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    I hope John Campbell’s helminths are all gone now- I see he had to take few doses…;)
    Good catch, germ!

    I’m glad to hear NS2b is still intact.
    The others will be hard to fix when the repairmen meet the dogs of war.


    Bishko- I see a future where people will be forced to pick through “mount trashmores” looking for [lithium] batteries, plastic, metals, glass…
    Trash will become valuable.
    I used to go with my dad to “the dump” where he would scavenge parts for things he was fixing. I loved it. I always found something to bring home. I still peruse moving and renovation trash heaps, and have found any number of “treasures” (my assessment, not theirs).


    Naomi Wolf on vaccine injuries:


    Since most aspects of our collective predicament are the result of idiotic cultural norms and egregious deceit and fraud within western governments (and most other governments) it naturally follows that political and economic change will come via political and economic catastrophe.

    Providing sane commentary on the ever-worsening clusterfuck that is Industrial Civilisation (and particularly the City of London dominated sectors of IC) helps us maintain a sense of community but has almost zero effect on the trajectory or tragedy that is unfolding.

    I forget the exact quote but if goes something like this: When a system is characterised by looting and fakery and repression of truth, and the system rewards those who engage in looting and fakery and suppression of truth and writes laws legalising looting and fakery and suppression of truth, collapse of the system is inevitable.

    We have clearly reached the point of collapse.

    There has not been much discussion about it, but collapse is self-amplifying.

    Since the timing of complete collapse is uncertain, we cannot yet declare that “It will all be over by Christmas” (the famous declaration relating to WW!1) but I strongly suspect that for most people Christmas [in the normal sense of the word established after 1950 in the western world] is cancelled this year.


    Bishko and MPSK, I’m sure we have more than a few ‘trash pickers’ here at TAE. I’m gazing at a refinished bookcase gathered 50 years ago from Buck Hill Falls Company’s dump. Great place to shoot rats by the way in the 1970’s. Real rats with four legs.

    Sweden’s Navy On Site Before Nord Stream Explosions
    Only 24 hours earlier, Sweden now confirms.

    23 hr ago
    KARLSKRONA (Radsoft) — Sweden’s warships scouted for two days in the areas where Nord Stream 1 and 2 were later exposed to sabotage. The searches were carried out Thursday to Saturday. By Monday night, when the explosions occurred, they’d left the area.

    Sweden’s armed forces confirmed that they were indeed on site in those areas 24 hours before the sabotage.

    The information that Swedish warships were in the area 24 hours before the explosions was previously unknown. This is now confirmed by Sweden’s navy.

    ‘We’ve been in those areas and at those sites, we’ve carried out surveillance there’, says Navy spokesman Jimmie Adamsson.

    The data comes from Automatic Identification System (AIS) transmitters which send a vessel’s identity, position, course, and speed, thus generating a ‘trace’ of the ship’s course.

    At 11:00 Thursday last week, Sweden’s warships left the port of Karlskrona. Barely two hours later, the ships are on site at the area where three gas leaks are discovered four days later.

    At 13:00 the same day, the AIS transmissions stop and do not resume until 11:00 the following day – offline for 22 hours.

    At 11:00 on Friday, the warships are but a few kilometers west of the location of the three gas leaks. They then steer towards Simrishamn. At 18:00 they stop transmitting AIS data again when they’re back at the location of the gas leaks.

    At 23:56 on Friday, the AIS transmissions resume – but now the warships are at a new location in the southern area where the fourth gas leak will later occur.

    The ships then head north along Bornholm’s western coast to return to the more northern area where three gas leaks later occur. At 12:13 on Saturday, the ships stop transmitting AIS data again.

    When the explosions occur on Monday at 02:03 and at 19:04, there is no AIS data available.

    A large number of commercial vessels are in the area. In addition to the Swedish defence, Danish and German naval vessels have also manoeuvred east of Bornholm.

    AIS data from these 24 hours shows that the transmitters are switched off when Sweden’s warships approach the gas pipelines.

