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    D Benton Smith

    I think that the entry point for debate about censorship of free speech should not revolve around whether censorship is good or not. It should first be a discussion addressing the question of whether it is censorship or not.

    John Day

    The rate of change of environmental conditions matters to existing life-forms.
    Sudden changes in environmental conditions tend to kill a lot of the life-forms which were well-adapted to the previously-prevailing conditions. The Little Ice Age killed a lot of farmers in the northern hemisphere.

    It is reasonable to have concern for rapid changes in our environmental conditions, and to pro-actively seek and consider ways to mitigate the effects of those changes on ourselves and other life-forms, which support us directly or indirectly.

    Chemical pollution, loss of pure water, climate changes that kill some people, some crops and some animals, loss of fossil fuels, fossil water, mineral ores, forests, etc.
    It all matters and “we” can invest now to mitigate future harms to ourselves and our posterity, at various scales, but only at higher scales if we agree and cooperate, which is rare.

    Some of us are doing personal projects.


    The UN is not listening or reading the translation.
    Will You?

    Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks at a meeting of the UN Security Council on Ukraine, New York

    Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks at a meeting of the UN Security Council on Ukraine, New York
    2973 Views September 26, 2022
    READ MORE …..

    With Ukrainian state support, the ideology of ethnic intolerance towards ethnic Russians is being imposed. The country’s officials are no longer ashamed of their Nazi-like nature, and openly and with impunity call for killing Russians.

    We have no doubt that Ukraine has finally turned into a Nazi-style totalitarian state where standards of international humanitarian law are trampled underfoot with impunity. It is no surprise that the Ukrainian armed forces and nationalist battalions resort to terrorist tactics and use civilians as “living shields.”

    The position of the states that are pumping Ukraine with weapons and combat equipment and training its armed forces is particularly cynical against this backdrop. The goal is obvious (they declare it rather than hide it) – to drag out the hostilities as much as possible despite the human losses and destruction in order to exhaust and weaken Russia. This implies the direct involvement of Western countries in the Ukrainian conflict, which is turning them into its party. The deliberate fuelling of this conflict by the collective West also goes without consequence. Indeed, they won’t punish themselves, will they?

    We have no illusions that today the armed forces of Russia and the defenders of the DPR and the LPR are opposed not only by the neo-Nazi units of the Kiev regime but also by the war machine of the “collective West”. NATO is supplying the Ukrainian armed forces with real-time intelligence information using modern systems, aircraft, ships, satellites and strategic drones. Ukraine is incited to defeat Russia on the battlefield (as EU officials openly say) and Russia must be deprived of any sovereignty by way of punishment. This is no longer latent racism. It is as overt as it can be


    New medias are not listening (Just looking for headlines, must be racists)

    Look Listen, Speak …. Think

    Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s news conference following the High-Level Week of the 77th Session of the UN General Assembly, New York

    Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s news conference following the High-Level Week of the 77th Session of the UN General Assembly, New York
    2903 Views September 26, 2022

    Michael Reid

    Very good reasoning Dr. D and I am so happy that I get to be here warm with the wood stove going …


    ‘2 days ago, on 9/24/22 (when we were having our garden party at the homestead, and a big false-flag event did not take place) AFKTT did post extensive rational and factual data, theory and process regarding the near-term (our lifetimes) anthropogenic global warming, with comparison to documented human history, as well as to some geological history.
    It is worth a careful review.’

    Thank you, John Day.

    However, we must remember that the ‘debate’ about climate change has almost nothing to do with scientific facts or coherent, well-established explanations: it is primarily:

    1. the product of decades of misinformation generated and promulgated by banks, corporations, opportunists and governments -much of it via the controlled mainstream media- to keep consumption slaves locked into the established, but utterly dysfunctional political-economic system.

    2. emotional responses of individuals to having to face reality and the prospect of having to change their lifestyles.

    Thus, the more scientific facts that are presented, the more adherents to bizarre, non-scientific, anti-factual theories will hang on to their beliefs.

    As anyone with a brain that still functions properly knows, the entire fake money, and fake politics and fake energy policies and fake environmental policies, and fake medical system etc. has now reached the collapse phase.

