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    Albrecht Dürer Study of the left hand of an apostle (for the Heller Altar) c.1508   • RFK Can Become President as an Independent (Jeffrey Tucker)
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    Trump and Jesus? Is DBS the new spiritual advisor on TAE, telling us all how we are so wrong and how he is the way, the truth and the light? Dear oh dear, what will we get next, this is like shock therapy.


    I thought it was John the baptist. Lawrence of Arabia?! Who’s DBS? Cousin of TDS, twice removed? Nah, just a good drawing. Could have made it a caption contest.


    So Asians and Hispanics are the most Racist in America then?
    I wonder how conclusions are made and framed.
    Good luck everyone.


    aspnaz DBS is just riffing on deep thought. I like it. A bit time poor with 1000 substack subscriptions but still find time to read some of his musings and there is some good stuff there.


    Alison R Greenfield should be in a sty.

    Dr. D

    Global Use of the Euro Has Collapsed in The Past Nine Months
    It’s share in transactions dropped from 38% in January to 23.2% at the end of August, which is the lowest level recorded in, at least, twelve years.”

    Nothing happens. Nothing will ever happen again. The Euro can go to one guy, Jose, trading it with Victor and Jean, and the price will remain the same with $1T in debt/year no problem to be floated. Yup!

    That’s our life now.

    “Blackstone’s Massive CRE REIT Records Eleven Months Of Outflows 

    …And nothing happens. Nothing will ever happen again. Blackstone (not BlackRock) goes from 100% invested to 0% and no prices change anywhere. Just like in “The Big Short”! 100% change in the housing equity, 0% change in the paper that TRACKS the housing equity.

    McCarthy. First time in 170 years a Congressman has held mild and appropriate consequences of his conduct. That was post Civil War when the corporations starting taking over the country, so I hope that means something.

    “• Ukraine Forbids Troops to Group Together Fearing Mutiny – Macgregor (TASS)

    Um…your plan is that the army can’t mass into formation? Brilliant! Be sure not to give them guns, tanks, and ammo either…oh wait.

    “Another diplomat said the “big elephant in the room” in Europe is the concern that Washington could abandon Ukraine.”

    Luongo has a new one and he channels Alex Marcolis and saying Britain is the one behind this. That the reason for several media events this week was to get the U.S. to keep footing the bill. Why should Europe or England pay? Make the U.S. pay! And all they have to do is buy a handful of dummies and keep the media positioning in place.

    However, the U.S. did NOT slavishly fall into it as we usually do. Not saying we won’t, but they might have to kill some kids or blow up a nuclear plant or something instead. …Which as we see, Britain is happy, relaxed, and overjoyed to do. Doing it for 200 years and they ain’t stopping now! They’ve got the 2nd Crimean War to fight! THEY are the ones who trained the 300 suicide squad to cross the river and take Zap Power against a few thousand Russians when the inspectors were there, keep blowing up the Kersh Birdge, etc. All England, all the time. Perfidious Albion, as every Irish, Scot, Frenchman, and German can tell you. …Yet they never stop running back. “Oh England, not THIS time you won’t! I love you and your beautiful teeth.”

    Anyway, the concern is first, last and always that the U.S. will stop funding the war for no f-ing benefit to us, so Europe and England don’t have to. …Just like the last X wars.

    Kiev’s goal is to become “an Israel in Europe – self-sufficient but with help from other countries,”

    What??? That’s just what I said! But I’m considered a crazed moron ranting nonsense all day. And it’s not “help” it’s “Sucking off the world like a parasite”…forever. What we’ve given Israel would probably fix all the infrastructure in the country 5x over. We could be 2nd world!

    So, what you’re saying is, If we win in Ukraine, we have the great benefit of ALSO paying you for all eternity? Shut up and take my money! You had me at “Israel in Europe”. We need such a beacon of peace, stability and human rights in all four corners of the world. They’d never be racist, ethnically divided, outlaw half the people and shell them, right?

    “He had also laid out, per The Hill: … that he was protesting a 2017 law in Ukraine that limits ethnic Hungarians from speaking their own language,”

    As discussed elsewhere and always, this is against the UN charter on Human Rights. …Just like everything the UN does and supports.

    ““Ukraine will eventually have to restore its dangerously depleted demographic numbers if it hopes to survive in some form..”

