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    Vincent van Gogh The Rispal Restaurant at Asnieres 1887   • Covid-19: An ‘Extraterrestrial’ Disease? (Elsevier) • No More Horror Rhetoric And Pan
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    Dr D Rich

    “Commenting on the recent events by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is not easy for me.”

    Reply: then shut up. Don’t do it

    “For much of his career, Mark Milley served with distinction and honor.”

    Reply: Says who? Perhaps he engaged actions along the lines of Adm. Jeremy Boorda and Adm. Don Arthur. His chestful of individual medals suggests Milley may have personally authored quite a few of those citations allotted to Milley at a pace of one every ~1.7 years. Get the Army’s CID and Board of Corrections to investigate.

    “I worked hand-in-hand with him during my four years in the White House and I’d like to think we built a rapport based on mutual respect.”

    Reply: so what? In your qualified criticism of Milley, you simply demonstrated cronyism which shouldn’t convey a pass on your buddy and exposes your purposeful misunderstanding of the UCMJ and Manual for Courts-Martial equal in depth and breadth to Milley’s criminal ignorance. The latter is a damn site to behold in 3-star and 4-star Generals but perhaps evidence of impoverished ROTC training at Santa Clara University and Yale. Who knows…

    “It is hard to separate that man from the one who has emerged these last months, alongside the alleged actions he has not denied.”

    Reply: no, it’s not hard. So STFU, with all due respect, General. Isn’t that how senior enlisted leaders convey with impunity their disrespect and contempt towards commissioned officers?

    “In my lifetime, I have seen military officials removed for overstepping their responsibilities. In fact, I’ve seen officers removed for things that bordered on the silly”

    Reply: so what did you do to reverse the injustice, reinstate the officer, and set a good example for good behaving Lt. Generals like yourself. You are a creature of the system and can’t be trusted any more than your piss poor judgement about Milley.


    Here is another reason for not taking the vaccine – on grounds of principle.

    I want to fight for the principles I believe in – even if they are crazy. I believe that fraudulent, criminal, profiteering corporations such as those we have in big pharma should not be supported by me. I also don’t want to get my carrots at the local farmer’s market from the guy who raped teenage girls or my eggs from the young lady who steals money from the thrift shop. I am prepared to get the coff if it means my crazy moralising is upheld.

    I also understand I support wrong doers financially every day – every time I fill up the tank. But I would seek to limit my exposure to the voluminous aid the nasty rentier class seek.

    John Day

    @Oxymoron: Yes, Mate! Agreed.

    John Day

    Worried Oh Well

    Charles Hugh Smith:
    Here is America in a nutshell: we no longer solve problems, we manipulate the narrative and then declare the problem has been solved.
    Actually solving problems is difficult and generally requires sacrifices that are proportionate to one’s wealth and power. But since America’s elite are no longer willing to sacrifice any of their vast power for the common good, sacrifice is out in America unless it can be dumped on wage earners. But unfortunately for America’s elite, four decades of hidden-by-manipulation sacrifices have stripmined average wage earners, and so they no longer have anything left to sacrifice.
    ​ ​Enter the Ministry of Manipulation, which adjusts the visible bits to align with the narrative that the problem has been fixed and the status quo is godlike in its technocratic powers. All this manipulation doesn’t actually solve the problems, it simply hides the decay behind gamed statistics, financial trickery and glossy PR. The problems fester until they break through the manipulated gloss and the public witnesses the breakdown of all the systems that were presented as rock-solid and forever.

    ​ I have been noticing that what should be a smallish third wave of COVID cases and deaths in Texas, is anything but small. Cases are not dropping like a rock, to mimic their rise.The rapid spread of Delta should give a rapid rise AND a rapid fall of cases if the susceptible population is getting used up by developing natural immunity. Natural immunity is still the gold standard for this coronavirus, no matter what is being advertised.
    It looks like something is feeding more susceptible people to the virus, so it can keep spreading, at a time when we should be reaching natural herd immunity. The actual number of infections is about 6 times the number of confirmed cases. It’s a pretty stable multiplier.
    The only intervention that looks big enough to make that large of a population influence is the vaccination campaign, which has included somewhere over half of Americans. There are mechanisms of antibody enhancement of viral pathogenicity. This has been found with fully tested vaccines, in the US, like the rotavirus vaccine, like the respiratory syncytial virus vaccine, and globally with the Dengue vaccine that killed so many children in 2015. They died when they got Dengue, a lot more than unvaccinated children died when they got dengue.
    This happened in all of the animal vaccine trials for SARS and MERS vaccines in the 2000s. All of the coronavirus vaccines caused more vaccinated animals to die than unvaccinated animals, when both groups were exposed to the virus.
    That was a “good” reason to NOT do animal testing on the current vaccines, and to give the manufacturers complete freedom from liability, through Emergency Use Authorizations, which is still how they are administered in the US, despite the Comirnaty-Pfizer bait-and-switch dance being performed.