    Imminent collapse is likely the main reason psychotic sociopaths and professional liars like Adern -who not so long ago declared herself to be ‘the source of all truth”- are desperate to silence truth-tellers and lock up all who persist in exposing the criminal nature of the regime they operate within; i.e. The Bretton Woods fiat currency scam, The World Bank, the IMF, the WEF, NATO etc.

    We must particularly note the utterly corrupted nature of the bulk of the UN, which shortly after is establishment went straight into Anglophone war mode in Korea, in direct breach of its own charter.

    Russia, formerly as the USSR, and since 1991, has been attempting to bring law and order to the international scene.

    As anyone who knows history knows (0.1% of the populace?) we are witnessing a rerun of the Cuban Crisis of the early 1960s. The US shipped long-range missiles to Turkey, and aimed them at Moscow and other important Soviet targets. The Soviets responded by sending long-range missiles to Cuba.

    The fascists who were in control of the US and UK etc. said: “You can’t do that!”

    Khrushchev said: “We just did. Would you like to remove the long-range weapons from Turkey now?”

    This transition, from a ‘rules-based’ system, in which fascists nations acting under the banner of ‘freedom and democracy’ make up whatever rules they think will benefit them in the short-term, to a genuine ‘rule-of-law’ based system, will be particularly painful for those immersed in the propaganda of TTATT.

    Meanwhile, the actual laws that matter -the laws of mathematic, chemistry, and physics etc. will continue to apply, as they have always applied, whatever the nutcases who think they are in control say or do.

    Gosh, I didn’t know there was any rainforest left in the Philppines.

    Big question, will hydrosaurus, Sail Dragons, survive in zoos after the last of the rainforests of the Philippines have been chopped down?

    Another question: when will the people of those islands cast off the yoke if the colonial name and revert to the names used before European (and later American) conquerors took over?


    Well said, Dr D. 🙂 Prompts some serious thinking. Thank you.

    I believe climate change is up to God. He’ll figure it out, him and this little ol’ earth, with it’s mysterious cycles that humans pretend they understand using limited testing methods, data collection, and computer modeling.

    In the meantime, I keep my footprint as light as possible (yes, I actually do). In that, I’ve done my part, the rest is up to God.


    I have a Russian co-worker who doesn’t like Putin and claims he is pure evil. He still has family in Moscow and claims they are grabbing young men off the street for the army. He is trying to get his nephews to leave the city and spend some time at the family dacha until things blow over.
    He believes the referendum in Ukraine is not fair and sent me a link to this video. It says that so far the voting has been on the street and at people’s homes and that voting at a polling station will only be on the last day. It shows someone going door to door with an armed escort. The voting that is shown is anything but private. The video claims that people voting incorrectly are detained. If you watch the video you can get it to auto-translate with English subtitles, such as they are. I thought this might be of interest to people here.


    By the way, the war for Europe was lost in the 1930s, in Spain.

    Spanish people wanted to throw out the Catholic Chruch, tear down the hierarchical power structure and establish a ‘workers’ economy, based on freedom and democracy.

    That was utterly ‘unacceptable’ to the fascists who were losing the war. They hurriedly enlisted the help of the military who were on a conquer-poor-Africans spree at the time, and also enlisted the help the German fascists, who sent planes to bomb civilians to smithereens etc. Guernica and all that.

    The fascists won, and they installed their vicious dictator, Franco.

    It took a long time to get rid of the figure head, and there has been a pretence of democracy for a while, but reality the fascists still retain control of Spain. For the moment.

    A decade ago we knew ‘Dracula’ would suck the life out of Italy. He did.

    Not sure what he’s doing these days. The revolving doors of banking, corporatism and politics can be hard to follow at times.

    Having jabbed haff the population, the NZ ‘scorpion’ is now feeding off the corpse (along with her WEF sponsors, of course).

    Awaiting the moment when the Biden thing and the Yellen thing come out of the White House, hand in hand so she can stop him falling over and direct him to the right place to speak and announce the urgent need for $2 trillion to ‘save the US economy and prevent unemployment’ etc. just as Bush and Paulson did 2008.