    Uh-huh. I know you’ve been buried in a textbook over there at Columbia, but maybe you should get out more often and look into what “Sex” is. “Sex”, if you haven’t heard, is how you make babies. With a man and a woman. Then a year after drunken frat orgy or however you guys do that sort of thing, and Brittany doesn’t get an abortion because it’s Chad’s baby and his father is rich and famous, she gives birth with a lot of screaming and blood. THEN, fast forward twenty MORE years of constant hardship, heartbreak, screaming, hitting people with belts and locking them in closets or whatever you guys do, ONLY THEN will you have a soldier. A “Demographic number”.

    …And only 50% of the time. The other half are girls, which apparently aren’t good enough or strong enough for you to go to war.

    So chop-chop, get hopping, you guys. At $10,000/year it’s only $200,000 and a lifetime away from filling one “X” on that spreadsheet you’re talking about.

    What a bunch of ninnies. I never thought I’d see the day I’d have to even explain “sex” and “Unplanned pregnancy” to morons. …Or to their much, much dumber cousins, the Ivy League.

    BTW, yeah, as discussed before, all that is past-tense. Ukraine has ALREADY demographically ceased to exist. I can’t think of a single plausible scenario where they retake their homeland.

    Or as Dorothy Parker would say, “If all the girls at Yale were laid end to end…I wouldn’t be surprised.”

    ““…almost 42% of adult Americans are obese, compared to 11.6% in 1990.”

    As RFK says 4x sicker than any other nation. Only since 1990. What are causes of obesity? Well if you’re straight-up poisoned the body often gains weight as if to dilute the poison. Endocrine disruptors are a major type of herbicide, pesticides and other toxins. Chlorine has an effect on iodine uptake which is thyroid health. And as well-established since the first concentration camps, called “Reservations”, if you feed people the worst, most carb-filled, vitamin-free diet like they used to on Food Stamps, they will gain the very specific kind of weight we commonly see. Get your fry bread today.

    Those are a few, and yes, there are others, and personal choices, but they’re using the choice and willpower part to distract from what they are very knowingly doing, paying, and forcing for decades. How do I know? Read all the food literature from the gov’t pre and post-WWII. They were savage about child nutrition and health, doing the opposite of everything today. Why? They wanted those soldiers as cannon-fodder as above. That was when we were arranged to ‘win” the war. Now we are pre-slated to “lose” it. Thus the expensive, decades-long, tireless, exhaustive push to ruin health, the opposite of the expensive, tireless, exhaustive push from 1930-1960. Push-pull. Problem-solution.

    “They were all murdered by June 1943 when the town was declared Judenfrei. Hunka remembered that time as “the happiest years of my life..”

    Like Soros. Apparently the more Jews he turned in for money, the happier he was. Oh wait—that can’t be right: he was also a Jew, as he defends every day he’s criticized. It’s almost as if a specific subset of Jews sacrifices the other set of them as a means of cloaking and survival.

    Anyway, Taibbi wrote on this un-real, un-credible, ir-real, astonishing, breathtaking defense of Nazis through all common papers right now. You see, we all “Misunderstood” that Hunka, a literal SS soldier neck-deep in atrocities, was actually an “SS Soldier” neck-deep in atrocities. And it’s OUR misunderstanding that this person they directly say and admit was an SS soldier, and tell us and admit was a war crime person, was a Nazi or a war crime person. …Which THEY say he was. In their own articles, paragraph before. But he wasn’t. Although they reported he was. Got it? Good.

    Trump, yeah, caption contest. The guy is just a guy. Unexceptional. Unimportant. Stupid. Fat. Ugly. Selfish. Amazing all the focus on him, I mean really pick somebody decent, will ya?

    Speaking of. Inexplicable. But fun.


    I’m still waiting for someone, anyone, to give me a single example of Mr. Trump, from any stage of his life, acting on an idea that was above and beyond his own self-interest… something said or done based upon a higher principal…

    Yes, I thought it was Jesus, too, good drawing but man it is so easy to ask the computer to do that sort of thing nowadays…kinda sad. And here you have magnificence from Durer…from the 1500’s! Amazing! I stop and think of the materials he was working with…in what conditions of lighting, etc…


    Ukraine Forbids Troops To Group Together Fearing Mutiny ~McGregor

    We are at the Event Horizon for the Ukronazis troop morale collapse

    Ukronazi officers are actually stealing the paychecks of men under their command and collecting paycheck of dead soldiers under them so their wives and families are deprived of death benefits from the government.


