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    Egon Schiele Port of Trieste 1907   • White House Seeks Funding For Israeli Plan To Ethnically Cleanse Gaza (Cradle) • Nakba 2.0 Revives the Neoc
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    “This perhaps is the final tragic irony. Those who were once in need of protection from genocide now commit it.”

    The only thing that seems to come from oppression is the knowledge of how to oppress. From oppression comes more oppression.


    With the WEF and western world .gov pouring monies into the MSM to support it how will one go about exacting change? Complaining to the advertising companies won’t help if they’re being supported by ESG bullshit. I see the WEF is looking for more monies from the US, I wonder why? Too many zombie companies needing life support for following the bullshit? I know preaching to the choir here. Have to say it somewhere, the people in my community are fully in the matrix. I wonder what TAE’s rating looks like, as if!

    On September 7, 2021, the U.S. Department of Defense gave an award of $749,387 to Newsguard Technologies, a private service that scores media outlets on “reliability” and “trust.” According to the suit, roughly 40,000 subscribers buy Newsguard subscriptions, getting in return a system of “Nutrition Labels” supposedly emphasizing “safe” content. Importantly, Newsguard’s customers include universities and libraries, whose users are presented with labels warning you that CBS is great and Tucker Carlson is dangerous:


    Do authoritarians deserve a chance to be treated with grace and forgiveness? The question is circulating regularly these days in the wake of the complete failure of covid pandemic response and the victory of the anti-mandate movement. The answer relies on a series of counter-questions based on logic and predictable outcomes. It’s the kind of discussion that covid cultists don’t want to have; they just want everyone to forget because they now have something to lose politically

    Scott Galloway, Professor at the NYU Stern School of Business and member of the World Economic Forum’s “Global Leaders Of Tomorrow” list, is one of the cultists that now wants to be given a free pass as he debates the issue on Real Time with Bill Maher.

    Dr. D

    “AOC on Sunday posted on X that she won’t support any more foreign aid, including support to Israel, because of the national debt” and needs here at home.

    …Just kidding! It was Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). AOC may also vote against it though. If Pelosi allows.

    Top priority! 5% of all voters give a s—t about a s—t country, the most corrupt in Europe according to the NY Times. That’s why they get (another) $100 Billion.

    “The Transportation Department’s budget for FY 2024 is $28 billion, rounded up. For the Labor Department, it is $15 billion. The Interior Department gets $19 billion. These three departments have a lot to do with the way Americans live—the quality of our lives. Roads, bridges, public transport; employee training programs, worker safety, labor-management relations; mining and logging licensing and regulation, national parks, Native American affairs: The budgets for these three departments come to $62 billion.”

    A third what we lost on Ukraine alone. So……….. looks to me like we could give EVERYONE in America free food, EVERYONE in a America a free house…and still have a ton left over for free education. Whaddya say? No? Don’t like money? Nope. They do NOT like money. They like War. #DeathCult.

    “DeSantis Warns China ‘Key Player’ Behind Ukraine, Israel Wars:
    “The CCP is keeping both Iran and Russia afloat financially…”

    So? Why the f– should I care? If both Ukraine and Israel were bombed off the face of the earth, I wouldn’t think of them ever again. Cruel? Too soon? On the flip side, if all AMERICA didn’t think of them ever again, there’d be no $150 Billion dollars to make wars there. See my point now?

    So…Desantis has a stiffy for an all-out TOTAL WAR against THREE fronts. Uh-huh. Because your state is so immensely self-sufficient in Food, Energy, Shoes, Chips, and electric transformers? Y’all put the JOKER to shame. He’s sitting in his basement wondering: Some men just want to watch the world burn. What can I possibly do now to catch up to Trump and Desantis?

    That feeling when your leaders are so bad you wish they were reasonable like Lex Luthor and Dr. Doom.

    Luongo proposes two things about Gaza: One, Israel needs to attack Iran, which (for some reason) is the only threat they feel can topple them. They can’t (or won’t) do it and why should they when “Christians” from Tennessee and Baltimore can die instead? That’s just common sense. BUT – The U.S. is clearly dying or dead as seen in Ukraine, a husk to be discarded. Before the reputational hit fully passes through and the U.S. fails, they need to get this quart of blood out of Tennessee. …Okay he didn’t say all that, but close. So ALL blackmail/money/favors/etc have been hot-stepped to FORCE the U.S. into a major war with Iran BEFORE we (and the Globo monetary system) collapse in in a vampiric bloodless heap on the world stage. Or better: die BECAUSE of killing Iran. (Then it’s our fault plus they can pick our carcass and erase the Bill of Rights).