    Of course the 760 billion Bush and Paulson demanded, and for which they could give no specific details of application, would be nowhere near enough this time round.

    It might be $3 trillion. or $5 trillion.

    Apparently it was taking $5 billion a month to keep the Zelensky sick comedy show operating. And costs are going up by the day.

    John Day

    AFKTT points out that we are not often discussing climate-change/global-warming, just as we seldom get to discuss science.

    We only get to shout about “SCIENCE” and “GLOBAL-WARMING/CLIMATE-CHANGE”, because the societal conversation has been co-opted by vested-interests and whatever they are selling the governments and people this year, like COVID-vaccines and carbon-credits.

    Michael Reid

    @ DBS

    You lost me right here.

    “The second approach is a generalized explanation of that event in terms of First Principles, so that all can see that the specific event is mere evidence, of the more important First Principle which resulted in the event happening in the first place. This approach is quite Logical, Scientific, Philosophical and Spiritual in nature. It’s not weird in the least but it is quite foreign territory for most people (who prefer mundane) , so people are prone to skipping that part.”

    Just because things are, why does that require there be an explanation?
    Explanation that is the truth?
    Can the explanation change with each occurrence?
    What do you think the probably of the explanation being the truth actually is?

    I don’t think this knowledge is required to live a beautiful life.

    John Day

    “Events In Progress” is up. Picture of most-cold-tolerant avocado tree, a unique individual from seed, unharmed by hard freeze in March that killed or injured all the others

    We had a garden-party at the homestead Saturday, September 24, 2022, and I didn’t look at the internet until bedtime, but no world-changing-event-like-9/11 happened.
    Xi Jinping went underground. There’s no evidence of a coup d’etat.
    ​ ​The Chinese rumor mill has gotten out of control over the last 48 hours. For those who have not heard the rumors, Xi has been supposedly removed in a coup ahead of October’s Party Congress.
    By Sept. 24, Xi Jinping had become one of the top trending topics on Twitter. His name appeared on hashtags more than 42,000 times and the term “China coup” circulated 9,300 rounds on the platform, according to The Epoch Times.

    Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov made some statements at the UN. Here is a brief excerpt. He also gave a press conference, but I think he avoided saying more than this.
    As I understand it, today’s meeting was motivated by a striving to discuss the issue of “impunity” in Ukraine. I consider this to be timely. This term fully reflects what has been taking place in that country since 2014. At that time, nationalist radical forces, overt Russophobes and neo-Nazis came to power there because of an armed coup, with direct support from the Western countries. Immediately after this, they embarked on a path of lawlessness and complete neglect for basic human rights and freedoms – the right to life, freedom of speech, access to information, freedom of expression, freedom of conscience and the use of a native tongue.
    The crimes committed in Maidan Square in February 2014 have gone unpunished to this day. Those guilty of the monstrous tragedy in Odessa on May 2, 2014 have not been found and punished. During this tragedy, about 50 people were burned alive and killed in the local House of Trade Unions. The political assassinations of Oles Buzina, Pavel Sheremet and other public figures and journalists are in the same category. Despite this, attempts are being made to impose on us a completely different narrative about Russian aggression as the prime cause for these problems. In the process, people ignore the fact that for over eight years the Ukrainian army and militants from nationalist groups have been killing Donbass residents with impunity only because they refused to recognise the outcome of the criminal, bloody, anti-constitutional coup in Kiev and decided to uphold their rights as guaranteed by Ukraine’s constitution, including the right to freely use their native Russian tongue.”

    Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks at a meeting of the UN Security Council on Ukraine, New York

    ​ ​The referenda on joining Russia are continuing in the Donbass republics and Russian-controlled regions of southern Ukraine. On Sunday, the turnout already reached the required 50% threshold in the Donetsk and Lugansk republics and Zaporozhye Region, with only Kherson lagging behind.
    ​ ​In the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR), more than 76% of eligible voters have already cast their votes, according to official figures. The referendum in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) is proceeding at a similar pace, with some 77% of voters having shown up at the polling stations.
    ​ ​Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions, which were largely seized by Russian forces amid the ongoing conflict, have demonstrated a lower turnout. Still, the latter region has already met the required legal threshold, with some 51.55% of registered voters already casting their ballots, according to the head of the Zaporozhye electoral committee, Galina Katyshenko. Kherson has so far demonstrated lower turnout, with nearly 49% of voters showing up for the referendum. Polls across the two regions and in the Donbass republics are set to stay open for the next two days.

