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    If there weren’t widespread censorship online, people would get their gossip online when they aren’t meeting in person. So…I find it funny/ironic that by suspending a populace’s easy access to gossip that we have created a situation where truth is suppressed. Who knew that gossip was so valuable!


    Thanks for posting the NZ video on CARM / VAERS. I posted a little while back the data from the previous report (upto Aug 14). Since then a further 8 deaths have been reported. I have heard anecdotally that 4 or 5 teenagers have died since 28 Aug but the CARM system does not yet show these reports. Probably have to wait until the next one is out (in a day or so for data to 4 Sep) and through to 6 Oct for the data upto 18 Sep to be reported on.

    I did a very quick and unscientific check to see how much reporting has been done recently on the ONE covid death in NZ recently (90 y.o woman with comorbidity dies Sep 5) compared to the 40 reported deaths (as of Aug 28).
    Looking at the most popular TV news (One News) they had 706 words and a 25s clip online. (I remember the original on air 6pm broadcast and it was much longer than the posted video and ful of fear etc).
    When the ONE vaccine death was confirmed by the Coroner and reported on the same site it garnered 1 generic photo of Dr Bloomfield and a vaccine vial, 145 words.
    But more troubling than this is the nearly 7 minutes on National Radio (RNZ) imploring people to be vigilant about side effects but to still get vaccinated
    “The Pfizer vaccine is safe and its benefits outweigh the risks, health officials are confirming, after the death of woman in New Zealand was linked to complications likely caused by the vaccination.”

    I don’t agree with that since only 5% of effects are reported there could be up to 800 in total as more serious effects are more likely to be reported, but its maybe 10% – a still huge and horrific toll.

    The icing on the cake for me today is the video of Jacinda Arden (whom I voted for in the last 2 elections) being “Our single source of truth”, “take everything else with a grain of salt”, “unless you hear it from us it is not the truth”

    My trust in authority no longer exists, and was very low anyway.

    Next post will be an update on the CARM / VAERS data when it is next released.

    Keep up the great work everyone here especially Illargi – donations will be sent shortly

    Dr. D

    “European natural gas hub spot price has surpassed $900 per thousand cubic meters with the psychologically important threshold of $1 per cubic meter not far off. This is an astronomically high price that is likely to bankrupt a lot of European energy companies while causing their customers to die of exposure this winter.

    Just in the UK, where around 10 thousand people freeze to death during a normal winter with normal prices, so far PfP Energy, MoneyPlus Energy, People’s Energy and Utility Point have kissed the world good-bye, their customers getting picked up by the government regulator Ofgem. Acting wisely, Ofgem raised the annual price cap for a typical household by £139 to £1,277. Just to make things even more interesting, the underwater cable providing electricity to the UK from France just failed, knocking 1GW out of the 2GW link.

    What’s behind all of this chaos and mayhem? Call it the wages of stupidity.

    Continue reading… on SubscribeStar | on Patreon” –Dmitry Orlov

    Killin’ some folks, all gonna die. All a big coincidence we all told you for 30 years and no one saw coming. We’re still just big jerks who know nothing. Carry on my Wayward Son.

    What can you say? Waiting for the important and real stuff like Politics, audit, and the economy.

    Vaccines: of the few humans bridge trolls meet, those I know had no reaction, not even the normal vaccine ones. I’m guessing placebo, for some reason clustered around me. I don’t say it because I can’t provide proof. However, the patent attorney interviewed said not only what the FDA, Pfizer, their own internal documents say, but also that a (very) few scientists actually looked at vials. That doctor at that time saw 50% placebo rate in that sample, in that state.

    That would explain a lot about “Vaxxed” getting Covid, while other “vaxxed” are getting ADE. It muddies the water to kill the maximum and no one can tell, decipher what’s going on and seem credible. If I were doing it, that’s what I would do. 10, 20 completely different death agents, acting at different timeframes, half placebo, so your odds at one of four is high enough to hit’s death toll. The only problem they have is too few people volunteered for an untested, unapproved agent created by the world’s most corrupt companies, approved by the most corrupted regulator, in the most corrupt country in the West.