    That goes with Part II: As the same Globo-empire runs TelAviv, MI6, Congress, and Brussels, AND they just lost in Ukraine, they HAVE to have the U.S. be WORSE than Europe economically, for capital flows. …If such a thing is even possible. I mean, really? Who on the planet could possibly be worse than Europe right now? ARGENTINA is looking better than Europe now. So: 1) get the U.S. to print money. That sounds strange because it should make us stronger but it allows Eurodollar creation when they are right now being squeezed to blackout by Powell’s Anaconda (you’re welcome). It will weaken the US$ possibly even to the abysmal level of the feckless Euro. All the money is PRINTED, so they can get it out of Congress and into their personal pockets, as is happening right now. AND! The U.S. is “In a war” and Europe “Isn’t”, so safety should stop fleeing to Powell’s 5% rates, which has been wiping out 10 years of Legarde’s negative issue bonds.

    This is part of the new EU Unified Taxing Authority they are back door-ing to Europe (without vaseline). Without it Europe cracks and the EU is destroyed, kudos for holding it together this long. As part of the “No capital allocation”, “No commercial banks” as part of the (UN/IMF/Swiss) Central Bank being the world currency and sole issuer, allocator, and CBDC as the revival of the Politboro that we all know worked so well.

    No U.S. war = Europe remains squeezed and blacks out. But get the U.S. in a war – any war! We don’t care! — and Europe can last another move.

    Again, WHO exactly? but roughly speaking it remains the same GloboEmpire on the inside, and “Multi-polar” on the outside. Each nation has their internal resistance to GloboCap, but roughly speaking no one from the inside, the “West”, has fully broken out yet. However, the holding actions, like Hungary, seem to be stable and those fully on the outside of the “Axis of Things-We’d-Like-to-Steal” are getting stronger.

    I need to think about this a lot more, but what is up with Congress and the White Hats? In the above environment? So ALL people went with Israel? Really? Hold on a sec; pause your cynical face. Don’t Black Pill me now. That’s not normal. That’s not characteristic of several of these people. Not that, say, Trump, isn’t pro-Israel (and ALSO a Nazi) but he’s a POLITICIAN. He doesn’t throw his entire bank on the poker table for one throw. That would be nuts, and if he did that, he wouldn’t have made it this far.

    Some obviously are pro-Israel and always have been. Sure some will be mouthier than usual. But look at the roster we have identified as White Hat aligned over time and hundreds of actions: they’re going Pro-Israel at the worst possible time and AGAINST the entirety their base.

    Okay, anyone remember the SINGLE play in the White Hat playbook? Anyone? Beuller? There’s only one, so you don’t need to think too hard: Make them go TOO FAR. Too fast. Show everyone who they are. Tell them they’re great, you’re on board, I give up, you win.

    You see, the talent and intelligence of the “Normal” people is the only thing that allows mentally-deranged parasites to win. OUR work, OUR strategy. Because, Ipso “mentally deranged”, their plans make about as much sense as a rabid badger and fail utterly whenever tried. Viz. “Bolton”.

    Back to Trumpster Dumpster. So he went ALL IN for Israel. Against his base. Like way over the horizon, way past Covid against his base. Like irreversibly, irredeemably against his base. C’mon. ORlly? Whyyyyyyyyy? He suddenly forgot to be a politician? He can give everything to Israel WITHOUT doing this, and has. In fact, he can do far more for them by shutting up at home. Call me sus.

    No. Because somebody knows Israel is going to lose. Wait, what? Trump went all in for somebody who’s going to lose? Yes, like Bolton. What’s their one play, that the K-Pop never, ever, ever, ever pick up on?


    Whoops! Israel, who holds the blackmail on most of Congress, Overextended, Overplayed their hand. But whaddya lookin’ at me for? I totally, totally was on board! I did everything you ever asked! And more! …Just like Ukraine.

    What retribution? What retribution when they fall? We did everything you told us, everything you asked! Not our fault your plans were deranged, mentally ill gibberish of a meth-smoking mongoose.