    Three to four man groups on a battlefield like Ukronaziland won’t do shit.

    That’s kabuki, nothing more than pantomime to keep the Grift flowing.

    Ukronaziland is a corruption sewer second only to the Empire of Lies Congress.

    Whitney Webb interviews Catherine Austin Fitts

    Well worth a listen, lots of dots connected by two really smart women.


    Stopping a fan with your head

    Looks like NATO=NAZI trying to stop Russia

    38 companies join newly established Ukraine defense alliance
    SAT, SEPTEMBER 30, 2023
    Ukrainian companies have signed 20 documents with foreign partners, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    These agreements and memorandums cover the production of drones, the repair and manufacture of armored vehicles and ammunition. Among the cooperation formats are joint production, technology exchange, and the supply of components.

    During the forum, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced the creation of a defense industry alliance, with 13 companies already joining. Ukraine will also establish a special defense fund using funds from Russian assets and dividends from state defense assets.
    Preparing the defense ground.
    It’s not because of the vaccine or long covid.

    The life expectancy crisis is systemic, with social, economic and political drivers.
    • US ‘Failing’ At Life Expectancy – WaPo (RT)

    The US is dead last among “peer countries” in terms of life expectancy for its population, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday.

    Months of research and interviews have revealed a widespread problem with obesity, cancer, heart conditions, and diabetes, as well as a growing gap between poor and wealthy Americans.

    The evidence available in Canada against Ukrainian war criminals has been concealed, starting with the Deschênes Commission of 1987.

    Prepared by: Grant Purves
    Political and Social Affairs Division
    Revised 16 October 1998

    “The Commission found prima facie of war crimes in just 20 cases, and, in a confidential Part II to the Report, made detailed recommendations to the government about how to proceed in each case”

    those darned kids

    well, mr. trump looks pretty good in that portrait.

    but, there’s NO WAY jacob chansley has that much hair.


    As long as the US and NATO keep pumping money into the Ukraine, the Nazis will keep the war going. It is corruption that is feeding and keeping the war going!

    Oh, so if I keep throwing more of my countrymen at the Russians, you will give me more money? Sure, no problem!

    Notice in both the US and EU, the anti-war focus is now on stopping the money flows, not the weapons flows.

    D Benton Smith

    It’s almost as if a specific subset of Jews sacrifices the other set of them as a means of cloaking and survival.”

    Yeah, like the way it would look if the IMAX version of the cinematic blockbuster History Of Humankind was adapted for smaller screens and shorter attention spans, and translated with really clunky subtitles.


    China has been actively restricting the sales of drones and drone components to restrict the West’s and Ukraine’s ability to produce drones. This is why the Ukraine is now short of drones compared to Russia.

    D Benton Smith

    I had a teacher in High School who was much like @aspnaz (but with a MUCH sweeter temperament), in that Archie [his name was Archie Stewart] couldn’t get past the rules of spelling, grammar and conventional syntax to grasp the underlying meaning or message of a story. For him it was all form and story, but no meaning. You could have bounced parables off his head for a lifetime to no avail. For example, he thought that Ivanhoe was about chivalry, and that the Christian Bible was about religion.

    For that matter, he thought that RELIGION was about religion, but it never occurred to him that religion itself was merely a MEANS of getting at something far more fundamental and immeasurably more important; in a word, truth.

    And, to quote more than one historical figure, “What is truth?”

    To which my answer would be, “That’s a very good question! I think it would be an enormously beneficial endeavor to actually try to find the answer.”

    Along such a path one will inevitably stumble into religion. That’s a good sign that you’re at least in potentially fruitful country. But don’t get hung up in the words, forms and textualized stories. Go for the underlying message instead.

    And yes, this endeavor has absolutely everything to do with our current predicament.

    Find the truth and the truth will set you free. And that’s the truth.


    Wolf pup howling…
    My dog realized a few years back that vocal (singing) warm ups are like dog/wolf howls. He has decided that he wants to join in the fun. So, whenever I do vocal warmups, he joins in. He does this when my singing students do their vocal warmups with me. He realized that the piano accompanies student vocal warmups, so now, sometimes general piano playing means to him that it is “time for a pack howl.” This is mostly hilarious, except when I’m teaching vocal harmony as his howls are not quite harmonious enough, are loud, and are too big of a distraction!