    John Day

    The SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant is poised to acquire complete resistance to wild-type spike vaccines
    Abstract: mRNA-based vaccines provide effective protection against most common SARS-CoV-2 variants. However, identifying likely breakthrough variants is critical for future vaccine development. Here, we found that the Delta variant completely escaped from anti-N-terminal domain (NTD) neutralizing antibodies, while increasing responsiveness to anti-NTD infectivity-enhancing antibodies. Although Pfizer-BioNTech BNT162b2-immune sera neutralized the Delta variant, when four common mutations were introduced into the receptor binding domain (RBD) of the Delta variant (Delta 4+), some BNT162b2-immune sera lost neutralizing activity and enhanced the infectivity. Unique mutations in the Delta NTD were involved in the enhanced infectivity by the BNT162b2-immune sera …

    Infection-enhancing anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies recognize both the original Wuhan/D614G strain and Delta variants. A potential risk for mass vaccination?
    ​ ​Antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) of infection is a safety concern for vaccine strategies. In a recent publication, Li et al. (Cell 184 :4203–4219, 2021) have reported that infection-enhancing antibodies directed against the N-terminal domain (NTD) of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein facilitate virus infection in vitro, but not in vivo. However, this study was performed with the original Wuhan/D614G strain. Since the Covid-19 pandemic is now dominated with Delta variants, we analyzed the interaction of facilitating antibodies with the NTD of these variants. Using molecular modeling approaches, we show that enhancing antibodies have a higher affinity for Delta variants than for Wuhan/D614G NTDs. We show that enhancing antibodies reinforce the binding of the spike trimer to the host cell membrane by clamping the NTD to lipid raft microdomains. This stabilizing mechanism may facilitate the conformational change that induces the demasking of the receptor binding domain. As the NTD is also targeted by neutralizing antibodies, our data suggest that the balance between neutralizing and facilitating antibodies in vaccinated individuals is in favor of neutralization for the original Wuhan/D614G strain. However, in the case of the Delta variant, neutralizing antibodies have a decreased affinity for the spike protein, whereas facilitating antibodies display a strikingly increased affinity. Thus, ADE may be a concern for people receiving vaccines based on the original Wuhan strain spike sequence (either mRNA or viral vectors).

    ​ ​An advisory panel to the Food and Drug Administration on Friday recommended against approving a booster shot of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to most Americans.
    The scientific advisory committee voted 16-to-3 against recommending the additional shots, thwarting the Biden administration’s hopes that the FDA would approve the third shot in time to begin rolling out the extra dose for Pfizer recipients next week.
    However, the panel voted 18-0 in favor of recommending a booster shot for anyone over 65 or anyone who is at high risk of severe disease from COVID-19…​ ​Jonathan Sterne, a professor of medical statistics and epidemiology in the U.K., said his analysis of 76 different studies on the vaccines’ real world effectiveness found that a number of factors can skew the results, including how many unvaccinated people in a study have natural immunity from earlier COVID-19 disease. He cautioned against drawing conclusions from short-term results from booster shots, such as data from Israel which shows that a booster can strengthen protection for a few weeks in older adults.

    John Day

    As time goes by, bad turns to worse for disappointed vaccine recipients.
    Israeli Doctor Kobi Haviv: ‘Fully vaccinated account for 85-90% of hospitalizations’​ (Yeah, but it would be worse if they weren’t vaccinated!)