    Oh and like Ukraine (which they, the White Hats, just won), golly gee Batman, we tried SO HARD to get that critical vote, critical funding, but shucks Congress is all disordered right now and golly, we just couldn’t get it through. Hillbillies in Kentucky, you understand. So YOU went out there against Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, Iran, and ALSO Iran’s new partner, Saudi Arabia, PLUS Egypt and Jordan, and lost? Well we MEANT to back you up, but you know, Speakership…House…elections…right?

    Does that lift the cloud of blackmail from Congress a little, with the ADL being exposed and clearly enormously weakened lately?

    …So that’s what I’m thinking from “Reading words.” This is not plausible at all. This is way too far. Israel is in a trap, and we – certain Americans – are helping. On the same play as Ukraine, same plan as last time, same plan as always, until these drooling glue-sniffers finally catch on. But they can’t. Because “Inbred Mentally ill”.

    ‘Til then: Party on Wayne!

    Says Moriarty:

    “There are several important factors here that have led us to the verge of World War Three.
    1. Bibi faces criminal charges once he is out of office.
    2. Brandon probably will end up facing criminal charges once the DOJ understands who they really work for.
    3. Israel wants to blow up the Al-Aqsa Mosque and rebuild the Temple on the Temple Mount. Once the rest of the Muslim world realizes what is really behind the actions of Israel, they will go all in.
    4. There is a giant natural gas and oil field off Gaza. Israel pretty much stole the portion that by all international law belongs to the Palestine.
    5. Israel would love to use their nukes on both Syria and Iran. If they could get the US to destroy the Iranian oil fields it would increase the value of their stolen natural gas and oil field.
    6. I think Israel sees a total war against the 2.3 million people in Gaza as a final solution. They have gotten away with war crimes for 75 years so Bibi and the rest of the war criminals running Israel can pull off one last trick.

    …Hamas has all the right in the world under the Geneva Convention to break out of their concentration camp and open-air prison, that does not extend to the deliberate murder of civilians. Israel spends a lot of time whining about their right of self-defence but the three US carriers and one British carrier do not qualify as self-defence. If Israel wants self-defence they should defend themselves not call in their attack dogs that they own and operate. But if Israel has a right of self-defence, so does Hamas. …
    This war like all others gives everyone an opportunity to show off their moral compass.”

    Or complete lack thereof. Show us who you are.

    “I’m going to tell you something that very few people will say because frankly they lack my background and qualifications. The Russians have hypersonic missiles on Mig 31s flying over the Black Sea on a 24/7 basis. Those rockets have a nine-minute flight time from the Black Sea to the Eastern Med. Even on a non-nuclear basis the Russians can take out all three US Carrier groups in the first ten minutes of a major war. We have no defence against the missiles. If they hit the carriers 12,000 Americans are going to die.

    …Let me make this abundantly clear. Like the last stupid war in Ukraine brought on by the US and Nato, we are going to get our asses handed to us. Bibi has pissed off the entire Muslim world. This is turning into the last battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil. And frankly if you support the genocide of 2.3 million mostly innocent people in Gaza, you are [evil]”

    Clear enough for you?

    Question for the White Hats is: is it worth 12,000 lives and to sink a few museum relics to end this world-wide horror show for good? You’d send them to land on Normandy if that ended it and restored Democracy, wouldn’t you? What’s the difference? OR: Do you SAY you are going to go in. We’re right behind you!!! And when that Kinzal hits the US/NATO forward base in Lviv first day of the war, all the Generals point to it and say…welllllllll…maybe not so hasty. But we’re right behind you still!!! With NO men, NO tanks, NO planes, in fact, only all the useless outdated junk we’d have to expensively decommission anyway, and THAT only doled out one-by-one so it definitely won’t win anything.

    …And no one notices. Because rabid, deranged, drooling morons. So is THAT what they do in the Eastern Mediterranean instead? I’m not saying Iran wins and re-occupies modern Israel. Just that they take such a beating they become a “normal” nation again, in a multi-polar world of “equals”.

    Remember, Israel is very careful, very powerful placed worldwide, and doesn’t want to do anything for themselves. The only way they’ll act is if you OVERWHELMINGLY say we’re ALL IN. We’ve got your back, completely. You are ENTIRELY safe. Is that what we’re seeing out there, in Congress, because that’s just not plausible. NO ONE is all in for anyone except THEMSELVES. Telling them so is a lie. So…why everyone lying to get Bibi to swing?

    Halloween on Libertarian Street:

    UNREAL Stats: 4.1% of ALL Deaths in Canada Last Year Caused By Government ‘Suicide’

    Wow. Now there’s a self-correcting problem. I feel better already.