    ​ ​”Taking into account the preliminary results of the referendums and Russia’s readiness to acknowledge them, the accession of the territories is likely to take place as early as on September 30,” the unnamed member of Russia’s State Duma said to TASS.

    John Day

    Ukrainian “Hit List” Publishes Names and Addresses of Alleged “Russian Propagandists:” Turns Out to be Based Not in Ukraine But in Langley VA Where CIA Headquarters Is Located

    Ukrainian “Hit List” Publishes Names and Addresses of Alleged “Russian Propagandists:” Turns Out to be Based Not in Ukraine But in Langley VA Where CIA Headquarters Is Located

    US military using tool that captures ‘93% of the internet’ – senator
    Ron Wyden has demanded a probe into the warrantless use of data from a near-omniscient company
    ​ ​Wyden’s own investigation of the whistleblower’s claim appeared to reveal that US Cyber Command, the Army, FBI, and Secret Service had also purchased the company’s data sets. An investigation by Motherboard found they paid a total of $3.5 million to use Team Cymru’s tool Augury, which allegedly can access 93% of internet traffic. It uses a technology called packet capture data (PCAP), which one cybersecurity technology professional referred to as “everything… there’s nothing else to capture except the smell of electricity.”
    ​ ​A spokesman from the Navy Office of Information told Motherboard that “The use of net flow data by NCIS does not require a warrant,” claiming the agency had not used netflow for criminal investigation purposes – only for “various counterintelligence purposes.” The other agencies which reportedly purchased Augury did not respond.

    ​ ​Ukraine expels Iranian Ambassador after 5 Iranian military attack drones, used by Russian forces, are shot down by Ukrainian military.​ ​

    Israel and Lebanon, officially at war since 1948, approach final agreement on offshore gas deposits off their shared coastal waters in the Mediterranean Sea.

    Trudge of the “light” brigade… Massed Syrian refugees are marched towards Germany by Turkey, and are approaching the Greek border. The “convoy of light”, consisting of 40,000 Syrian refugees who were in Turkey, began its march towards Germany.​ ​The news of this evening and probably in the coming weeks in Germany will be tracking the route of the Convoy, which Turkey promised to release to Europe. The number of convoys of light may already be about a dozen this autumn. The main question is whether the Greek authorities will interfere with the passage of the “Convoy of Light”, to the borders of which the refugees will approach by the end of next week.​ ​

    John Day

    Michael Hudson Discusses Debt, Financial Surveillance, the Fed and More With (clueless, doctrinaire, pushy and irritating) ​Ralph Nader​ (Transcript included)​ ​

    Painfully obvious graph after painfully obvious graph of age-stratified excess deaths before and after COVID-vaccine rollout. COVID Vaccines Linked to Excess Deaths in Germany — Where’s the Investigation?
    An analysis by two German university professors of government data implicates COVID-19 vaccination as a factor in excess deaths in Germany, however, public health officials in Germany, the U.S. and elsewhere continue to ignore safety signals.

    I think I posted this last December, but it remains a very good reference on the mechanisms of ivermectin against COVID. The mechanisms of action of ivermectin against SARS-CoV-2—an extensive review​ ​

    ​Pierre Kory MD The Criminal Censorship Of Ivermectin By The High Impact Medical Journals – Part 3
    The unprecedented numbers of retractions of positive studies of ivermectin continued to mount. Just more evidence of the increasingly brazen actions taken by the high-impact journal “Editorial Mafia.”

