence all the money spent on deadly weapons.

    D Benton Smith


    Drafted into Army but allowed to serve in Navy, for bureaucratic reasons not worth detailing.

    I’m not “having a go at you”, BUT, your posts and expressed attitudes and opinions strongly suggest to me that your own background and life experiences have left you with some sort of “incomplete” or unusual experiential track that is interfering with your world view. Without getting too personal about it, is there something that might explain this? Preacher’s kid? Raised in a country or culture other than the one you were born into? School for brainy kids? Give us some background, because this continual bad attitude towards me is really tiresome and both uncalled for and unnecessary.

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