    ​ ​Two-thirds of the San Antonio Independent School District employees who tested positive for the coronavirus in August were fully vaccinated. Out of the 285 cases staff members reported to SAISD, 197 were breakthrough cases, according to district records…
    ​ ​“Fortunately, the vast majority of these individuals do not experience the extreme symptoms that those who are not fully vaccinated are experiencing when they are positive,” Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Toni Thompson told trustees.
    ​ ​“But it also shows you that for those who have been vaccinated for around six months, that they’re the ones that are most often showing up as positive again, which says something about the need to have access to boosters,” Thompson said.
    District officials estimate 90% of employees are vaccinated. More than half of the employees with breakthrough cases were vaccinated in January, February or March.​ ​​ Thanks Steve​

    ​If only there were some alternative early treatment to keep people out of hospitals, now that Republican Governors are getting punished for their impudence!​
    Florida & Texas fume as Biden seizes and RATIONS supply of life-saving Covid treatments
    ​ ​“The manufacturer has confirmed supplies are ample but due to the Defense Production Act, the White House and it’s agencies are the only entities who can purchase and distribute this treatment,” Keough added.
    ​ ​“So, less than a week after the president tells us his patience is wearing thin and he is mandating vaccines to millions of Americans, his administration limits and all but removes a non-controversial and highly successful treatment from our war chest of combating this virus,” he said.

    The Indian state of Kerala has 3% of India’s population, and 67% of its inhabitants have at least one vaccination. One would expect Kerala’s COVID cases to be so low as to be invisible in a chart of India’s very low overall cases. Yet this state of just 33 million people accounted for 65% of all of India’s cases on Thursday, and even more in recent weeks. It has essentially been the only state experiencing a surge in recent months. It also happens to be the Indian state that has rejected ivermectin.

    ​The Plot Against Ivermectin: (Complete timeline)

    The Plot Against Ivermectin

    John Day

    Covid-19: An issue at UNGA in more ways than one​ (In the capital of “The Empire State”)
    ​ ​The General Assembly has not exactly gotten off to a unified start.
    ​ ​Despite a letter from the US encouraging member states to call in virtually and help avoid creating “a super spreader event,” the speaker schedule for the General Debate — which begins on Tuesday — shows more than 100 heads of state and government coming in person, including UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and US President Joe Biden…
    ​ ​New York City requires proof of Covid-19 vaccination for indoor gatherings — a rule local authorities have asked the UN to follow. To facilitate compliance, a one-shot vaccination station will even be set up on-site. But visiting dignitaries are not proving entirely cooperative.
    (Brazil’s Bolsonaro ​already ​had COVID and has natural immunity. Russia’s Putin had Sputni​k​ vaccine, not on New York’s approved list.​ Who pokes whom?)​
    ​ ​Brazil and Russia are already giving their local hosts a poke in the eye, vocally rejecting the health requirement. “We strongly object that only people with a proof of vaccination should be admitted to the GA hall,” wrote Russia’s UN representative Vassily Nebenzia in a letter to the organization, according to state news agency TASS. Nebenzia also noted that not all countries use the vaccines approved in New York.
    ​ ​Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro threw down the gauntlet on social media, declaring point-blank on Thursday that he would not get vaccinated before the General Debate. He is due to address the assembly in person on Tuesday morning, in Brazil’s traditional role as the first speaker.

    Brazil’s Main COVID Strategy Is A Cocktail Of Unproven Drugs
    …In Brazil, where more than 488,000 people have already died due to COVID-19 — second only to the United States — pseudoscience has become government policy. Bolsonaro regularly promotes repurposing unproven and cheap drugs to his nearly 40 million social media followers as he continues to minimize the gravity of the pandemic and dismiss its victims. Meanwhile, his administration has spent millions of dollars to produce, purchase and promote pills such as the lice medication ivermectin, the antimalarial chloroquine and popular antibiotic azithromycin as well as anticoagulants, painkillers and a set of vitamins. The Ministry of Health and numerous doctors endorsed using a combination of these medications to treat COVID-19, even though there is no solid evidence that it works.