    Aspnaz: “Most ordinary Jews support Israel, in my experience the vast majority support Israel…”

    I concede that whole post. That is the argument against in a nutshell, without hyperbole.

    However, note that pre-arranging and pushing this issue has divided us wonderfully. You’re attacking, we’re attacking each other instead of those above. They’re living rent-free in your head. Therefore, they own you still. I won’t say “forgive and be free.” I’d just say, those are not winning tactics. They have installed the handle to yank you around with, and it requires you to keep holding it close to your heart. Be like Elsa and Let It Go.


    When I was a kid, I came across some evangelical material with a tag line that has stuck with me ever since. “If being a Christian became a crime in your country, would there be enough evidence to convict you?”

    Over the years, as my church attendance waxed and waned, the phrase kept coming back to me, perhaps to give me a little prod, for which I’m now thankful. But overall, it didn’t bother me all that much. But in the last few years, a generalised, perverted form of the phrase has slowly but surely crystallised in my mind.

    “If being [insert attribute] became a crime in your country, would any evidence be enough to save you?

    Will You Be Convicted of Spreading Misinformation?

    Dr. D

    Yes. But why bother? If you’re not a “Pal” you’ll be equally convicted on no evidence at all.


    Read the bloggers. MSM Lost Control of the messages
    Gaza “land operations”:
    1. Turn buildings into rubble
    2. Level rubble with tractors
    Israel and the US either win their genocidal war swiftly now, or else they will lose the long war.
    The peaceful demonstrations demanding peace and cease-fire have been noted by the governments and ignored.
    Maybe we are fooled by our own lies, but most of the world sees us, and Israel, clearly. They understand our genocidal proclivities, rank hypocrisy and self-righteousness. They see that Palestinians, largely friendless, without power, forced to live in squalid refugee camps or the diaspora, denied their homeland and eternally persecuted, suffer the kind of fate once reserved for Jews. This perhaps is the final tragic irony. Those who were once in need of protection from genocide now commit it.
    Whoops! Israel, who holds the blackmail on most of Congress, Overextended, Overplayed their hand. But whaddya lookin’ at me for? I totally, totally was on board! I did everything you ever asked! And more! …Just like Ukraine.
    Covid vaccines:
    Count/Watch the 10,000’s at a football games.
    Count the number of hospitals overflowing with covid patients.


    So why do you let it happen?
    Who listen to Putin?
    “… few listened & even fewer understood & cared…”
    Who would listen to me at TAE?


    Israel can’t find/locate/communicate with 240 people and as a result calls them hostages of Hamas.
    October 7th?

    Just Some Randomer

    @zerosum “They see that Palestinians, largely friendless, without power…..”

    By contrast to the Palestinian’s lack of access to the levers of power both today and historically, this is the house in Buckinghamshire in which is displayed the original Balfour declaration where the British Empire acceded to the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine at the request of Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild.


    Waddesdon Manor was built by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild between 1874 and 1885 to display his collection of arts and to entertain his friends.

    So it was really just a kind of weekend country cottage which the Rothschilds used to entertain and schmooze their powerful London friends and make sure events just happened to fall in their favour.


    UNREAL Stats: 4.1% of ALL Deaths in Canada Last Year Caused By Government ‘Suicide’

    They are, amongst other things, now officially, “legally” using suicide as a “treatment” for depression. ie suicide as a treatment for suicidal thoughts.

    I was just reading an article on the Aztecs the other day that they were killing minimum 1% of the population yearly in sacrifices to prevent the end of the world. You know, Save The Planet.

    They made a PROMOTION, a COMMERCIAL for “assisted suicide” So beautiful. What examples are they giving us in the video of WHO should be killing themselves? What underlying beliefs are held by the people promoting it? Want to make a bet I can name them all off in 1 try?

    pop-out for non truncated viewing


    To think that just a few short months prior, posts by C-biker were deemed “outrageous” prompting some visitors to depart in protest for being allowed on TAE?


    Do we have nine hundred and fifty years?

    1979 saw the beginning of a thirteen year investigation into the truth concerning a rather famous celebrity. There was little fanfare in 1992 when the results of the investigation were revealed to a less than curious humanity. This lack of interest is quite understandable, the celebrity in question was convicted in the year 1633. That’s right girls and boys three hundred and forty six years after conviction and an additional thirteen years of investigation later the celebrity was absolved of his transgression. The ruling of the investigation? “It moves”. This is the world of the “Enlightenment”. This is the world where dogma, DOGMA to be more accurate, still holds the reigns. The celebrated “Reigns of Reason”.

