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    Paul Gauguin The Great Buddah 1897   • ACT NOW IDIOTS (BBC) • World Must Take ‘Unprecedented’ Steps To Avert Worst Of Global Warming (R.) • Energ
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    V. Arnold

    Paul Gauguin The Great Buddah 1897.
    Now I see it is 2 women; not so obvious in the other painting.

    The writing by the financial/economic propagandist’s has melded into a machine gun like stacatto, pseudo facts and expertise, for the most part.
    Of course there are exceptions; the usual suspects Keene, Black, Hudson et al; but they’re drowned out by the shouting and pedantry of the main stream hacks…
    I have this persistant gnawing at my back that this can’t last; the reckoning, long over due, must surely be coming soon, but, it just doesn’t…

    Dr. D

    • ACT NOW IDIOTS (BBC) Sure, but do what? Has anyone defined that?

    Sure they have: massively raise the mostly highly regressive taxes and murder a couple million of the world’s most poor. I mean, they say it right out in the open, and call it a win-win. Taxes to feed a government that has 2x, 4x, 10x the taxes they had 50 years ago, still blows them all, poisons and shoots everyone, releases pits full of toxins into rivers, disperses spent uranium, defends nuclear and Monsanto to the death, yet somehow still has no money for housing, health care, and roads. …But I’m sure if we give them more, just this time, they’ll use it to save the planet they’ve aggressively destroyed instead. Promise.

    …And of course the other win, as there’s not a day goes by environmentalists, apparently knowing nothing of environment or food production, call for mass “depopulation,” i.e killing people. Not them, of course, the enlightened wealthy who drive a Tesla with lithium extracted from a foreign war and refined by a mountainside of coal, but all the dirty wrong-thinkers who live somewhere else, and being too poor to buy anything are somehow non-environmental. You know, the kind of people we don’t think about except with a lot of broad hand-waving.

    Bigger government, more dead people: it’s like synergy all over again. Brought to you again by CO2 and Sach’s carbon credits.

    Of course we could return to Yankee ways of long tradition, measurable proof, low usage, no waste, high economy, and green pastures, but who wants that?


    A Rothschild popped up to taunt his caught “mice.” Most of it just reiterated what I’ve been saying for over a decade. They know what they are doing, the system is rigged, and they are purposefully going to wipe out the middle class in order to exponentially increase their level of control over the masses.

    Two things were revealed that I had not considered. First, he explained WHY they were doing it. They believe their job is to “perfect” their “bloodline.” He implied pretty strongly that this meant ELIMINATING YOUR BLOODLINE FROM COMPETING AGAINST THEIR BLOODLINE. Read into that what you may.

    Note that Rothschild = Red Shield = Blood Protector = Bloodline Protector.

    Secondly, he challenged a poster who claimed to own a home. Mr. Rothschild queried as to whether he **really** owned that home. He then called us all fools for believing we have “right” when we don’t even know what CONTRACTS bind us to the taxing authority.

    Them he strongly inferred that the taxing authority is contractually obligated to DUMP THE $30 TRILLION DEBT ONTO HOMEOWNERS, MOST LIKELY THROUGH A TAX LEVY OF SOME SORT… MAYBE ONE ABOUT $200K AVERAGE PER HOME.

    Of course, this will come during the teeth of the Greatest Depression, exactly as planned.

    He also talked about THE NEXT BIG THING to exponentially increase CONTROL over the RABBLE. He asked people to guess what it is. They couldn’t. I know what it is. In fact, it is all I’ve focused on for a decade. Can you guess what it is?

    I Am Rofschild, Axe Me a Question

    As to the authenticity of this guy, he’s almost certainly who he says he is based upon what he knows. The only other realistic option is that he’s some kind of high level lieutenant in the Rothschild organization.


    “Philanthropy is commendable, but it must not cause the philanthropist to overlook the circumstances of economic injustice which make philanthropy necessary.”
    ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Asking for money to help those who have been systematically economically disenfranchised without addressing the WHY and the HOW these people were purposefully disenfranchised is either a form of insanity or complicity.

    “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.”
    ~Henry David Thoreau, Walden, or Life in the Woods

    “Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will.”
    ~Martin Luther King, Jr.


    Dr. D,

    I think you will find this thread most interesting and enlightening… After reading it through, I’m convinced the original poster is who he says he is, or at least a high level lieutenant acting under Rothschild authority (I only say this because it is possible, but I do not think it is probable).

    I Am Rofschild, Axe Me a Question


    “As to the rest, I have challenged the serfs to tell me what the next big thing is…the post FIAT reality coming soon to your domicile!

    Laughing out Loud!

    If you know what is coming, you can properly prepare and…PERHAPS…cheat your fate!”

    “One desperately needs to consider where things are heading in a post-fiat world…or, more correctly, what the NEXT BIG THING will be. Note that it is well underway already, but few seem to grasp the monumental significance.”