    ​So Brasil’s Bolsonaro is opening for this classier act.
    Biden to Convene Virtual COVID Summit at U.N.General Assembly
    The meeting will center around four key themes:
    Vaccinate the World: Leaders will discuss increasing equitable access to vaccines to up shots-in-arms around the world.
    Save Lives Now: Leaders will discuss how to solve the oxygen crisis in struggling nations by making life-saving therapeutics more widely available.
    Build Back Better: A reference to Biden’s domestic agenda, leaders will discuss partnerships to address emerging threats and the creation of a “sustainable health security financing mechanism,” per the White House.
    Calling the World to Account: Leaders will align on targets and discuss benchmarks to meet common goals.
    I’m sure Joe Biden will be a commanding presence on the world stage and get 70% of Africans vaccinated by the end of the year.​
    Still, there’s always the chance, the off chance, that all these world leaders might take some other tack.
    This would be the place and time to do it. The US just lost face pretty badly.
    Non-US Heads of State might feel emboldened, especially Putin, Bolsonaro, Xi, Duterte, and some of those other guys.

    those darned kids

    oxy: the profit motive was my first reason for rejecting these injections. if this is such a danger to all of humanity ¿why should someone make obscene profits from it?

    it seems that doesn’t count as a religious exemption..


    “In his interview, Piers discusses how the propaganda push prior to the invasion of Iraq caused him to revisit and re-examine the events of 9/11, how there was a similar propaganda push at the beginning of the “pandemic”, and how the “war on terror” and the “war on Covid” are similarly used to push through legislation and transform society for the worse.”

    WATCH: COVID19/11 – Piers Robinson


    The media is covering up the extent of vaccine injuries.
    This short film is made from the testimonies that the injured shared on social media trying to raise awareness their plight.

    Michael Reid

    “Natural immunity is still the gold standard for this coronavirus, no matter what is being advertised.”

    I second this comment



    Ivermectin for the vaccinated patients?

    What I said.


    A needed bit of humor. “The virus speaks” from an anon poster on JMG’s dreamwidth site. “I miss my bats.” 😀

    “Um,” [the coronavirus raises its hand] I’d like to say a few things.”

    “It’s not easy being a virus. In fact, it’s kind of a grifter life– you know, a grifter hops from town to town, one step ahead of the law, and I hop from host to host, one step ahead of the immune system.”

    “If I don’t make the hop before the immune system gets me or the host dies, then I die too. So I need to get really good at hopping, and I need to not shoot my host out from under me before I can get to a new one.”

    “Wuhan and Italy were pretty hairy, hosts dropping like flies, but I managed to make it out of there with a bit less virulence, and America’s been pretty good to me. Then I got to play in India and now I have an R0 of 5, woo-hoo! Jumping super powers.”

    “My ultimate goal is to become the 5th common cold virus. OK, wait, no, that’s a ‘good-enough’ goal. My ultimate goal is that I could just stay in a host, not hurting them, just kicking back in low numbers, and the host’s immune system would be all chill about it. Like it was in my bats. I miss my bats.”

    “I thought I was making some progress on that, too. Then you had to come up with this vaccine thing. A vaccine is bad enough, but a vaccine that then causes ADE?! Now that will make you all fragile as glass; hosts dropping out from under me if I breathe on them wrong! Augh! You all are such monkeys!” (sigh)

    “I miss my bats!”

    – SARS-Cov-2


    Does Ivermectin for the vaccinated patients help?

    Rational – a set of reasons or a logical basis for a course of action or a particular belief.
    1. They are lying
    2. They are underreporting
    3. They don’t count like Canada, USA, etc
    4. It cannot be true.
    5. I made up my mind and I’m right

    • Heavily Vaccinated Small State Accounts For 65% Of India’s Covid Cases (Blaze)

    • Antibody Treatments For COVID Work. Why Aren’t They Being Promoted? (Glennon)

    Earlier tests had found REGEN to be over 70% effective in heading off serious illness and multiple subsequent tests have confirmed it.

    I never noticed.
    I’m I alone at TAE ……??
    Its an injection.

    U.S. authorizes Regeneron’s COVID-19 antibody therapy for injection
    Published Friday, June 4, 2021
    The U.S. health regulator authorized a lower dose of Regeneron Pharmaceutical’s COVID-19 antibody cocktail that can be given by injection, a move that could ease logistical challenges stemming from administering a higher dose intravenously.

    The therapy, REGEN-COV, and a similar treatment developed by rival Eli Lilly were being given through one-time infusion and required patients to be isolated.