    This is from last April, but well worth reposting. This is extensive and references every statement with a medical citation. Russell Blaylock MD (I choose one little excerpt)
    COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?
    Neither Anthony Fauci, the CDC, WHO nor any medical governmental establishment has ever offered any early treatment other than Tylenol, hydration and call an ambulance once you have difficulty breathing. This is unprecedented in the entire history of medical care as early treatment of infections is critical to saving lives and preventing severe complications. Not only have these medical organizations and federal lapdogs not even suggested early treatment, they attacked anyone who attempted to initiate such treatment with all the weapons at their disposal—loss of license, removal of hospital privileges, shaming, destruction of reputations and even arrest.[2]
    A good example of this outrage against freedom of speech and providing informed consent information is the recent suspension by the medical board in Maine of Dr. Meryl Nass’ medical license and the ordering of her to undergo a psychiatric evaluation for prescribing Ivermectin and sharing her expertise in this field.[9,65] I know Dr, Nass personally and can vouch for her integrity, brilliance and dedication to truth. Her scientific credentials are impeccable. This behavior by a medical licensing board is reminiscent of the methodology of the Soviet KGB during the period when dissidents were incarcerated in psychiatric gulags to silence their dissent.

    Michael Reid


    Michael Reid

    Learning from Ants

    Learning from Ants


    The Plague is here, he needs some limes to go with the Corona

    Run for your life, cause Winter is Coming too.



    “I never said Covid vaccinations were safe and effective. You must have misheard me.”


    Meanwhile, back in the ‘real world’, Brent oil is ‘dropping like a stone’ despite the world being well past the peak of extraction and the cost of extraction rising by the month.

    “See, the market ‘works’!!!. When people, or entire nations, are so impoverished they can no longer afford oil, the price drops.”

    “When the supply of natural gas is reduced, the price surges.”

    Obviously, we must persist with such a ‘successful’ system of resource management.


    And silence or murder all those who disagree.


    “The Russians don’t make nuclear threats” is the winner of the Porky Pie headline award to day. Putin himself threatened the West in his speech a few days back. Admittedly he nuanced it as he likes to appear so virtuous but it was a threat and that threatening has been going on for quite a while , at least since Russia acquired it’s Hyper missiles.His words were , “The West has to understand that if certain weapons exist , taboos and limitations on using them could be lifted in certain circumstances”.
    Once the sham referendums are done and the newly annexed territories are inside the Russian border , then those “certain circumstances” will be met which allows Russia to use nuclear devices in line with it’s rules of engagement. This is self evident to any body who understands the situation.
    This is the latest attempt to scare , to bluff the West and the Ukys into submission. The first bluff was the SMO which failed rather badly as demonstrated by the ned for the implementation of a Russian draft.
    Ukraine and the West will call this bluff also as it is mere hyperbole.
    What Putin does not say overtly the Russian press says for him. The Russian press is just as self censoring as the West and knows it’s lines.
    One of the Russian commentators was saying how the Russians really missed a big opportunity by not nuking the UK when the queen’s funeral was on . Upon being advised that the UK has some hundreds of nuclear weapons itself , his reply was that we have many more and that we are so much more powerful it does not matter about the UK weapons. The Russian hubris has been turned up to eleven and still ascending.
    It seems that Russian propaganda has been very successful at convincing people around the world that Russians are very virtuous and should be respected as such . I myself was a believer but recently I have actually taken a clearer look at their situation and have changed my opinion . For example Russia has the fifth highest prisoner incarceration rates in the world. They have recently started to engineer that down by allowing the Wagner group to recruit from the prison population for their supply of fighters against Ukraine. So after surviving six months at the front your newly pardoned child murder/rapist will be living next door to some one in Russia. Nice.
    My position now is closer to seeing that the Russians and the Ukys have a lot similar traits and probably deserve each other.

    Michael Reid

    EU central bank warns ‘outlook is darkening’


    Age restricted??????????

    Michael Reid

    Worst bond market crash in over 70 years coming – Bloomberg


    You are allowed to express your opinion.
    I have my opinion.
    Keep yours and I’ll keep mine.

    D Benton Smith

    @MichaelReid “You lost me right there.”

    I’m unclear on why or how I lost you.