    As I can’t prove, however, I have to sit and wait.

    Dr. D

    Like this?

    Chantix, a simple anti-smoking drug, causes cancer, fought for years and finally pulled from the market when too obvious and scandalous. They’ve been doing this for years and years and years, drug after drug after drug.

    What was the ant-acid drug? Oh yeah, and the Statin drugs, disproved, dangerous, and still prescribed decades later? All the doctors are good folks, the psychos know how mindlessly easy it is to hijack them and bring them to service of perpetual and profitable mass-murder.


    Med scams and such:

    Bryan Ardis interviewed by the Reiner Fuellmich group. I had not heard that Remdesivir actually killed ppl. (?..) Alarming, idk what to make of it for the mo.

    Link is to lifesite news, has some summary text in eng. with the vid. Aug. 2021.

    Did Fauci knowingly fast-track approval of drug with deadly COVID-like side effects?


    D Benton Smith

    I hear that there are going to be quite a few Navy Seals looking for work after the Navy fires them for not committing suicide.

    If they’re looking for a new gig , or even to just keep the skills honed, they could do worse than taking out a few thousand of the elites.


    I wonder what a matronizing hypocrite like AOC and the rainbow Wokesters legions think of this:

    Taliban Order Kabul Government Female Employees To Leave Workforce, Stay At Home

    “…the Taliban terrorist group has ordered the majority of women employed in Kabul’s city government to exit the workforce and remain at home…During his first press briefing since being appointed by the Taliban, interim Kabul Mayor Hamdullah Namony said that women must remain at home regardless of their employment status, pending a further decision…”

    Gee, I wish Jen Psaki would be ordered to stay home and stop serial lying about everything under the sun and STFU.

    Her and AOC could weep ‘at home’ over chilled Chablis’ while the fully masked ‘help’ would hurry up and finish ‘their’ housework so they could get pedicures before their charity gown fittings.


    Spikes are Bad and Spikes in the Blood are Really Bad (installment 2 of ??)

    Installment #1 summary: There are certain factors, on the surface of cells, that mediate the entry of the spike protein. These have been identified as ACE2, TMPRSS2, Salic Acid (SA), CD147, cathespin B and L. All these factors involved in the entry of the spike protein have been shown to be expressed by the endothelial cells. Endothelial cells make up our vascular plumbing. They also make up our lymphatic plumbing.

    In general, viral invaders have surface proteins that facilitate entry into the host cell. Influenza has two, HA and NA. Here is a nice animation that demonstrates how these invaders attack the lungs.


    Long-term injury I only know of my mother who had joint pain (in all joints) following the first dose of AstraZeneca. After a few months she went to a rheumatologist and is now taking medication. Her health improved only about 1 month ago, she was jabbed in February.

    Imo, the spike proteins caused an inflammation in her joints. I wish I knew then what I know now, I would have strongly advised her against taking the vaccine but at the time I simply didn’t know. I won’t let her take a booster shot, that’s for sure.

    I’m glad I followed the precautionary principle and waited for real world data to reveal the truth.

    Polder Dweller

    I have to agree with the idea of talking about adverse reactions being taboo, although it may be even worse than that. There is absolutely nothing about adverse reactions on the MSM here, and we don’t have the equivalent of Fox News, so most people are completely oblivious to there possibly being any problems.

    I was round at friends a couple of weeks ago and they had no idea at all that there might be anything wrong with the shots. I showed them the EudraVigilance numbers and they flat out refused to believe them. So, yes, any adverse events that do show up they won’t attribute to the jabs. If ADE really does kick off in the autumn they’re going to be in for a very rude awakening, along with the rest of the country.


    My wife’s sister (48 y/o) had 19 days of continual, heavy vaginal bleeding after her first shot. Isn’t going to have her second. The doc refused to accept that it had anything to do with the jab.

    I have a long standing friend (62 y/o) who was bed-ridden with shingles a few weeks after his second jab. He’d never had shingles before in his life.