    Were there brown or red human beings whose cultures had produced astronomical maps and histories prior to the year 1633? Were there black human beings in Africa whose culture had knowledge of our solar system and the local cluster long before the charge of heresy? Simply stated, yes.

    The celebrated celebrities of our day have placed The Enlightenment and It’s (purposeful choice of diction) bastard child, Western Civilization, at the center of the universe. The Roberts and Hedges are members of the Moral Inquisition and just like the Inquisitors of 1633 no evidence contrary to the Moral Burden will be tolerated. That there has been lies, torture and genocides is of no consquence when your emotions and lack of spiritual awareness are central to the functioning of EVERYTHING. The logic goes something in the neighborhood of:
    “Yes we wiped out the cultures of two continents and carried centuries of created value back to our lair, let bygones be bygones. The important thing to consider is that we must murder and rob the Chinese. We are at the Center of an expanding Universe and our position must be mantained. What is to be done with the populists, the socialists those huddled masses yearning to breathe free? Murder them and their fanciful yet unenlightened philosophies and cultures. Taking profit from a closed system is our moral imperative.”

    “White Hats” The moral elite who have starved, maimed and poisoned infants, children and their mothers for profit. Those paragons of virtue who see the value of Their portfolio diminishing and are driven to ensure the profitability of that subsection of immorality. Theodore Parker be damned.

    The “White Hats” have one intent, keeping their bread buttered.
    The spice must flow.
    Anyone Enlightened can see that.
    Do we have nine hundred and fifty years?


    Same story replicates itself fractally writ large:

    “He kept me locked in the basement. Would not let me go anywhere, get any sunlight, do anything good. Forced me to eat poop and bugs. Beat me while telling me what a bad person I was.”

    Creepy stepuncle, WEF, Israeli policy setters, US State Dept, WHO etc. The boringly banal totally unimaginative creepy stepuncle with a larger stage to fill with themselves. Can’t imagine greater greatness than the toothless alcoholic dude with a girl trapped in the basement of his broken down shack. Mistaking their grandiose inner feelings for grandness.

    Israel should have at least frogmarched every non Israeli out of the captured territories the moment they won their wars. THAT would have been better than THIS, bad as that is.

    But creepy stepuncle doesn’t get to make stepdaughter eat bugs, beat her and continually tell her she’s awful if he kicks her out of the house.


    “Were there brown or red human beings whose cultures had produced astronomical maps and histories prior to the year 1633? Were there black human beings in Africa whose culture had knowledge of our solar system and the local cluster long before the charge of heresy? Simply stated, yes.”

    “Yes we wiped out the cultures of two continents and carried centuries of created value back to our lair, let bygones be bygones.”

    You seem to be arguing on the one hand that anything is equivalent to anything.

    Else, where is their Kepler, Copernicus, etc. The Greeks calculated accurately things like the diameter of the earth and the distance to the moon. On record. Where are the records and what are they of EQUIVALENCE. Unless your argument is that there are no distinctions, differences, etc?

    And then labeling an entire swathe of the population of humanity as murderous, guilty. Based on their ethnicity and culture.

    It smacks of

    –there are no distinctions thus your achievements you would otherwise be proud of are as nothing

    –except there IS one hard distinction which is for YOUR group, it is presumed you are fully evil, responsible for all ills, stole everything you ever got, and you carry non dischargable group guilt

    YAW-FUCKING AWN. Ok, current-year Marxist. Now explain the 150 million dead from marxism – equal to 23 Hitlers.

    You have to presume that “Ah-HA, your civilization was not perfect!” Disproves all admirable qualities and achievements. And presume everyone is obligated to bow to your presumption

    First go on and prove the presumption.

    Plus you are thinking in terms of total choplogic. Marxists think of things as being “xyz-adjacent.” Same as primitive peoples believe, that the sanctified and clean should not touch the profane. YOUR society TOUCHED THESE THINGS, therefore…

    Prove this presumption first. I don’t believe in that religion. You’re going to have to prove the religion first before I accept it as a basis for argument or value-judgment.

    D Benton Smith

    Do authoritarians deserve a chance to be treated with grace and forgiveness?”

    Sure they do, and that chance is based on them gracefully and non-evasively admitting to the crime they want to be forgiven for.