    Some keen classical music fans went to the Ambronay Music Festival (France), and were devastated when the main star, Baritone, whom they knew personally and admired, collapsed on stage in the middle of the performance, was shortly thereafter pronounced deceased.

    They described to me (viva voce, in person, over dinner) the tragedy, the closing down of the show, the tweets, the reactions of the Soprano Lady, who freaked out, other performers, the audience’s leaving, and so on. One noted that the Baritone was playing the role of GOD / An Elder, and saw some symbolic significance there.

    Nothing was said about the cause of death, there were no questions about why this Baritone died, he just collapsed! Horrific! So Terribly Sad!

    News report eng.

    (> … these kinds of deaths are now totally accepted as natural)

    John Day

    Hungry War Machine

    Simplicius has extensive news again. The US Army War College report says the US military will need to draft cannon-fodder and turn off electronic communications in any peer-war, which lessons have been learned from Ukraine, where any electronic communication lights up a target for the enemy drones, artillery and missiles. This is the Army’s first major rethink of warfighting since the fall 1973 Yom Kippur War, involving Israel, Egypt and Syria.
    The need for an American draft is based on estimates that the burn-rate of American casualties would be about 3600 soldiers per day, so a lot of fresh meat needs to be in the pipelines and moving to keep feeding that grinder. (This seems to assume a one-front war, not Russian And Chinese fronts.)
    The poor quality of young American meat these days has 77% of 17-24 year olds “unfit for service”, so really only the cream of American youth will meet minimal requirements to be ground into closed-casket hamburger in the approaching “war for freedom and democracy”.
    American industry will have to gear up to make more tanks, FPV drones, which are suddenly so deadly-important, new communications networks, and all forms of armored vehicles, which need to be completely redesigned based upon battlefield lessons from Ukraine. America will keep buying into “public private partnerships” to do all this.
    There are some thoughts that identity politics should not be a primary military consideration, but those can be left for another day…
    Questions are raised about the hypothetical killing of NATO personnel inside of Ukraine by Russian forces, but this strikes me as odd because that happened already in spring of 2022 and was just covered over as helicopter accidents in other countries and high level prisoner exchanges from Mariupol were quietly arranged.
    The report notes that Russia does not need to go on the offensive while it continues to “win” a war of defensive attrition against declining Ukrainian manpower and exhausted NATO military supplies of all kinds. Russia is currently winning the global PR war by not-escalating in the face of provocations.
    NATO is ratcheting-up provocations and looking for obscure targets to hit within Russia to impress the western viewing audience, whose support is slipping hard lately from “war-fatigue”. It is officially hoped that such strikes will demoralize Russians and lead to Putin’s ouster. It is more likely that the NATO hope is to goad Russia into more aggressive action, to justify escalating NATO nuclear-brinksmanship, and allow the control-narrative to be effectively updated to overcome “war-fatigue”.
    ​ Army War College Report Predicts Mass Casualties in Near-Peer Fight Against [Russia] – Analysis​ [Note: US/NATO would be the “near” peer party.]

    ​I remember the “fragging” of American officers in their tents at night in Vietnam. (My Dad did not get fragged. The most-hated officers got fragged. Democracy at work?)
    ​ The leadership of the Ukrainian armed forces does not allow its servicemen to gather in large groups for fear of a large-scale rebellion, retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor, a former adviser to the Defense Secretary of Defense under former US President Donald Trump, said.
    ​ “They (the Ukrainian military leadership – TASS) whittle down the squads to three or four men to prevent larger formations from forming that might actually rebel,” Macgregor said on the air of the YouTube channel Judging Freedom.
    ​ He pointed out that distrust pervaded a military that sees its leadership send them to their deaths. “It’s a terrible condition. The people (the Ukrainian servicemen – TASS) are simply being fed systematically into the so-called meat grinder. <…> I would expect that to continue and even worsen in time”​.

    ​ Colonel (US Army ret,) Douglas Macgregor has an 8 minute update on the war in Ukraine, where Russia has 750,000 well trained, well led and well supplied troops in and around the war-theater. This is a realistic summation, and he draws implications based upon facts and trends.