    I have another friend who has been feeling unwell on and off for weeks since his second jab. Occasionally he spends a day or two in bed feeling completely spent. An old tatoo on his back, that has never been an issue before, became raised, inflammed and excrutiatingly painful.

    My mother has a good friend who has lost the sight in one eye since her jab. Another elderly friend of hers was hospitalized with cellulitis in both legs after the second jab.

    Safe. And. Effective.


    @BoomerDoomer 2 – “No requirements to report anything about vaccines to anyone.”

    Oh yes there are!

    “Healthcare providers are required by law to report to VAERS”
    “Vaccine manufacturers are required to report to VAERS all adverse events that come to their attention.”


    “Does it sometimes feel like you’re surrounded by people who’ve been hypnotised in some way? Well, maybe you are.

    My guest tonight is Mattias Desmet, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University in Belgium, and his observations over the past 18 months have led him to conclude that the overwhelming majority have indeed fallen under a kind of spell.”


    “Results of Johns Hopkins Study Are All but Conclusive: People Pushing for Forced COVID Measures on Kids Are Fighting Against the Science”

    In an Op-Ed last week for The Wall Street Journal, Makary wrote that he and a research team reviewed about 48,000 cases of children under 18 reported to have COVID between April and August of last year.

    “Our report found a mortality rate of zero among children without a pre-existing medical condition such as leukemia,” he added.

    Results of Johns Hopkins Study Are All but Conclusive: People Pushing for Forced COVID Measures on Kids Are Fighting Against the Science


    Dr D: “If I were doing it, that’s what I would do. 10, 20 completely different death agents, acting at different timeframes, half placebo, so your odds at one of four is high enough to hit’s death toll.”



    Covid trickle down?

    Here’s a comment from Karl Denninger’s discussion board …

    A coming problem in the travel industry may be NO PILOTS

    “When traveling a few weeks back, I was speaking with the pilots as we had to wait on another plane (mechanical).

    While striking up a conversation (surprisingly friendly guys), one of the (United) pilots mentioned that the mandates will soon have an huge effect in this manner: as they are mandated to get Vaxxed, many pilots are already failing their annual EKG tests due to Myocarditis showing up.

    In his opinion, 90% of pilots are already vaxxed, and as they all have to take an EKG, they will be failing the tests and will be grounded.

    He said give it six months and there will not be enough pilots to fly, creating a huge drawdown in flights.”




    Post vaxx: 2 people with mini strokes, 2 people with cancer. All 4 people are seniors. Vaxx? Don’t know, could have happened anyhow, but statistically (considering my small social group) the odds are small that I’d know this many people with these problems occurring in such a short period of time.

    Son vaxxed with Moderna, in his early 40s. Very [very] sick for days. I won’t list all symptoms, but fever of nearly 104, which is high for an adult. Many people would have been at the emergency room (not his style). Glad he’s alive.


    This guy is like a fuckin’ Mafia Don.


    Considering the experimental nature of these particular vaccines, and the track record of mRNA in previous animal studies over the past decades, in my [not so] humble opinion …

    When a person experiences a health issue post vaccination, and that issue is listed in vaccine literature as a potential adverse event, it should be considered vaccine induced until proven otherwise.

    It is really the only way to ascertain what is actually going on with these vaccines. My guess is, things are much worse than we realize or can fully grasp.




    I used to fly planes as a young man.

    You don’t want pilots with health problems.

    Most commercial airplanes are pressurized to 8,000 ft above sea level.

    The beginning height for altitude sickness is approx 6,500 ft

    So some people can actually experience altitude sickness on a routine commercial flight.

    High-altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE)

    “High-altitude pulmonary edema is a life-threatening form of non-cardiogenic pulmonary edema that occurs in otherwise healthy people at altitudes typically above 2,500 meters (8200 ft) However, cases have also been reported between 1,500–2,500 metres or 4,900–8,200 feet in more vulnerable subjects.”

    Theoretically pilots such had their heart EKG at the pressurized height of 8,000 ft. (Don’t know if that is true anymore)

    With vaxxed pilots, I imagine that Myocarditis can overlap with High-Altitude Pulmonary Edema. The conditions are not mutually exclusive.