    Fat chance.


    The French MSM (Le Figaro) has published an article reporting the ex-PM of Israel, Yair Lapid, saying (on X-Twitter, amongst others) that he personally issued a warning on 20 Sept. about upcoming extreme violence by Hamas, following info he had obtained.

    That the docs / info he received were also sent to Bibi N.

    Is repeated in the article that Cairo warned Bibi N. several times, and was ignored. Lapid also blasts Bibi N. for blaming the army and the SS (heh, that is Secret Service or Infor. services) in part, for the Hamas attack (8 oct.) Bibi N. hysterically denied these accusations and apologised to the army and SS for being out of line in critisising them.

    In F:

    It looks like the pro-Isr. narrative is cracking a little, in poodle USuk supporters like France.

    I don’t think comparisons between the Hamas attack and 9/11 are of much use (as posted before, while I understand how they come about) yet it is clear that the F MSM is now OK with a “he let it happen on purpose” scenario, which was a common meme or trope re. 9/11.


    Wiki, on the ‘Trance’ – Supernova Sukkot Gathering – music festival, 7 Oct. 2023:

    The organizers switched to the site only two days before, after the original location in southern Israel did not work out. (Israel)

    Very strange for a big festival – 2 days?

    I was reminded of the Las Vegas shooting at the Harvest Music Festival 2017, the deadliest mass shooting in recent history in the USA, supposedly carried out by lone nut Stephen Paddock (> total BS), and not elucidated to this day, buried.

    Just my musings not pointed to any plot in particular, exept that Music Festivals provide an easy oppo for cheaply killing many, usually youngish middle class / rich ppl, in an easy to control way.

    John Day

    ‘We Need to Stop This Whiny Behavior. We Need to Win The War’: Netanyahu ‘Used Plant to Influence Families of Kidnapped Israelis’

    Sort of a “Judas goat”.


    Israel compiled ‘ethnic cleansing’ plan for Gaza.

    “A document leaked to the Sicha Mekomit news site calls on the government to relocate the entire population of Gaza to the Sinai.”


    Not flash news, but MSM (even if on RT) is significant.

    Dr D Rich

    Says Dr D:

    “They’re living rent-free in your head. Therefore, they own you still.”
    “Let It Go.”

    The question IS do they live comfortably as in what form of parasitism do they take in your brain, Dr D?
    Normal commensal?
    A psychologist’s projection is transference or counter-transfernce, yet projection just the same.

    ‘A life unexamined is not worth living’

    I can’t wait for aspnaz’s reply.


    The ones we have sinned against gnaw at our hearts-
    But isn’t this how it has always been?
    Their very existence recriminates us-
    So then we sinners compound the sin.


    What happened to us we will do to another,
    Instilling resentment again.
    The cycle continues and fights will go on
    Until the destruction of men.

    D Benton Smith

    Ania K interviews Scott Ritter on Israel/Palestine again, and once again he is brilliantly articulate and, most rarely of all in today’s vlogosphere, non-evasively honest. Another great interview, don’t miss it.



    MofA: A sure sign that Ukrainians know the war is lost. When it comes to corruption, they are behaving as if there is no tomorrow!

    Maybe the corrupt in Washington DC have noticed this too! Maybe they are no longer getting their usual cut from their money laundrying operation? Maybet the Ukrainians are now stealing all of the “cleaned” money!


    My father was on Sinai under the UN troops banner exactly sixty years ago. Returned after six-months deployment, just about this time of a year, and I can still see his white-toothed grin against dark tanned face.
    Lots of photos as a tourist in uniform.


    We officially anyway agree that forcibly moving ethnic populations out of their land is a crime against humanity.

    ALSO it is a long, LONG time policy of empires. Going back as far as there is history.

    For example, the Babylonian empire moving Jews out of Israel after conquering them.

    The first Messiah was an Iranian – a Persian. The guy who defeated Babylon, sent those ethnically cleansed folks back to their homeland, and gave them the money to re-erect their temple.

    The Jews’ First Messiah: An Iranian.

    Big, big part of the Jewish history. By the waters of Babylon we wept etc. Beginning of the diaspora and temple-away-from-the-temple practice of the religion. Forcible relocation of millions for an empire’s policies.


    Now it should became bold.





    On your advice I am not planning on attending any music festivals!


    oh and one additional note – gene-mapping proved that the Palestinians ARE to a great extent the Jews of ancient times. In terms of their lineage. Their genetics.

