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    London shopkeepers – who are currently trying to cope with an epidemic of gang-organised shoplifting caused by the police’s refusal to investigate such crimes if less that £200 pounds is involved – must be astounded at the very different approach that the police have taken to the historical complaints, many of them trivial, made against Brand.


    It seems obvious to me that the injection of chaos – by removing the protection of low-value private property as owned by smaller businesses in which the elites have no stake – is a way of removing the concept of private property among the plebs. It will obviously destroy tax-paying businesses and is a way of stealing the property of the poor by proxy. This to me plays into their “you will own nothing” promise.

    This could go one of many ways, depending on the WEF plans. My guess is that the plebs will be provided with essentials by the government and with those essentials will come police protection. The elites will continue as they are, but the plebs will be the oppressed class in the future apartheid society. All essentials will be chipped so that they can track and trace “their” property. The essentials will not include privately owned cars and soon the theft of cars will not be under police protection unless the car is leased from the elites.

    In this way you will have a choice; rent essentials that have police protection or buy essentials that will be stolen with no police protection and no insurance. It makes no difference to the elites, they sell their goods and services either to the government or to you. They make their money either way, as long as there is a farm of plebs, the elites will live in luxury.

    Of course, the elites will have complete police protection as will their businesses.


    Same plan Ardern put in place in New Zealand … all comforts and enjoyable activities will be terminated …

    Looks like the future apartheid will be a true prison, even worse than being a Palestinian.


    Kind of makes sense, that the Democrats and Republicans trashed McCarthy as cover for ending funding to the Ukraine war. How else could both parties agree if their owners did not want this to happen? They are the new CCP, so their blanket vote is a tell in itself. Politically, the Democrats would have been better off using a weakened McCarthy than getting a newly installed GOP alternative, so why did they vote against McCarthy, the McCarthy who would have given them Ukraine funding?

    Canada apologizes for honor awarded to ex-Nazi soldier in 1987
    Ismail Shakil and Steve Scherer
    Wed, October 4, 2023

    Simon’s apology was first reported on Tuesday by Jewish publication Forward, which raised concerns over Savaryn’s background in the wake of a scandal over Yaroslav Hunka, a former Nazi soldier who was praised in Canada’s parliament. Savaryn and Hunka had fought in the same Waffen SS unit.
    Trudeau ‘looking carefully’ at releasing names of ex-Nazis in Canada

    Conservative caucus divided on whether to release details of alleged Nazi war criminals
    John Paul Tasker
    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday senior bureaucrats are reviewing the Deschenes Commission report — a 1980s-era independent inquiry that looked at alleged Nazi war criminals in Canada — with an eye to making more of it public.

    Jewish groups, including B’nai Brith and the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre (FSWC), have said the second part should be unredacted and disclosed publicly so that Canadians can learn more about the country’s shameful history of admitting an untold number of Nazi collaborators after the Second World War.


    Saw a Reddit post about where to get the most recent booster in my city this was in the comments:

    Just coming out of my second COVID infection (last one was a year ago). This kicked my ass almost as bad, and I’ve had four shots already. Whatever the current variant is, is really nasty. Though I know others who had much milder symptoms.
    How long do you have to wait for a booster, after an infection?

    As Einstein said insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.


    How long do you have to wait for a booster, after an infection?

    With a statement like that, they’ve gotten people to believe that the immune system doesn’t exist at all, just like X and Y chromosomes.

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