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    John Vachon “Career Girl” New York 1955 Hi, Ilargi here. As per October 3, the Daily Links that used to be in the top space on every page will now bec
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    On Wednesday night, October 1st, two Dallas “health officials”, accompanied by numerous police personnel, went into the victim’s apartment UNPROTECTED, as in not wearing any protective gear. This is the quarantined apartment I’m speaking of. They’ve now had to turn in their uniforms and boots, their squad cars were taken out of service and are being cleaned (hopefully not by the guys in the bottom link), and the deputies have been put on leave. Can this get any stupider?

    “The three deputies, a sergeant, and a lieutenant accompanied the head of Dallas County Health and Human Services Department and a doctor into the apartment late Wednesday night. They had gone there on the orders of Sheriff Lupe Valdez to get the people inside to sign a court order forbidding them from leaving the apartment.”

    And the quarantined family told the officers that they were running out of food, so:

    “…one of the supervisors got sandwiches and drinks for the family from a police prostitution diversion initiative that was going on nearby. ”

    Only in America!

    Here’s a picture of the two “health officials” leaving on Wednesday night – no protective gear.

    Tell me this article is from The Onion, please.

    Then check this out – look at the two men power washing the victim’s vomit off the parking lot, with one woman in sandals walking through it. Hey, Dallas, bend over! A Red Cross worker can be seen delivering food to the apartment, again no protective gear.

    PHOTOS: Dallas Crews Clean Up EBOLA VOMIT Without SUITS!

    One guy in the “Comments” section said something like, “Please tell me there’s bleach in that hose.” Nobody is wearing protective gear.

    And the West is going over to Africa to help stop the spread of the disease? Yeah, right! The handling of this situation in Dallas has been shocking. If it doesn’t spread in Dallas after all of this, then they’re right, it’s not easily spreadable.

    This woman (step-daughter to Ebola victim) and her family saw the victim on Sunday, the day he went to the hospital. She had gone over to check on him and make him some tea. He was shaking and feverish, so she went out and bought him a blanket, then returned. She helped prop him up in bed, then she called 9-1-1. This family appears to have been quite responsible, quarantining themselves without being asked to (God knows why they weren’t).

    “Aaron Yah, 43, and wife Youngor Jallah, 35, yesterday told of their ordeal in isolation and revealed that they had not received direct orders to stay indoors.”

    The blanket she kindly bought him was left on a chair in the hospital waiting room for hours afterwards. The waiting room was not decontaminated. And we’ve all heard how the ambulance used to take the Ebola victim to the hospital was used for a further 48 hours before it was taken out of service.

    Feeling safe?

    John Day

    Good work, Raleigh!


    Re deforestation in West Africa: read the same thing about China a few years back (or some part of Asia). They were taking down the natural bat habitat, which forced the bats to go into animal barns, etc. They thought bats gave SARS to an intermediary host, which then passed it on to humans, but they finally discovered that it pretty much just goes from bats to humans.

    “The paradigm setting study provides the most compelling information to date that zoonotic coronaviruses, like SARS-CoV and perhaps the MERS-CoV, are preprogrammed to transmit directly between species. Clearly, SARS-CoV is not extinct, but rather, the virus is hiding out in animal reservoirs-poised to recolonize the human host at the first opportunity.”

    Deforestation has its consequences. Another reason to get off the “growth-at-any-cost” bandwagon.


    Thank you, John Day. It’s almost Three Stooges comical, isn’t it? The five police personnel go into the apartment to get the occupants to sign a court order saying they won’t leave (of course, it takes five of them to do this!), and then they leave themselves. Duh! Couldn’t an order have been completed over the Internet somehow, especially with what we’re dealing with? I mean, isn’t the key not to spread the disease further? It’s like they’ve taken a trowel and spread it out as far as they could!

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