    So the Israeli govt is doing to ancestral Jews (admittedly non-practicing in terms of the religion, most likely) what was done by the Babylonians to the Jews.

    The Arab conquests weren’t all that much a matter of wiping out entire populations but converting them (even if by ah… non pacifist means shall we say…) so it should not be surprising that there’d be a bunch of ancestral Jews right there where they had lived for millennia.

    Dr. D

    Benton: That’s just silly. As anyone can see, it’s the American Left that’s living rent-free in my head.

    Commies! They’re under me bed!

    Veracious Poet


    This is turning into the last battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil.

    Do you really believe that this War To End All Wars is really about good vs. evil?

    From my perspective, seeking Spiritual Sanity in the *Now*, all I perceive is evil vs. more evil vs. pathologically pitch black evil (warmongers)…

    So, who is your “good’ guys?

    One last tidbit, then I’ll leave y’all to your passionate “discussions”:

    Within the Christian tradition are voluminous “teachings” that warn that condemnation of Israel as a religious “third rail” curse; while those that “support” Israel will receive bountiful blessings from the God of Abraham…

    To the land which I will show you;
    And I will make you a great nation,
    And I will bless you,
    And make your name great;
    And so you shall be a blessing;
    And I will bless those who bless you,
    And the one who curses you I will curse.
    And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed ~ Genesis 12:1-3

    Here’s another 100 Bible Verses about Those Who Are Against Israel

    As a recovering “evangelical” music minister & counselor I observed this phenom first-hand, from sea-to-shining-sea, it is definitely a deeply held “taboo” in the psyches of not only mainstream “Christianity”, but even more fervently observed within most cults…

    So, for many in “Christian America” protecting “Israel” is as much a holy crusade as it is a “jihad” for the Muslims that want to conquer & reoccupy it.

    This blessing vs. curse is deeply held in christian doctrine & drilled into congregants from Sunday school on…

    Even now, 30 years removed from “The Church”, it has import within my being.

    Never underestimate “superstition”…


    Figmund Sreud

    “ It is a peek back from a modern audience into ancient history, an Old Testament massacre in real time.
    The First Televised Genocide

    The First Televised Genocide



    Sorry for the repeated posts on Israel today but I am actually thinking my way through this.

    So we have the ancestors of converted Khazerian Eurasians bombing the converted islamic descendants of the original semitic Jews.

    Not, surely, as a uniform thing. Like it doesn’t describe the situation as this purely and only what is happening. …but generally, some of that is definitely happening.

    Thinking more on this…

    It follows that if they are in this pickle because their ancestors converted away from Judaism during the Muslim conquests, and they can prove by gene-mapping that they are ancestral Jews, and if they convert back to Judiasm, and claim the Right Of Return, they should be able to cross over from Gaza into Israel as citizens.

    And if they ALL convert, then Gaza can be eliminated and become part of Israel as planned and the Gazans can become full fledged Israeli citizens with all the commensurate rights and privileges.

    Dr. D

    VP — I know it well and certainly no one bothers with me…or the Bible…but what does it say about Israel that turns away from God and is cursed? That’s odd, I could have sworn a couple times when they misbehaved, Israel was chastised BY GOD, and the non-Jewish people who did it were merely instruments OF GOD.

    They leveled the Temple — of GOD — then annihilated Israel as a nation — from GOD. And the King like Cyrus who did that didn’t fare badly in the least. Maybe God’s promise only works when you keep God’s commandments and covenants? Like “Foreign Idols”, “Thou shalt not kill”, Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s land” and even “”You shall not lie with a male as with a woman” which they approve of wildly over there?

    Hmmm, seems like if you act like a d–k, all support from God is right off.


    Dr. D

    Figmund Sreud

    … er, seriously?

    Russian forces in southern Ukraine installed a powerful radio-jammer designed to interfere with the signals that help to direct GPS-guided munitions and drones.

    Last week, Ukrainian forces blew up the Pole-21 GPS-jammer … with an apparent GPS-guided bomb.


    Highlights: Medical sources, ‘hundreds dead in Gaza refugee camp’ – Witnesses at the scene report that the Israeli air force resorted to a “ring of fire”, i.e. a tight bombardment along an entire strip of buildings. Rescue teams are converging on the scene. Gaza’s Ministry of Health, quoted by Al Jazeera, speaks of a death toll of at least 100 “destined to rise”

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