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    While this was written to ancient Israel first, it is sharply relevant to just about all Australian governments right now, and clearly reflects the situation worldwide.

    Isaiah 3:4–7: I will make boys their officials; mere children will govern them. People will oppress each other—man against man, neighbour against neighbour. The young will rise up against the old, the base against the honourable. A man will seize one of his brothers at his father’s home, and say, “You have a cloak, you be our leader; take charge of this heap of ruins!” But in that day he will cry out, “I have no remedy. I have no food or clothing in my house; do not make me the leader of the people.”

    Am I waiting for the day when people will NOT want to be leaders, to dominate and control? Yes? I am entitled to dream, no?


    NBC News was confused last night by the FDA Panel’s decision to reject mRNA booster shots for young men and women. This because their status and lifestyle are dependent on believing the propaganda that they read. They still think that “mRNA vaccines are safe and effective”. They are not. They cause side effects in young men and women. Their efficacy fades. They do not prevent viral transmission. Reports indicate that 20 to 50% of the vaccinated have breakthrough infections months after the injections. Infected vaccinated can be super spreaders. Vaccines still can provide some protection for the elderly, obese and ill who have a significant chance of dying if infected. So the panel approved these uses.

    It is never pointed out but it is obvious in the West’s responses to the coronavirus pandemic — Democracy has been flushed down the toilet. The current ruling corporate/state has one function. Exploit resources and humans to increase business profits. Propaganda is necessary to do this. The truth is every jab makes someone richer. But thousands are now dying from the jabs since they, as a people, are of absolutely no concern to the ruling class. The rulers have turned to scapegoating and shaming the unvaccinated to keep the scam going.

    This may be a turning point. If not and the FDA approves booster shots for all, then there is no science, there is no law. This is anarchy. The only other option to preserve civilization is to restore democracy, the rule of law, and rebuild a functional national public health system that finds cures and stops viral transmission for this and future pandemics.

    Veracious Poet

    The Infinite’s children think they have free will to use as they see fit.

    This is a delusion, as there are only two choices:

    1> Serve in Heaven

    2> Reign in Hell

    Another way to look at the choice:

    A> “God” is everything.

    B> “God” is nothing.

    What was your choice?

    Heaven is just a new pair of glasses ~ Father Ed Dowling

    All blessings & good luck 🙂


    Bedpan Xiden Biden Junta Jive

    Doc Robinson

    “…the FDA Panel’s decision to reject mRNA booster shots for young men and women.”

    The FDA’s advisory committee of experts voted 16-2 against approving boosters for the 16-64 age group, but the FDA could ignore “the science” and still approve the boosters for ages 16 and up. In fact, today the NIH director said he expects the booster shots to be expanded, despite the recommendation against it.

    NIH director expects booster shots to be expanded, despite recommendation


    Message to Xiden


    Okay, that’s it. There is no way I will be getting the poison vax if the funeral directors support it: we know they are only trying to boost their incomes, con more people into dying, and now decrease supply and increase their fees by pruning the association. The funeral directors are obviously thankful for their increased business and don’t want any “morals” to get in their way: notice that the association does not consider “vested interest” as bringing the association “into disrepute”.


    Thanks very much for the highwire interview today Ilargi and whoever posted it yesterday.

    I saw my 81 yo Dad over the weekend.. first time in a few months.
    He reported a range of ill health symptoms including a facial palsy, periods of very impaired cognition, feeling unwell enough to see the GP. they referred him to the hospital for further tests.
    He reported that they were unable to attribute a cause but had lowered him blood thinning medication which he’s been on for years since a heart attack with no previous problems.

    Having watched that video clip today, the symptoms he reported are very similar to the common symptoms they discussed of patients showing adverse vaccination events, including the inability to use blood thinners for presenting cardiac issues.

    He denies having had the jab, but admits to having been strongly pressured by one of my brothers who lives close by, who is well-meaning but naive. i could imagine him saying “we don;t want to bring the grand children over and risk killing you, so please get vaccinated”.

    It looks like we’ve reached the reverse teenage part of our relationship, you know:
    “son, where did that dent in the car come from”
    “it wasn’t me, Dad.. I didn’t drive it anywhere”
    “”yeah sure you didn’t son.. it just appeared magically…”

    So many conflicted emotions arising in me.. anger at my brother, fear of further adverse medical events, and on.. I wound up calling my other vaccine-skeptical brother just to talk it through and get it out of my head.. I was reluctant to cause him any fear, but at the same time needed an external perspective. He asked me why I thought my Dad would lie about having been jabbed (as he’s generally pretty straight-up) but I could picture him either not wanting me to worry (knowing my thoughts on the jabs) and/or his pride not wanting to admit he hadn’t listened to warning ie the teenager scenario.

    Tough times..

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