    ‘We sometimes choose to have AIS turned on, and then we are visible. Sometimes we choose to have it turned off, and then we are not visible’, explains Jimmie Adamsson to the Swedish media, who seem content with the explanation.

    Jimmie refuses to say why Sweden’s warships were in the areas, but instead offers the following.

    ‘This area is always interesting because much of the traffic in and out of the Baltic Sea comes north or south of Bornholm.’

    A reporter prods Jimmie.

    ‘The interesting thing is that you’re right there where the explosions later occur!’

    And Jimmie replies:

    ‘No comment.’

    ‘Our operations at sea are top secret, due to various events and the global situation, so we don’t say much about what we’re up to.’

    ‘We carry out maritime surveillance with various types of vessels.’

    Niklas Granholm, team leader at the Total Defence Research Institute, assesses that the Swedish warships acted deliberately.

    ‘They were probably given some kind of scenario to be able to do this. There seems to have been some sort of Danish-Swedish coordination.’

    ‘So this wasn’t by accident?’ asks the reporter.

    ‘Nope, it doesn’t look like that. There are too many coincidences.’

    What information might they have been given?

    ‘You can imagine that there’s been other information, or that Sweden got an intelligence assessment that they’ve been able to use to deploy their resources at the right time and in the right place.’

    ‘They could have received or acquired the information on their own – we have our own sensors that keep track of what’s happening in the Baltic Sea.’


    2022-09-22 (Thursday)

    11:19: Sweden’s warships leave Karlskrona. (1)
    13:03: Ships on site where three explosions later occur. (2)
    13:03: AIS shut down. (3)

    2022-09-23 (Friday)

    11:03: AIS resumes.
    11:03: Ships now west of earlier location.
    11:03: Ships head for Simrishamn. (4)
    13:42: Arrival Simrishamn. (5)
    18:10: Ships now east of Simrishamn.
    18:10: AIS shut down. (6)
    23:56: AIS resumes.
    23:56: Ships now southeast of Bornholm where the second explosion will occur.
    23:56: Ships now follow around Bornholm’s west coast. (7)

    2022-09-24 (Saturday)

    12:13: Ships now back on site of the three later explosions.
    12:13: AIS shut down. (8)

    2022-09-26 (Monday)



    phoenixvoice said

    Whether one believes or not that government *should* be setting standards for industry, the history of the matter is that governments have done so for centuries, probably for millennia.
    Industry standards, regardless of the source, do tend to have positive impacts on industry and lead towards efficiency in the long term.

    Government very rarely develops standards, they are mostly developed by the large corporations in the relevant industry. ISO is the best example, where standards are created by the industry memeber of the national institutions.

    My objection is not who creates the standards, it is that government is forcing people to adopt standards in areas that are none of its business and are of no benefit to the citizens. Why should the government decide the connector on my mobile phone? In so doing they are killing all competition in that area, turning connectors into a government controlled communist market where no development ever takes place because we all have to use the government connector. Next they will specify the screen, then the case, the battery etc etc until they are designing the whole thing and mobiles become a government device without competition.

    Government is unable to restrain itself from pointless regulation. This is only good if you believe in communism and then this form of extinguishing competition will be attractive as it will turn your country into the totally uncompetitive USSR and then collapse.


    zerosum said
    Sweden’s Navy On Site Before Nord Stream Explosions
    Only 24 hours earlier, Sweden now confirms.

    Probably clearing the area in preparation for the USA, to prevent the saboteurs from damaging civilian ships.


    RT provides us with this Taiwan-military-recruitment-problem.

    The interior ministry warns that declining birthrates mean there won’t be enough recruits in the future

    Enough recruits in the future? You have never had enough recruits to win against China, your only adversary. The military is a tiny blip which has political significance, no physical significance. Is this a plea for more cash to be dispensed among the bank accounts of the Taiwanese wealthy?


    Ye olde


    A) “the phenomenon that produces heat – collisions of molecules”

    b) Yeah, sure.

    Electrons manifest the retained energy in spin. When a spinning electron collides with another electron, the ‘victim’ gets more energy while the ‘perp’ loses some. Molecules don’t get warmer via collisions. Molecules get warmer because radiation comes along and smacks some electrons and makes them go faster.”