    Note that the ANSWER to the NEXT BIG THING is actually provided in the sentence, above. Rothschild is literally toying with the monetary illiterate masses – providing the answer to the question in his comments about the question. It shouldn’t be too hard to pick up.

    “External subjugation/slavery
    Self subjugation/religion-morality
    The religion of FIAT

    Whats the NEXT BIG THING?

    Laughing out Loud!”

    ” Anyway, the NEXT BIG THING is not fiat/money as you understand it. What is coming is a much more effective means of control as many are quickly learning.”

    I Am Rofschild, Axe Me a Question


    • Ron Paul: US Barreling Towards A Stock Market Plunge Of At Least 50% (CNBC)

    Bring it on!
    I have made my reservation under the overpass.

    The dow is at 26,400
    50% drop will be 16,200
    That is not even close to a problem

    dow 8,776.39


    BTW, the Rothschild’s NEXT BIG THING is EXACTLY what is in operation in Greece that requires donations of fiat to try and address POST-FIAT Greece.

    But since everyone is infatuated with the BEAUTIFUL LIE, they don’t realize that EVERY COUNTRY IS SYSTEMATICALLY BEING PLUNGED INTO THE SAME POST-FIAT WORLD AS GREECE!




    The name is Bonds. Sovereign bonds.

    It was always in the cards. And these are just the early rumblings.


    ‘There is simply no viable alternative to the dollar’s global role as a unit of account, a means of payment, a transactions currency and a store of value.’

    Creating an alternative to the US dollar is not difficult but the consequences will be profound.

    How to do it? — the same way that the dollar was created, i.e., out of thin air and trust.

    For purposes of thin air – just pick a convenient number. Let’s say 1 trillion. Give the unit a name. I like trade reserve unit (TRU).

    For trust you need an administrative body founded by treaty between participating nations with all nations having equal rights and responsibilities. Give the administrative body a name. I like TRU Registry and Clearinghouse (TRAC).

    So far, we have TRAC sitting on 1 trillion TRUs. The purpose of the TRUs is to replace US dollars as a means of payment for international transactions. To accomplish their purposes, the TRUs must be allocated to nations on some objective basis related to their function. I propose that TRAC set up an account for every member of the United Nations and allocate the TRUs to those accounts in proportion to each nation’s share of global imports. Every nation on earth will then have a supply of TRUs waiting for them to use.

    To get the process started it is necessary that a significant group of nations get together to found TRAC My preferred group would be the members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and its observer status nations.

    Nations would get access to the reserves waiting for them in TRAC when then they become members by ratifying the TRAC treaty.


    If the IPCC isn’t the classic chicken little, the sky is falling story then I don’t know what is. For the most part their predictions have been wrong, wrong, wrong. A simple look at the more than 60 climate temperature models shows gross over overestimation. Theories are developed and then real world model are created to test the theories. Any sane scientist would conclude that there’s something wrong with the theory and that additional adjustments in the model are a waste of time. Now we’re being told that the experts have grossly UNDERestimated the effects of CO2 induced climate change and now we need an even more extreme reaction to save us from the worst effects and, by implication, touting the only possible solution to be a world government. Well color me skeptical.

    (sorry I couldn’t figure out how to link the graph of the climate models)

    You must be logged in to view attached files.
    E. Swanson

    chett, Your graphic is from John Christy’s UAH work. There are four groups which produce satellite “temperature” analysis and Christy’s work has the least trend. There have been many problems with the satellite data and it’s not clear to me that they have all been resolved.

    Besides, the climate model results do not adequately represent the impacts of aerosols, especially the sulfate aerosols from burning coal. There’s been a large increase in coal power generation in China and India, which has added large continuing sulfate emissions which may have cooled things a bit of late. I expect that China and India will need to reduce those emissions because of the health effects on their populations, after the smog levels in their cities have repeatedly turned day into night. When this change happens, the masking of AGW will vanish and we will experience the full impact of AGW.

    V. Arnold

    The dollar remains an irreplaceable linchpin to the international monetary system. And that’s the way it will be for the foreseeable future. There is simply no viable alternative to the dollar’s global role as a unit of account, a means of payment, a transactions currency and a store of value.

    That is a highly questionable statement. Russia, China, Iran, and the EU (to name a few) are actively developing alternatives to trade in dollars.
    Since the U.S. weaponized the dollar it is increasingly isolatiing itself by imposing sanctions broadly and irresponsibly across the planet.
    The dollar may well remain the world’s reserve curreny; but may find fewer and fewer countries cow tow to the U.S. dollar hegemon.
    The SCO has developed a basket of currencies (not dollars), all backed by gold, to escape the dollar hegemon for trading in commodities, gas and oil among them.


    Hope you are still replying !

    I would absolutely LOVE to know what you think “the next big thing” will be.

    I believe it may be control of food supplies. But I think I may be missing something.

    I have been researching for a couple of weeks since reading the original Rofschild thread, and this led me to your comments on this forum.

    Look forward to your response

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