    Eleni sent this article about strategic pathways for information transfer being contested in war, the same as strategic choke points for trade and pipelines are.
    ​ Eurasian integration and the western nightmare for a “Fistful… of cables”
    It is a common geopolitical secret based on the South China Sea that about 1/3 of the world’s shipping passes through its waters, while it is believed that huge amounts of oil and natural gas lie beneath its bottom but the most of all is that passes 99% of global internet. With the words of Haley Zaremba, “The crux of the war is underwater cables. More than 99% of all international internet traffic is carried through such subsea cables, which are overwhelmingly controlled by a handful of Big Tech companies in the U.S., “namely Google-owner Alphabet, Facebook-owner Meta, Amazon and Microsoft.” As the internet economy ramps up in Asia – it has expected to reach $1 trillion in value by just 2030 – other economic powers now want their slice of that pie. Whoever controls the cables that cross through the South China Sea will stake a major claim to that $1 Trillion”

    Eurasian integration and the western nightmare for a “Fistful… of cables”

    John Day

    Also from Eleni: (Can Venezuela hope to follow suit?) The US-Iran deal: prisoner swap or new nuclear agreement?
    ​ This week’s front-page prisoner swap and release of frozen Iranian assets may be nothing more than a sweetener toward a more sweeping US-Iran nuclear agreement.
    ​ Western diplomatic sources tell The Cradle that the main reason the US initiated secret talks with Iran is because Washington has a critical need to increase oil supply in global markets.
    ​ Deescalating with Tehran can bring new energy sources online quickly to make up for lost Russian supplies. This is why one of the unpublicized US deal concessions to Iran is to ignore sanctions on Iranian oil and gas trades.​ [Note: “Ignoring” sanctions is temporary and reversible, but releasing $20 billion of Iranian assets was a concrete step.]

    ​Gilbert Doctorow seems a little hopeful for these rays of sunshine.
    Sometimes democracy allows the will of the people to become state policy: this eventful weekend on Capitol Hill in Washington and in Slovakia

    Sometimes democracy allows the will of the people to become state policy: this eventful weekend on Capitol Hill in Washington and in Slovakia

    McCarthy Won’t Seek Speaker Position In Re-Vote; Trump Nominated By Nehls​ (Don’t laugh coffee through your nose, please.)

    ​Nice opening move… Nancy Pelosi evicted from her private office in the Capitol by interim House speaker
    McHenry assumed the temporary speakership after now-former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted on Tuesday

    ​Sea Change? Jim Jordan (R-OH), the man who said he didn’t want the job, is running for House Speaker to replace Kevin McCarthy (R-INO).

    John Day

    U.S. Money Supply CONTRACTING; Down 3.69% and Falling

    ​The recession has begun, but remains unheralded.
    ADP Employment Report Signals Weakest Labor Market Since Jan 2021

    US Factory Orders Jumped More Than Expected In August… Thanks To War​ (Expensive, outdated junk.)

    ​ Swiss Writer Sentenced To 60 Days In Jail For Calling Journalist A “Fat Lesbian”​ (She does appear to be significantly overweight. “​Facts = hate speech” now?)
    ​ Soral’s remarks occurred two years ago when he took aim at Catherine Macherel, a journalist who prided herself in using her platform to advance her advocacy for LGBT causes.

    Glenn Greenwald Weighs in on Russell Brand and the ‘War on Rumble’​
    ​ “So crucial is the online censorship regime to Western power centers that one thing is certain — any individual or company that even thinks about defying it will be severely attacked and punished,” journalist Glenn Greenwald said on an episode of his “System Update” podcast.
    ​ Big Tech platforms and the U.K. government have launched a war against Rumble, using recent allegations against comedian and political commentator Russell Brand as a pretense.
    ​ Rumble is an online platform that reaches large audiences and has a demonstrated commitment to defending free speech against the “censorship-industrial complex,” Greenwald said.
    ​ Four anonymous women accused Brand of rape, sexual assault and other types of emotionally controlling behavior that allegedly occurred more than a decade ago. The allegations were made as part of a joint investigation from The Times of London, The Sunday Times and Channel 4 Dispatches.
    ​ To date, no police complaint has been filed against Brand.​..
    ​..YouTube said Brand was suspended for violating its “creator responsibility policy.” A spokeswoman told The New York Times, “If a creator’s off-platform behavior harms our users, employees, or ecosystem, we take action to protect the community.”
    ​ Greenwald said organizations that deplatformed Brand were “engaging in obvious political censorship and capitulation to the demands of establishment sectors that hate Russell Brand, not because they believe he did this, but because his political messaging is so threatening.”
    ​ Other key figures in independent media agreed. Investigative journalist Max Blumenthal of The Grayzone told The Hill:
    ​ “Whatever the merits of the allegations are, it’s trial by media that he is being targeted because he has become perhaps the most prolific critic of corporate media as well as the War State and the Ukraine proxy war on the planet.”​…
    ​..But Rumble refused to comply, noting Brand had never been convicted of any crime, and that it is “not competent to adjudicate his guilt or innocence, just like it’s not competent to adjudicate truth and falsity in our nation’s most complex political and scientific debates,” Greenwald said.
    ​ In response, the British government and media and the U.S. corporate media have “launched a full-on assault on Rumble,” he said.
    ​ The Times of London said the U.K.’s new Online Safety Act could be used to eliminate Rumble in the U.K. altogether. The Sun warned that Rumble’s executives face the threat of arrest under this new online safety if they try to enter the U.K. without fully complying with these new censorship orders.
    ​ Greenwald said the attack on Brand and the new law are only “the beginning of the cycle of reprisal, not the end.”