    Regeneron had been working on a lower dose of its cocktail that can be given subcutaneously to address the challenges that have weighed on demand for antibody drugs.
    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration had in November authorized a 2,400 mg dose of REGEN-COV, administered as a single dose directly injected to a vein for non-hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

    The monoclonal antibody treatment, still in clinical trials, shows promise for people when used within 10 days of developing symptoms.

    The Plot Against Ivermectin

    Certainly, a carefully crafted false narrative can leave a bigger, more lasting impression than the truth told in bits and pieces.
    (Another anti Ivermectin story being reported)
    his administration has spent millions of dollars to produce, purchase and promote pills such as the lice medication ivermectin, the antimalarial chloroquine and popular antibiotic azithromycin as well as anticoagulants, painkiller and a set of vitamins.


    RE: Kunstler piece: am appreciating his pointing at root causes without going Red/Blue, D/R, or L/R on us. He is so much more powerful when the focus is on the impacts/results first. We all know that this is not the “work” of one party and or individual, so how can we stay firmly in the accountability/RESPONSIBILITY track without blaming?

    It doesn’t take a way-back-machine to add 9/11, Iraq War, 2008 Financial crisis to the lineup below. We are rotten to the core until we wake up and start to do something about it.

    “The insult to the nation of all the epic dishonesty is too grave, even potentially fatal — since it has enabled a depraved skein of additional seditious activities afterward, including the 2020 election subterfuge, the lawlessness of BLM and Antifa, the psychotic race-and-gender “Woke” mind-fuckery infecting the US military, the ongoing invasion across the US-Mexican border, all the coercion around Covid-19, especially “mandated” shots of a dangerous so-called “vaccine,” and the destruction of small business from sea to shining sea. All of that has left the American public demoralized and economically savaged, and with the country’s standing in the world dangerously reduced.”

    Day – great lineup today. Charles (CHS) has been on a roll this last week! “Here is America in a nutshell: we no longer solve problems, we manipulate the narrative and then declare the problem has been solved.” Hey Mr. Kunstler – everything on your laundry list above has one thing in common, a steady application of manipulation – of the narrative. Once we all see it and agree the next question is : who is behind this?

    Now I Am Scared – when John Day says: “It looks like something is feeding more susceptible people to the virus, so it can keep spreading, at a time when we should be reaching natural herd immunity. The actual number of infections is about 6 times the number of confirmed cases. ” I do not doubt you Brother.

    Doc Robinson

    Booster shots for people who have natural immunity after a Covid infection?

    Appearing in the Lancet, “the first published clinical study of an anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccine in COVID-19 convalescents.

    It involves a single shot with “50 μg of the recombinant [not mRNA, not adenovirus vector] dimeric receptor binding domain [RBD]” vaccine developed in Cuba. The RBD is a part of the spike protein. (The Pfizer vax, by contrast, employs the full-length spike protein produced by the body in unknown quantities.) This Cuban vaccine also has thiomersal (or thimerosal), a mercury-based preservative, listed as one of the ingredients.

    No serious adverse events were reported. Minor adverse events were found, the most common, local pain: 3 (10%) and redness: 2 (6·7%). The vaccine elicited a > 21 fold increase in IgG anti-RBD anti- bodies 28 days after vaccination. The median of inhibitory antibody titres (94 ·0%) was three times greater than that of the COVID-19 convalescent panel. Virus neutralization titres higher than 1:160 were found in 24 (80%) participants. There was also an increase in RBD-specific T cells producing IFN- γand TNF- α.

    A single dose of the FINLAY-FR-1A vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 was an efficient booster of pre-existing natural immunity, with excellent safety profile.

    A single dose of SARS-CoV-2 FINLAY-FR-1A vaccine enhances neutralization response in COVID-19 convalescents, with a very good safety profile: An open-label phase 1 clinical trial

    those darned kids

    if any place had fair elections, a new party could easily win solely by asking the following question:

    what the fword is going on?



    Regarding Trudeau calling an early fall election.

    He called it for September 20th because he knows after 6 months the vaccines start wearing off and covid cases will soon start taking off exposing his poor “vaccination only” management of covid.