    To recap the event and my proposed explanation. The event that happened is the first slow and now rapid dissolution of the wealth and power of the British Crown monarchical system, and the explanation is that monarchy is an intrinsically flawed concept which always fails because authoritarianism is based on misconception that monarchy makes logical sense (it does not, even though monarchs claim that it does.

    Your comment continued with, “Just because things are, why does that require there be an explanation? Explanation that is the truth? Can the explanation change with each occurrence?
    What do you think the probably [probability] of the explanation being the truth actually is?
    I don’t think this knowledge is required to live a beautiful life.”

    I fully agree that this knowledge is not required to live a beautiful life, but I do not see the connection between that statement and what I posted about the reasons for the ongoing ‘centuries-in-the-process’ collapse of Monarchy throughout the world.

    I would be happy to discus it, but first I would need to better understand your objections.

    Michael Reid

    @ DBS

    I agree that Monarchy is a flawed concept.

    My comment was based on the words read up to the point quoted, which caused me to comment and move on. At that point I thought you were setting up a proof for god. I later returned to see you were commenting on Monarchy.

    But even this part of your comment
    “so the very idea of a national or imperial monarch (other than God himself) is just ludicrous nonsense”
    What is a man to make of it if he does not believe in god?

    I don’t know much about it but didn’t kings sell the idea that they represent god to the ruled?


    Redneck said

    The first bluff was the SMO which failed rather badly as demonstrated by the ned for the implementation of a Russian draft.

    The SMO captured the pro-Russian regions of Ukraine and Russia will now absorb them into their country. They have also made it clear to the west that any attempt to take them back will be considered a full scale assault on Russia, which, under their existing rules will permit them to defend itself using nuclear weapons. How is this losing? You obviously hate Russia as much as you hate reality.


    DBS said

    Perhaps it is even the first highly visible stage of the end of hierarchy itself

    When person A drops litter in the road, there is often a person B willing to scold person A for dropping that litter, and there will certainly be others willing to quietly disapprove of person A’s actions. In such circumstances, person B is taking the role of authoritarian, telling person A how he must behave. Authoritarianism is part of nature, your parents are the first, the hierarchy is part of nature, your parents are the first, there is no ridding ourselves of nature, however much we may dislike bits of it.

    Monarchy may be outdated, but the essence of monarchy – the centralised control by ruling elites – will last forever. although it will receive various face lifts until centralized AI – the ultimate monarch – takes over.

    D Benton Smith



    Thank you for clarifying the puzzle for me. I think I get it, and (if I am getting it right) it also seems we’re in close enough accord on the main issue (monarchy being intrinsically flawed) that muskets can be lowered.

    Incidentally, you also asked, “What is a man to make of it if he does not believe in god?”

    My answer is that belief in god is not a prerequisite to finding God, so long as you just keep asking the right questions and insisting on true answers. Prejudicially ruling out the possibility, such that it is dismissed before fair and full inspection would close the door of course, but otherwise you might be on your way to God and not even know it until some future moment of enlightenment. Who knows?

    For myself, I am as certain of the existence of God as I am of the existence of existence, but even if I were not yet convinced of that, the way I approached life’s problems guaranteed that the conclusion was inevitable: an informed and unequivocal awareness of the existence of divinity. I could prove it to anyone willing to listen . . . . but that’s a heap of listening and an even bigger heap of willingness than I have any right to expect of anyone and so I expect it of no one.

    Getting back to those ancient Kings claiming a reserved seat in God’s line-up and a hot line to God’s ear. Well of course they would say something like that. They’d say anything if it kept the peasants in line and the coffers filled. I wouldn’t believe a word they said. I would not believe it was Tuesday, on Tuesday, if it were a King who told me so.

    V. Arnold

    White House anxiously watches Meloni’s rise to power

    US’s hubris and hyperbole aside; so fragile and insecure…
    Russias’ independence must be rattling cages…

    D Benton Smith


    What an excellent and concise analogy, and I would even extend it to include Person B enlisting the assistance the others (with appeals to their self-interests as motivational persuasion) to collaborate in enforcing their authoritarianism over person A. The foundation of authority is, after all, “ganging up” as the main means and method of acquiring power in order to win, which we see so pervasively in so-called “cancel culture”, dictatorships and empire.