    John Day

    Family Investigated for Keeping Teen Home After School-Based Health Center Gave Bag of Unlabeled Zoloft to 17-Year-Old
    ​ When the girl’s father, Eric Sack, found the pills — which his daughter told him were Zoloft — he complained to the school.
    ​ Zoloft carries a black box warning — which warns of possible serious adverse reactions — indicating the drug can cause suicidal ideation, particularly in people under age 24, when they first start taking the drug.
    ​ Sack kept his daughter home from school the following week to make appointments with a doctor and therapist — a decision that resulted in someone at the school or the health center reportedly contacting Child Protective Services, which investigated the family.​..
    ​..”A young person is getting a drug with a black box warning. They come home with it. It doesn’t even have any warning label on it. The parents haven’t been told, and the drug is in some plastic bag that anybody — any other child in the house, or their peers — could have access to. It could be a very dangerous situation.”

    Family Investigated for Keeping Teen Home After School-Based Health Center Gave Bag of Unlabeled Zoloft to 17-Year-Old

    ​ Police Detective: 50% of Sudden Infant Deaths Happened Within 48 Hours of Vaccination — But No One Is Allowed to Say It
    ​ In an interview with Steve Kirsch, a former police detective claimed that about half of the sudden infant death cases she investigated showed the child had received a vaccination in the previous 48 hours. But coroners never mentioned vaccines on the death certificates, and doctors have been trained to gaslight parents, she said.​
    ​ Dr. Elizabeth Mumper, president and CEO of The Rimland Center For Integrative Medicine, told The Defender, “Many parental reports about a baby dying suddenly start with the phrase, ‘He just was at the pediatrician’s office — they said he was healthy.’”
    ​ “If there were no correlations between vaccines and SIDS, then sudden death cases would be evenly distributed throughout the month,” Mumper said.
    ​ “Instead, we see clusters of unexpected deaths in the first week after shots are given. Reports from police officers and first responders are supported by this published evidence,” she added.
    ​ Despite the comprehensive data gathering required by the coroner, Jennifer told Kirsch vaccines were never listed as the cause of death — or even mentioned — in the final reports.

    Police Detective: 50% of Sudden Infant Deaths Happened Within 48 Hours of Vaccination — But No One Is Allowed to Say It

    ​”Sinister Developments” Dr. John Campbell interviews James Roguski about UN and WHO efforts to establish global pandemic-emergency authority and funding through non-vote procedures, which are just “accepted” if not officially rejected, and on very short timelines. There are multiple parallel initiatives underway, not only the “Vaccine Treaty”.
    (This is 44 minutes long, but the first 34 minutes contains the essential information as well presented by Roguski.)

    Dr. Marian Laderoute , Pfizer Vaccines with Oncogenic SV40 DNA Contamination Not Revealed to FDA , Looks Like it Does Puts the TURBO in Turbo Cancers!

    Consider ivermectin to be a possible contributon to care, not the answer to all prayers, please. Glioma studies are particularly interesting, though.
    ​ IVERMECTIN and CANCER, it has at least 15 anti-cancer mechanisms of action. Can Ivermectin Treat COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Induced Turbo Cancers? – 9 Ivermectin papers reviewed


    US is militarizing Ukraine to invade Russia.