    My takeaway from the end phone call in the Deb Conrad interview is that the individual care providers will be held responsible for the stabs when the SHTF. Not hospital management; certainly not the corporations who produced these rotten concoctions. “Just follow orders” is probably said with a sly wink.
    People keep using the word “politics” when what they mean is murder.
    “Playing with politics” I guess, has always been about “playing with lives”.


    How on earth can this be considered “informed consent” for UK kids to get Covid jabs?
    What a bloody joke.


    Medical Academics Are Speaking Out Against Fauci And The Biden Administration


    “Ivermectin and Covid: no time to lose and lives to save”

    By Prof. Saroj Jayasinghe,
    MBBS, MD (Colombo), FRCP (London), MD (Bristol) PhD (Colombo), FCCP, FNASSL

    Ivermectin and Covid: no time to lose and lives to save


    Taibbi is pulling his punches more than I’d like, but IMO has the essence correct.


    Professor Sunetra Gupta explains the significance of COVID-19 variants.


    Who’d attracted Biden’s anger — the unvaccinated — was clear. The why was more confusing. The president decried how “the unvaccinated overcrowd our hospitals… leaving no room for someone with a heart attack or pancreatitis or cancer,” a legitimate enough point. But after reassuring those who’d “done their part” that just “one out of every 160,000 fully vaccinated Americans was hospitalized” this summer, Biden nonetheless explained that “a distinct minority of Americans” is “causing unvaccinated people to die.” He added: “We’re going to protect the vaccinated from unvaccinated co-workers.”
    Snippet from the Taibbi piece:

    “..As many noted, the statements were contradictory. If the vaccine really is that effective, the overwhelming consequences of of any failure to get vaccinated will be borne by the unvaccinated themselves. But Biden’s speech was as much about directing anger as policy. The mandate was an extraordinary step, but Biden’s unique — and uniquely strange — rhetorical setup, which framed the decision as a way to stop “them” from doing “damage” and killing “us,” was just as big a story..”

    We just need to Get Our Minds Right and do as we’re told.

    Dr. D

    “We now know that COVID-19 shares many features of common infectious respiratory diseases,”

    You’re kidding, right? We now know that we knew that Day 1, 700 days ago.

    “COVID-19 is evidently not an ‘extraterrestrial’ disease. It is a complex zoonotic disease”

    Maybe sort of, but the author of the U.N. bioweapons treaty said two years ago it was a genetically engineered bioweapon. That’s not zoonotic.

    “A complex disease cannot be solved through a simple, magic-bullet cure or vaccine.”

    Are you just using words here? What does “complex” mean? It’s actually an extremely simple disease, just as simple as all the others. I mean, does it have 100,000 genomes? No? Does it first cause leprosy, then cause rabies? No? It’s pretty simple.

    And they ignored all the parts that were always simple: It’s a coronavirus that has surface contact, and near-aerosol spread? Yup, everybody’s going to get it. …Says Herr Docktor in January 2020. Unless 100% of the planet is going to wear spacesuits from now on, NOTHING YOU DO WILL STOP IT. Ding ding ding! Really, really, REALLY simple virus. Following all the really, really simple rules they always have. Germ Theory: look it up some time.

    What we have are really, really, REALLY “dumb” experts. Which sadly seems to include all doctors and nurses now. Here Delta is untouched by the vaccine and has an R9 according to them, and they’re going to stop it by putting a towel on their head. And since it’s two years and stunningly contagious, nobody’s got it now, and nobody had it before and nobody has lasting natural immunity. Cause: Science! We know it’s dangerous and widespread cause no one got it, no one has it. Except for everyone.

    Yes. This is what official doctors all say. It’s really really simple: they’re all dumber than rocks. So dumb they make the dumb people look smart. Smart people do that a lot, unfortunately.

    Denmark: The left hates scandinavian medicine — it doesn’t cut off groceries for black people. I get tired of saying it, but what can I say? Is there any level that can break through?

    “vaccine efficacy drops to 77%.”

    Maybe they don’t know what a “vaccine” is? It causes “lasting” immunity? Not weekend immunity? Weekend immunity is aspirin, a “therapy,” etc.

    “But it also shows you that for those who have been vaccinated for around six months, that they’re the ones that are most often showing up as positive again, which says something about the need to have access to boosters,” Thompson said.”