    But we also know, however, that the logical and psychological mechanisms of such authoritarian strategies always and only end in those systems eating their young and failing in horrible paroxysms of suicidally bizarre insanity.

    “Nature’s” answer to these failures is, of course, evidenced in the observed inevitability of alterations of the strategy, such that a later “new and improved” version thrives more than the earlier version and either supplants or replaces it. Version 1.0 gives way to Version 1.001a , And so it goes. “Evolution” if you will.

    The world (indeed the Universe) is what it is, and will only be incrementally different in each of it’s future iterations. So if there was centralized control by ruling elites yesterday then there will certainly be such things tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow . . . . and so on, too.

    It looks repetitive and inevitable unless one stands back and notices that it is changing, and that the state of affairs tomorrow is NEVER the same as the state was yesterday, and that over the long haul (even a “long haul” as brief as the one on Earth) that there seems to be an ‘All Natural Ingredients’ world developing that is in some indefinable way actually better and more gratifying to individuals of all species than the more primitive versions.

    The tooth and claw “law of the jungle” which is necessary to the continuance of organic life is unlikely to go away anytime soon (we fervently hope), but at the same time, and very much in addition to it, is the undeniable fact that there does distinctly seem to be a kind of progress which is running in the other direction, away from authoritarian elite hierarchy and toward spiritual (if you will) sovereignty and freedom.

    Should that spiritual sovereignty ever be fully achieved it will be “Game Over”, of course, but I don’t think we have to worry about that happening any time soon either. And it would certainly be a less agonizing way to check out of this “Hotel California” than what the WEF has in mind.

    I do believe there is a way out of this place that does not involve winding up as a line of digital code in some monstrous AI, or as a meal in the belly of a predator.

    Perhaps a balance is possible, wherein we have the benefits of abstract reasoning and so-called “intelligence”, without literally identifying ourselves as BEING the tools that we are merely USING.

    That’s the direction which interests me.


    Kind of hilarious when you have escaped from the Matrix:

    TAE Summary

    A Tale of Two Narratives, Ukraine Edition

    * The Mainstream Narrative
    – Vladimir Putin is an evil autocrat who has turned Russia into a fascist state. Putin has more or less ruined Russia
    – Under Vladimir Putin Russia meddled in the US 2016 election and helped get Donald Trump elected
    – The 2014 color revolution in Ukraine was democracy in action and rid the country of a leader who was a Russian puppet.
    – The Russian Special Military Operation was an unprovoked attack on Ukraine
    – Nothing Ukraine or the west could have done would have stopped the unprovoked Russian attack
    – Russia attacked Ukraine because it wants to expand its empire to that of the Soviet Union and beyond
    – The Ukrainians are willing to negotiate but the Russians are not
    – The Donbas region and Crimea are part of Ukraine and under no circumstances should be part of Russia
    – Russia has weaponized their natural resources and has caused massive economic damage in Europe
    – The US and Europe are morally obligated to support the effort of Ukraine to expel the Russians by giving them advanced weapons systems
    – The referendum is a sham and will not be a true representation of the will of the people in the Donbas region and should not be used as an excuse for Russia to annex the region
    – Russia cannot be trusted, period
    – Russia is losing the war in Ukraine and will have to accept total defeat and terms of peace dictated by Ukraine and the west
    – If Russia loses it will be the end of the Russian Federation. If Ukraine loses it will be the end of US dollar denominated hegemony
    – The risk of a nuclear war is terrifying and if it happens Russia will be mostly to blame.