    The author is right. Heat is molecules bouncing into other molecules. The energy that causes heat is another matter. Try rubbing your finger on an emery board for five minutes. Or take it up with Richard Feynman:

    “Now imagine this great drop of water with all of these jiggling particles stuck together and tagging along with each other. The water keeps its volume; it does not fall apart, because of the attraction of the molecules for each other. If the drop is on a slope, where it can move from one place to another, the water will flow, but it does not just disappear—things do not just fly apart—because of the molecular attraction. Now the jiggling motion is what we represent as heat: when we increase the temperature, we increase the motion. If we heat the water, the jiggling increases and the volume between the atoms increases, and if the heating continues there comes a time when the pull between the molecules is not enough to hold them together and they do fly apart and become separated from one another. Of course, this is how we manufacture steam out of water—by increasing the temperature; the particles fly apart because of the increased motion.”

    The energy that CAUSES heat is not the heat irt causes.

    John Day

    Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman !’re_Joking,_Mr._Feynman!

    (heh, heh, heh… good humor in this book)


    “Most Americans don’t plan to get a flu shot this season — lots of them say they’ll mask to avoid germs instead Published Tue, Oct 4 20222:24 PM EDT”



    Never underestimate the determination of TTATT to keep pushing on a piece of string and keep fearmongering (as well as warmongering):

    ‘Two new community-transmitted monkeypox cases confirmed in NZ’

    ‘Epidemiologist Professor Michael Baker told Newshub “it’s an important milestone” for monkeypox in Aotearoa.

    “It shifts it from an entirely imported disease. You could now say there is endemic transmission in New Zealand.”

    Needless to say, as a promoter of masks that do not prevent the movement of viruses and as a promoter of jabs that make people ill, Baker has zero credibility.


    By the way, the solution to our energy predicament was widely publicised in the 1950s.

    “For when your troubles start multiplying, and they just might..”..


    This when the collapse of the housing bubble starts to get really interesting:

    ‘A rising tide of red has swept over housing values during the autumn and winter months, pushing property values down substantially in most parts of the country.

    According to property data company CoreLogic’s House Price Index, which tracks property values throughout the country, the average value of New Zealand homes declined from $1,043,261 in March to $977,158 in September, a drop of $66,103, or 6%, in that six month period.

    The biggest declines were in Auckland and Wellington where average values in most districts declined by more than $100,000, with substantial declines of more than $50,000 also recorded in Tauranga, Napier, Hastings, Palmerston North, Masterton, Nelson, Kaikoura, MacKenzie and Dunedin.

    The biggest drop in values occurred in some of Auckland’s most expensive districts, with the average residential property value of Auckland’s central-eastern district, which includes high-priced suburbs such as St Heliers Bay and Kohimarama, declining by $216,887.’

    Wellington City $1,274,691 $1,120,909 -$153,782
    Wellington – Central & South $1,199,083 $1,074,287 -$124,796
    Wellington – East $1,407,446 $1,234,043 -$173,403
    Wellington – North $1,210,878 $1,056,374 -$154,504
    Wellington – West $1,470,774 $1,274,535 -$196,239

    Of course, many of the fuckwits and liars that constitute the bureaucracy that has been leading NZ directly into a ditch live in Wellington.

    On the other hand, house prices in country districts well away from the centres of fuckwitism and deceit have risen a little.


    Spartacus latest podcast out now:

    Some snippets of the transcript:

    “The ruling class have constructed a model for an ideal society, and it’s centered on the elimination of the suburban middle class and its replacement with urbanism, neofeudalism, and serfdom, with a caste system consisting of property-owning rentiers who lease everything to commoners. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating; the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Great Reset are a massive rent-seeking exercise. All of this is fundamentally about who gets to control resources, us or them. What is the most basic difference between someone who’s wealthy and someone who’s poor? A wealthy individual controls more resources. It’s just that simple.

