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    Thanks to upstateNYer for the excellent link to the vaccine article above. The gist is in the conclusion and I recommend reading it at p39. Effectively the enthusiastic hasty and highly promoted release and adoption of the vaccines, is wishful thinking and overlooks many potential, indeed likely, issues with it that won’t be clear for a long time. At the least now its effects should be fully researched in detail, but of course is not. In the meantime prophylactics like sunshine vit d and antioxidants via a good diet are recommended.
    I doubt that it is necessary to invoke a conspiracy theory, avarice, wishful thinking, and deference to any medical opinion suffice.

    absolute galore


    Just came back from a walk with a good friend and his dog. He was very angry about a popular night spot that closed here in town. They were known for good live local music and good inexpensive eats, all in a former diner on Main Street. Although their website says they have chosen to shut down due to the escalation of covid cases, my friend says the real reason is because someone who applied for a job did not get hired because she was unvaxxed and did not plan to get vaxxed. She sued. (They were in the position of hiring staff because a bunch of them walked out when the place made vaccination mandatory.)

    He is tolerant of my views, but this was too much–imagine a person suing because they;ve been discriminated against! I know most of the town feels the same way–this selfish a88hole is causing this business we enjoy to close down. I can only imagine the outcry if they decided they were not going to hire nonbinary wait staff.

    I would like to find her and interview her for my column, as a way to broach this topic. I would stick to quoting her, and only the most “vetted”of supporting info–cdc, fda, drug company stuff. But I suspect they would not publish it. We’ll see. Meanwhile, if anyone has links to data that is above being demonized–in other words, no Frontline, Malone, McCoullaugh, etc.–would appreciate it. The Israeli booster chart was created by a guy with a substack called cattitude, and is not the kind of thing that will work. I also suspect it does not yet tell us much about what the boosters may or may not do, since the boosters take 2 weeks to be considered effective, and the chart starts out at zero and is at about 30% after 3 weeks, and does show a dip. Too much noise, too many assumptions, not enough time elapsed for that chart to be worthwhile, IMO.

    The thing that just makes no sense is, the vaccines NEVER claimed to offer any level of immunity. Right there that makes herd immunity a non-possibility in this universe. And even if the vaccines were stopping transmission, the mutation rate of Covid, according to the science, is such that there wojld be a new resistant variant before herd immunity could be achieved.

    And as if all that were not enough, there is the risk benefit for people in their teens, twenties, thirties, forties. Unless they have serious comorbidity, they have a better chance of being struck by lighting than dying from covid, while the dangers of vaccination are still unknown.

    I keep repeating this as if it will maybe wake me from this nightmare. But we are now a shrinking,mostly silent minority. Sometimes I wake up and look to the MSM with the unreasonable glimmer of hope that something will have changed, that things will shift. I know some here believe this is happening. I sure don’t see much evidence around me.

    Doc Robinson

    Article published today:

    Why Does the CDC Recognize Natural Immunity for Chicken Pox but Not Covid?

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)
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