    * The Counter Narrative
    – Vladimir Putin is a Christian and a patriot who has kept Russia out of the clutches of oligarchs and transnational-corporations. He has more or less saved Russia
    – Russia had little effect on the US 2016 election. The reports of Russian election meddling are fabricated misinformation.
    – The US and the CIA engineered the Ukraine color revolution in 2014 overthrowing the democratically elected government of Ukraine replacing it with a western puppet
    – The Russian Special Military Operation was in response to multiple provocation including the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO and the shelling of the Donbas region
    – If Russian demands that Ukraine never join NATO and that the Donbas region have relative autonomy had been met the Russians would not have invaded Ukraine
    – Russia’s main goal is to keep NATO forces from its borders.
    – The Russians are willing to negotiate but the Ukrainians are not
    – The Donbas regions and Crimea were historically part of Russia and it is reasonable for them to be part of Russia again
    – US and EU sanctions of Russia have caused a disruption of energy flows from Russia to Europe and are responsible for massive economic damage in Europe
    – The US and Europe are prolonging the war by supporting Ukraine with advanced weapons systems. They don’t really care about Ukraine and are using the conflict as a proxy war to destroy Russia
    – The referendum is a reasonable way to judge the will of the people in the Donbas region and if they overwhelmingly support reunification with Russia then the region should be annexed by Russia.
    – The US and Europe cannot be trusted, period
    – Ukraine is losing the war and will be forced to accept terms of peace dictated by the Russians
    – If Russia loses it will be the end of the Russian Federation. If Ukraine loses it will be the end of US dollar denominated hegemony
    – The risk of a nuclear war is terrifying and if it happens the US and Europe will be mostly to blame


    TAE Summary said:

    Russia attacked Ukraine because it wants to expand its empire to that of the Soviet Union and beyond

    Looking through your “Mainstream Narrative”, this seems to be the only component that points to any real motive for Russia’s SMO. I judge this as telling us more about western thinking than Putin’s thinking.


    TAE Summary said

    A Tale of Two Narratives, Ukraine Edition

    This raises one of the very interesting aspects of the Ukraine/NATO war with Russia. NATO is hiding behind Ukraine so that the people of the west will blame Russia and support NATO intervention, or at least that appears to have been the intention although it is not working out so well. With Russia permitting NATO to pretend to be on the “sidelines”, none of the NATO countries have declared “emergency war powers” – a war footing – which means that there are two narratives, None of the NATO countries can clamp down on the second narrative, on “enemy propaganda” or “enemy sympathizers who listen to enemy propaganda” because they are not at war. I am very sure that should NATO officially join the war, emergency powers will be used against all alternative internet sites and their owners will become targets. Will the majority of the populations support this or has the veil been lifted too far now for the majority to be fooled?


    DBS said

    I do believe there is a way out of this place that does not involve winding up as a line of digital code in some monstrous AI, or as a meal in the belly of a predator.

    I would say move to Italy to experience the revolution, but that would imply that I trust democracy and/or politicians, both of which are under massive strain/pressure.


    ‘So 180-1,500ppm. Which is the best number? You say 280. Why 280?;

    180 ppm corresponds with ice sheets covering 1/3 of the land masses, i.e., covering most of England down to the [completely frozen] Thames and an ice sheet down to Kentucky; also corresponding to people living in caves in southern Spain.

    1,500 ppm corresponds to no ice anywhere on Earth and tropical jungles or Argentina-like savannah in northern Canada; also correspond to around seas around 200 metres above sea current level.

    I really think you need to do a lot of research on the Halocene, menti9oned previously in the discussion.

    Above 350 ppm triggers methane release from methane clathrates, causing uncontrollable feedbacks that lead to a 3-to-10oC increase in average temperature.

    The Precautionary Principle, previously highlighted by me on this forum, and ignored (of course).


    Don’t forget that the Earth has two long-term stable states: rather cold and rather hot. The past 5,600 years have been unusually temperate.

    The shift from temperate stable to superheated is underway.

    Overheating is poses an existential risk.

    However, all the ‘official’ responses to the existential threat are scams, and the vast majority of ‘official’ responses make the predicament far worse faster.


    AFKTT said

    The Precautionary Principle, previously highlighted by me on this forum, and ignored (of course).

    So you know people ignore you. As a pseudo scientist, where does the evidence lead you as to why that is? Have you built a theory, you know, other than the usual “they are all morons” tripe? Anyway, I thought you were going to piss off, that’s what you said the other day. What happened? Separation anxiety? You dug a hole in the living room sofa and realised you needed to get back to TAE?

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