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    Oversight from the other day: upstateNYer – sad to hear about your loss. My Heart holds yours remembering/knowing all things must pass.


    John Lennon would have been 82 today.

    “In My Life” is one of my favorite Lennon songs. Since I linked it within the last few weeks, here’s this one. Beautiful.

    LOVE to upstate and John.

    John Day

    Happy Birthday, Beatle John!

    TAE Summary

    Collapse? TP disappears
    An endless replacement appears
    You’ll clean up instead
    With Notes from the Fed
    And wipe out foul debt in arrears


    John Day said

    Several current and former intelligence officials said that there “is a much larger presence of both CIA and US special operations personnel and resources in Ukraine than there were at the time of the Russian invasion in February.”​

    This makes sense. NATO stole the Ukraine from the Ukraine people using Zelensky as the face of the regime. They have since consolidated their position, ensuring that nobody that represents a Ukraine citizen could possibly influence the Ukraine regime. I am sure that, like everywhere else, the majority of the Ukrainian people wanted nothing to do with fighting the Russians, most have run away to other countries with mostly the nazis being willing to team up with NATO. As a result, Zelensky has threatened all sorts against the Ukrainian people of fighting age, trying to force them to fight for the NATO regime in Ukraine. Many will succumb to such pressure, but the NATO effort must require a large percentage, many thousands, of foreign troops and mercenaries to keeping the fight going and to stop the forced conscripts from surrendering.

    Putin stole back some of the land that NATO had stolen, then let the residents decide whether they wanted to be under the NATO regime or the Russian regime.

    The Chinese situation is the strangest: Xi and Zelensky could be brothers, both fascists using the same tools – Xi just banned the Cantonese language on TikTok and is flooding Hong Kong with mainlanders so that they form a majority, kind of similar to flooding the Russian speaking parts of Ukraine with western Ukrainians. I don’t know whether Xi does a routine with his penis, but it woul dnot surprise me. Although, Xi is in bed with Putin, I suspect that Xi is waiting to let Russia fight the west and will then step in to take the spoils at the end, much like the USA did in WW2 …. and we know how much the Chinese like to copy everything USA.


    Nastier and nastier, as the conflict escalates.


    “Thus we are absolved from being rapacious gits. Not our fault!”

    On a material level, sure. But I see all this phenomena as just the engines of changing chaos that an entity as bored as God must be to keep Itself alive and kicking, i.e., paying attention to ItSelf. Which is just a nit I pick since I agree that we’re absolved, for sure. We don’t know what we’re doing. We got a brain lift or ate an apple or (here’s my favorite theory ) something.

    All that said, I believe that spirit or “spirit” or Spirit or whatever one’s fave flavor be, is the underlying reality of all this stuff. Raw sentience, the wonder of awareness, of the world, others, oneself, the thing that turns and keeps the lights on in Monsieur Id, if one likes clinical terms; so I believe that we are literally killing the planet by reducing the amount of raw sentience (including within ourselves as we increasingly spend times in simulacra and abstract ephemera in our hypermediated multi-MegaPlex) to a critical paucity and the lights of interest go out in this corner of God’s eyes.

    We flick the remote when the show bores us, jah? I don’t mind humanity passing much, but I rather like this little hellhole of crawling horrors and enthralling wonders and (most of all) this weird ability to love

    LOVED that video concert of Das Bund. Much better performance than that movie they made that everyone oohed about while I ‘meh’-ed myself asleep. This is them seriously kickin.

    Some nice Rastafrian chap who does viniculture in southern France hepped me to this the other day.

    What a voice!

    Fertile Ground Take Me Higher


    “And wipe out foul debt in arrears”

    Most awesome. 🙂

    D Benton Smith


    Wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve been awakened from slumber by one thought or another which came to me, apparently on its own, with a sort of “address tag” attached to it that says, “This is something for [fill in blank with a person’s name].”

    This one’s for you, so I hope it finds you as well as can be expected under the circumstances of your recent serious loss.

    I want to encouragingly remind you that all of us (BIG number) are at all times and circumstances awash in a sea of proffered help from others but tend only to hear or be aware of that which arrives in expected forms or “pitched” (musical/communication sense of the word) in the manner that we are most ready, willing and able to receive.

    Forms and notions that were fine for one set of circumstances ring hollow or pointless under more trying conditions. It’s not that they were wrong, it’s that they are not right for “now”.

    That’s why it is so important that we all speak our best thoughts, and listen most attentively, because somebody out there is communicating at this very moment, precisely what will actually help you under your current, real, circumstances.

    And it never hurts to remember that everybody around here (“here” being TAE) loves you to pieces.


    “Now consider that our ‘universe’ is simply quantum representation of distinct ‘atoms’ from as many different ‘universes’ simply participating in our own on their off time. And if this might be so, is it possible that all the ‘universes’ taken at once are simply a solid? All ‘particles’ roiling within their own, but when all instances fill all possible positions of the spin, they’re whole?”

    That is a lovely bit of deep-woven fancy. Very coherent manifold logical hologram. I’ll call your concept, of a wholly whole and solid Universe of Interuniversal Universes, the ‘solid state level of teh Mind of God’. (oy… just using a phrase like Mind of God makes me want to take an anti-serious giggle-laugh at MOngo POnders Life:

    …the unreachable star…

    For that matter, one wonders if one engaged all one’s synapses in all possible combinations at once but by self-direction not driven by external stimulus. Hmmm… I think I ate a major chunk of Gummy Bear cannabis tonight. Feeling all cosmic and shit.

    One TIny Atom


    We were talking somewhere on the internet, me and some fellow internuts, about the ever-growing volume of hipster outrage wherein who knows most about Who Is Really In Charge,and who can cite the most horrific reasons to believe we are even MORE fucvked than you thought we were fucked…

    and I said this:

    “This morning it was announced that General Sergei Surovikin, a veteran commander and a hard-line defender of Russia, will now be in charge of Russian troops in the Ukraine War. It may be significant that he is the leader of their Space Force.”

    I help myself through the Big War obsessive anxiety trance states by reminding myself that Putin said he can’t imagine a world without Russia, which bristles outwards with implication of MADD but is even more valid inverted: nor can one imagine Russia without a world.

    If Putin is to save Russia (which he obviously wants; I can’t even begin to imagine that he buys into juvenile Davosian Euromerimaniacs’ dream schemes), he has no choice but to save the world from Euromerica.

    People believe in 5-G global nanomagic unified zombie fields but can’t imagine a savvy seasoned blooded triumphant global gangster playing a successful round of 5-D chess. Well, either Putin and crew do just that or they lose their entire.friggin.planet to the Western dominatrix complex superficially headed by an anally anointed sock puppet named Joe.

    You Can’t Fire Me! I’m Not Dead Yet!

    …and then there are geriatric groovesters like us who don’t mind a good rant now and then but would rather laugh or cry or hurl than bitch-bitch-bitch all day.




    WHere are the genuine skeletal metal robots with laser eyes and photogenically creepy unnecessary teeth? I want that not itty-bitty bytey bots.

    Dumb Fu


    It’s started.


    Report from the war zone:
    Escalation, Indiscriminate multiple/waves of missile strikes on non military/civil/non critical infrastructures across Ukraine

    Yesterday, I asked, two different young man, ” Among your friends, who is the bad guy, Russia or Ukraine?”
    Their answer, Russia.
    Yet when questioned, their knowledge is superficial and in line with the propaganda and not informed/ not interested.
    Obviously, Russia will lose.
    Using expensive, missiles against civil/non military targets will bankrupt Russia.

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