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    Vincent van Gogh Seine with Pont de Clichy 1887   • Monetary Stimulus: How Much Is Too Much? (Lebowitz) • Yes, You Should Be Concerned With Consu
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    Dr. Diablo

    The nation’s 4th largest city was destroyed, the largest refinery is down, no one has insurance, and the banking collateral for 150,000 homes is now worthless.

    “Party on, Wayne! Can you believe those shoes?”

    I’ve run out of words.

    V. Arnold

    ^ Ditto…


    “Six Big Banks To Create A Blockchain-Based Cash System (R.)”
    Distributed ledgers and digital currencies are two separate concepts. Digital currencies use distributed ledgers. Distributed ledgers can be used for any number of things having nothing to do with digital currencies. In this case it is used to settle transactions in government fiat money between banks. No new “cash” is created. Think of it as a SWIFT replacement.


    The Guardian’s title

    “Victory for Assad looks increasingly likely as world loses interest in Syria ”

    Should really have been

    “Victory for Assad looks increasingly likely as West loses in Syria ”

    The Israelis are in a total panic. Their 9/11 chicks are coming home to roost. Before 9/11, they only had Hizbollah to worry about. Israel invaded Lebanon twice and occupied it once for 12 years. The second invasion resulted in them being kicked out in a few months – by Hizbollah.

    Now, they have a resurrected Syrian Army, Hizbollah, Iran plus Russia on their borders. Even the Jordanians and Turks are trying to switch to the winning side. I sincerely hope Syria gets back the Golan. A lot of smart Israelis are getting out – largely because Israel as a concept is not at all what they were sold on some while back.

    It seems that Albert Einstein is being proved correct:

    “N.Y. Times Publishes Letter by Einstein, Other Jews Accusing Menachem Begin of Fascism”


    Stagnant wages.

    It’s actually worse than that. The article has a graph of stagnating household incomes from the 40s to the present. But the graph makes no attempt to correct for an additional variable. In the 60s and 70s (and even 80s), there were many more women staying at home. Nowadays women work almost as much as men, and in better paying jobs than they used to have. Families have conscripted moms into the workforce, and, in spite of a second salary, their income barely did more than stay in place.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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