    HAPE Risk Factors

    “Endothelial tissue dysfunction has also been linked to development of HAPE, including reduced synthesis of NO (a potent vasodilator), increased levels of endothelin (a potent vasconstrictor), and an impaired ability to transport sodium and water across the epithelium and out of the alveol …”

    The Spike Protein directly goes after Endothelial tissue.

    Just sayin’

    You also don’t want truck drivers with bad hearts.


    Any comments on taking injectable ivermectin orally? Jokes are welcome too. It’s a 1% sterile solution for cattle. Cattle dosage is 1ml per 110# of body weight. I have a friend that is scrambling to find something before the next wave and it was the only product available at a local tractor supply.


    I think I got it. 1ml=1000mg. Since 1% solution then 1ml=10mg IVM.


    @chooch Why not just order from overseas like many of us here have already done?


    @Boogaloo I just reordered. We burned thru most of what we had with our recent bout with Covid. A friend of my son’s had dropped off fire pit and was wondering how orally dose some injectable that he had picked up.


    I cannot understand why the mexicans under the bridge, at Texas, mexican border, are not all dying from Covid or heat exhaustion, or lack of sanitary facilities.
    Would you be able to survive.


    Okay I’ll add to the pile of anecdotes: I lost my 90 year old mother to COVID earlier this year before vaccine rollout. This is the only person I know in my circle who tested positive and subsequently died. My stepmother, who was fully vaccinated and in good health, suddenly developed severe debilitating headaches, the cause of which could not be determined in spite of her undergoing multiple diagnostic tests. She was just taking various anti-inflammatories to control the pain. However, when she went to a routine dental apt, the dentist found a badly-infected root canal and put her on antibiotics, which instantly cured the headaches. Yes for sure the simple explanation is that there is no connection to vaccination, but I can’t help wondering if the vaccine impaired her body’s ability to manage a long-term low-grade infection.

    Speaking of root canals, I remain on the same page as Dr. D WRT the idea that big pharma has been killing/maiming some folks in broad daylight for quite some time now, way before covid. If you watch American tv, half the ads are pushing medications, while the other half are advertising legal services for those harmed by medications.


    @ chooch
    While camping I met a rancher family that had been through Covid and self dosed with injectable cattle preparation ivermectin. They saw 1 cc as the correct dose (although told of a friend who took twice that) and they took it orally.

    Coach Bob

    In just looking at a very small circle of friends and family I find a huge percentage of people who have suffered adverse reactions to the jab. 34 yo very healthy son-in-law hospital ops director lost his voice for 3 months days following first jab/ his mother is 3 months into physical therapy for adverse reaction around injection area/ client died/ my 2 employees and their spouses all lost two days of work/ 33 yo niece dr at JH with blood clots in lungs/ very healthy 30 yo step-daughter suffered anaphylaxis shock within 20 minutes of jab then spent the day in ER. They told her she was having an anxiety episode. And that’s just what I’m aware of (without making any inquiries) and also half my friends and family have not submitted to being jabbed. To top it off, the only one that found its way to VAERS was the anaphylaxis shock; and then only because son-in-law’s father is a retired international pharma sales rep for Lilly. He told her she definitely had shock and should self-file with VAERS. Her firm put in a vax mandate. She went to 4 physicians who all refused to sign a medical exemption form. She’s an attorney and finally put her family dr on notice and within 15 minutes she had a signed exemption form in hand.


    @chooch @phoenixvoice

    All this talk about bovine ivermectin brings back memories of the early stages of the pandemic. I recall that John Day posted one of the early small studies from China that indicated chloroquine phosphate might be effective. This was around March 2020 when bodies were piling up everywhere. The only thing I could find was chloroquine phosphate for the aquarium. The bottle has a warning in capital letters on the label “Not for human consumption.” Not long after that, a couple in Arizona died from chloroquine phosphate overdose. Fortunately I never had to take it, but I recall thinking to myself at the time “I’m not going to just sit here and die.” I still have the bottle, but I no longer keep it in the medicine cabinet.

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