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    Esther Bubley The gas behind the gun, Columbus, Ohio Sep 1943 I want to start off by expressing my deeply felt admiration and gratitude for the way th
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    Americans must vote against Bail Outs for Wall Street. Never mind. They happened anyway. Americans must vote to keep the US military out of Syria. Never mind, they were over ruled, and their minds changed by State Department encouraged Mass media presentations of beheadings. Like the 101 youtube vids presented by Kerry, only on steroids.

    Scotland May vote however it wants. It makes no difference. The vote will be over ruled by those with a vested interest in doing so.


    Who knows, maybe someday Americans will elect a Nobel Peace Prize winning President, and military interventions and wars will end,,,,oh, wait?


    I know what you mean by the civil nature of the campaign. It is on the face of it quite British in so may ways. But don’t be fooled. Whilst we don’t do thuggery on the face of it our elite are dab hands at socking it where it truly hurts both at home and abroad.

    No, what really gets me is how my neighbours, people I meet on the street and on trains and buses are quite tolerant, polite and on the whole easy going even if some appear to be a bit uptight. That’s the England I love and enjoy. Even with the morons we have in power (who have driven the Scottish to this crossroad) I marvel how everyday folk just accept their lot and get along with each other.

    It can drive me mad when they just accept the destructive policies of class ridden British politics. It makes me incredibly happy when I sit on a train and banter for an hour or so about anything and everything to complete strangers. You love ’em and you hate ’em. In the end you’re sort of glad they’re like that.

    Like you a part of me want the Scots to have their autonomy. They deserve it. They would not embrace free market bullshit like England (at least that’s what I am led to believe). When Thatcher used them as a testing ground for her policies the writing was on the wall. And quite frankly the Scots took it well. But now it’s payback time.


    Ha! ISIS seeks Lone Wolves as terrorists.

    I wonder what the administration had to do to get that one distributed?


    Sprocket – was just reading about how the Romans had an easy time when they came into England (the English just went along and didn’t complain too much), but not so with the Scottish. They had to build Hadrian’s Wall to keep the Scots from attacking. There is a big difference between the two countries: the Brits are polite, take a half an hour to get to a point, chin up, pip pip, cheerio, while the Scots are quite the opposite.

    When the likes of Greenspan, McCain and Soros are asking you to vote no, tell them “I cannae” and let Scotland be free.


    A humorous newspaper response


    It seems that some anonymous person/organisation has put down $30m as a reward to whoever comes out with the details and proof of what really happened to MH-17. Here is the link, it is in German as the investigative company that has been given the task is German.

    Here are some of the things they want to know:
    Who shot down the aircraft MH17 on July 17?
    Who ordered the firing?
    Who covers the fact? (even though it should have been a politically, economically, militarily accidental firing)
    Who can give details about the circumstances that led to the shooting?
    Who was directly involved in the shooting?
    What has become of the people who were involved in the shooting? What happened to the murder weapon?
    Who can name the person (s) who approved the firing?

    The reward also comes with protection and a new identity if necessary.

    I can’t wait to see if it flushes them out. The MSM seems to be ignoring the story – as usual.

    I just hope they don’t kill the low-level perpetrators to keep it secret – like they did to the team that supposedly killed bin Laden

    Did Part of SEAL Team Six Die in a Helicopter Explosion During the Osama Bin Laden Raid?


    Nassim, see my latest article.


    @ Sprocket “They would not embrace free market bullshit like England”… granted that’s what you have heard.

    With respect that is total and utter bollocks, this man is TEARING SCOTLAND TO PIECES for economic growth, greed and free marketeering.
    I’m sorry Ilargi but you’re just flat wrong! these development atrocities etc. NEVER happened before the SNP came to power and if there is a yes vote today this party will be empowered like never before and Scotland will be put through the mincer by these money obsessed vermin, its simply Pollyanna fantasy to suggest we’ll rid ourselves of the SNP after independence, they are in for ten years following a yes vote and I absolutely dread to think what Scotland will look like after that as everything will be thrown under the bus so that this dictatorial greedy little money grubbing bastard can satisfy his growth at all costs imperative, the very antithesis of TAE philosophy I would have thought.
    So then… my beautiful country has to be trashed from tip to toe so that we can give the establishment a kicking, yeah great if you ain’t got to live with it. Scotland will get another crack at this (circa 2020 IMO) with a party who (hopefully) genuinely care for the country, not a lunatic economic visionary running around destroying the village to save the village, and, after listening to Salmond’s plans for Scotland after a yes vote last night I no longer have a heavy heart about voting no today, London have NEVER torn up so much of this country for profit in sixty years as this lot have done in six.
    Welcome to Scotland industrial theme park. People really need to get on board with what this lot are doing, I’ll give you a starter for ten – the Menie estate Aberdeenshire, SSSI
    designated, an outstanding once in a universe time natural wonder, democratically voted against, overturned and allowed by our Scottish patriot Salmond to pander to DONALD FUCKING TRUMP,…….. there’s oh so much more, but unfortunately I don’t have a spare fortnight to regale you all.
    There was an article at TAE a wee while ago denouncing some east European wilderness area being hydro’ed or whatever… but it’s OK for Salmond to wreak havoc on Scotland as long as behemoth power structures are wobbled?? I’m a NO (this time)



    Great. Thanks Ilargi. I had not seen it.
    Your Dutch (and doubtless German) will come in useful. 🙂

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