    Sergei Glazyev speaks,

    June 2014. Vid. 11 mins. Eng subs.

    well worth a watch.

    John Day

    ​ Pierre Kory MD , Reports From The Front Lines Of The Vaccine Catastrophe – Part 5
    Last of my series of posts (for now) on reports from the front lines. Currently, am hearing of issues with blood donor drives, vaccine exemptions, hiding of vax status, and cognitive dissonance.

    Robert Malone MD lays out how doctors participating in the “free” children’s vaccine must purchase at their expense COVID vaccines every month to provide to other patients, or face disciplinary actions from the Medical Board. (“That which is not forbidden is mandatory.”).
    ​ Coercing Doctors to Buy COVID Booster​s
    NY State Government Department of Health provides a lesson in how the Federal Vaccines For Children (VFC) program gets enforced

    ​ Of Mice and Men: Aspartame at Doses Lower Than FDA Limits Made Male Mice Slower and Dumber
    ​ Male mice fed the artificial sweetener aspartame at lower-than-recommended levels showed learning deficits, which they passed on to their offspring, according to a study in Scientific Reports. Although the deficits appeared only in first-generation offspring, the results suggest the effects of exposure to aspartame may be many times greater than originally thought.

    Of Mice and Men: Aspartame at Doses Lower Than FDA Limits Made Male Mice Slower and Dumber

    John Day

    ​The inevitable decline of shale oil drilling is underway, as predicted… Shale Is Not Coming To The Rescue

    Always underappreciated. It is all from humans, not from that big nearby star. Has the Sun’s true role in global warming been miscalculated?

    Magnetic Pole Shift update. Earth’s magnetic fields are down to about 70% of their pre-1900 value and declining ever more rapidly.


    I love how pointing out corruption is “disparaging.” If you point out conflicts of interest and ethical breaches, especially with a picture illustrating the fact so a 3rd grader can understand, you are a big meanie. And everyone knows, Don’t Be A Big Meanie is a rule!

    Since as of today,

    No Speaker Of The House, 2nd in line after the VP for President
    Russia running emergency drills
    US running emergency drills
    This is the day the 5g towers activate the marburg virus in all the notavaxxed (I have some serious doubts…)

    best of luck to us all!

    D Benton Smith

    I’ll be off the interwebs for a couple of hours, or forever, as the case may be.

    Why didn’t I set up a pool for the possible outcomes of the events (and/or non-events) of this day? Coulda made a fortune!

    Anyway, tah tah for now.

    John Day

    My flip phone went emergency-buzzer at 1:18, before I removed the battery, so I removed the battery about 4 seconds into it.
    I never got jabbed.
    I think I’m gonna’ be ok.
    Who knows?

    D Benton Smith

    Oh, no, I’m still here! Why do I feel a little bit disappointed? It might have been much more interesting the other way, and come to think of it, it still may.


    IPAWS National Test 2023
    The test will reach millions of mobile phones across the country via Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA), radio and television via the Emergency Alert System (EAS), and other communication pathways.

    Test will take place at approximately 2:20 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2023.

    Backup testing date is Oct. 11.

    They will get you on the backup.




    Best go somewhere with no 5g



    Oh, no, I’m still here! Why do I feel a little bit disappointed?

    That’s the 5g effect they are testing today. Remote inducement of disappointment. (scratching their heads, how on earth can we make Americans uniformly feel disappointed? ..maybe with, uh, …electromagnetism???)

    Think of it as Wireless Biden.


    Figmund Sreud

    … fwiw: The largely unknown story of the first Ukrainian refugees in Britain:



    “Wireless Biden”. Perfect!


    I forgot to mention:






    Demonrats Beg Bidet Biden to Abandon Economic Messaging

    Figmund Sreud

    A 200-metre-long bulk carrier docked in Vancouver, BC, Canada, … filled up with coal, and is now headed back to Asia – South Korea – where the coal will be burned in steel plant. That ship’s name? The MV Climate Justice! Yes, …

    Presumably this ship got its name because it’s reported to be cleaner-burning than all other bulk carriers.

    MV Climate Justice can carry between 30,000 and 40,000 tonnes of coal.



    I was in a divebar today, about 230 ET the commie fema signal went off, every retard therestarted punchin buttons on their jewphone. You know what, they deserve whats coming, They voluntarily walked into a cell, a prison. Fuck em, dont look back.

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