    “The purpose of the throwaway economy, with its planned obsolescence and conspicuous consumption, with millions of people buying new iPhones every year to show them off to their coworkers, is simply to get people to buy things they don’t need with money they don’t actually have.

    “The ruling class don’t believe you’re entitled to actually own a piece of the Earth. That’s for them to own, and for you to pay them rent to briefly fondle, before you shuffle off this mortal coil and let one of your descendants rent it from them, too. Basically, they don’t like how wealthy the average person is, especially in the West. Everything you’ve seen happen in the past couple years has been a deliberate attack on the health and wealth of the middle class. The Overclass want to lock us all up in a globe-spanning surveillance state that protects their property from us, the serfs.

    “If you don’t realize the level of evil we’re dealing with right now, let me make it clear. You are dealing with full-fledged psychopaths who believe that they are fully entitled to your body, to your children’s bodies, for labor, for sex, for internal organs, for literally anything that pleases them. The Overclass are directly involved in human trafficking for all three of those things; labor, sex, and organs. They see you as things, not people. That’s the game that we are playing. If you aren’t in that mindset, if you don’t start off with the assumption that our enemies wish us to forfeit all agency over our lives to them and treat us like things, like slaves, then you will lose, and the reason why you will lose is because you are assuming a basic level of human empathy in your adversary that does not exist. Only psychopaths would order the engineering of a virus to clear out pension and Medicaid rolls and pocket the difference. Only psychopaths would order the practical extermination of the elderly in nursing homes. Only psychopaths would suppress Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and other readily available repurposed therapeutics, hoping that more people would die. Only psychopaths would inject billions of people with an untested gene therapy drug miscast as a vaccine, which causes myocarditis, amyloid fibrin clotting, and autoimmune disease, and is killing doctors and athletes before our very eyes. Only psychopaths would then proceed to control the media and invent fictitious causes for these mass deaths while suppressing all alternative narratives.

    “The first premise we must accept, therefore, is that our opponents are psychopaths, and that our governments and institutions are chock-full of them. Is it really any surprise? We have created a system of government that selects for the most psychopathic, not the most empathetic. Our elections are an exercise in egotism and self-aggrandizement, raising to public office the most vicious self-promoters, not the most qualified people. Our bureaucracies full of unelected appointees are even worse; these people are indoctrinated in game theory, psychology, and management cybernetics so they can weaponize it against the public, stripping people of political agency for the managerial system’s benefit. Our leaders conduct brutal wars of aggression that have killed millions of innocent people in the Middle East and North Africa, and then cloak their acts of wanton mass murder in soft, humanitarian language. For years and years, people didn’t care. They looked the other way, or even cheered on the carnage because they were under the spell of patriotism. Trillions of dollars thrown down a hole, for nothing. For what the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and now Ukraine have cost us, we could have had high-speed rail, fiber optic networks, repaved roads, and rebuilt bridges. What ever happened to home and hearth? Why do our leaders permit us to live in squalor, while they launder billions of our tax dollars and funnel them straight into the pockets of their cronies? How many briefcases full of cash are leaving Ukraine as we speak?

    “Let me tell you what a true patriot would do. A true patriot would evict these monsters from our power structure, cut off their finances completely by ending the system of central banking, dissolve our corrupted intelligence agencies, reform our schools, establish stiff tariffs on foreign-made goods, and empower our workers and families. It’s only fair. They’ve robbed us, spied on us, miseducated our children, liquidated our productive industries, and ruined our communities by permitting rampant unemployment, drug abuse, and homelessness. We may complain that the coronavirus has sabotaged our societies, but since when have we not been subject to sabotage? It has been a decades-long process, one which is only just now becoming evident to a larger portion of the population.

    “The ruling class are afraid of losing their grip. They’re afraid of us throwing off the mental shackles they’ve placed upon us. That is why it is imperative that we do so, as quickly as we can.


    What do you think of this? I am expecting some brownie points from the AGW crowd for linking to this loonie leftist.

    D Benton Smith

    @aspnaz asked , “What do you think of this?” [possibly missing people]

    I think we should have a role call and count heads. Everyone who used to be here and is now (prematurely) not here, please raise their hands.

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