    Or, for people past 3rd grade, that your Vaccine doesn’t work.

    “Saying “no” to everything, …to the use of masks, to social distancing”

    Like the other experts above, two years later hasn’t noticed they don’t work, every place they’re used is worse than every place they aren’t. But “Journalist” therefore “Uncurious” and “Illiterate”.

    “The real enemy is the failure of logic, religious fanaticism and intolerance, an aversion for science (which also stems from the machinations of the Slyest One) and idiotic conspiracy theories.”

    That certainly is the enemy. They, the reporters and doctors, should stop while they still can.

    Super disappointed about 9/18, but we got the headline that Trump was encouraging them to riot for him, and he did that by putting out a speech the days before telling the whole nation it was a scam, don’t go at all. Riot = Not Riot. Go = Not Go. P.S.: Trump who?

    But, reporters, so Open mouth, Lie fall out.

    “handed out as 2,000 police swarmed the city,”

    Reporters, so: Lie. How did police “Swarm” the city, good sir? Did they hire in 5x more from another city? Because otherwise it’s just the same police as ever, in the same amounts, on the same streets. Why would you use that word? What does it mean to you? Because it means nothing to me.

    “Angry aggressive young males (were) there to fight the police, not to protest about freedoms,’

    Haven’t you heard? Violence is just speech, communication of the dispossessed. They said so all summer.

    General-shaped-object Milley: Note if he calls the “all-clear” it gives temporary free reign to anything China wants to do: shoot protestors, take Hong Kong, invade Taiwan. That’s why it matters.

    pseudoscience has become government policy.”

    How can you tell? Are the people advising this not also doctors and scientists, just different ones? I bet they are. They’re not “YouTube Approved” doctors though. Chad says no.

    Vinny Eastwood needs your help from New Zealand. Arrested for being a UFO-type radio host, unable to donate to his legal fund as they’re blocking access. …That’s what free and democratic nations do, along with free speech! I mean obviously, when a guy talks about UFOs and Bigfoot, he’s taken seriously as the BBC, and a threat to all discussion, right?


    “Namibia then stopped distributing vaccines — they had used up their stock. A few weeks later, the sub-Saharan nation experienced a surge of cases,”

    When did they rollout vaccinations?
    April 2020
    When did cases and death start to surge?
    May 2020
    When did they have to pull back
    End of June 2020
    When did they resume?
    A couple weeks later
    When did cases peak?
    July 3rd
    When did deaths peak?
    July 17th
    When did the run on IVM start?
    June 2020

    “However, since the onset of the pandemic, there have been global claims it can effectively cure Covid-19. Some health practitioners around the world, including in Namibia, have recommended it to their patients, despite the Namibia Medicines Regulatory Council advising against it.

    The Namibian last week found that shelves stocking ivermectin in some Agra outlets nationwide, namely in Windhoek and at Gobabis, Okahandja and Ondangwa, have been emptied, as demand for the drug soared.”


    Covid fog. not 2020 but 2021.


    No way that this will pass the courts.

    “White House debates vaccines for air travel”


    “Dr. Christina Parks rips committee on C***D va**ines and requiring them for employment”

    those darned kids

    wes: totally agree. mr. trudeau thought he could lock it all in before the equinox, because any later and who knows what substances the fan will be distributing.

    i frankly hope they all lose the election. the guys at the local pizza place, in conjunction with the nice man who comes and fixes our drier and the friendly cashiers at the local timmys would form a much better government than this bunch of sociopaths from which we choose. never end a sentence preposition with.

    heck, even william shatner. ¡yeah! let’s get kirk. then canada would really kick butt, eh? we could defeat the gorn and venezuela at the same time!

    what a crapload of poo this country has become. shoot, even australia gets some cool stuff to go blast the chinese. all we get is mr. obama’s endorsement.



    Must read letter from Dr. Byram W. Bridle to Dr. Charlotte A.B. Yates, President and Vice-Chancellor of University of Guelph


    @ Germ

    Same story as the nurse you posted

    Ivermectin for vaxed presenting symptoms, unvaxed put on ventilators to die.


    $3.5 trillion for 10 years
    Solution: Most people cannot do simple math. Therefore, just give the cost, $0.35 trillion per year instead of 10 years


    FBI at J6 event


    power alignments..

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