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    Edouard Manet Jeanne Duval, Baudelaire’s Mistress, Reclining (Lady with a Fan) 1862   • How To Make The Financial System Radically Safer (AM) • F
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    V. Arnold

    I still maintain Rickards is an idiot.
    Okay, maybe not an idiot; but his views are through only one lens (idiot?).
    It’s all the more surprising because some one in his position needs many lenses and POV’s (idiot?).
    And yet he doggedly sticks to one POV (idiot?).
    Max, over at The Kaiser Report, regularly features Rickards as a resident expert; and I roll my eyes as he pontificates about gold, Korea, and many subjects well out of his Ken.
    Lord almighty; I bet he gets a hell of a lot of money for that…


    V. Arnold, Dear V., Whom shall we read, if not James Rickards?


    Renegade Inc forgets the simplest thing of all: Marx was wrong in describing market prices. Marx was also wrong in his concept about social struggle. Max Weber understood social structure light years ahead of Marx. I’m sorry, but to read such a juvenile piece like Renegade Inc here is very sad. If feels like propaganda. And honestly, to claim that UK, Canada and Australia are “mixed economies”, just because of their social safety net is bulshit and you (should) know it better.

    V. Arnold

    Well, how about Steve Keen, Bill Black, Michael Hudson, or David Graeber’s; Debt; the First 5,000 Years.
    Those experts on economic issues will give a solid grounding in economic reality.
    Not the hyperbolic capitalism of western societies; of which Rickard’s is firmly entrenched.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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